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                  The E-Marketing Digest
                   Volume #1, Issue #1
                       May 5, 1997
                 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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                   Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

  - Welcome to The E-Marketing Digest

+ New Posts

+ Ongoing

+ Introductions

+ Resources

  - Garbage In: Emerging Media and Regulation of
    Commercial Solicitations

  - Fight Spam on the Internet

+ Miscellaneous


+ Moderator Comments

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first issue of the
E-Marketing Digest. My name is Gary K. Foote and I will be
your moderator.   It is my goal to build this resource
into a valuable addition to your internet marketing
research mix.  I hope you will all participate regularly as
it is your ideas and comments that will help define the
future of advertising and marketing by e-mail.

So, "What is the E-Marketing Digest?"  Well, like the
welcome message says, the subject of this discussion group
is, "How to properly advertise and market products and
services by using e-mail".  It is my hope that we (that's you
and me) will be able to work out a number of effective, non-
intrusive and generally sensible methods for doing so.

The idea of promoting by e-mail in any form was considered a
major taboo as recently as a few short months ago.  Sure,
signature files have been an accepted and somewhat effective
method of getting a commercial message across for a long
time, but there is a lot more going on today than simply
using a signature file.  And most of it is spamming...  a
practice we do not, and will not condone.

I, personally, have noticed a pretty big increase in SPAM to
my various mailboxes since around the beginning of 1997.
What used to be a trickle of one or two SPAMs each week has
become a flow of 5-10 per day.  If left untended this will
soon become a flood, overwhelming to most, and costly to all,
netizens.  I'm not convinced it is possible to stop this trend,
but it is my hope that we can, through concerted efforts,
*direct* this trend so it will eventually become a useful
addition to the 'net, rather than just additional noise.

Such ideas as opt-in advertising, where people sign-up to
receive e-mail ads in pre-defined interest categories, and get
paid in either credits for products or services, or in real $$,
represent one acceptable method for commercializing through
e-mail.  I think this method will easily attract the coupon
clippers of the world to their subscriber lists, but I firmly
believe there are a lot more people who will *not* participate
in opt-in advertising than will...  unless it is somehow made
more palatable to the consumer.

That's where the work comes in...  where the combined brain-
power of this list can carve out new guidelines and methods for
doing what will be done...  what is already being done...
marketing by e-mail.

BTW - A basic website for the Digest will be online some time
this week. The URL will be  If
anyone has any suggestions, links, resources or ideas, let me

Your moderator

+ New Subjects

+ Ongoing

+ Introductions

+ Resources

"GARBAGE IN: Emerging Media and Regulation of
Commercial Solicitations"

Perhaps THE definitive paper on spam. It is your
moderator's belief that knowing what not to do defines
what is left that can be done.  Much of this paper is up
for interpretation.  I'm sure it will spark a lot of
discussion here.


"Fight Spam on the Internet"

This website offers a goodly amount of information
about SPAM, what it is, how to avoid being a perpetrator
of SPAM, and what to do when you've been SPAMMED.  I
recommend this site as 'required reading' for any
would-be e-mail marketer.

Maybe it will ignite some great ideas in one of you.

+ Miscellaneous


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