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                  The E-Marketing Digest
                   Volume #1, Issue #3
                       May 7, 1997
                 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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                   Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

    -The E-Marketing website is now online

+ New Subjects

    -Disabling who in majordomo

+ Ongoing

+ Introductions

+ Miscellaneous

    -New Organization Will Promote Ethical Bulk E-Mailing

    -Court Rules AOL Can Block Mass, Unsolicited Emails


+ Moderator Comments

The E-Marketing website is now online at the following URL

It is still pretty thin in some areas, but I do have plans
for adding to it on a regular basis.  Take a peek and let
me know what you think.  Any comments, suggestions,
additions, submissions or complaints will be greatly

Here's what is there now;

"Effective Writing Skills" - A page with links to writing
resources.  I will be adding some essays on writing in the
near future.

"Autoresponders" - Right now there is a short discussion of
one method for qualifying leads by using multiple
autoresponders.  There will be other aspects of
autoresponder use added as time goes on.

"Designing Your .sig File" - Right now there is only a
single example of signature files...  my own.  I would like
to add others, there is a link on the page to use for doing
so.  I'll be adding links to some good resources for
signature creation soon.

"Archive of E-Marketing Digests" - This section will be
updated weekly, not daily.

"E-Marketing Bookstore" - We will use this page to offer a
rotating list of recommended books on subjects related to

There are also links to lots of SPAM resources, a subject
we should all be completely familiar with to avoid being
perpetrators ourselves.

BTW - This morning brought over 100 new subscribers to the
E-Marketing Digest.  Thanks to Adam Boettiger of
I-Advertising for posting notice of this list in his fine
publication.  Our community is growing fast.  "Welcome" to
all our new subscribers.

Gary K. Foote, Moderator

+ New Subjects

From: Coastal Tool 
Subject: Disabling who in majordomo

I run an email list with over 5,000 subscribers.  We used
majordomo when we started but we became concerned that our
members addresses could very easily be stolen with a few
simple majordomo commands.  The list now resides off line
but I was curious if anyone knew of a way to disable the
who command since majordomo is a far better way to
administer a list of this size.

Todd Mogren
Coastal Tool & Supply
248 Sisson Ave.
Hartford, CT 06105
Tel 860-233-8213
Fax 860-233-6295
"Shop the Web in 97"


Todd - You can set that option in your configuration file.
Go to the last entry (who access) in your configuration
file and change the option to 'closed'.

Like this;


Majordomo 1.94.3 is now out.  My isp has 1.94.1 installed,
but I expect them to upgrade soon.  I'll try to get a copy
of the documentation so I can post the enhancements here.

Gary K. Foote, Moderator

+ Ongoing

+ Introductions

+ Miscellaneous

Here are two news items you might be interested in;

New Organization Will Promote Ethical Bulk E-Mailing

Court Rules AOL Can Block Mass, Unsolicited Emails


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