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                  The E-Marketing Digest
                   Volume #1, Issue #4
                       May 8, 1997
                 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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                   Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

    -List changes pending

+ New Subjects

    -Building your subscriber base

+ Ongoing

+ Introductions

+ Miscellaneous

    -CompuServe Reaches E-mail Settlement
     with Cyber Promotions

+ Announcements

    -Web-based discussion on spam


+ Moderator Comments

Because of the huge response to this list, and the time it has
taken just to keep up with processing new subscriptions, I am
anticipating switching operations to majordomo sometime later
today.  I will send out a special issue when the changeover
occurs with all the details, including where to send posts and
how to subscribe/unsubscribe.  I will manually subscribe everyone
so you shouldn't have to do anything to stay with us.

Until then, send all list posts to  Once the
changes occur this address will become an autoresponder that will
carry full subscribe/unsubscribe and posting instructions.

+ New Subjects

From: "Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer" 
Subject: Re: The E-Marketing Digest, Volume #1, Issue #3

Looking forward to this discussion list.  We are
particularly interested in subjects dealing with building
of subscriber base, especially for a targeted publication
like ours, and effective, efficient methods for reaching
advertisers.  The "pet" community/industry is growing on
the Internet, although this doesn't appear to be noticed
much.  As a result, our e-mail newsletter is something of
an anomaly, currently.  We market it through discussion
lists and news forums targeted directly at dog owners. But
when we explored the list exchange concept, we didn't
follow through because as yet we could not find an
"exchange" situation that would benefit both sides, based
on audience being reached.  That's unfortunate as we
believe it would be a good mechanism for building our
subscriber base.

Our subscribers are also an interesting group in that they
have requested advertising!  They do not, though, want to
pay for a subscription.  As we are new to this, we are
still slow on delivering what our subscribers want -- the

Any thoughts along those lines would be greatly appreciated.

Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer
CFNA, Inc.: PR/Marketing
~~And Publishers of Canine Times
    the free e-mail newsletter for dog owners
Voice: 509-332-3956
Fax: 509-334-2525


    -Moderator's $.02

To date, the best way I have found for increasing your
circulation is by exchanging sponsorships with other
list-owners.  The List Exchange, whose members have
already expressed interest in sponsorship  trades, is not
the only place online to find lists related to your own.
The List Exchange provides a 'List of Lists" that you can
use to find possible sponsor-partners who are not Listex
members.  The URL is:

The next best method is to participate in other lists and
newsgroups where the subject matter relates to your list's
focus.  Each time you post you can get your message out in
your .sig file, plus you can usually work a mention of
your list into the body of your post.  Of course, we all
know that any list post must carry real content - not just
your commercial message.

Finding paying advertisers is a "horse of a different
color".  I'm sure there are as many techniques as there
are subscribers to this list.  Let's pool our ideas on
this one.


+ Ongoing

+ Introductions

+ Miscellaneous

CompuServe Reaches E-mail Settlement with Cyber Promotions

The world's No. 2 online service - CompuServe - 'won' an
out-of-court settlement banning Cyber Promotions from
sending unsolicited e-mail to CompuServe subscribers.
The settlement still needs to be approved by a U.S.
district judge.

Cyber Promotions will also pay CompuServe $65,000 for
legal fees incurred while pursuing the order.  Cyber
Promotions may still buy advertising on the online service
and may earmark such purchases as offset against the
$65,000 legal fees.

The final consent order will make this provision permanent.

+ Announcements

From: "Benjamin Yoskovitz" 
Subject: Discussion on Spam

Hello there,

Join the discussion on spam at;

The topic is spam, based on an article on Net Worth at;

The message board, meep!Board was programmed by
meep! media inc.  I hope everyone will join the discussion
(it was just started a day or so ago) and post their views.


Benjamin Yoskovitz
meep! media inc. - internet and intranet consulting


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