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                  The E-Marketing Digest
                   Volume #2, Issue #1
                       May 9, 1997
                 Gary K. Foote, Moderator


Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments
    "E-Marketing is now automated"

+ New Subjects
    "Spam software or e-marketer's tool?"

+ Ongoing
    "Promoting a list"

+ Introductions

+ Miscellaneous
    "Organization to promote ethical bulk e-mail"


+ Moderator Comments

Just in case anyone missed the announcement in yesterday's
Digest, we are now automated by Majordomo.  That means
that certain things about posting to, and subscribing and
unsubscribing from the list have changed.  Here are the
essential details.

To post to the list

To unsubscribe from the list
Put the words UNSUBSCRIBE E-MARK in the message body

Comments to the moderator

The old address is now an autoresponder explaining all
this in case someone forgets...  like me.

+ New Subjects

From: Andrey Yastrebov 
Subject: AY Mail


I'm Andrey Yastrebov. For a long time e-mail was my only connection
to the Internet, so I don't think the Internet is the Web and I
think e-mail is at least as valuable.

Not long time ago I developed and started to sell AY Mail for Windows 95,
a small utility that sends e-mail to many recipients at once. I won't
describe it here, because all the information about it may be found at

Everything was good, but once I have been told that this is very bad
software because it may be used for spamming. That's probably true,
but what if some company wants to send e-mail to all their clients,
or somebody needs to distribute software upgrade, or send follow-up
letters. Don't they have to do it manually just because some bad
spammers can use tools like mine in a bad way?

I want to open here a discussion about such kind of software and its
pros and cons.

Regards. Andrey.
| Andrey B. Yastrebov    E-mail:      |
|                |

+ Ongoing

From: "Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer" 
Subject: Re: The E-Marketing Digest, V1, #4

Gary Wrote:

>Finding paying advertisers is a "horse of a different

I'm eager to hear what others have to say on this.  With
caution, the advertising rep for Canine Times has just
begun using the "one sentence" email technque, described
above, to reach advertisers.  We'll see how it works. What
are others doing?

Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer
  CFNA, Inc.: PR/Marketing
  and publishers of the free email newsletter
  for dog owners: Canine Times


Moderator's $.02

I find it fascinating that you got no flames out of 500
e-mails.  Question:  Was it the succinct nature of the
posts that made them 'flameproof' or were the posts
simply 'very' carefully targeted?  If the latter, would
you share your targeting methods with the list?

+ Introductions

+ Miscellaneous

I got this information from Reuters today.  I have
re-written it for presentation here.

Apex Global Information Services ,
a top Internet access provider has initiated an
industrywide trade organization to promote ethical bulk
e-mail practices.

Apex says it will refuse to carry the products of bulk
e-mailers, commonly known as "spammers," who do not join
the organization. In addition, Apex's Internet subscribers
who do not want to receive the unsolicited e-mail from the
new association will be able to join a master list next

Steven Wright-Mark, an Apex spokesman said, "This is an
effort to satisfy the consumer and have a responsible
mechanism by which the bulk e-mailers can conduct

The following 'major hitters' have already joined the

  -Cyber Promotions
  -Integrated Media Promotions Corporation
  -Quantcom Communications.

Cyber Promotions president, Sanford Wallace, said the
organization will be instrumental in making people
recognize bulk e-mailing as a legitimate business.
"We're going to set strict ethical practice standards
and since we have the backing of a major backbone
provider [Apex], bulk e-mailers will essentially be
forced to join the association if they want to be in the... successfully," Wallace said. "We believe that
in a few years from now the direct e-mail business will
be just as successful as the direct postal mail business
--this organization will make that vision a reality."

Association members are creating the rules they will all
follow. There are apparently already two primary rules:

  -Members may not misrepresent the identity of the sender
  -Members may not send mail to anyone who has asked not
   to receive it.

 Lawlor also said, "We support this organization because
there is no other organization to support.  We feel
there's a market need and a need in the industry for some
type of service that gives people the means of
registering themselves to not receive unsolicited e-mail."

Some kind of regulation is needed to stem the tide of so-
called junk e-mail, said 67 percent of the 1000
respondents of a recent survey conducted by World
Research. Of those, 43 percent said they hate junk e-mail
and 25 percent said it's bothersome.

Lawlor said he anticipates that other ISPs will adopt
similar views of the organization. "Once we legitimize
it we have reason to believe they will publicly support
this effort," he said.


You can read an APEX press release on this at

What does your moderator think about this?  I think that
'opt-in' advertising is a much better model than 'opt-out'
programs like this one.  Remember, this is characterized
by Lawlor as a situation "that gives people the means of
registering themselves to not receive unsolicited e-mail.


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