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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #6
                         May 15, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator


Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

    "The definition of spam - final words"
    "Ethical, Proactive Direct Marketing by E-mail"

+ New Subjects

    "The cost of market research"
      - Greg

    "Seeking advice, Is this spam?"
      - Andy Rebele

+ Ongoing

    "Re: Using Direct Email"
      - Bruce Gabrielle

    "Re: Opt-in Targeted Direct Mail"
      - Alvin Davis

+ The Corkboard

+ Miscellaneous


                       Moderator Comments

Well, after about a week of discussion, it looks like we have a
pretty solid definition for spam.  Here is my best interpretation of
all that has been discussed and decided upon in this forum;

SPAM: N., 1) Unsolicited, bulk-mailed, non-targeted, commercial
e-mail., 2) Excessive posting of the same, or similar commercial
OR non-commercial message(s) to USENET newsgroups.

So, you are guilty of spamming if your UNSOLICITED promotional e-mail
meets ANY of the following conditions;

It is...

 1) Bulk-mailed
 2) Untargeted
 3) An opt-out campaign or program


 5) Your return address is falsified
 6) You create an opt-out promotion

Here are some other facts about spam and spamming...

If you use the BCC field you risk the appearance, and perhaps the
reality, of spam.

You are NOT guilty of spamming USENET if you send no more than one
posting, cross-posted to no more than 10 groups, no more often than
once every two weeks.  A higher rate of posting, or cross-posting to
more than 10 groups constitutes spam.

Finally, some pointed, and oh-so-true logic from Cynthia Freyer;

"All spam is unsolicited, but not all unsolicited email is spam."

Thanks one and all for contributing to this compendium.  I will make
this into a FAQ and put it up at the E-Marketing website, as well as
post it here once a month.


"Ethical, Proactive Direct Marketing by E-mail", Part I begins tomorrow.
I will be sending the installments out as special editions, one Friday,
one each the following Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  All comments will
be considered for inclusion in the regular digest.


                          New Subjects

From: Greg 
Subject: doing research for marketing

Hi fellow marketers,

 Well we've talked about spam, and now moving into appropriate email
advertising. I'm hoping to open a thread on another issue
I think is related and I also need help on. What about research?

 I have been asked to bid on research work related to marketing. I
know that with my experience on this list and some others, as well as
on-line time using search engines and collecting my own directories
that I have sufficient resources to locate advertising for clients.
When it comes to contracting research, however there are other issues

[Like] demographics, quantitative and qualitative stats on various
industries, recip. link hunting.

 My question is this: How do we determine a fair hourly rate to
conduct on-line research, and what should our average results be for
that time spent? I realize that each project would be different, but
there must be some guidelines we can come up with. For example in an
hour I can find X amount of sites related to my clients. I can find
out how many users X there are on-line, and if willing to pay other
researchers I can find even more detailed information.

Anyone with experience in this field I would welcome feedback from,
as well as any services for hire you might have as well.

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SUBJ.="subscribe" or "submit offender" |#|

                       ***  NEW POST  ***

From: Andy Rebele 
Subject: Is this spam?

Before I send out a particular marketing piece, I wanted to get this
list's opinion on whether it constitutes spam.

I am launching an online auction, and need to reach critical mass as
quickly as possible.  My first target market is people who have bought
or sold online before.  Therefore, I have read all the relevant
newsgroups and online classified ads to see who is posting and what
they're selling.

I have manually compiled a database of people's real names, email
addresses, and the items they were selling.  I have kept track of
whether they were selling, buying, or merely commenting, and whether
they took anti-spam measures (like altering their email addresses).
All of this work has been done by hand without the use of the
extractor programs that spammers typically use.

I intend to send out a personalized email to this list, telling the
people that I am sending to them because I saw that they were
(selling/buying) (the item listed).  I will also give them a code
which will enable them to use my auction site free during its first
month.  People who have taken anti-spam measures will be manually sent
a special very short mail acknowledging that they do not want spam but
asking if they want to receive the larger mailing.  I will use my real
return address, of course, in all mailings.  (By the way, I intend to
use Email Assistant from Arial - have any of you used it?)

Personally, I hate spam, but what bothers me about it is that people
send out completely untargeted email that takes them no time to
compose but which takes thousands of people time to read and delete.
With this mailing I am spending considerable time preparing the list,
and I am only including people in my target market.  However, I am
sending a bulk email to thousands of people who did not explicitly
ask for it.

What do you think?  (Note that I have not sent it yet, so please do
not flame me.  I am attempting to get feedback on this approach before
I take it.)




Subject: Re: Using Direct Email

Claudia L'Engle Hafling wrote:

>Using this definition, how can you use e-mail direct marketing without
>it being spam?  If you send e-mail to ONE person, unsolicited (which
>almost all direct mail is, along with other forms of advertising as AY
>said), that is spam?
>Okay, then how do I use direct marketing via e-mail at all???

First, it's necessary to understand why there is such opposition to
spam. There are a number of arguments, but for me the most compelling
is this: if there is NO ban on spam, what are we left with? A
quarter-million online businesses with carte-blanche authority to
send email whenever, and to whomever, they please. Can you handle
dozens of direct emails daily?  This could become an even more serious
problem than spam.

So, the ban on a unsolicited email is a necessity, not a
discrimination  against the business community.  But there are ways
to conduct direct marketing via email.

1. Build a subscriber list of persons who want to be updated when you
have product announcements. This can be done at your website, through
your sig file (eg. "want to be updated when the demo is complete?
Send me your email address") or through announcements on lists which
*welcome* those types of announcements.

2. Pay for opt-in lists, such as PostMaster Direct and Email Announce.
Before you pay anyone to send your message bulk, ask them how their
lists are compiled.  If they're opt-out lists (ie. the receiver is
subscribed without their consent, and must send a "remove" request)
stay far away from those people.

3. Subscribe to Email Exchange, which allows you to send targeted
commercial email to other EE members, and to receive targeted email in

4. Start your own email newsletter or discussion list, and mix useful
and interesting content in with your commercial announcements.


Bruce Gabrielle
Internet Marketing Specialist,
I accept *targeted* commercial email at

            11 Steps to a Profitable Website


                       ***  NEW POST  ***

From: Alvin Davis 
Subject: Comment:Opt-in Targeted Direct Mail

Julie Frost wrote:

I am currently considering PostMaster Direct and Web Themes.  Do any
other online marketers have experience with these?  Thanks to the
participants and moderator for any advice.

comment:"Alvin Davis" 

I've used Postmaster Direct,I think they're one of the best.  The
problem I've found with all these companies is how to monitor the
results.  Problem#1-If you use your e-mail address or 800# in the ad
your may get flamed to death.

Problem#2-If you get no replies how do you know ANYTHING was sent out
(no refunds).

Example:Quantum Communicatiom,$300 100,000 e-mail ads Guaranteed
response rate or they will resend.After 5 week of me calling them.
They said they sent the ad twice,still 0 response,I gave up.

Solution- I'll never use this type of marketing,until a good system
is in place for me to know the e-mails were sent to real opportunity

Get Paid to Market Online!!!

                          The Corkboard



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