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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #8
                         May 17, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator


Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments
    "E-Marketing simulated case study"
       - Gary K. Foote

+ New Subjects

    "E-mail surveys"
       - Patrick M. van der Valk

+ Ongoing

    "Opt-in Advertising"
       - Jonathan Elliott

    "Anti-spam Legislation"
       - Ted Husted
       - Bruce Gabrielle

+ The Corkboard

+ Miscellaneous


                       Moderator Comments

Hi everyone,

Well, Part I of the series, "Ethical, Proactive Direct Marketing by
E-mail", has brought nothing but positive comments to date.  I realize
that Part I covers a bit of basic ground, but there are a lot of our
readers who are just beginning their study of the subject.  Remember,
any presentation has to start at the beginning --- never assume your
audience knows anything.  That goes for your potential customers too.

Parts II, III and IV will be released on Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
respectively, of this coming week.

The series is being archived on the E-Marketing Digest website;

There's lots of other useful 'stuff' for e-marketers there too, so stop
by and check it all out.

Have a good weekend.

Gary K. Foote

                          New Subjects

From: "Patrick M. van der Valk" 
Subject: Email surveys


First I'd like to thank Gary for starting this list. It was needed :-)

Now for my question; we are looking into doing an email based survey to our
customers. I have received several surveys myself and noticed that most
email surveys use [ ] for people to indicate a certain response. Are there
any programs that can then automatically tally the responses and (if
possible) convert them to statistics? Or is this still a manual task?


Patrick M. van der Valk
Senior Consultant

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From: Biggar-Net Promotions 
Subject: Re: The E-Marketing Digest, V2, #7

Greetings all!

>From: Roger Staubus 
>Subject: Re: Paul Schilling Post
>It would seem to me to be a philosophical issue, in that everyone would
>like to receive the e-mail messages that they want to receive, but do not
>want to receive the ones they do not want to receive. To be able to get the
>messages you do want to receive, you have to risk getting some that you do
>not want to receive.
>With regard to targeted e-mail marketing, the opt-in approach seems to have
>everything going for it, but does not seem to be making the headway that
>the philosophical basis for it would suggest.

I half-agree with this!  I run a number of websites, five of which have
a "enter your e-mail address to receive more info/be notified when we
update this site" facility.  What I've found, is that this results in a
targeted market - very small, but usually very interested.  I've only
had one remove request - and it was very polite!! So while you may not
be hitting the thousands you would like to, at least you can rest
assured that the majority will actually *read* the message - I've even
had messages saying "thanks for the updates" and so forth.

Just my $02!

Best wishes,

Jonathan Elliott, Scotland.
Get your web site known!! Advertising, Linking, Press Releases...
Biggar-Net Promotions

                       ***  NEW POST  ***

From: "Ted Husted" 
Subject: Legislation for Spam?

Legislation often helps us set cultural bounds and norms,
and helps us do the right thing in spite of ourselves. We
shouldn't have to tell people not to spam, but we shouldn't
have to tell people to keep kids in car seats either. But,
honestly, it ~is~ a lot easier for me to strap in the kids,
regardless of today's excuse, because, it is, after all, the
law. If UCE were illegal, we wouldn't have to worry about
even thinking about whether it would be all right "just this

UCE legislation might cut off the likes of Cyberpromote, and
let us get on with our lives, and save AOL, Earthlink, and the
rest, a ton of legal fees fighting individual court battles.
One nice attribute is that it extends current legislation --
this way we don't get mired down in a another "Internet" bill.
Perhaps we can stay focused on just a small amendment to
current telecommunications law, that might do us a lot of good.

Though, I wonder how it would affect people who post their
addresses on Web sites and the like. If someone simply visits
my site, have we developed a "business relationship"? Can they
send me email, which I may not consider pertinent to my business,
but someone else may. The fax world doesn't have spiders that can
crawl webs and spin down the email addresses.

-- Ted Husted (

                       ***  NEW POST  ***

Subject: Re: Spam Legislation
From: Bruce Gabrielle 

Cheryl Gonzalez wrote:

>Just as this mailing list is getting started, here's another group
>that has decided to open *pandora's box* by trying to get the
>government to pass legislation.
>> Internet, May 9, 1997--The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial
>> Email  (CAUCE) announced today that it is calling for a legal ban on
>> unsolicited Email advertising.

Some may pooh-pooh the idea of legislation. The U.S. can't enforce
laws stopping spam originating from other countries, and the
spammers will just move offshore if it's illegal in the U.S.

But, will spammers really go to the trouble of establishing a new
business in another country just so they can send spam?  The costs
and legal hassles will probably not make it worthwhile.  How many
junk-faxers moved their business offshore?

Pandora's Box was opened with the ill-conceived Communications
Decency Act.  And there are already a half-dozen U.S. states
contemplating anti-spam laws.  If the Internet is to become a
mature space for secure commerce, it's imprudent to cherish its

I'm proud to say I joined CAUCE immediately upon learning of its
existence.  And I encourage others to check out their site at and lend your support to squash spam.


Bruce Gabrielle
Internet Marketing Specialist,
I accept *targeted* commercial email at

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