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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #9
                         May 19, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

    "Oops - .sig file page error"
       - Gary K. Foote

+ New Subjects

    "Help targeting e-mail"

    "Is [AD] too limiting?"
       - Paul \"the soarING\" Siegel

    "Light touch for [AD] copy"
      - Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer

+ Ongoing

    "Anti-UCE legislation"
       - Gary K. Foote

    "Business relationship or not?"
       - Gary K. Foote
       - Ecki Soemarmo
       - Michael Smith

    "Is this spam?"
       - Rebecca Noel

+ The Corkboard

    "Internet Advertising Report"
       - Adam Boettiger

    "meep! media's spam discussion"
       - Benjamin Yoskovitz

    "Arial Software and eMail Xpress"
       - Rebecca Noel


                       Moderator Comments

Hi Everyone,

I just discovered that the e-mail link for submitting your .sig file
for inclusion on the signature page at the E-Marketing Digeat website
was sending to the wrong address.  To those of you who submitted your
.sig and got back an unexpected autoresponse, I apologize.  If anyone
would like to submit a .sig for inclusion, the link is now correct.

You may use it or simply mail your .sig to me.
Put the words 'Signature File Submission' in the subject area.

Gary K. Foote

                          New Subjects

Subject: Help with sending targeted emails

Hello all,

This is my first posting to this list, however, I have found the
information here very helpful and informative.  Keep up the good job!

Here's my situation:  I have a mail order business that targets a
very specific  youth/music oriented audience.  With all the
controversy and hostility towards spamming and muliple ad postings,
I make certain that I send my email ads only to those would benefit
from my services.  I lurk through newsgroups and chat rooms online
and first "make contact" with my potential clients.  Friendly
conversational chat seems to make my clients more comfortable and
willing to listen to my sale instead of the "cold email sale".  I
understand that this is a very time consuming and some might say,
unneccesary process of getting and retaining customers, but it works
for me.  My response rate to sell rate is very high compared to
conventional bulk email and bulk snail mail.  I need a way to track
the clients who I email to and those who want to be removed, I am
aware of the conventional bulk emailers out on the market today but
is there any program that will let me keep a database of all I email
out to... and that will stop me from mailing duplicate emails to
those who have already received my offer for a reasonable cost?

I am also looking for targeted email mail list companies.  So far I
have found 2 websites dealing with this aspect of emailing.  But I
was wondering if anyone knew of a company more like those in snail
mail... where you can break down the list you want to buy/rent into
specific demographics:  age, geographic location, hobbies, interests,
etc.  Thanks to all... please respond to the list or email me
personally at:

                        ***  NEW POST  ***

From: "Paul \"the soarING\" Siegel" 
Subject: Re: The E-Marketing Digest - Special Issue - Part I

The Special Issue on E-Marketing (Part 1) is terrific. Short, to
the point, useful illustrations, and excellent ideas.

I have a question about the use of [ad]. Not every approach to
someone is an ad. For instance, here's my problem: I publish the
Learning Fountains magazine on my site, and the Learning Fountain
Reviews emailed newsletter. I want to send out an email request
for articles to be published in these venues. Is this an ad? Do
I have to insert [ad] in the Subject line?

Live your vision,

Paul "the soarING" Siegel;
Online magazine for thirsty netrepreneurs

                       ***  NEW POST  ***

[Moderator's comment]

This came to me as a private post, but I have included it here
because Cynthia makes a good point about writing copy with a
light touch.

Gary K. Foote

From: "Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer" 
Subject: Revised copy

Couldn't resist this revise.  

You wrote:
> Bring nature's music into your life.  Beautiful handcrafted, copper
> topped birdhouses. For more info
> or visit us on the web at
>          This message will not be repeated.


Weary of birds flying past your home, only leaving birdy poop on
your car windshield?  Get those little feathered friends to sing
in front of your window, instead! Tempt them into staying with
a handcrafted, copper-topped birdhouse!  Interested? If you
like, you can get more info at:  xxxxx

   ------We won't fly here again (unless you whistle for us!) ---

----------I must be tired! (LOL!)------

But on a more SERIOUS note... you can't smell anyone on the Internet,
you can't touch them, you can't see can't hear them....
all we have to create a relationship with is words.  I'd suggest
being just a tad bit warmer, adding just a tinge of a conversational
tone.  It helps break thru the techie, impersonal feel of the computer

Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer		Voice: 509-332-3956
CFNA, Inc.: PR/Marketing		Fax: 509-334-2525
  ~~Plus...Publishers of Canine Times,
    the free e-mail newsletter for dog owners~~


From: Gary K. Foote, Moderator
Subject: Anti-UCE legislation

Hi everyone.  I, as you all know by now, am against spam.  So
are the folks who have recently formed the organization, CAUCE.
The difference lies in what we each believe is the definition of
spam. The following is from the opening of a CAUCE press release;

> Internet, May 9, 1997--The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial
> Email  (CAUCE) announced today that it is calling for a legal ban on
> unsolicited Email advertising.

In other words, according to the folks at CAUCE, ALL unsolicited
e-mail is spam.  This is just not the case.  I believe that some
legislation needs to be put into place to *regulate* the direct
e-mail industry, not put it out of business.

Anyone want to  contribute to writing possible legislation that
makes sense?  This list's readers have a chance to make their
thoughts known.  Posts on this subject will be compiled into a
single volume and forwarded to any and all interested parties,
along with our already-written definition of spam.

The E-marketing definition of spam can be seen on the web at;


OK, next --- Ted Husted wrote;

>...If someone simply visits
>my site, have we developed a "business relationship"? Can they
>send me email,...

Good question.  Here's my $.02...

Assuming your website is a business site, then it is there to
attract attention.  If someone who has something to offer you
that is related to your business finds your site, AND uses your
mailto link to contact you, then I would say that person has not
spammed you.  Consider...

1) You placed your ad (website) in a public place, seeking attention
2) You placed a mailto link that invited contact

Can you now be justified when someone contacts you using the route
you, yourself provided?

Gary K. Foote, Moderator

                        ***  NEW POST  ***

From: Ecki Soemarmo 
Organization: Ecki Enterprises
Subject: RE: Legislation for Spam?

> From: "Ted Husted" 
> Subject: Legislation for Spam?
> Though, I wonder how it would affect people who post their
> addresses on Web sites and the like. If someone simply visits
> my site, have we developed a "business relationship"? Can they
> send me email, which I may not consider pertinent to my business,
> but someone else may.

This is a very good point. Say I sell fire fighting equipment and I
visit fire department websites. The email address is listed (probably
with a link that says "Contact Us" or "Send us Email") so I add it to my
database and eventually send an email ad to everyone in my database.
Since on the website it says "Contact Us" or "Send us Email" would this
type of activity be able to be illegal if spam is legislated? Or would
it be a "business  relationship"? Will everyone have to specifically
state on their mailto links "No advertisements, spam, etc. may be sent
to this address"?

                        ***  NEW POST  ***

From: (Michael Smith)
Subject: Re: The E-Marketing Digest, V2, #8

>From: "Ted Husted" 
>Subject: Legislation for Spam?
>Though, I wonder how it would affect people who post their
>addresses on Web sites and the like. If someone simply visits
>my site, have we developed a "business relationship"? Can they
>send me email, which I may not consider pertinent to my business,
>but someone else may.
>-- Ted Husted (

What kind of [person] would post their address and then complain
because someone writes to them. It is this kind of extremist attitude
that makes it difficult for normal people to support any legislation.

[moderator snip]

I would support legislation against the computer programs, but I will
fight to the best of my ability these terrorists tactics to make
people afraid to send an individual e-mail.

Michael Smith

                       ***  NEW POSTS  ***

From: martech 
Subject: Re: Is this Spam?

I love this list!

In regards to Andy Rebele’s posting:

Andy basically everything that you do not ask for is spam.

As marketers, advertisers, PR, or salesperson, the key words
that we prefer are: target marketing.

Target Marketing is the most time and cost effective means
to communication your products to your potential customers.

Hopefully with this list, we can share our experiences and
improve our results.

Andy, you are on the right track.

Developing a personalized list is very necessary.
But, you may be making more work than you need to make for yourself.

I might suggest offering something FREE List of Tips
in your sig to members of a group that you belong to
(see my sig)

If your FREE list is good enough, the recipients will sign up fast.

We offer a FREE List of International Holidays to anyone signing
up.  90% give us their first and last name without us asking for
it.  I was very surprised that the percentage is so high.  This
helps to develop a relationship.

I hope this helps.

       FREE International Holiday List
      for ALL countries around the world
      Send email:

Rebecca Noel               Ph: +1-800-423-8828             Fx: +1-713-827-8110

                          The Corkboard

From: Adam Boettiger 
Subject: Internet Advertising Report

Hi Gary,

I wanted to write to let readers of E-Marketing know that
iWORLD's Internet Advertising Report
is now available each week by email in a summary format.
This is not just news snippets with hyperlinks, it is pure
content with the latest in Internet Advertising news, written
by iWORLD's staff.

To SUBSCRIBE (It is free),
In the FIRST LINE of the BODY of your message, put: JOIN
or simply visit the site and subscribe using the form they
provide on the Web.   It looks like it will be a good source
of information.


Adam J. Boettiger
Vice President of Business Development
Multimedia Marketing Group, Inc.
(888) 699-6939 / (503) 699-6939
-------------< "The Online Agency" >-----------------

                       ***  NEW POST  ***

From: Benjamin Yoskovitz 
Subject: meep! media's spam discussion

Hello there,

[This is to] announce meep! media's spam discussion at;

The discussion is based on an article I wrote regarding
spam for Net Worth at;


Benjamin Yoskovitz
meep! media inc. - internet and intranet consulting

                       ***  NEW POST  ***

From: martech 
Subject: Arial Software and eMail Xpress.

Recently I saw a posting in regards to Arial Software.
Mike at Arial Software writes a very clever series of E-Mail messages
that demonstrates Email Assistant.  It is a great resource tool.

Unfortunately, it is for the PC. We use MACs.  eMail Xpress is
for Macintosh.  It is a dream!  We can send out unlimited emails
(no spams, although a person could easily do so) with no problems.
We use Claris Email 2.0 for subscribers – it is a lot better than
Eudora 3.1.

Claris Email 2.0 (which is now supposed to be also for Windows)
is available at
for a 60 day free trial.  You will love it!

It is so much more versatile than Eudora 3.1  (which we also have).
It can automatically add subscribers to the Address Book with
their first and last name (if they provide them). The guys at
eMail Xpress suggested that we try it (they also use it).

eMail Xpress will work with any mail program that you have
(Eudora, Claris Emailer, Pegasus, etc.).

The major advantage that eMail Xpress and Arial's Email
Assistant is that they are like a contact management for email.

You can make a series of email messages (newsletters, etc.)
and the programs can hold your addresses of subscribers' emails,
target emails, prospects' emails, clients' emails, etc. and
send out different messages to different members of your list.

Email Assistant is for the PC.
EMail Xpress is for the MAC.
I do not work for any of these software companies.
In fact, I suggested that they combine forces to market their products.
Both will let you download a demo.

Until you have a huge mailing list (+10,000),
these are tremendous tools that are very cost-effective.

Thanks to Gary K. Foote for starting this list.

I plan to be an active participate as we put the internet
marketing plan together to sell our products Global Traveller
Planning Diary, Global Traveller Phone/Fax Guide.

Rebecca Noel

       FREE International Holiday List
      for ALL countries around the world
      Send email:

Rebecca Noel               Ph: +1-800-423-8828             Fx: +1-713-827-8110

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           ~ Internet Marketing Specialists since 1994~

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