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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #19
                         May 30, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ New Subjects

    "Mass Mailing"
       - Wanda Keough

+ Ongoing

    "Flames & Legislation"
       - John McCabe

    "Opt In"
       - Adam Boettiger
       - George Matyjewicz

    "On Spam"
       - Robert Smith
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Moderator Comment
       - Cheryl Gilbert


                          New Subjects

From: "Wanda Keough" 
Subject: Mass Mailing

I have been trying unsuccessfully to do a mass email with about three
different email programs.  Any suggestions??

Wanda Keough


From: John McCabe 
Subject: Flames and legislation

I just want to throw in my .02 on a couple of issues.

1. Abusive and treatening flames

I've worked out the following policy regarding flames

Abusive flames of the F-you variety, if sent singly, are trashed after
adding the sender's address to  my "Don't Waste My Time" list.

Abusive mailbombs, messages over about 10K, and the like are forwarded to
the ISP with a warning that this constitutes unsolicited, obnoxious email,
could be considered vandalism, and a repeat will be reported to THEIR local

Threats will be treated very seriously. If I can determine the national
origin of the sender, the threat will be forwarded to their national
police. I will also send them a note saying it was reported. If the threat
is for bodily harm to me or my family, it will also be turned over to the
FBI anti-terror team. They take physical threats VERY seriously.

Anyone attempting to act on a threat will do so at their own risk.

2. Anti-SPAM legislation

I may be cynical, but I don't see how anyone can believe that a government
can control email, when they can't even control their own internal filing

This is the same government that passes more restrictive laws on
law-abiding gun owners because criminals are ignoring the laws already in

Making something illegal is no way to stop it. Find a way to make it
unprofitable, and it will seem like waking up from a dream.

3. Sunni Freyer's letter

I think it's a great letter, but one great letter won't have an impact.
She'll get a respectful reply from a staffer. Several hundred or several
thousand will make an impact. I am forwarding the letter along with a "me,
too" message to the congressmen from my state. If enough others do the
same, it will have a huge impact.

This is the strategy Ronald Reagan used to great effect while contending
with a Democratic-majority congress. He took his case to the people, and
they tied up the phone and fax lines, and buried offices with letters and

I urge other list members in the US to forward the letter with their
support to their own representatives, and Sunni to post it to any other
lists she belongs to.

John McCabe-------------------->
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                    *** NEW POST - Opt In  ***

From: Adam Boettiger 
Subject: RE: Opt-In

> > We just tested 5,000 PostMaster Direct opt-in names that had signed
> > up to get news about our product:  ZERO response.  NADA.  NILCH.
> > $300 wasted.  And they said we had a great ad  ;-)

Ryan Scott summed it up when he said:

>Not every offering to every list is successful.  This is just common
>business sense.

I have to jump in here and pass on my two cents to the list.

#1.  I am sorry that the gentleman paid $300 and got zero responses.
     But I am sure you are not the only one who has lost money
     to advertising.   It's the nature of the beast, especially
     on the Internet.   There ARE no guarantees.   If a company
     approaches you and says they can guarantee you a specific
     response rate to an ad or a CTR on a banner ad,

     You say you got Zero responses.  Did you include a hyperlinked
     email link, in your message?   Did you
     also include your URL?  Did you also include 800 and regular
     phone numbers?   You need offer people as many ways to contact
     you as possible.

#2.  I have used Postmaster Direct many times and gotten
     excellent results from the mailings.  But it depends on
     what you consider "excellent" results.   On average,
     any mailing that draws a response rate of 2 percent or
     higher is considered effective.

#3.  With Opt-In lists, I have found that like any advertising
     on the Net, their success depends on many factors:

          a. Is the list TRULY "Opt-In"?  Is it just stripped from
             the net and called Opt-In?

          b. Are you targeting the proper market for your service?

          c. The Subject Line of your message

          d. The length of your message

          e. The wording of your message

Your message should be not longer than 3 paragraphs long.  It should be
personable.  Example:  Don't start it with, "Dear Person:" or "Dear
I already know that I am a person, and it is obvious that I am a recipient.
Don't patronize my intelligence.

Start with:  "Hi,  I just wanted to drop you a short note to find out if...
My name is Bob Brown, President of the Widget Corporation.  I don't want
to waste your time, so if you'd like to get full details, you may send
email to our autoresponder, and have them in
two minutes.

The SUBJECT line is one of the most crucial parts of your message,
because it will determine whether I read it or not.   DON'T be
deceptive.  DON'T use hype (!!!!!!! $$$$$$) etc.   DO make it interesting.
Say you want to sell software that allows businesses to accept
checks by fax.   Title the Subject line: Your feedback is needed...
Then in the body, ask them a legitimate question:  Does your business
currently have the ability to accept checks by fax?

#4.  Direct email is at best a crapshoot.   But Opt-In lists can
be very effective if tested first with a small number of recipients
and different messages.   Did you notice I did not say "ads", I said
"messages"?   Anyone who sends a commercial advertisement - a blatant
one - to an email list SHOULD get ZERO responses.   That's not the
way to advertise effectively on the Net.   You are trying to
apply offline advertising to advertising on the Internet, and
they are two entirely different animals.

Gary, sorry for the length of this, but it is a common problem, and
I hope that these will give some of your readers tips to help them
head in the right direction.   Guys, don't blame the list or the
company.   When I get no responses, the first place I look is
at my ad copy.  The second place I look is at the Subject line.

Writing good copy takes practice and lots of testing.

Hope this helps!

Adam Boettiger
Moderator, I-Advertising Digest
Editor, Exposure Internet Marketing News
Vice President of Business Development
Multimedia Marketing Group ( )

                    *** NEW POST - Opt In  ***

From: George Matyjewicz 
Subject: Re: Opt in

>> > We just tested 5,000 PostMaster Direct opt-in names that had signed
>> > up to get news about our product:  ZERO response.  NADA.  NILCH.
>> > $300 wasted.  And they said we had a great ad  ;-)
> ----------------snipped-----------
>  3.  Besides Glenn Barry , have any readers ever
>received an undesirable side-effect from receiving or sending opt-in

I question the "opt-in" of Netcreations.  What exactly does that mean.  In
their case you opt-in when you sign up for their Postmaster Direct service,
which means you promote your site.  How can that really be "opt-in?"  They
have a great service, and the folks who use it probably feel it is worth
the few pieces of mail they may get for using the service.

"Opt-in" IMO would really be where the subscriber opted for receipt of mail
with no strings attached (fat chance of that).

The only form of e-promotion we ever found successful is e-messages to
visitors of your site and well-targeted press releases

George Matyjewicz                           "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.              
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

                    *** NEW POST - On Spam  ***

From: Robert Smith 
Subject: It's not SPAM if they want to read it.

I get a charge out of hearing the different responses from people who
feel they have been spammed.  If they feel they have been spammed they
have been.  It's time to reexamine the content and presentation of the

I send out lots of emails every month and some might be considered by
some as SPAM. It is very targeted mail.  I feel that if people flame you
it must be SPAM at least from their point of view. SPAM is in the eye of
the beholder.

I get about 2 or three remove requests a month and usually very polite.

The key to email marketing is TARGET, TARGET, TARGET.  If people want to
here what your telling them they won't flame you, I think it's as simple
as that.

My suggestion is to write a descriptive title and a short paragraph, if
they want to here more they will ask for more information. That way they
don't have to spend much time looking it over and will actually read it.
Never use a false return of fool with the headers as this will challenge
the flamers, and make it harder to get a response.

I'll admit sometimes I grit my teeth and hope my mail will not be
offensive to anyone I send it to. I have a lot to lose if it is. The
simple truth is that every one reads the mail that their interested in

    (O O)
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                    *** NEW POST - On Spam  ***

From: George Matyjewicz 
Subject: Building a store on-line

>I have a small store approx 2 years old.


>I am well aware that for my site to generate any money I need to
>generate  traffic. To do this I am looking for ideas on
>how to identify and contact potential customers (aren't we all?).

In my technology column in Gift & Decorative Accessories Magazine this
month the title is "Promoting Your Virtual Store."  If you don't subscribe,
or can't get a copy of the magazine, let me know and I'll send you a zip
file of the article.

G&DA is the international business magazine of gifts, tabletop, gourmet,
gift baskets, home accessories, greeting cards and stationery.  They are
not on-line yet.

George Matyjewicz                           "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.              
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

{Moderator comment]


Send a text version to the list address and I'll include it here,
with your permission - and credit, of course.

Gary K. Foote

                    *** NEW POST - On Spam  ***

From: Cheryl Gilbert 
Subject: spam

You  wrote:

>Now let's say you visit my website and register with an email
>address. Or maybe you buy a product from me and fill out a warranty
>card. Then I send you an email announcing a major change to the
>website or perhaps an offer to purchase a product upgrade. Is this
>Spam. IMHO, it would not be. We have established a relationship and
>you have given me your (tacit) consent by providing your address.

Agreed. Definitely, but it's a good idea to have this made clear at the
site. i.e., to put a statement that by filling out this form they agree
to receive email from you. Clarity is pretty important.

As to the person who said he got threatening responses to his
unsolicited email, I have to say, thay you pays your buck, you takes
your luck. Personally, I've experienced the other side of the coin.
Whenever I receive spam I politely write a letter to both the company
and its ISP imforming them that they may not realize it, but there is
SPAM (postage due marketing) emanating from their site and that as I
consider that to be inappropriate and unethical I will not purchase or
advise to purchase any products from that site as long as I believe that
it is their policy to support spammers. In addition, I inform them that
the post and ISP address will be forwarded to net-abuse centers and

In response, I've received incoherent death threats. Been told that I'm
a non-commercial weirdo who just wants to stop legitimate business
(which is kind of ludicrous, considering what I do is consulting re:
Internet marketing). Cyberpromotions responded to my polite note by
filling that mailbox with litereally hundreds of spam to the point where
I had to change addresses.

I often hear from people that they think unsolicited email is all right
as long as it's targeted. It's not. I live in Europe and I pay for my
download time. That means that there is a real cost for each email I
receive. Not an abstract cost in terms of time, but real money. Many
people still pay by the piece for their mail. I believe as professional
marketeers, we are only alienating a potential consumer base by forcing
them to pay for the priveledge to read about our products. Read the
statistics, people aren't just annoyed by spam, but in survey after
survey, they *hate* it.


Cheryl Gilbert

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