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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #20
                         May 31, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

    "Open Letter to my Congressman"
       - Gary K. Foote

+ New Subjects

    "Cyberpromo & Postmaster Direct?"
       - HeinRich W. KocH

+ Ongoing

    "Mass mailing"
       - Adam Boettiger
       - Andrey B. Yastrebov
       - James Good

    "Opt in"
       - Ryan Scott
       - Richard

    "On Spam"
       - Barry Shultz

       - Barry Shultz

+ The Corkboard

+ Miscellaneous


                       Moderator Comments

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: Open Letter to my Congressman

Dear Congressman Sununu,

As moderator of The E-Marketing Digest, an online e-mail forum
of over 500 subscribers dedicated to discussing and evolving
ethical electronic mail marketing methods, I have some concerns
regarding the recent legislation proposal made by Alaska's
Senator Murkowski regarding Unsolicited Commercial E-mail [UCE].

I am also the owner an Internet marketing company that has been
doing business online since 1994.  One of the methods we use for
reaching potential customers for both ourselves and our clients is
UCE. We are proud that our record, over many e-marketing campaigns
and thousands of *individually targeted and sent* UCE's, carries
only three accusations of spamming.  Of these three, two were
self-subscribed to e-mail discussions lists I moderate and did not
recognise the e-mail when it arrived, and the third was an e-mail
we sent in response to a request for information.  The recipient
had forgotten his request and thought we had sent him an
unsolicited e-mail out of the blue.  Both of these examples are
fairly common scenarios regarding accusations of spamming.

My specific concerns regarding Senator Murkowski's proposed
legislation center around his opening findings, upon which
his whole proposition is based, and are as follows;

1) In Sec.2. Findings, item #1 - "The Internet is a worldwide
network of information that growing numbers of Americans use on
a regular basis for educational and personal activities."

This is true, but does not go far enough.  The Internet is a
global phenomenon, not simply a "worldwide network of information
that growing numbers of Americans use on a regular basis".  This
fact,which Senator Murkowski so easily ignores, makes any
legislation of the sort he proposes limiting ONLY to American
businesses. This disadvantage in the global marketplace will
assure that American Internet marketing businesses will have to
either move their operations overseas or die.  Jobs go elsewhere,
US $$$ go elsewhere.  Up goes the National Trade Deficit and up
goes unemployment.

2) In Sec.2. Findings, item #8 - "Unsolicited commercial
electronic mail can be used to advertise legitimate services and
goods but is also used for fraudulent and deceptive purposes in
violation of Federal and State law."

There are many marketing strategies that are used by legitimate
businesses, that are also being misused "for fraudulent and
deceptive purposes" by unethical 'business people', and yet
these remain relatively regulation free.

3) In Sec.2. Findings, item #10 - "The inability of recipients of
[UCE] to identify the senders of such [e-mail] or to prevent it's
receipt impedes the flow of commerce and communication on the
internet and threatens the integrity of commerce on the internet."

I have hundreds of business contacts on the internet and not one
of them reports any impediment to "the flow of commerce and
communication on the internet".  I have heard this argument used
many times, but, as a well known line from a recent Tom Cruise
movie almost goes, "Show me the numbers!"  Sure, people complain
about UCE, but are they complaining about an impeded "flow of
commerce and communication on the internet", or are they simply
complaining about UCE in the same manner that they complain about
traditional Direct Marketing postal mail, or so-called "Junk mail"
in their home mailboxes?

As for UCE being a threat to "the integrity of commerce on the
internet", it seems like regulatory legislation would have a
greater negative impact on American business' commerce on the
internet than if the US government recognized it's own
Constitution's First Amendment, which assures freedom of speech
and an unabridged press, and kept it's legislative 'hand' out of
normal, lawful business practices.

These problems in the initial Findings that the proposed
legislation is based upon, should be sufficient cause for great
pause in its consideration.

You may reply by e-mail:

Or by 'snail mail':        Gary K. Foote
                           P.O. Box 3214
                           North Conway, NH 03860

My Very Best Regards,

Gary K. Foote                   

============= Internet Marketing Specialists Since 1994 =============              603-356-2748
E-Marketing Digest         P.O. Box 3214
Weather by E-mail     N. Conway, NH 03860
The List Exchange

cc: The E-Marketing Digest
    Senator Frank Murkowski

                          New Subjects

From: Belle Model 
Subject: Cyberpromo and Postmaster direct.

I plan to use Cyberpromo and Postmaster direct. Does anyone
have any comments about their affectiveness?

The Traveller's Directory of SEX Services in South Africa

Where you can find the most wanton girls/guys/adult clubs.

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---------------------------------------------------------     Belle Model    (HeinRich W. KocH)


From: Adam Boettiger 
Subject: RE: Mass mailing

Wanda Keough writes:

>I have been trying unsuccessfully to do a mass email with about three
>different email programs.  Any suggestions??

1.  Use the Win 95 uninstall wizard to remove them from drive C:\

2.  Take the disks/cd's from the 3 programs and place them in
    a black plastic bag.

3.  Put them in the front seat of your car, park in a
    sunny area and bake for at least 24 hours or until done.


Adam J. Boettiger
Vice President of Business Development
Multimedia Marketing Group, Inc.
(888) 699-6939 / (503) 699-6939
-------------< "The Online Agency" >-----------------

                  ***  NEW POST - Mass Mailing  ***

From: "Andrey B. Yastrebov" 
Subject: Re: Mass Mailing

"Wanda Keough"  wrote:

> I have been trying unsuccessfully to do a mass email with about three
> different email programs.  Any suggestions??

If you have Windows 95 and PPP/SLIP connection, then I suggest trying
my program AY Mail for Windows 95. It is really easy to use. Find
out info about it at

Regards. Andrey.
| Andrey B. Yastrebov    E-mail:      |
|                |

                  ***  NEW POST - Mass Mailing  ***

From: "@Digital Frontier Communications" 
Subject: Re: Mass Mailing

    Wanda Keough:
: I have been trying unsuccessfully to do a mass email with about
: three different email programs.  Any suggestions??

Why not try Soft Ventures Mailing List software. You can set it up in
several different preferences. It works on your own computer with
Windows95. I think there is a link to the Soft Ventures website on
the List Exchange at


James Good             
Computing Today Daily

              Cyberary Inter@ctive Communications
                            Winslow, Arizona
                         520.289.0626 (voice)

                      ***  NEW POST - Opt In  ***

From: "Ryan Scott" 
Subject:  Re: Opt in

From: George Matyjewicz 
>Subject: Re: Opt in
>>> > We just tested 5,000 PostMaster Direct opt-in names that had
>signed >> > up to get news about our product:  ZERO response.  NADA.
>NILCH. >> > $300 wasted.  And they said we had a great ad  ;-)
>> ----------------snipped-----------
>>  3.  Besides Glenn Barry , have any readers ever
>>received an undesirable side-effect from receiving or sending opt-in
>I question the "opt-in" of Netcreations.  What exactly does that mean.
>In their case you opt-in when you sign up for their Postmaster Direct
>service, which means you promote your site.  How can that really be
>"opt-in?"  They have a great service, and the folks who use it
>probably feel it is worth the few pieces of mail they may get for
>using the service.
>"Opt-in" IMO would really be where the subscriber opted for receipt of
>mail with no strings attached (fat chance of that).
>The only form of e-promotion we ever found successful is e-messages to
>visitors of your site and well-targeted press releases
>George Matyjewicz                           "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
>Managing Partner GAP
>Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.


you are confusing 2 different services.   PostMaster is our URL
Announcement service.  PostMaster Direct is targeted email.  Totally
different.  Sorry for the confusion.  Full high-faluting names are
PostMaster URL Announcement Service, and PostMaster Direct Response

OPT-IN means that the subscriber opted for receipt of mail with no
strings attached, exactly as you state it should.

      Ryan Scott - - 718 522 1531
          - Reinventing Direct Marketing on the Net -
       NetCreations, Inc -
                - Targeted 100% OPT IN Email -
PostMaster Direct Response -
             *be sure to quote me in your reply*

              ***  NEW POST - Opt In, $300 wasted?  ***

From: "Bandstand" 
Subject: "Opt In"-----$300 wasted

I've been in Direct Marketing for 10 years, paid thousands
of dollars for hundreds of tests and never wasted
one cent.

What's a "TEST" for?   Right, to find out something.
No matter what the results are, you have accomplished
what you set to do.  Realizing what the results mean,
now that's a horse of a different color.

Next Test.


                     ***  NEW POST - On Spam  ***

From: "Barry Shultz" 
Subject: Spam Is In The Eye Of The Beholder.

I believe in the right of free speech. This right that we
fought so hard to obtain. Spam is a meaningless term designed
by self appointed cyber-cops to control an environment that
cannot be controlled.

Bulk Email is a form of free speech and expression. It should
not be viewed as Spam. If bulk snail-mail were suddenly banned,
many thousands of very profitable companies would perish.

Since the government cannot figure out a way to profit from
bulk email they will try to stifle it. In fact there are
federal laws stating that any individual interfering with the
legal operation of any business is subject to fines and
penalties. To cancel an Internet account because the customer
has engaged in legal commerce on the Internet, in my opinion,
puts the ISP in jeopardy of a lawsuit.

There is a law against sending junk mail to fax machines. I
am tired of anti-spam nerds telling me that it applies to
computer modems as well. I read the law. There is nothing in
it that applies to computer modems. Unless they change the law
it is illegal to interfere with any bulk email efforts!

Barry Shultz
Internet Profits down?
Free help is on the way. Lots of usefull topics and links.
Major Contributing Authors on Internet Marketing.
Internet Marketing Products
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Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 01:23:24 GMT
X-Authentication-Warning: majordom set sender to using -f
Subject: BOUNCE Approval required:

                     ***  NEW POST - Flames  ***

From: "Barry Shultz" 
Subject: Quid Pro Quo

 Cheryl Gilbert wrote:

> Whenever I receive spam I politely write a letter to both the company
> and its ISP imforming them that they may not realize it, but there is
> SPAM (postage due marketing) emanating from their site and that as I
> consider that to be inappropriate and unethical I will not purchase or
> advise to purchase any products from that site as long as I believe that
> it is their policy to support spammers. In addition, I inform them that
> the post and ISP address will be forwarded to net-abuse centers and
> sites.

This is a little strong for the "first offense". What if the
"spammer" actually believed that you were targeted. Is it fair to get
that person in trouble with his ISP right off the bat? If you ask to
be removed from a list and you continue to receive mail from that
person than that's a different story. If the "spammer" looses his
account because of your "polite letter to their ISP" consider what it
can do to HIS business.

> In response, I've received incoherent death threats. Been told that I'm
> a non-commercial weirdo who just wants to stop legitimate business
> (which is kind of ludicrous, considering what I do is consulting re:
> Internet marketing). Cyberpromotions responded to my polite note by
> filling that mailbox with litereally hundreds of spam to the point where
> I had to change addresses.

Quid Pro Quo

Barry Shultz
Internet Profits down?
Free help is on the way. Lots of usefull topics and links.
Major Contributing Authors on Internet Marketing.
Internet Marketing Products
Send blank email to for more info.

                          The Corkboard


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