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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #25
                          June 9, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator


Table of Contents

+ New Subjects

    "Single Survey Question"
       - Frank Wiley
       - Randall Weber

    "Bouncing off Servers"
       - Barry Shultz

+ Ongoing

    "Responding to Spam"
       - Doug Davis
       - Kathy Burns
       - Fabrizio Bartolomucci
       - George Blake
       - Charles McClure

    "Bulk E-mail Solution"
       - HeinRich W. KocH

    "Food for Thought"
       - Cheryl Gonzalez

+ Introductions

    "Broad Base of Appeal"
       - Sam Martin


                          New Subjects

From: Frank Wiley 
Subject: Single survey question

"Does your internet marketing plan include other methods beyond
e-mail marketing (Like a website, banner ads, etc.) ?"

I use banner ads extensively on my web site and have recently started
posting *ads* to targeted news groups.  I am considering the use of
classified ads, but have nor yet used email as a marketing tool beyond
sending request to selected sites to exchange links.

My reason for subscribing to this digest is to learn more about the
*proper* use of email.  So far, I have been content to lurk and learn.

You do a great job of editing Gary.  Keep up the good work!

Frank Wiley * Online Karaoke Entertainment Guide
The Premier Karaoke Guide on the Internet *

               ***  NEW POST - Single Survey Question  ***

From: Randall Weber 
Subject: re: Single survey question

>"Does your internet marketing plan include other methods beyond
>e-mail marketing (Like a website, banner ads, etc.) ?"


What we do for clients does not focus on e-mail, in fact our clients are
very slow to adopt the use of e-mail (rather unfortunate, but they're coming
along more and more each day). The things of interest to our clients:

1) QUALITY web sites
2) Search Engine and Directory registration
3) Investigation of cross-links and banner advertising with non-competing
sites that appeal to similar a similar audience

Most campaigns rely on pulling customers to a web site and urging them to
act via e-mail, phone, fax, or increasingly e-commerce.

Keep up the good work,

Randall "World Wide" Weber
Director of Internet Marketing and Development
Hoyt/Anthony and Associates
voice 817.557.3721, fax 817.557.3723


               ***  NEW POST - Bouncing off Servers  ***

From: "Barry Shultz" 
Subject: Bouncing off servers

someone wrote:

> We worked continually to plug up the possibility that someone would
> use our server as a relay.  But we are lucky: we're not an ISP, so
> we never act as a relay.   The only machines that are allowed to
> connect via SMTP and send mail to a remote destination are the ones
> in our LAN.  No ISP has it that easy, that's why spam continues to
> flow.

Many ISP's and remote Internet managers forget that their UNIX
servers are are programmed to pass email through with a annomomous
password. Unless the SMPT proxies are re-programmed to ignore
annonomous users as infiltrators it is easy to bounce email off of
a server without an account or even a password.

When you program your email program you set up the SMPT options with
your username and password. The password can be annonomous on many
email programs to bounce email. You can't actually access anybody's
email but you can bounce email off that server. This is illegal but
very difficult to track down.

Believe it or not MOST unix systems running email servers do not
remove the annonomous option from their password cache. This means
anybody can bounce email off of this server. You don't have to be an
ISP to have somebody use you for a relay. All you need is an active
connection to the Internet and a full time SMPT server running.
Better set up a proxy server if you want to change this. And change
the annonomous password option.

If you think I am full of it send me your domain name (if you have
a SMPT server running) and I will prove it to you.

Barry Shultz

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From: "Northern Research [Doug Davis]" 
Subject: Responding to UCE


I read John McCabe's excellent idea in yesterday's e-mark RE:
replying to UCE with your own offers. I don't know why this never
occured to me. To be concise, I tried it; it worked.

I have made an excellent contact by following John's method and as a
result have gained two more clients.

Thanks John McCabe and E-mark,

Douglas Davis
Northern Research

Northern Research - Information Retrieval Specialists

Research Services: Background Checks, Social Security Traces,
                   Pre-Employment Screening, Education Verification
                   Civil Records Search, Consumer Credit Reports,
                   Motor Vehicle Reports, Personal Profile (NEW).

               ***  NEW POST - Responding to Spam  ***

Subject: re: SPAM
From: Sase 

>I like the idea of sending commercial offerings to those who spam me.
>After all, they have opened a business relationship with me.  Might
>as well see if I can sell them something.

   When I first set up my web site and started marketing online a
few months ago, I had this idea and
figured what is good for the goose......but I'll be doggoned if I
did not get a complaint!!  My ISP suspended
my account for almost a whole day until it was sorted out, I was
in a panic. I have been doing tech support
and playing on the Web and various other places for about three
years and that is plenty of time to hear
all the debates about commerce ruining things and so on.  I have
even been witness to many good newsgroups
being over run by spammers posting with all of their !!!@@$$$****
"Great"  eye catching ads. Needless
to say, I have been extremely careful to follow all the rules.
When I received a spam complaint it was a major
blow to me, I was shocked into not sending any email out at all
unless it was requested or initiated from
my web site or a mailing list.  Having this Email list has helped
my confidence in Email return however
and I may take the suggestion of quoting the senders mail and
going for it :)
   On another note, I do not mind spam too much, I get a laugh
out of many of the things that I see actually, for
instance I received an ad once from a golf ball reseller.  The
mail started out saying something to the effect
of 'our research says this may be of interest to you.'  I have
yet to see a use for the game of golf in my life ;)
For the most part, I at least glance at the spam letters, if for
anything this keeps me up on what exactly is
going on/out in the world.  I have gotten very tired recently of
the ones that I get slammed with that are the exact
same messages, most times they are from different addresses but
everyone thinks they to can make
money with this so what do they do? Send to the same list that
went out when they found out about this 'once
in a lifetime opportunity' I have even sighed and deleted ones
that were sent by obvious amateurs, the exact same message sent
3-5 times in a row :\
   Anyway, rambling over ;) Thanks for a great service too.
Kathy Burns     (520) 294-3420   SasEz! Publications and Design

SasEz! Is just Sassy's Spelled Creatively, Let us be creative for
YOU today!
Creative Desktop and Web Publishing and Design
Professional and Reliable office support services
(old site, still active)
(new site, half active)

               ***  NEW POST - Responding to Spam  ***

From: Fabrizio Bartolomucci 
Subject: Re: Responding with spam (Michael Smith) wrote:

>>Dont encourage the "hysterical" ban-it-all minority.
>>The latest Web Poll found 70% of netizens didnt mind UCE,
>>while a very vocal minority of 30% hate it with a vengeance.
>I think a lot of this depends on how much you get. I hesitate to open
>my mouth because I know I can be flooded tomorrow, but I don't get
>much UCE.
>I rarely send a remove (only when someone sends me the same thing 5
>or 6 times) and when I do, all the UCE dries up for some time. It
>seems like instead of just removing me from the senders list, they
>put me on a universal remove list.

Apparently you receive spam from just one single source to which you told
your email address, probably your email did never show up on the usenet and
is not on web pages. otherwise Spam tends to be more 'democratic'.
Every now and then I cope with some of the sam I get, expecially if they
were sent in multiple copies as you said, or if they are sex related and I
understand teh senders were not aware of my age (incidentally it has more
to do with my fear for Internet regulation than for the possibility that
those pages would bring relevant harm to minors, but this is just my
personal European view ... ).

> Has anyone done a survey? Just how much UCE does the average
>person receive a day.

It seems to be strongly related to the incoming links the site sporting the
email address receives, or the attention an newsletter or usenet posting
elicits. In fact it is the price for a successful marketing strategy .
On one email address I occasionally check, associated to the quite
successful ArtNet Italia site , UCE amounts to
about 4-8 messages for day, quite bearable if it is not allowed to stack up.

>Does anyone have any thoughts on why the difference in volume? Did
>these people that are getting a ton of mail make a mistake and buy
>something one time and that got them on a super list? Is it
>possible that complaining and VERIFYING your address is what causes
>it? Am I just super lucky and should keep my mouth very tightly shut?

Well, the more you show up smart and worthy the more spam you get ...
After all one can consider spam as a measure of one's success, sort of the
number of times a Movie Star appears on gossip magazines :-)

Greetings, Fabrizio

               ***  NEW POST - Responding to Spam  ***

From: George Blake 
Subject: Free Spam Hater Software

>[ Moderator reply ]
>Just how automatic is SPAM HATERS, and how customizable is it?
>Automatic programs like these can be useful, but, if set with too
>little tolerance you could be responding to non-spam without even
>knowing it.  The possibilities for damaging the online image and
>ISP relationship of someone who has sent you legitimate e-mail
>seem pretty good.

When I have a UCE I just click on spam hater and it snifs out the email
addresses to respond to, creates a response based on how polite I have told
the program I want to be, and send creates the email to all the abuse@ and
postmaster@ and other addresses. It only takes a couple clicks. The program
is free I've provided the URL below:

Windows Spam Hater Software for Hitting Back!

George Blake, Ph.D.  
American Association of Psychiatric Technicians, Inc.
Certifying Mental Health Workers Nationwide
For information go to

For mental health worker discussion send message to

               ***  NEW POST - Responding to Spam  ***

From: Charles McClure 
Subject: My $.02 on Spam

I'm new to the Internet and I've been reading all the spam comments with
interest. Like many people, I believe hitting the delete key is the
quickest and easiest way to handle the problem.

I've noticed that many people have different definitions of spam. My
definition is this: I open my email box and there are 100 messages. 50
of them are the exact same message offering something - obviously sent
again & again. This to me is obviously irritating, because after I've
seen the message once, I know if I'm interested or not.

Aside from this, it doesn't bother me to get a different message from
different people - I just hit the delete key. The only other irritant is
to get messages that are not even closely related to the topic of the
list they're posted to, and to get a lot of them.

               ***  NEW POST - Bulk E-mail Solution  ***

From: Belle Model 
Subject: Re: "Bulk Email Solution!"

> ...their simple yes/no to receiving UCE or not doesnt exactly
>provide much of a choice...."tagging-codes" for categories...
> ...UCE Marketers would be happy...

Fantastic solution, I second this.
Hope you forwarded it to Sen Murkowski.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------     Belle Model    (HeinRich W. KocH)

               ***  NEW POST - Food for Thought  ***

From: Cheryl 
Subject: Food For Thought

I believe auto-responders are extremely powerful and the most
valuable of arsenals in e-marketing.  Many people do not have
a browser (i.e. juno) or don't want to browse and surf,
yet are on mailing lists.  The most informative information
with many tips is on an autoresponder at;

The best deal I've found for autoresponders is $5. a year,
although with a unix system, the tips above indicate you
can do it with your own mail program.

Healthy regards,

Cheryl Gonzalez, Registered Dietitian
Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

    |            MAKE YOUR HEALTH, YOUR FIRST WEALTH !!!         |
    |          Special Report on Oxygen by Fax-On-Demand:        |
    |              512-505-6808 - follow the prompts             |
    |                        |


Subject: Re: The E-Marketing Digest, V2, #24


We have just started a new website (MCJ's Electronic Flea Market), and we'd
like to promote it.  It should have a very broad base of appeal, and it might
not be practical to try to "target" a particular market---everyone likes to
shop (well, most everyone), and everyone likes to get a good deal.

Since we are "newbies" at e-marketing, we were wondering if anyone could be
kind enough to give us a few pointers, so we don't commit any blunders.

We are contemplating sending out a press release, and were wondering if PR
services that provide authoring and submission services would be worth the

We are also investigating mass e-mail systems, and are thoroughly confused by
the different claims.  Floodgate is the curent program we are investigating,
but we are open to suggestions.  And, of course, we don't want to anger
zillions of people with mindless "e-prattle".

As recent subscribers, we haven't seen very many issues yet, but so far we
have been absorbing "stuff" (ideas, controversies) like sponges.  Keep up the
good work.

Sam Martin
MCJ Ventures, Inc.

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