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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #26
                          June 10, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

+ New Subjects

+ Ongoing

    "Responding to Spam"
       - Kathy Burns

    "Using Autoresponders"
       - Lucy Mattson

    "Various Subjects"
        - Barry Shultz

    "Mass Email"
        - John McCabe

+ The Corkboard


                       Moderator Comments

                          New Subjects


From: Sase 
Subject: re: Responding with spam

Fabrizio Bartolomucci  wrote:

>It seems to be strongly related to the incoming links the site
>sporting the
>email address receives, or the attention an newsletter or usenet
>elicits. In fact it is the price for a successful marketing
>strategy .
>On one email address I occasionally check, associated to the
>successful ArtNet Italia site , UCE
>amounts to
>about 4-8 messages for day, quite bearable if it is not allowed
>to stack up.

   I have to wonder about this one.  I have three Email addresses
that I use on a regular basis and a couple of
others that I use as backup.  My main Email is displayed
prominantly in my signature on mailing
lists and newsgroup postings and on my web site.  Most of the
spam I receive however is sent to my
AOL addresses.  The response I get from newsgroup postings and
mailing lists are usually intelligent
contacts with other business people that have a side comment
about the topic thread I've posted on.
I wonder if the Email stripping programs only go through the
headers when they fish out addresses. If they
do not look at sig files then this would explain why my AOL
addresses get on lists because I post to
newsgroups from there.  Maybe this is what sets apart real spam
from professional business Email?
Those of us that are trying to do it right do not go through and
strip addresses by the masses.
Kathy Burns     (520) 294-3420
SasEz! Publications and Design
SasEz! is Sassy's spelled creatively, let us be creative for YOU
today! ;)
Creative Design, Advertising, Writing Services and More

          ***  NEW POST - Using Autoresponders  ***

Subject: Re: AutoResponders

Cheryl Gonzalez wrote

>I believe auto-responders are extremely powerful and the most
>valuable of arsenals in e-marketing.

I also believe the use of autoresponders can be very beneficial to the
development of business online. However, I have had trouble getting the
documents in my autoresponders to format correctly.  I have set my character
margins at 55, tried carriage returns at the end of each line, and saved my
document as a text file.

If anyone could give me some advice, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks to
Gary for putting together a *very helpful* marketing resource!

Lucy Mattson at LDM Distributing....Where the DREAM of having a home-based
business has become a profitable REALITY

          ***  NEW POST - Various Subjects  ***

From: "Barry Shultz" 
Subject: Some follow-ups

> >Does anyone have any thoughts on why the difference in volume? Did
> >these people that are getting a ton of mail make a mistake and buy
> >something one time and that got them on a super list? Is it
> >possible that complaining and VERIFYING your address is what causes
> >it? Am I just super lucky and should keep my mouth very tightly shut?

> Well, the more you show up smart and worthy the more spam you get ...
> After all one can consider spam as a measure of one's success, sort of the
> number of times a Movie Star appears on gossip magazines :-)

I think both missed the point. The amount of junk email you receive
is generally directly proportional to the number of usegroup posts
that you make.

> We are contemplating sending out a press release, and were wondering if PR
> services that provide authoring and submission services would be worth the
> fees?

If you have the means I recommend a visit to the following site:

> We are also investigating mass e-mail systems, and are thoroughly confused by
> the different claims.  Floodgate is the curent program we are investigating,
> but we are open to suggestions.  And, of course, we don't want to anger
> zillions of people with mindless "e-prattle".

Floodgate is fine but there are cheaper ways to bulk email. First get
an inexpensive "bulk email friendly ISP". You can find one at:

If you don't you're primary ISP will probably end up cancelling
your account if you do any bulk emailing. Don't test their
convictions. They WILL cancel you. :-)

Next go to:
Download Pegasus Mail. A Free Mail program with excellent resources
for bulk emailing.
Good Luck!
Internet Profits down?
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                ***  NEW POST - Mass Email   ***

From: John McCabe 
Subject: Mass Email

Sam Martin wrote in V 2 #24:

>We are also investigating mass e-mail systems, and are thoroughly confused by
>the different claims.  Floodgate is the curent program we are investigating,
>but we are open to suggestions.  And, of course, we don't want to anger
>zillions of people with mindless "e-prattle".

I know I'm going to irk the folks that use and especially sell programs,
but here goes.

Sam, save your money. Judging from the number of different messages I get
offering to sell this type of program, my guess is that's where the money
is. While some studies seem to indicate that most people don't mind spam
email, the ones who do will go to extraordinary lengths to make your life

Reading a mass email message costs some people money. They pay by the
message, or by the amount of bandwidth used. For these people, sending bulk
email is like sending a mail order catalog with postage due.

Others seem to view harassing bulk emailers as a quasi-religious crusade.
These are the folks you want to avoid.

For my .02 worth, I've gotten more results from participating in newsgroups
and mailing lists like this one than from any other promotions I've tried.
Granted, some newsgroups are specifically for posting commercial offers.
Make good use of those, the people reading them know what they are and are
looking for offers that interest them. If you make a practice of
participating in other newsgroups, freely offering your knowledge and
experience, they will often let you get away with an announcement-type ad.
Just don't overdo it.

In the case of your electronic flea market, a short announcement to a
fishing group might be "Hey gang, if anyone's looking for {RELATED
product), the Electronic Flea Market just listed some good stuff. It's at

Give it a try.
John McCabe-------------------->
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