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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #29
                          June 12, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

    "FCC Forum Notes"
       - Gary K. Foote

+ New Subjects

    "Help Setting Up On-line Shopping Site"
       - Emmanuel Allix
       - Moderator's comments

+ Ongoing

       - Ryan Scott
       - Moderator's comments

    "Porno Spam & Autoresponders"
       - Michael W. Kelley

    "Porno Spam"
       - Jonathan
       - Michelle Dumas
       - Tim Burns

+ The Corkboard

    "Legislation Bandwagon gets Bigger"
       - Gary K. Foote


                       Moderator Comments

Hi all,

I apologise for today's late issue.  I got backed up by the FCC
forum and some client site maintenence.

Today,s FCC online forum was both interesting and enlightening.  I
will post a complete report to the list in a special issue.  In the
meantime, did anyone else attend?  Do you have any comments?

Gary K. Foote

                          New Subjects

From: Emmanuel Allix 
Subject: Help Setting Up On-line Shopping Site

Dear list members, Bonjour,

I have been reading the list from France for a while and never took the
opportunity to write postings. Even if my message does not correspond to
the primary goal of the list, I would be very grateful to have the
chance to get help from the
list members.

In order to launch a new electronic commerce site this year, I am
conducting a research on on-line shopping in the fashion area.

I would be interested to find any relevant information to make plans for
our launch on :

- marketing information on on-line commerce : present data as well as
forecast. I would be very interested to receive from list members help
on where to find such analysis (stats, sales stats, on-line
shoppers'profiles, on-line shoppers' attitude towards e-commerce,..).

- information on web hosting providers with convivial interface to
create a shop using Cybercash facilities.

- updated information on Internet growth and perspectives.

- any other relevant information I shall be aware of.

Thanking you in advance for your help,

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Best Regards from Paris,

Emmanuel Allix

37 Rue Marcel Dassault
92100 Boulogne-billancourt
tel : 33 6 09 69 11 73
fax : 33 1 46 94 84 80

[ Moderator's Comment ]


Welcome to the list.  Even though your questions relate to
web sales and not directly to marketing by e-mail, I have
included it here because the answeres to your questions are
of interest to all of us here.  Anyone have some answers?

Gary K. Foote, Moderator


Subject: Re: The E-Marketing Digest, V2, #28

>> I believe auto-responders are extremely powerful and the most
>> valuable of arsenals in e-marketing.
>> The best deal I've found for autoresponders is $5. a year,

I have to take issue with the whole autoresponder thing...

There's a few problems with autoresponders:  people use them on their
main mail account, and then subscribe to mailing lists using that same
email account.  It's VERY annoying for both the list administrator, and
in the case of a discussion list, for the entire list.  It's just
carelessness and a lack of consideration for the effects of the actions
you take on the world.

Another issue is one of automatically subscribing people to your
mailing list when they request information, or even write directly to
you personally when you have an autoresponder on your account.  I've
written back and forth to people who were considering using our
promotional services, and after the annoyance of having every message I
send out come back with a 'thank you for asking about our great
service' message, days or weeks later I start getting mail about this
'great service' that I have absolutely no interest in.  The issue here
is not even so much one of interest but the fact that I did not ask you
to continue to send me information.

I *do* frequently ask people to put me on their lists (you all do HAVE
lists, don't you?  if not you should)... But unless I ASK, I clearly do
not want to be on your list.  I've received ski trip information from
Colorado when I have never asked about ski trips, never been on one,
and its doubtful that I'll ever plan one.

Think about it from the recipients perspective: an autoresponder on a
completely different email account than the one you use is fine, but
when you put it on your normal email account, you look like a amateur.
It becomes very annoying to have a conversation with someone who keeps
ending his sentences with 'and thanks for asking about our great
product', over and over...

One little note, and this might sound like a 'spelling flame', but in
the above text:

>> I believe auto-responders are extremely powerful and the most
>> valuable of arsenals in e-marketing.

I understand what is being said here, its just that 'arsenal' implies
war... I just want to make sure the implication here is not that we
need to beat our customers into submission before they will buy from
us.  All to often it seems that advertisers believe that very thing,
that their goals are at odds with their customers: their customers
don't want to buy, and they need to be tricked into doing so...  I do
not believe that we are in war with our competitors either.  There's
plenty to go around for everyone, and time spent trying to beat your
competitor is much better spent trying to provide the very best
service.  Do that and you'll find you have beat your competitor at the
same time.

      Ryan Scott - - 718 522 1531
          - Reinventing Direct Marketing on the Net -
       NetCreations, Inc -
                - Targeted 100% OPT IN Email -
PostMaster Direct Response -
             *be sure to quote me in your reply*

[ Moderator's Comments ]

Ryan, I think the use of autoresponders as you describe them
(part of a 'regular' e-mail account) are not what is at issue
here, though you do bring up a good point.  Using this kind of
autoresponder does create lots of problems for list
owners/administrators and can quickly become overkill in regards
to individually addressed e-mails.  It is my belief that this
type of autoresponder should only be used for 'local' e-mail -
LANs and WANs for in-house, corporate communications.  Like an
answering service it can be used to tell people when you will
be returning.

The autoresponders I advocate are single-purpose addresses that
do nothing but act as clearing house for your literature.

As a side issue to this...  my autoresponders have been receiving
spam lately and it will be interesting to see if those who are
spamming me will either purchase from me or flame me for spamming
them  :)

Gary K. Foote, Moderator

          ***  NEW POST -  Porno Spam & Autoresponders  ***

From: "Michael W. Kelley" 
Subject: Re: Porno Spam

Dave wrote;

>      I have a question for you people who think spam is harmless..
>      My 14 year old daughter has been getting spam on her account(AOL),
>      for pornographic sites. Sure I can delete it, but will she? No credit
>      card or age check is needed to view many sample pictures, (I have been
>      told :) Does anyone have an answer?

Hi Dave,

I think you answered your question in your post. Will she delete it?
Only you can know somewhat whether or not she will, and hope that she
will. Even though AOL has an excellent filtering service, the adult site
spammers continue to come up with new domain names or false email
addresses that the AOL filter doesn't catch. I have about a dozen in my
filter, but have decided its better to educate my kids on how to use the
delete key, and what to look for. That's the hard answer, but the only
one I think will actually work, and even then, it is only as good as the
conscience of the person viewing the mail. Good luck!

Then someone wrote;

> > I believe auto-responders are extremely powerful and the most
> > valuable of arsenals in e-marketing.
> ---snip---
> > The best deal I've found for autoresponders is $5. a year,

There are a few free autoresponder services out there, and some
available as part of other services, as well as for sale. provides one free autoresponder, and other
services. Domain Designs in cooperation with IDEA Concepts provides
autoresponders as part of their MLM program with nutritional products
(yes, I am a distributor for them). Infoback Corp. has autoresponders
available for purchase either individually or as part of a marketing
package (yes, I distribute for THEM too!).
You can also email Kristi Rushing at for their
autoresponder info. Last I had noted they had one autoresponder for $50
lifetime, and the opportunity to resell them.

Pagers & Services - Internet Services - FREE Prepay phonecards
Wireless Security Systems w/alarm - Northern Lights Online Personals
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A Public Service - Stacey Lynn Balas,
mysterious disappearance 11/26/96

                 ***  NEW POST -  Porno Spam  ***

From: Biggar-Net Promotions 
Subject: Re: Porno Spam

Dave wrote;

>I have a question for you people who think spam is harmless..
>My 14 year old daughter has been getting spam on her account(AOL),
>for pornographic sites. Sure I can delete it, but will she? No credit
>card or age check is needed to view many sample pictures, (I have been
>told :) Does anyone have an answer?


I would consider making a switch to an ISP that does not tolerate spam
and won't sell your address on.  Also, if you choose an ISP that has an
effective e-mail package, such as Turnpike (SMTP) or Eudora (POP3), you
can filter domains that are known to generate spam.

Anyone know of a package that can filter by keywords?

Visit the Clyde Valley, Scotland
Biggar-Net... web pages from UKP 7.50 in the second year!

                 ***  NEW POST -  Porno Spam  ***

From: Distinctive Documents 
Subject: Porno Spam

You can set some controls on AOL mail by signing on with the
master screen name (the one that you used when you first signed
on, and accessing your mail control center (keyword: mail
controls).  From here, AOL says that you can:

* Block or allow all E-mail
* Block or allow E-mail from specific addresses
* Block domains
* Block file attachments to E-mail

Good luck!

Michelle Dumas
Distinctive Documents
Building Better Careers Through Distinctive Resumes
Phone:  (603) 742-3983
Fax:  (603) 743-6720

                 ***  NEW POST -  Porno Spam  ***

From: "Mr. Tim Burns" 
Subject: Pornographic spam


My wife and I have both received porn spam in the recent past, and
though you cannot eliminate, there are things you can do.

As an AOL member, report the site, spam sender, and DNS #  ( usually
listed @ the top of the email) to the AOL cyper-authorities :-) and
to the Keyword "TOS"  This is an AOL feature.that keeps a list of unwanted
emailers, and can block out email from those sites if you request it.

After turning in the spammer, Go to your email preferrences and turn
off the option that allows unsolicited email.  This will block out
for you and anyone on your account email that originates from the
list of addresses kept @ "TOS"

Third, look into the share-ware such as "net-nanny", "cyber sitter" and many
others that allow you to designate the type of sites that your
browser will access, and who can access them.   You are
able to keep your browser from going to sites that contain key word
which you select, (such as porn, nude, .....)  Your browser picks up
the key words, in the site, or keyword coding,  and will not go there.

I hope this helps.  Just another thought, We do not let any of our 5
kids on the net, unless we are in the room,  and checking over their
shoulder every now and then.  The BEST monitor of kids activity, on
the net or other wise, is an involved, and consistant parent that
sets limits and enforces them when necessary.  Some people think this
is overbearing.  I know that I am teaching my kids that I care about
what's going on in their world, and giving them the security that dad
is there to fall back on when they need it.

Committed to success
(mine and my kids)

Tim Burns
"Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold.
  I will Never commit the terrible crime of aiming too low.
  I will strive to make the next hour better than this one.
  This is the time.
  This is the place.
  I am the person.
  I will act now.
  My last must be my best!"

- the late Og Mandino!

Committed to Success
Mr. Tim Burns
Discover how a life of Abundant Energy, and perfect
health can be turned into fuel for a thriving business.
Call Today!

                          The Corkboard

Hi all,

Sen. Bob Torricelli, D-N.J., has jumped on the growing bandwagon
of those U.S. lawmakers hurriedly introducing legislation that
would limit the use of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail.

Torricelli, D-N.J., introduced his bill Tuesday, saying,
"The Internet is an increasingly important means of
communication and commerce, and we cannot allow these
illegitimate, unwanted messages to interrupt and
potentially destroy the legitimate business which is
regularly conducted on the Internet."

Some provisions of the Torricelli proposal:

Prohibits senders of unsolicited e-mail from disguising their

Requires senders to stop sending messages to recipients who ask to
be REMOVED from mailing lists.

Outlawing automatic "harvesting" of e-mail addresses from online
services whose policies oppose this practice.

Torricelli's  office expressed optimism that his "Electronic
Mailbox Protection Act of 1997" would gain bipartisan support -
in part because of the coalition backing the bill, including
America Online, the Center for Democracy and Technology and
the Direct Marketing Association.

I think the provisions are all good ones, but the one against
'harvesting' will be quite hard to police.  Any comments?

Gary K. Foote, Moderator

BTW - Here is contact info;

Sen. Bob Torricelli
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