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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #30
                          June 13, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator


Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

    "FCC forum on UCE"
       - Gary K. Foote

+ New Subjects

    "AOL and mailing lists"
       - David Dotan

+ Ongoing

    "Porno Spam"
       - Robert Smith
       - Claudia L'Engle Hafling

    "Filtering E-mail"
       - Doug Davis
       - John McCabe
       - Gary Schwartz

    "War & Peace"
       - Conrad Dubois

    "Setting Up On-line Shopping"
       - George Matyjewicz

       - Mark Martin
       - Mark Rauterkus

+ The Corkboard

    "SCORE website goes online"


                       Moderator Comments

Hi All,

Well, the FCC forum on UCE took place yesterday.  My morning bike
ride took a little longer than usual, so I missed the first 15
minutes of the event.  I also had to meet with a client at 10:30
for a half-hour, so missed the very end too.  Great planning, eh?
On top of that we had an amazing series of thunderstorms with
3/4" hail go through the mountains of New Hampshire where I live
and, as a result, our computers were all disconnected 5 hours for
safety's sake.  Needless to say this has been one of the less
productive days I've had lately.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on what I heard...

June 12, 1997 FCC Online Forum
on Unsolicited Commercial E-mail

The forum took place at;

The participants were;

  Sanford Wallace, CEO, CyberPromotions
  An AOL representative whose name I did not catch.
  the President of EdMarketing 

Much was discussed, from CyberPromotions' specific operational
details to the difference between proprietary and public
databases and who should have access to them.

CyberPromotions said the following about themselves.  These are
not quotes, but my own interpretations of what was said.

  We harvest e-mail addresses using automatic software,
  from online forums.  The topics of these forums define
  which interest-categories the addresses get filed under.
  CyberPromotions then uses these categorized address
  databases to send out UCE to their client's 'target'
  market.  We also sell these databases for a fee.

  We sell software to our clients that allows them to
  harvest their own addresses.  This software also allows
  the falsifying of headers, including the From: field, and
  simple-to-operate mass mailings to the addresses harvested.

AOL claims that the harvesting of their subscriber's adresses
from within their system is an illegal access to a proprietary
database.  Their Terms of Service do not allow members to use
the AOL member database and those who are found to have
violated this TOS are summarily termainted as an AOL customer.
The point was made that this was somewhat like closing the barn
door after the horse has run off...  a good idea, but too
little too late.

Most interesting to me was a discussion about the cost of UCE to
the recipient. The example of traditional junk mail being free
and therefore not a good analogy to UCE got quite a challenge
from Sanford Wallace.  He pointed out the cost of erecting a
mailbox and maintaining it, the cost of delivering it through the
US poistal service (federal tax $$ supported), the cost of
disposing of junk mail (through municipal taxes), the time it
takes to simply dump it in the trash, etc.  Even though
negligible, these costs compare closely to the costs involved in
receiving UCE.  And those costs will continue to go down as more
and more of the world gets unlimited access for a flat fee.

The real cost is borne by the ISPs.  A clear example is AOL who
claims to receive for its customers over 16 MILLION e-mails daily!
They further claim that  30% of that e-mail is UCE.  The cost in
hardware to handle their UCE burden is, in their own words, "huge".
Of course, along with all this additional hardware you need
additional support staff and regular maintenence, and more
electricity, and more floorspace, and the list goes on...

A smaller ISP, like many regional operations, experience much
less actual $$$ cost, but I'd be willing to bet that they are
getting less than 30% UCE too.  For some reason (maybe the ease
of harvesting their addresses?) AOL users seem to get more than
their share of it.

After listening to the forum for a while I began to feel that the
issues they were discussing had very little to do with the type of
one-to-one, targeted e-mailing I do as part of my regular
marketing efforts, both for clients, and for
itself. does not harvest e-mail addresses using any
automatic process.  We do not send mass mailings (other than
subscribed lists, like this one), nor forge our From: header..
or any other header for that matter.

No one spoke about 'tagging' UCE subjects with [AD] or [BULK], or
the like.  I did submit a question/comment about the benefits of
their use, but it got no notice.  I subsequently got an e-mail
confirmation that it had at least been submitted.

There was a little talk abouot universal REMOVE lists, but nobody
seemed to be overly eager to use the method.  CyberPromo did say
they keep a huge REMOVE file current for use by themselves and
their clients...  but that's just CP.  IMHO a universal REMOVE
list would go a long way towards ending the problem.

OK, that's enough for now.  What's your reaction to all this?

Gary K. Foote, Moderator

                          New Subjects

Subject: Aol and mailing lists

Dear list members
About a month ago I read in one of the posting that AOL established a new
E-mail filter that blocks any mailing from any ONE domain that excedding
500k. Is that correct, and if so, how can Aol members join lists that is
this one, when after one mailing Aol will block the sender of this e-mark.

Thank you
David Dotan


From: Robert Smith 
Subject: Porno Spam

Tracking Internet Activity

>  We do not let any of our 5  kids on the net, unless we are in
>  the room, and checking over their  shoulder every now and then.

This is responsible parenting but there may be an easier way.

Most Browsers offer a useful feature. A file with a first name
HISTORY is usually located in the Windows folder. It can be found by

doing a search on the word history on your entire hard drive.

This file contains a full record of at least the last few days
addresses the browser has visited.  This is useful also if you lost
the address of a site you found while surfing and couldn't find

I basically leave my teen age kids  alone and check this file at
random. (They don't know it exists and couldn't change it if they
did) I make sure they are exercising good self control. So far no


    _\|/_  A Seed Gives Birth to Fruit of it's Own Kind
    (O O)
Robert Smith  Web Site Design & Promotion
mailto: (541) 689-1847

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               ***  NEW POST - Porno Spam  ***

From: Claudia Hafling  <102440.51@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Re: Porno Spam

Tim Burns wrote:

<< We do not let any of our 5
kids on the net, unless we are in the room,  and checking over their
shoulder every now and then.  The BEST monitor of kids activity, on
the net or other wise, is an involved, and consistant parent that
sets limits and enforces them when necessary.  Some people think this
is overbearing.  I know that I am teaching my kids that I care about
what's going on in their world, and giving them the security that dad
is there to fall back on when they need it.>>

I agree with Tim on this one.  I have two teenage nieces and an 8-yr-old
stepdaughter, all of whom like to use my computer and go on CompuServe.  I log
in for them before I let them into the room (so they don't have any of my
password info) and check in on them frequently while they are on-line.  None of
them is allowed access to the Internet.  I have pulled one of them off the
computer while on CIS in a teen chat room where there was a pretty explicit
sexual discussion going on.  The temptation for them is too great, otherwise,
and I understand that.  I was a teenager once myself.

That's why expecting the teenaged daughter from the other posting to delete
explicit e-mail on her own volition is not too reliable a solution.  Kids are
kids -- and they are curious about sex.  Personally, I would not allow my child
to have their own AOL account, but that's me.

Good luck to all of you and your cyber-kids!

Claudia L'Engle Hafling
Media & Marketing Concepts
Full-Service public relations, marketing & advertising services

               ***  NEW POST - Filtering E-mail  ***

From: "Northern Research [Doug Davis]" 
Subject: Re: Filtering E-mail

>Anyone know of a package that can filter by keywords?

Eudora Pro 3.0 allows the filters to be setup by Header, Subject
and/or Body.
So entering any words in the Body filter would function as keyword

Doug Davis
Northern Research

Northern Research - Information Retrieval Specialists

Research Services: Background Checks, Social Security Traces,
                   Pre-Employment Screening, Education Verification
                   Civil Records Search, Consumer Credit Reports,
                   Motor Vehicle Reports, Personal Profile (NEW).

               ***  NEW POST - Filtering E-mail  ***

From: John McCabe 
Subject: Filtering E-mail

In an earlier digest, Jonathan wrote:

>"Anyone know of a package that can filter by keywords?"

The last time I checked, Eudora and Pegasus both allowed filtering by
keywords anywhere in the header. Right now I'm using the rudimentary
filters in Eudora Lite to sort messages I receive regularly. One filter
check for the string "" and if it's found, routes the
message to the trash.

Eudora Pro is supposed to have more extensive filtering capability.
You can find out more from . I have no
connection, except as a satisfied user.

John McCabe-------------------->
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               ***  NEW POST - Filtering E-mail  ***

From: Gary Schwartz 
Subject: Re: Filtering E-mail

Biggar-Net Promotions  wrote:

>Anyone know of a package that can filter by keywords?

Actually, Eudora Pro 3.0 for the PC has some very nice
filtering tools that allow you to filter keywords in
any part of the header (using specific header keywords
or even not specifiying which part of the header it searches)
or in the body.  You're not restricted at all by domain
or sender.

Granted, filtering the bodies of messages will have an
impact in performance, but that's not really the issue
here, is it?


Gary Schwartz                      
4CAST Limited
191 Victoria Street                               tel: +44 (0)171 963 6033
London SW1E 5NE                                   fax: +44 (0)171 963 6001

               ***  NEW POST - War & Peace  ***

Subject: Re: War & Peace

In response to Ryan Scott - - 718 522 1531

> >> I believe auto-responders are extremely powerful and the most
> >> valuable of arsenals in e-marketing.
> I understand what is being said here, its just that 'arsenal' implies
> war... I just want to make sure the implication here is not that we
> need to beat our customers into submission before they will buy from
> us.  All to often it seems that advertisers believe that very thing,
> that their goals are at odds with their customers: their customers
> don't want to buy, and they need to be tricked into doing so

Beating them into submission? Well I suppose there are some people
who take that approach. You are right, Ryan, that most advertisers
and business people, including the BIG ONES, simply "don't get" what
marketing is all about. They continuosly talk about themselves and
their products and yes, they will use whatever trick they can find
to get a sale. The sad truth is that the customer doesn't care about
you, the advertiser.  There will always be consumers who can be
considered reactionaries; they almost always buy on the spur of the
moment and usually just to save a few bucks, regardless of whether
they actually NEED or WANT the product/services. The mass marketers
know this and they exploit it as far as it will go. However, the
intelligent company, no matter how big or small, recognizes that
maketing for the "long haul" requires total committment and focus
on the customer. When all is said and done it really comes down to
this, marketing is about one thing and only one thing,

"You are trying to get someone to TAKE ACTION!"

It really doesn't matter what that action is. The best way to get
someone to take action is by focusing on THEM and what THEY WILL
receive by taking that action you are proposing. That sounds
a little too simple, I know. But reality is that about 90% of all
companies don't practice it, especially in their copywriting, which
we all know is the heart of marketing via email. Take a good look at
ads you see everywhere, both online and offline. Way too many people
focus on themselves or their products and NOT the benefits the
prospect will receive by TAKING ACTION! Either that or they start off
telling the prospect all about the wonderful features of their
product/service. Features are important but only AFTER you've
explained the benefits of your services/products. In effect, they
should be used to support and reinforce those benefits not act as a
replacement for them!

>I do not believe that we are in war with our competitors either.
>There's plenty to go around for everyone, and time spent trying
> beat your competitor is much better spent trying to provide the very best
> service.  Do that and you'll find you have beat your competitor at the
> same time.

Oh, a big NO WAY on that one! You are "at war" with your competitors.
The difference is that it suppossed to be a "sane" war. On the Net
it can really be called the "battle of imaginations". You don't use
your autoresponder as your email address so anyone who sends you any
email automatically gets your "pitch". And you don't bash your
competitors in your pitch, either. That is wrong. If applicable, you
make valid comparisons between your products/services and your
competition's. The most often used and effective strategy for this is
listing them in a table so the prospect can see everything side by
side. But no matter what, yes you are "at war." For some people the
word "war" might be a little too much. Well call it whatever you
want, it's a battle out there. There isn't "plenty to go around for
everyone". If there was then there would be no need for marketing
(i.e. creating demand?) because the demand would far exceed the
supply! I could go on all day, but that's enough for now. Good luck
and take care everyone.

Conrad Dubois Jr.

           ***  NEW POST - Setting Up On-line Shopping  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: The E-Marketing Digest, V2, #29

At 12:07 PM 6/12/97, you wrote:
>From: Emmanuel Allix 
>Subject: Help Setting Up On-line Shopping Site
>Dear list members, Bonjour,
>I have been reading the list from France for a while and never took the
>opportunity to write postings. Even if my message does not correspond to
>the primary goal of the list, I would be very grateful to have the
>chance to get help from the
>list members.

Welcome.  We have a French client on-line (Chantelle Lingerie).
>In order to launch a new electronic commerce site this year, I am
>conducting a research on on-line shopping in the fashion area.

Look at Virtuflex for some excellent Dynamic Web tools, especially to build
a shopping cart.  They are at  Or call them and
ask for Dan Housman, one of the principals.  Tell him I told you to call
(Doesn't get you anything. Just makes me feel good :-).
Hickory Farms uses their tools for their on-line shopping cart.

>I would be interested to find any relevant information to make plans for
>our launch on :
>- marketing information on on-line commerce : present data as well as
>forecast. I would be very interested to receive from list members help
>on where to find such analysis (stats, sales stats, on-line
>shoppers'profiles, on-line shoppers' attitude towards e-commerce,..).

There are a couple of surveys I found in researching my technology column
for Gift & Decorative Accessories magazine.  They are...

Tells who's buying, profile, trends, etc.

If you can't find information there, let me know and I will look into my
bookmarks for others (there are a lot).

>- information on web hosting providers with convivial interface to
>create a shop using Cybercash facilities.

Look at Netcom Interactive or Digex.

>- updated information on Internet growth and perspectives.

Above has information.  Also

Again, if that doesn't have what you want, contact me for more.

>- any other relevant information I shall be aware of.

Be aware of all search engines.  Some are geared for Europe, some for Asia,
etc.  Also look at the International Biz List for a great source of
international business contacts.  I am on their advisory council, and find
the contacts invaluable.

To really get the most out of a kick off, consider a press release.  We
have been very successful with them over the past 15 years.  They do
generate traffic.  We have over 6,800 individual publication contacts on
file.  You can see what's involved at

>Thanking you in advance for your help,

Good luck with your launch.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

           ***  NEW POST - Autoresponders  ***

From: Mark Martin 
Subject: Autoresponders

I beleive the Autoresponder is to help you get Info to a person
quickly while the info he/she is looking for is on their mind!

An Autoresponder is like having "Email On Demand". Anytime
someone sends any EMail address to your particular Autoresponder,
they will receive a file with your information, instantly!
(Usually within 60 seconds).

Autoresponders can be used for a number of functions:

     Sales Letters,Order Forms ,Applications,Company Updates,
     Training and Catalogues

If you are unfamiliar with how an Autoresponder actually works,
you can try one out right now! Just send any Email to: and your Emailbox will have a message
waiting for you in about a minute!


Even if it is 4 AM, and your prospect is on the other side of
the world, your autoresponder is taking care of business, making
sure your information goes out on time, every time!

        Mark Martin  , Independent Sales Agent  #1417
		 Putting Your Business On The Internet
  Info for Opportunity Autoresponder:

           ***  NEW POST - Autoresponders  ***

From: Mark Rauterkus 
Subject: Autoresponders

Ryan wrote:
>There's a few problems with autoresponders:

A well crafted autoresponder can send its message to the client with a
"reply-to" header. The "reply-to" header should not be the same
autoresponder/email address of course. The "reply-to" should be a
person's email box -- generally. At the end of the text of the auto-reply
message it would be wise to say, for further information, go to
http://www. and consider these autoreply boxes on similar topics, blah,
blah, blah. But, the reply-to header shouldn't be back to the box.

Those of you who buy, sell and use auto-responders, make a note of and
think about the "reply-to" headers.

Mark Rauterkus, Publisher, S.S.S.

                          The Corkboard

Hi all,

Here's a press release from the Service Corps of Retired

SCORE website goes online

Are you an entrepreneur? Need help as you decide your business
venture on the web? Wednesday, the SCORE Association (Service
Corps of Retired Executives) announced the national launch of
its Web site [ ].

The SCORE Web site has been developed to provide
entrepreneurs with 24-hour access to SCORE counseling and
resources regardless of location or time zone. This
24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week Web site is a resource for
anyone thinking about starting or who already owns a small
business. The SCORE Home Page launches with more than 150
pages and a wealth of resources to improve quick access to
SCORE services.

A find navigation feature is available to help entrepreneurs
locate a chapter feature to find the nearest SCORE location in
their communities. In addition a Get Email Counseling feature
provides entrepreneurs with access to more than l00 e-mail
counselors, who are ready to establish an e-mail dialogue.

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