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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #31
                          June 14, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

+ New Subjects

       - George Matyjewicz

    "Mailing list ad sales"
       - Claudia L'Engle Hafling

+ Ongoing

    "Porno Spam"
       - Claudia L'Engle Hafling

    "Various Subjects"
       - Mark Whalen

+ The Corkboard


                       Moderator Comments

                          New Subjects

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: SCORE
>Are you an entrepreneur? Need help as you decide your business
>venture on the web? Wednesday, the SCORE Association (Service
>Corps of Retired Executives) announced the national launch of
>its Web site [ ].

SCORE IMHO opinion is the best resource available for new entrepreneurs (or even not so new ones).  I first used them many, many years ago (too many to mention) and learned more about business  from  them than anything else.  I still think fondly of my mentor from SCORE.

For example, because of them I was able to bring two businesses public - first with interim rounds of financing.  One lesson that I remember and still use today, in addition to telling it to clients, has to do with collections.  Let's say a client owes you money.  The usual reaction is to stop performing the service until they pay, and sending them out to collections.  Rather than do that, tell the client that you understand their lack of funds issue, and you are going to work with them.  You will put the past due money on hold, which the client will pay as they can.  For future work you will pick up a check when delivered.  It works well.  Instead of losing a client and the past due money, you put the A/R on hold, and get paid for current work.

I recommend them highly.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

              ***  NEW POST - Mailing list ad sales  ***

From: Claudia Hafling  <102440.51@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Mailing list ad sales

I have a question for Gary and the list members.

For a month or so, I have been trying to do some very targeted
e-marketing for a new e-mail newsletter published by our friend
and fellow list member, Cynthia "sunni" Freyer.  The newsletter
is called Canine Times and it's strictly for dog owners.  We
have been "surfing" and using our search engines to find sites
and e-mail addresses of companies that provide products and
services to dogs and their owners.  Okay - then send them a
one-line message, polite, asking if they're int'd in receiving
ad info on CT.  If they respond yes, we send them the ad rate
card, etc.

We've been getting about a 15% yes response from the initial one-line inquiry.  Trouble is, and I admit I am Brand Spanking New to e-mail
ad sales and don't know exactly what I am doing, I can't close 'em.
We have approximately 1,000 subscribers at present, increasing approx.
150 per issue (3 issues per month).  It has been suggested to us that
we don't have enough subscribers, yet, to make it worth an advertisers
while.  I don't know that this is really true -- I mean, if you're
selling dog leashes or food, here are 1,000 totally qualified
prospects.  They own dogs.  The rates are not high.  You can purchase
a 6-line (60 character/line) ad for about $25 and they go up from
there, but largest is an e-advertorial that is still well under $100.

I contact these people every week or so, with an update, a copy of
the latest issue, whatever.  I have sold one ad in a month - a $25 ad.

Any recommendations, friendly critique or suggestions would be welcomed.  Thanks

By the way, the newsletter itself is fantastic.  Great content.
Sunni's gotten nothing but compliments on it!

-Claudia L'Engle Hafling
for Canine Times


From: Claudia Hafling  <102440.51@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Re: Porno Spam


That's a good idea.  And hurray for your kids.  They are to be
commended for their self control.

I have a Mac.  Does anyone know if this feature is available for


Claudia L'Engle Hafling
Media & Marketing Concepts
Full-service public relations, marketing & advertising

              ***  NEW POST - Porno Spam  ***

From: Belle Model 
Subject: Porno Spam

If you don't want to receive porno spam, contact us.  We are
building up a  "No Porno Spam List" Send the following message
in the BODY of your message to us:

REMOVE PORNO YourEmailAddress@Host.etc

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------     Belle Model    (HeinRich W. KocH)

              ***  NEW POST - Various Subjects  ***

From: Mark Whalen 
Subject: Reply to several posts of different topics

Hi Gary and all,

I have a few things here today. First, in #29, Ryan Scott's statement
about the word arsenal, as applies to marketing.

> I understand what is being said here, its just that 'arsenal' implies
> war... I just want to make sure the implication here is not that we
> need to beat our customers into submission before they will buy from
> us.

When I was a stand-up comedian, eons ago, we often referred to our joke
catalogs as our arsenals. Yet we never thought of the audience as the
enemy. And although my old Webster's New World defines the word
primarily as referring to weapons, the second definition is "2. A store
or collection."

Last about this, it has become fairly common knowledge that the Japanese
adage about the subject is "Business is war!" From that point of view,
look how well they're doing at winning it, on several fronts.

While, yes, I agree that the main strategy of success should always be
as Ryan says, " provide the very best service", I don't necessarily
believe that can be done without constantly comparing one's service or
product with that of one's competition, and trying to "beat" them at it.
I think that it is a war, and our soldiers are our dollars and our
tactics. What I don't believe is that, as Ryan says, "There's plenty to
go around for everyone." There's not enough to go around for poor
marketing plans, poor judgments about advertising, etc. It's about
winning, not about killing. It's about being the best, or among them,
which means having an "arsenal". (But still, I think I do prefer the
phrase, "tool chest".)

Another issue entirely.

In EMD #28, Dave Frey expressed worry about his 14 year old daughter
getting porno spam, and whether or not she'll delete it.

Dave, I think it comes down to how you've raised her to this point. When
I was 14, I said to myself that if ever I found myself with a 14 year
old daughter (which I did), I would just let go and trust her (which I
did!). Because by that age, I, as a 14 year old boy, realized that 14
year old girls are "done". They can be "controlled" to some extent by
their parents, but not truly molded any longer. They are (at least in
their own minds) almost full grown women. Think back, and you may
remember how the girls were when you were that age. They'd either go
along with their parents, or trick them into believing they were, or run

Porno is perhaps the most personal of issues and materials on the
internet (aside from arguably being the most popular). Whether or not
one chooses to view it is absolutely personal. I know that anyone can
see it, download it, or anything else they want with it, without
membership, without censorship, and for free. (Passwords are posted
everywhere. All you have to do is look, if you're inclined to do so.)
Any one of any age. Whether or not they want to is up to that
individual. You have no control, Dave. If you took away her computer,
she surely has a friend..., etc. If she wants it, she'll get it. If she
doesn't, she will hit that delete key faster than you. And my experience
is that girls are far less inclined to view porno than boys. FAR less.

So don't worry about it. Let her establish her own values. It's too late
to enforce yours. If you've done the job you've wanted to up to this
point, you have no worry. If you haven't, it's too late.


Gary, you've asked for comments on the new bill, "Electronic Mailbox
Protection Act of 1997", proposed by Sen. Bob Torricelli, D-N.J.. Once
again a politician takes an untenable, but marginally popular stand just
to garner votes and get himself some press.

How can any US law possibly hope to control the net? All the points
cited by the bill (in the post) are unenforceable outside the country.
None will stop much UCE for long, but just change the way that business
is conducted. Gary, you say, "I think the provisions are all good ones,
but the one against 'harvesting' will be quite hard to police." I
completely agree with you, with the exception of...change "quite hard"
to "impossible"! And who would be the police, anyway? And where would
the tax dollars to pay them come from? Is there any provision made for
paying them in Sen. Torricelli's bill? Why, they'd just tax the ISP's,
wouldn't they? And then, of course, the ISP's would have to pass that
along. In the end, that's where we little business guys would be taking
it, in the end. UCE cannot "...interrupt and potentially destroy the
legitimate business which is regularly conducted on the Internet" nearly
as badly as raising the costs of doing business online would, just to
put more federal cops on the public payroll to do an ineffective,
impossible job.

I think Bob Torricelli and the rest would better spend their time asking
themselves why, when the Pentagon decided to stop subsidizing tobacco to
the tune of tens of millions of dollars a year, did congress demand that
the military "pay up", stating that it was "flatly inconsistent with
federal law" to stop giving those tax dollars to those %^@&*! tobacco

Once again, I quote from a far wiser man than myself. "Government should
not and must not do for the people what the people should and must be
doing for themselves." Abraham Lincoln

Thanks for the time and space.

Mark Whalen, President
PresMark Publishing Co.
"How to Quit Smoking Without Willpower or Struggle"

                          The Corkboard

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