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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #36
                          June 20, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ New Subjects

    "Legislation and the next scheme"
       - Shari Rosefelt

+ Ongoing

    "Newsletter Ads"
       - John McCabe
       - Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer


                          New Subjects

From: Shari Rosefelt 
Subject: Legislation and the next scheme

Hi Gary,

Thanks for summarizing the provisions in Sen. Bob Torricelli's
bill and for starting this discussion.

On the positive side, it is good to know that a few Senators
are becoming clued in to the Internet. That means we're doing
our job. And for Sen. Torricelli to acknowledge "legitimate
business.....conducted on the Internet", brings some amount
of credibility to online businesses. I said on the positive
side didn't I?

However, on the negative side, no matter how good the provisions
or indeed, even if his bill is all inclusive, I hope you or
someone can tell me how any of the provisions will be policed.

And how to stop the next scheme that will be born.

Shari Rosefelt

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From: John McCabe 
Subject: Newsletter Ads

Claudia wrote:

"A couple days after the rate card is sent, I follow up
with the latest issue of the newsletter.  Then, I forward
copies to hot prospects as they are issued from that point on."

Good idea. She might want to look at these changes.

1. Send the sample copy with the rate card. Many ad buyers get
so many of these things, they often forget what came from who.

2. You might also want to include some excerpts from past
newsletters that apply directly to the prospect's business.
Show a gift business your annual Christmas gift roundup if you
have one. A pet food company gets one with an article on
nutrition, etc.

The objective is not just to make advertising in your newsletter
attractive, it's to make it more attractive than advertising
somewhere else. To do that, you have to create a strong
association between your newsletter and the prospect's
business - in the ad buyer's mind.

Best of luck.

John McCabe ------------------------>
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              ***  NEW POST - Newsletter Ads  ***

From: "Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer" 
Subject: Re: Newsletter Ad Sales

Reply to Thread By Poster to Claudia Hafling Discussion
on Increasing Ad Sales for E-mail Newsletter

Poster Wrote:
>.and I can  get banner ads (nice colorful dancing banners)
>for $25 CPM -- why should I pay the same price for plain ASCII?


1. You are reaching an audience comprised solely of what we
is referred to in pet circles as "highly bonded" dog owners.
This is a sub-segment of the overall pet owner group, further
segmented into the dog owner group..and then once again
segmented in the highly bonded group.  Highly bonded owners
statistically have been shown to spend the most money per pet.
It would be difficult, if not impossible to create a site that
solely attracts, such as Canine Times does, this audience

2. You are reaching an audience that has not only requested
commercial advertising (with the restriction that it be dog
products) by a whopping percentage based on survey results,
but that also is informed twice at sign-up that the content
will contain commercial messages  -- ie, if they didn't want
or were resistant to at subscription start they can opt-out
during dual confirm process.

3. It is the only email publication of its type on the net to
date, to the best of our knowledge and based on reader feedback
and our due diligence in research.

4. It is "plain ASCII" that these people are subscribing to
for newsletter editorial content.  I have queried the audience
on 1)Do they want content to be provided instead on a web site.
Majority response: No. 2)Do they want content "prettied up" by
providing in PDF (Acrobat) format. Majority: No.  These are
people, I surmise from this info, and from the overwhelming
reader interactivity with ME, that are readers, seekers of
substantive content.

5. Because there's lot of people who "mentally filter out"
the banner ads as they are seekers of content.

6. For the same reason people buy class ads in Inc., etc.
They can and do work -- although it's a different genre.

But it is clear that without the ability to use creative to
lure a  reader, word choice becomes the fish hook.  To be
effective, one must create sex appeal using the printed
word (hmm, printed?) .  Benefits must be spelled out.  Their
appears to be resistance to hype.  A test of one ad (for
sponsor and before Claudia's time)  against another showed
that what we call an "e-display ad" was out-pulled by an
"e-advertorial ad."  The latter was crafted in AP style/feature
story -- with attention to no fluff/self-serving words.  In my
estimation, it's in sync with what readers are "buying" for
free --- content.

Before Claudia's time, I did a quick survey of 15
persons who had requested ad info but not closed.  I asked
if pricing was an issue, if list size was an issue  -- lots of
questions to determine what the obstacle was.  Now
this is a group that doesn't use a media buyer ...there
not your Fortune 1000 company.  The prevailing
response was  -- and I paraphrase/summarize --
"Oh Thanks so much..  We just forgot.  We're so
busy.  Haven't even had time to sit down and write
an ad. "  The last ad I sold --- I actually got thru
the obstacle by telling the advertiser I'd write the ad.
That did it.   Perhaps that's a service area that
should be added -- given the characteristics
of the advertiser.

Ah well... I've spoken too long ... so I'll cut off
the coffee and sign off...

I'm enjoying the banter/help/discussion on this
subject.  Perhaps we'll carve out a methodology
that others will find useful also.

Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer
	             CFNA, Inc.: PR/Marketing

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