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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #39
                          June 30, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Ongoing

    "On Formatting"
       - George Matyjewicz
       - John McCabe
       - Julie Frost
       - Andy Rebele
       - Tim Skipper

    "On Targeting"
       - HeinRich W. KocH

    "Finding Galleries Online"
       - Fabrizio Bartolomucci
       - Paul J. Krupin
       - Michael Cromie

    "Checks by Phone/FAX"
       - Pete
       - Thom Reece



From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Eudora

>[ Moderator question ]
>Would you mind detailing how you "set the line length to X
>characters per line" for us neophytes?  
>Gary K. Foote
While you are at it, how do you sort the address books in Eudora )Nickname directory).  Not the entries in each book, but the books themselves.  They appear as you create them, i.e., if you create book A, Z, B,R,C that's how they appear.  I want them to be A, B, C, R, Z.

George Matyjewicz

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

             ***  NEW POST - On Formatting  ***

From: John McCabe 
Subject: formatting

>[ Moderator question ]
>Would you mind detailing how you "set the line length to X
>characters per line" for us neophytes?  
>Gary K. Foote

Gary, thanks for reminding me about taking my audience's familiarity
level for granted.

With Eudora Lite, it's actually similar to the process described for

1. Type in the message.
2. Add a ruler string. In my case, one of the lines in my sig is the
right length.
3. Adjust the window size for correct width. If you don't change it,
you only have to do it once.
4. Select the whole message.
5. Under the Edit menu, choose Wrap Selection. Eudora adds the
carriage returns.

John McCabe-------------------->
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             ***  NEW POST - On Formatting  ***

Subject: Re: Formatting - UltraEdit

Hi everyone,

In a message dated 6/26/97 12:23:05 PM, Jim Wilson

>UltraEdit is a robust text editior for Windows users.

Okay, everyone seems to agree that this is the program
to have , but what about for us Mac users? Does
anyone know of a similar software program for us?

Julie Frost
Sage Web Creations
Web Site Design * Marketing * Hosting * Consultation * Graphics
Free Web Marketing eNewsletter - Stop by and Subscribe!

             ***  NEW POST - On Formatting  ***

From: Andy Rebele 
Subject: formatting

Gary -

Based on the response from John McCabe, I looked into the Eudora Help
file and found these two variables:

WordWrapColumn	76	Column in which lines are wrapped at in
outgoing messages when the Word wrap switch is on.

WordWrapMax	80	Length at which a line is considered too
long, and must be wrapped in outgoing messages when the Word wrap
switch is on.

To change these default values, just go into eudora.ini and enter new
lines in the top [Settings] section such as:

[Settings] ... WordWrapColumn=65 WordWrapMax=69 ...

So there is a totally Eudora solution.  No need to cut and paste.
Just use the Unwrap Text command (from message plugins) to unwrap the
text that was wrapped before it got to you, and then send it with the
new settings in effect.

            arriving soon:
CityAuction ~
Local and National Auction Classified Ads

             ***  NEW POST - On Formatting  ***

From: "Skipper, Tim" 
Subject: On formatting


You asked in E-Marketing #37 if anyone was using an easier way of
formatting to the 69 chars required for the list.

I was faced with exactly the same problem as moderator of The
European Shareware Discussion List (Euro-Share), but found the
solution is quite easy.

When compiling each Euro-Share digest, I cut and paste into a Word
'97 document setup to use courier new font (or any non-proportional
font) and set the margins such that each line would be no more than
69 chars before it wrapped.

This means you don't have to worry about long lines, as they sort
themselves out by wrapping.  The clever part comes when I save the
document as a "MS-DOS Text with line breaks" formatted file - it
automatically puts the line breaks in at 69 chars!

Then it's a simple matter of loading the digest file into notepad, or
similar, and cut/paste into my mail file (I use Pegasus-32) for
sending out to the subscribers.

Hope this is of use to you and others on the list.
Tim Skipper
Moderator, Euro-Share.

The European Shareware Discussion List (SUBSCRIBE in subj line to join)

             ***  NEW POST - On Targeting  ***

From: Belle Model 
Subject: On Targeting

>  - web search using keywords related to...

     The problem is that there are products that people don't even
     know they can search for. Also seaches list so many entries,
     yours may not even be visible.

> - participate in newsgroups, mailing lists
>   related to your products and services.

    This works, but is not worth the time and effort.

> a) Opt-in programs (like PostMaster Direct and others)

     These are not as effective as assumed. Also, only a very small       percentage of the internet community are aware of these lists,
     e.g. recently we purchased a list from POSTMASTER DIRECT = 1336
     names @ US$200.40

     responses = 12/1336 = 0.8%
     flames    =  9/1336 = 0.7%
     e-bomb    =  1
     sales     = US$210.00

     I don't expect miracles, but for an opt-in list this is not too

> b) Build a list of e-mail addresses you can post a 'newsletter' to
> by asking people to request an e-mail every time you update your
> site.  If your site has valuable, rotating or changing content many...

  Some products are once off sales that don't conform to this

> I'm sure many others on this list have methods they use.

  Belle Model tried ALL these. Very accurate records were kept.
  From our experience, we ARE ENTILTED to say, they are generally
  not very effective. Thus we decided to try UCE:

  - We find our clients, in stead of waiting for them to find us,
  - Reach large percentages of the market,
  - Reach our markets cost effectively.

---------------------------------------------------------------------     Belle Model    (HeinRich W. KocH)

[ Moderator question ]


Can you please tell us how your bulk UCE campaign fared?  Were
you successful?  Did you get bombed, flamed, etc?  How many $$$
sales were made?  Also, do you run your own server and do you use
your own return address?

Gary K. Foote

           ***  NEW POST - Finding Galleries Online  ***

From: Fabrizio Bartolomucci 
Subject: Re: A list of the e-mail addresses of galleries

> I prepared a simple web site for my mother who is a Artist &
>painter in order to help her resell reproductions of  her work.
>What I really need is a list of the e-mail addresses of galleries,
>art schools, etc. that I could use to send a notice about this web
>site. Do you know how to find a comprehensive list or know someone
>who does?
>I would be really grateful for any help you can provide.

Don't bother too much about traditional galleries ... the web is a
wonderful medium for artists and collectors but is a nightmare for
real-world galleries: as a rule of thumb the more users walk in the
web the less they walk in front of their windows to pay for their
rent, light, cleaning, personelle ... all thing a web gallery has
no need for.  Just focus your site to attract would-be buyers:
please have a look as a reference at a similiar endeavour we are
carrying on in relation to contemporary Italian art at:


           ***  NEW POST - Finding Galleries Online  ***

From: Paul Krupin 

Robert Smith  Web Site Design & Promotion at asked for help
identifying ways to get a hold of a list of e-mail addresses and web
sites on galleries for his mother's art web site.  Other web
promoters and webmasters might also have similar targeted interests
on any number of product and service categories.

People can of course purchase e-mail and web robots to pull of e-mail
addresses, and succumb to professional spam, but I personally find
the one to one person to person business approach much better.  What
I use is a web search robot that allows me to search web sites by
subject and save it to an html file, where I can then browse with
specific purpose and contact with a person to person, business

My present favorite search tool is called QueryN Metasearcher.
Best yet it's a freebie which you can download by going to Tucows at:

The program is wonderful because it searches 8 search engines at a
time, allows you to string up to three search subjects together in
one search, and also validates the url's.

It will take less than 10 minutes to find hundreds of web sites for
follow-up.  It's an absolutely golden research and target marketing
tool.  I use it to research, identify and target businesses and web
sites who can benefit from using e-mail and conventional PR to get
news coverage for their businesses.   I review their web site, learn
what I can, devise a business to business approach, and then
introduce myself to the businesses in all the categories in which I
can help people with a targeted and personal letter.  I do this one
at a time working through the QueryN Metasearch lists.   And I find
the person-to-person, business to business approach to be a whole lot
more fruitful, and profitable, than any other method I use for
reaching out and contacting prospects directly with e-mail.

Paul J. Krupin
Direct Contact Publishing

Direct Contact Publishing
P. O. Box 6726
Kennewick WA 99336
1-800-457-8746 Toll-Free 509-545-9865 Fax
E-Mail Can Get You News Coverage!
The US All Media E-Mail Directory
The US All Media Jumpstation -- over 3,000 media links

           ***  NEW POST - Finding Galleries Online  ***

From: Michael Cromie 
Subject: Addresses of Galleries etc


Robert Smith wrote (v2, #38):
  "What I really need is a list of the e-mail addresses of galleries,
  art schools, etc. that I could use to send a notice about this web
  site. Do you know how to find a comprehensive list or know someone
  who does?"

Try World Wide Art Resouces at:

Mike Cromie

           ***  NEW POST - Checks by Phone/FAX  ***

From: PJC 
Subject: Emmanual's question

Emmanual (and others)

The Checks by Phone/Fax/email IS EXCELLENT, BUT it is only for US
banks - no international support as of yet.  It allows *anyone* to
sign up and obtain personal or business checks for payment over the
phone, by fax, or by email.  This allows you to obtain payment from
those indiviuals or businesses that don't have a credit card or have
little or no usable credit on them.  It eliminates "the check is in
the mail" excuse too!  I am an authorized agent for Telephone Check
Payment Systems, and extensive info is at my site in the Financial

Any questions, send it along...
*          PJC SERVICES	- Computer & Financial Services          *
*       512 Northampton St. - Edwardsville, PA  18704 USA        *
*                           *
*     Phone/Fax: 717.288.3536     *

           ***  NEW POST - Checks by Phone/FAX  ***

Subject: Checks-By-Fax/E-mail...


>Here's an idea - don't know if it is feasible for you or not, but
>worth mentioning - Company called Checks By Phone/Checks By Web
>allows payment by checking account directly over phone or web.
>Think it works internationally.

Checks-By-Fax/Phone/E-mail is made possible by banking regulations
in the United States only.  We have been using a Checks-By-Fax
software program called Turbocheck that we bought over the internet
and it works beautifully. It was modestly priced and the support
has been top-notch. It's a great cash flow booster.

Thom Reece
K*I*D*S Shield(tm) Child Protection System
Prevention * Search * Recovery of Missing Children

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