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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #40
                          July 01, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ New Subjects

    "Help with Eudora Nicknames"
       - L.D. Van Valkenburg

+ Ongoing

    "On Targetting"
       - Morley Chalmers
       - Moderator comment
       - Morley Chalmers
       - Moderator comment

    "Checks by Fax/Phone/email"
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Jules Kaplan

    "On Formatting"
       - Patrick M. van der Valk
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Klaus Arnhold

    "Mac Formatting Software"
       - Morley Chalmers

+ The Corkboard

    "Tucows URL correction"
       - Paul Krupin

    "Showing off is Good"
       - Moderator comment
       - John McCabe


                          New Subjects

From: GNP 
Subject: Eudora Pro

I have just recently started up a SF newsletter and
it is getting quite popular.  The problem that I am having is with the
address listings. I'm sending it out using Eudora Pro Nicknames.  If I just
place the "Nickname" in the "TO" section, all of the addresses from the
"Nickname" file will appear at the top of the recipients message.  I only
want the single word that I specified for the nickname to appear.  I've
tried sending them out as cc and the same thing happens, and when I send
them out as Bcc I get a copy of every single address I'm sending to. HELP!!!!

Thank you,
L.D. Van Valkenburg


Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine

        Millennium Publications
     3507 Tully Road Suite E2-130
         Modesto, CA  95356


Subject: Re: On Targeting
From: Morley Chalmers 

On 6/30/97 6:45 AM Belle Model wrote:

>> - participate in newsgroups, mailing lists
>>   related to your products and services.
>    This works, but is not worth the time and effort.

It is indeed a lot of effort. However, it does seem to gradually be
pulling results. Enquiries are up and I can only attribute it to links
exchanged since I don't place high in the search engines and I haven't
used bulk eMail yet. (The keyword "invoice" will never place high.)

I've come to the point of looking to hire someone to do it -- surf the
web looking for places to exchange links with, list the product, upload
the product. Would be a great job for someone who's retired from
business, well organized, methodical and self-motivated. There are so
many potential places and given the nature of the net, it really needs to
be done by hand, not broadcast style.


====================     7OFFICE for small business
The first
integrated billing       All-in-One Invoicing, Purchasing, Receivables,
& contact manager        Call Reports, Scheduling, To Do Lists, Letters
for small business
==================== --

[ Moderator comment ]

There are a number of companies out there who provide this service for a fee ( is one), often paid on a monthly 'retainer' that is usually quite a bit less than a company would expect to pay for an on-premises employee.  Using consultants and/or sub contractors saves $$$ in the form of insurance, taxes, floor space, equipment, accounting, etc.

Gary K. Foote, Moderator

               ***  NEW POST - On Targeting"

From: Morley Chalmers 
Subject: Re: On Targeting

On 6/30/97 6:45 AM Belle Model wrote:

>> a) Opt-in programs (like PostMaster Direct and others)
>     These are not as effective as assumed. Also, only a very small
>percentage of the internet community are aware of these lists,
>     e.g. recently we purchased a list from POSTMASTER DIRECT = 1336
>     names @ US$200.40
>     responses = 12/1336 = 0.8%
>     flames    =  9/1336 = 0.7%
>     e-bomb    =  1
>     sales     = US$210.00
>     I don't expect miracles, but for an opt-in list this is not too
>     impressive.

Thanks for the very frank disclosure of results. It would be interesting
to know what was the product, what was the price point and what was the
copy you used. All three, IMHO, can have an effect on promotion.

Almost one-to-one flames to results is not very encouraging and raises
questions about the opt-in nature of Postmaster Direct lists. Excuse my
ignorance, but what's an e-bomb?

The problem with this discussion list is that nearly everyone who has had
bad results has long gone from this discussion, so it will be difficult
to get balanced feedback.


====================     7OFFICE for small business
The first
integrated billing       All-in-One Invoicing, Purchasing, Receivables,
& contact manager        Call Reports, Scheduling, To Do Lists, Letters
for small business
==================== --

[ Moderator comment ]

An e-bomb is a giant-sized e-mail (or a series of e-mails), often
a complete OS, that clogs your personal box to the point of temporary
uselessness.  Not a pretty thought, eh?

Gary K. Foote, Moderator

           ***  NEW POST - Checks by Fax/Phone/Internet"

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: The E-Marketing Digest, V2, #39

>The Checks by Phone/Fax/email IS EXCELLENT, BUT it is only for US

We use a check by fax or e-mail program that works very well.  We
convert the check information into a bank draft.  So fay our
accounts have been in the U.S., with one in Canada.  If you call
your bank, they can usually tell you whether or not  they will
accept a check from a "foreign" country and how long it will take
to clear.  There will be a charge to clear.

We have samples of bank drafts on our site at

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

           ***  NEW POST - Checks by Fax/Phone/Internet"

From: "Jules Kaplan" 
Subject: Re: c/etc.

As a developer of Checks by Fax/Phone/Internet - the main
reason, why it is only offered in the United States, is our
Uniform Commercial Code and Banking laws.  The procedure of
accepting checks by Fax/Phone/Internet/ or by authorization
of the payor, has been around for many years, way before
the onset of PC's and laser printers.  Insurance companies
have been using this procedure for many many years.

Also from a technical point, the MICR Fonts - The banking
numbers have different standards in Europe and their is
also a third MICR Font standard.  So in order for a system
to be valid in the other parts of the international
marketing world, the fonts would have to conform to their
standards and laws.

If you contact the Canadian Payment Systems, you can do
Checks by Fax/Phone/Internet only under the following
conditions.  The Payor/Payee and the Bank must all agree by
written and the amount must be for the same item or amount
each month.  Example a Utilities can be paid by this method
in Canada, but a one time itme, may or may not be process.

We have under development, which I expect to have ready by
August 15, 1997, the ability to accept checks, from any
area in the world, providing, it is valid within that
country.  We have done some research in this matter, and
all I can tell you the other parts of the International
Marketing World laws are still back in the pen and quill as
far as their banking laws.  If any one can help in
reference to their countries laws would be greatly

Again, if any one has any questions about MICR Check
Writing Software they can contact me at

Jules Kaplan
President of ChekFaxx Development Co. INC.
No more hearing "...the check is in the mail...!"
with ChekFaxx(tm) Software Products

ChekFaxx(tm) MICR Check Writing Software
Go to URL:-  for a Free Demo

ChekFaxx(tm) - WebChek(tm) Interactive Order System
to Accept Checks over the internet: URL: -

ChekFaxx Development Co. INC.
7119 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 109-443 - Scottsdale, AZ 85254
602-991-7025  -  FAX 602-922-9525  -  email -

             ***  NEW POST - On Formatting  ***

From: "Patrick M. van der Valk" 
Subject: Re: formatting

>To change these default values, just go into eudora.ini and enter new
>lines in the top [Settings] section such as:
>[Settings] ... WordWrapColumn=65 WordWrapMax=69 ...

That is probably a great solution for Eudora light, but somehow, when we
have to pay money for the program, this is not possible anymore :-(

EudoraPro 3.02 (win 3.11) does not have these variables in the settings,
and the manual states that word wrap is a 'roughly' 76 characters... (?)

Anybody any ideas on how to handle this?


  Sincere regards,

  Patrick M. van der Valk
  Senior Consultant

  BetaCyte, Chemical Internet Consultants
  ==> A free monthly Publication via email <==
  ==>  <==

             ***  NEW POST - On Formatting  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: The E-Marketing Digest, V2, #39

To change the size in Pro, you need to find the Eudora.ini
file and add two statements:


The .ini file in my case is in the Eudora directory.  You can cut
and paste these statements into the file.  I put it at the end of
the [SETTINGS] section.  You need to restart Eudora (I
re-booted).   BTW, mine is set to 66 characters per line - the
required length of most press releases.

I tried the settings in Eudora, and could not get it to work.
Now if I can only figure out how to sort the address book files.

George Matyjewicz
George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

             ***  NEW POST - On Formatting  ***

From: Klaus Arnhold 
Subject: Re: Formatting

Greetings all,

John McCabe wrote

> 4. Select the whole message.
> 5. Under the Edit menu, choose Wrap Selection. Eudora adds the
> carriage returns.

With Eudora Pro there is one more step inbetween: Once you
selected all, go to EDIT/MESSAGE Plug-ins and select
"unwrap.txt". That will take out all CRs that were put in
by any other mail programm.

After that choose "Wrap Selection" under the EDIT-Menue.

Best regards

Klaus Arnhold

 <><> NETMARKETING - the German Mailinglist <><><><>
>   Tips, Tricks, Trends around Online Marketing   =
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           ***  NEW POST - Mac Formatting Software  ***

From: Morley Chalmers 
Subject: Re: Formatting - UltraEdit

On 6/30/97 6:45 AM wrote:

>>UltraEdit is a robust text editior for Windows users.
>Okay, everyone seems to agree that this is the program
>to have , but what about for us Mac users? Does
>anyone know of a similar software program for us?

BBEdit should do just fine. From the Text menu choose the Hard Wrap
command. BBEdit very likely has a nearly identical feature set to
UltraEdit. BBEdit is widely used for hand wiring HTML code.


====================     7OFFICE for small business
The first
integrated billing       All-in-One Invoicing, Purchasing, Receivables,
& contact manager        Call Reports, Scheduling, To Do Lists, Letters
for small business
==================== --

                          The Corkboard

From: Paul Krupin 
Subject: Error in the url

It appears I accidently introduced an error in the url for Tucows.

The article is about the search for gallery sites.  The correct url for
Tucows is:

Direct Contact Publishing
P. O. Box 6726
Kennewick WA 99336
1-800-457-8746 Toll-Free 509-545-9865 Fax
E-Mail Can Get You News Coverage!
The US All Media E-Mail Directory
The US All Media Jumpstation -- over 3,000 media links

           ***  NEW POST - Showing off is Good  ***

[ Moderator comment ]

Hi all,

This was posted to another list by one of our own subscribers.
Permission was given with the article to reproduce it for
non-commercial purposes, so I present it here for your own
edification.  Thanks, John.

Gary K. Foote, Moderator

----begin fwd-----

From: John McCabe 
Subject: Showing Off

Showing Off Is Good For Business or
Using What You Know To Get What You Want by John McCabe
Copyright 1996 by John McCabe and Success Is Never An
Accident.  Reproduction and distribution for non-commercial
reasons is permitted provided that this notice and the message at
the end remain intact.  All other rights reserved.

When you need a service, do you check your refrigerator? If you
need to buy something right now, do you go through all your pens
and pencils? Can you really rely on someone's Yellow Pages ad?

The idea behind these specialties is to keep your name in front of
your customer or prospect as much as possible.

Many car dealers use printed key tags.  This is fine at first and
may even get some referrals.  As the car gets older and things
start to go wrong, the name of the dealer who sold them this old
clunker is staring at them every time they start it.  Calendars are
also very popular, especially with banks and insurance people.
Once insurance is purchased, however, the calendar usually
serves to remind the customer only of the next premium check he
or she has to write.

There's a better way. Give them something that will be practical
and useful when they need you. Give them information.

Let me give you an example. The last time I moved, I received a
"Welcome Wagon" type package. One of the items was a pot
holder with the name, address and phone number of a local funeral
home. Nice pot holder, but it sure didn't spark any discussions of
funeral arrangements every time we made a meal. To top it off,
with use the message became worn and stained and finally
unreadable. Hardly an image for a serious business like funerals.

How could this local business use information to help their cause?
Most families have a "just-in-case" box. Whether it's a safe
deposit box, a home safe or just a shoebox, this is where they
collect all the important papers only needed "just in case
something happens". If you ran the funeral home mentioned
earlier, wouldn't you want something in that box?

Maybe a "What To Do When Tragedy Strikes" booklet listing the
tasks that must be done and when. With a place to record final
instructions and last wishes. With the funeral home's name,
address and phone number under the message "If you need help
with the funeral arrangements, please call".

On the cover, of course. A booklet like this will be in the hands of
those needing the service -- when they need it!

Can you really picture the grieving family asking each other "Now
where's that old pot holder with the funeral home's name on it?"

Information your customers can use is valuable. They recognize
this. They hold on to it. They share it with friends.

Sharing good information with your "friends" (clients, customers)
gives you credibility. Which do you think gives you more credibility
if you sell real estate?  A refrigerator magnet die-cut into a cute
house shape, or a professional looking and sounding report on
what to do to get the best price -- buying or selling?

If you truly care about your customers -- and you do if you are
going to last in business -- you know the answer. The only
questions left is where do you get this information and how do you
use it?

If you know your business, you already know most of the
information. You just need the right slant to turn it into a marketing
tool with power. To find the slant, look at it from your customer's
side of the table. If you were to buy your own product or service,
what information would you want to make sure you made a good

There are many ways to use the information. Turn it into a booklet.
Record it on audio or video tape. Turn it into a lecture or workshop.
Send it as articles or columns to the publications your customers
read. Use your imagination. Any method that puts good
information in the hands of your customers at a reasonable cost is
fair game.

Whatever format you decide to follow, you will use a basic four-
step outline.

1. Introduction. In this section, you need to remind the reader what
they have to lose by not following this advice.

People are motivated far more by fear of loss than they are by
desire for gain.  A rosy future is something they have bought but
not received many times before.  Pain is something they know and
avoid.  If you want them to take action, poke at the sore tooth until
you hit a nerve.

2. Step-by-step how-to information.  Start at the beginning and
outline the steps the reader needs to take to accomplish whatever
task you've promised to show him.  The trick is to provide enough
information so that a reasonably bright, motivated reader can do
what you promise.  Don't be afraid of providing details, especially
regarding the time and equipment necessary for the job.  Just
don't bore them.

Some readers will try what you tell them and then call you to fix it
or check it.  Many will realize that their time and effort could be
better spent earning the money to pay you to handle it.  A few will
change their minds completely when they realize that it isn't as
easy as an expert like you makes it look. Now that the tooth
hurts, show them how to take the pain away.

3. A call to action.  Remind them again of their hurt and their fear.
Paint a picture of them in the future, free of that pain or fear. Scare
them. Cajole them. Motivate them and inspire them.  Give them
their marching orders. Give them permission to stop the pain.

4. A list of resources.  Tell them where they can find the materials
or tools they need to get the benefit they want.

Of course, the most prominent of these resources will be you or
your business. Convince them you can stop the pain.

You now have one of the tools you need to master the 1990's.
The 60's were the age of Aquarius.  The 70's were the ME decade.
The 80's were the decade of consumption, giving birth to the
YUPPIE.  The 90's are proving to be the Age of Information.  Your
customers are becoming more sophisticated and knowledgeable.
Feed on this.  Give them the information that they crave.  You will
position yourself as the master of your profession, while your
competition continues to hand out toys like a ring-toss booth at a
carnival.  You can still give goodies to your customers, but to bind
them to you for life, to get them to bring others to your tent, give
them information they can use.  They'll love you for it, and your
banker will love you because of that.

Best wishes, and remember that in business, life and love,
Success Is Never An Accident
John McCabe ------------------------>
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