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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #41
                          July 02, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ New Subjects

    "Finding Opt-in Lists
       - Claudia Hafling

    "Is This a Good E-marketing Product?"
       - Judy S. Gunter
       - Moderator Reply

+ Ongoing

    "Checks by phone/fax/e-mail"
       - Peter
       - Dan Berman
       - Moderator reply

    "On Targeting"
       - Gary Schwartz

    "Eudora Pro Help"
       - Adam J. Boettiger
       - Andrey B. Yastrebov
       - Onno Hoogendoorn


                          New Subjects

From: Claudia Hafling  <102440.51@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Finding Opt-in lists

Dear Gary and members:

As I have said before, I am new to e-marketing but very enthusiastic
about its potential.  I now have a client who is interested in doing
a targeted mailing to people who are known web shoppers -- in other
words, these are people who have already shown they are comfortable
purchasing products over the I-net, via their Visa, Master Card or
American Express card.

Is there such an Opt-In list?  Or does anyone know of any other list
source for this?  And where exactly would one obtain an opt-in list?

Thanks so much.

Claudia L'Engle Hafling
Media & Marketing Concepts, Inc., P.R., Advertising & Marketing -

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bidding, online, for the items of your choice.  Top quality
merchandise, affordably priced.  At URL -

       ***  NEW POST - Is This a Good E-marketing Product?  ***

From: "Judy S. Gunter" 
Subject: Is this a good e-marketing product?

Has anyone order his $24.95 report? I would like to know if he's
legit and if it's worth the money :

by Allan Says


Webmaster, Deafbiz (yep, I'm deaf)
Ind. Sun Net Rep

[ Moderator Reply ]


The following, quoted from the website you reference, leads me
to believe that these people recommend using methods that all
smell like spam to me.  I'd be careful about spending my $24.95
where such tactics are considered acceptable.

----------begin quote from website-------------

     # 500,000 E-mail Addresses - Download Them
     From The Private Site Right Now!

     # An Awesome E-Mail Address Extractor!
     Extract Addresses At Up To 60,000 An Hour!

     # A Web E-Mail Address Extractor!
     It Crawls The Web Saving All Addresses It Finds!

     # A Compuserve E-Mail Address Generator!
     Generate 50% Deliverable Compuserve Addresses Right From
     Your Desktop!

     # An Anonymous E-Mailer!

     # An E-mail Extractor That Pulls Addresses
     From The E-mail Search Engines!

-----------end quoted material-----------

Gary K. Foote, Moderator


From: "Plestan" 
Subject: payment systems


I have probably missed a previous discussion. Are there any
affordable payment systems (credit cards and direct debit?) for
a web catalogue developer here in the UK? So far we have got
offers with more digits than we have dollars.

Thanks for anyone who can help


         ***  NEW POST - Checks by phone/fax/e-mail  ***

Subject: Checks by phone/fax/e-mail

Apparently there are a number of different systems for this in
exsitence. Has this list ever included an objective comparison of the
merits/advantages of each system?

Dan Berman, Ph.D.
Director, ACI (Copy)Writing/Editing Services

[ Moderator reply ]


We have not made comparisons in this forum.  I think it would be
helpful for everyone if we do so.  How about it, folks?  Want to
let us know about your favorite payment systems software?

Gary K. Foote, Moderator

            ***  NEW POST - On Targeting  ***

From: Gary Schwartz 
Subject: Re: On Targeting

At 08:37 01/07/97, Morley Chalmers  wrote:
>On 6/30/97 6:45 AM Belle Model wrote:
>>> - participate in newsgroups, mailing lists
>>>   related to your products and services.
>>    This works, but is not worth the time and effort.
>It is indeed a lot of effort. However, it does seem to gradually be
>pulling results. Enquiries are up and I can only attribute it to links
>exchanged since I don't place high in the search engines and I haven't
>used bulk eMail yet. (The keyword "invoice" will never place high.)
>I've come to the point of looking to hire someone to do it -- surf the
>web looking for places to exchange links with, list the product, upload
>the product. Would be a great job for someone who's retired from
>business, well organized, methodical and self-motivated. There are so
>many potential places and given the nature of the net, it really needs to
>be done by hand, not broadcast style.

Good idea, but first it might be worth spending the time (if
not also the money) to prove the assumption you've made as to
the source of your increased interest.

Many web servers come with a "referrer log" which tracks the
web page from which your viewer clicked to get to your page.
It's worth asking your ISP (or, if you're hosting your own site,
to do it yourself) for these statistics.

Not only will this help you ensure that you know the source that's
feeding you, but you'll also learn which newsgroups/links are
providing you with the highest value and therefore are worth
the bulk of your time.

FWIW, at my last company, we spent a lot of time creating a reciprocal
links network.  We had a fulltime person spending about 20-25% of
her time updating our links pages.  And the bulk of our visitors came
from the search engines - Infoseek, Yahoo, and AltaVista being the
biggest contributors.

Which isn't to say that the newsgroups aren't worth the time.  I believe
that they are.  However, making sure you're highly visible in the search
engines is *more* worth it.

Hope this helps,

Gary Schwartz               
4CAST Limited
191 Victoria Street                               tel: +44 (0)171 963 6033
London SW1E 5NE                                   fax: +44 (0)171 963 6001

            ***  NEW POST - Eudora Pro help  ***

From: Adam Boettiger 
Subject: Eudora Pro help

L.D. Van Valkenburg

>when I send them out as Bcc I get a copy of every single address
>I'm sending to. HELP!!!!

Yes, YOU do, but your recipients don't.  You want to create lists
using the nickname feature: list1, list2, etc.  Then compose your
digest and in the TO: header put your own address.  Leave the CC:
header blank.   Then open up Tools > Address Book and click
on the left side to select the list name to send to.  Then move
to the bottom of the address book page and click on BCC:.

This will automatically put your selected list in the BCC area of
your outgoing message.  While you may see it, recipients will
not, as long as it is BCC and not CC.

Adam J. Boettiger
Vice President of Business Development
Multimedia Marketing Group, Inc.
(888) 699-6939 / (503) 699-6939
-------------< "The Online Agency" >-----------------

            ***  NEW POST - Eudora Pro help  ***

"Andrey B. Yastrebov" 
Subject: Re: Eudora Pro

GNP  wrote:

> I have just recently started up a SF newsletter

>and it is getting quite popular.  The problem that I am
>having is with the address listings. I'm sending it out
>using Eudora Pro Nicknames.  If I just place the "Nickname"
>in the "TO" section, all of the addresses from the "Nickname"
>file will appear at the top of the recipients message.  I only
>want the single word that I specified for the nickname to appear.
>I've tried sending them out as cc and the same thing happens, and
>when I send them out as Bcc I get a copy of every single address
>I'm sending to. HELP!!!!

When you have to send hundreds of mails, standard e-mail packages
like Eudora or Pegasus become not very convenient, because this
isn't what they were designed for. Better way is to use specialized
packages. There are many on the marked. Some of them allow you to
manage entire mailing list right from your PC. Others just allow to
send out a message. I'm author of one of them, which is probably the
simplest (but still powerful). You may take a look on it at

Regards. Andrey.

| Andrey B. Yastrebov    E-mail:      |
|                | +-----------------------------------------------------+

            ***  NEW POST - Eudora Pro help  ***

From: Onno Hoogendoorn 
Subject: RE: Eudora Pro

If you have any problems with Eudora look at for tips.


Onno Hoogendoorn

"Electronic Publishing and Marketing Supercenter"
Stompwijkseweg 56, 2266 GH Leidschendam, The Netherlands
3 FREE DISKS WORTH $184! Contact me for more information...

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