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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #46
                          July 13, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

+ New Subjects

    "Seeking Targeted E-mail Company"
       - Maxine Begonja

    "E-Targeting the Media"
       - Mark Whalen

+ Ongoing

       - George Matyjewicz
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Gordon Seeley

    "Credit Card Transactions"
       - Lee Melnychuk
       - Andy Rebele
       - The Safety Geek

    "Email software - What's the BEST?"
       - Dave Jones
       - Morley Chalmers
       - Andrey Yastrebov
       - Don Morris

+ The Corkboard

    "Eudora Lite vs. Pro - Support question"
       - George Matyjewicz

    "New Web Shopping Site"
       - Claudia L'Engle Hafling

    "The Virtual Trade Show"
       - Paul Krupin


                       Moderator Comments

                          New Subjects

Subject: Seeking Targeted E-mail Company


I would like to post this message for assistance, thanks.

First of all let me say how informative the E-Digest is.  I read this
faithfully and as a newbie have picked up quite a bit of information.
Gary, keep up the good work!!

I am a distributor of Magnetic Therapy Products and have designed
a website at

As a campaign to direct traffic to my site I hold a monthly contest
and have had a decent amount of traffic, and obviously would like to
increase the visitors.

After being bombed daily from unsolicited e-mail (Floodgate, Stealth Mailer,
etc), and not wanting to be part of the spam technique, I am now
turning to this Digest for assistance.

What I would like to accomplish is a targeted e-mail package to health-
related individuals.  Magnetic Therapy has been used worldwide for
many years and am on a crusade (with my own experience as a user of
these products due to an accident) to get the word out all over.  The
problem I face is it would be quite costly to hire many different companies
for a trial run.

Does anyone have any experience with a reasonable and  reputable targeted
e-mail company who delivers what they say they will?? What
should one look out for????.......... etc.

One other situation -- When I need monthly changes to my website the
person who designed it makes the changes.  If I would like to change
the maintainer how can I go about doing this??  What protocol should
I follow and can anyone recommend someone who's services will do
this and be reasonable in pricing at the same time?  It is probably best
to learn HTML, however, with the large amount of sales and clerical
procedures that my company is experiencing, there is just not enough
time in a day to accomplish everything.

Thanks for your time and any help is greatly welcomed and appreciated.


Maxine Begonja

Welcome Home........ To Wellness
Magnetic Therapy Products
Phone  516-821-4880
Fax  516-821-6127
TO ORDER:  Toll-Free 1-888-ORDER07

               ***  NEW POST - Targeting the Media  ***

From: Mark Whalen 
Subject: E-Targeting Media

Dear Gary and friends,

I've looked through the help menus and the faq's and cruised back
through my EMD archive, but I cannot seem to find it. I believe the
answer I seek has been given here before, but I must ask again.

I have culled what I think is a pretty fair list of email addresses from
media lists. Most appear to be print, some television as well. Now I
want to send my press release to all these addresses. How can I do this
with Netscape Navigator 3.01 Gold, without showing all the addresses,
and without hiring a list service for it? It can be done, can't it?

A question also. Does anyone think what I'm doing is spamming? I'm
putting the following at the top of the message.

(This message has been sent unsolicited, with the understanding that it
is being sent to a valid and appropriate media contact. If the following
is of no interest to you, please discard immediately, and accept our

BTW, my list of addresses is in ascii text in a separate file.

Thanks to anyone explaining that "for dummies".

And Gary, I'm pleased and proud to be one of your 558, may you append a
zero to that by the end of the year!

Mark Whalen, President
PresMark Publishing Co.
"How to Quit Smoking Without Willpower or Struggle"
Toll-free (888)720-7206 Ext. 2093 (USA only)
All other countries (702) 226-5402
Fax (702) 364-8091
We take VISA, MasterCard, American Express
on an encrypted Secure Order Page.


From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Eudora Nicknames
>[Moderator reply]
>Hmmm...  They *do* get sorted alphabetically by Eudora on my
>computer. I wonder why yours doesn't perform this function for you?
Hey All:

After a telephone call with Gary, I find that Eudora Lite (his)
sorts the Address book files alphabetically, but not the names in
the file.  Whereas Eudora Pro sorts the addresses in file
alphabetically, but not the files.  So.... I called Qualcom
(Eudora) and they said that is correct.  Pro does not sort the
files alphabetically, and I have to send a suggestion to Eudora,
which I will do.

Also, there is not way to change the word wrap on a line without
going into the ini files, even on Win95.  Seems stupid to me, but
that's their response.  Changing of .ini files went out when 95
was introduced, but I guess somebody forgot to tell Eudora .

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

                  ***  NEW POST - Eudora  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Eudora Pro Settings

At 09:40 AM 7/9/97, Patrick M. van der Valk wrote;

>When replying to an email, Eudora (as most other email programs)
>puts the > sign in front of the line. However, that line is
>longer than the 69 characters that I would like to use, so my
>reponses look like (actual example):
>>ask the chemical societies to support the list, but more
>societies than just
>>ACS and SLA--perhaps CMA,CSMA,AOCA,RAPRA and a few others in the
>US or in Europe
>>or even corporations like Dow,Dupont,Exxon,Chevron,
>Eastman,Miles, ICI,


The only suggestion I would have is to reduce the characters on a
line to 68.  BTW, for whatever reason, the press prefers 66
characters to a line, which is what we use.  Hence this issue goes away.

On another note, if you have upgraded from Eudora Pro 3.0 to
3.0.3 and if you Queue your messages and if you installed PGP you
will note that you lost the Queue button on outgoing.  Well, it's
not really lost, it is off to the right, and you either have to
reduce the size of the outgoing message window, reduce the size
of the folders on the left, or un-install PGP.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

                  ***  NEW POST - Eudora  ***

From: Gordon Seeley 
Subject: Eudora Help and References

Hi Gary...

Since a lot of people seem to be having questions regarding
Eudora (quite possibly the best mail program ever!), I thought
I would chime in with some great references for additional

By far the best overall Eudora help site is Pete Beim's
[Unofficial] Eudora FAQs & Links page at
. This site has
everything you ever wanted to know about Eudora. I would also
recommend that people sign up for Eudora Mailing list for even
more information. Here are the details:

To Subscribe
Regular Mail - Send an e-mail to and
in the body of the message, type:

subscribe eudora-win

Digest - Send an e-mail to and in the
body of the message, type:

subscribe digest eudora-win

I hope this helps everyone. Eudora is an excellent mail program,
though most people only realize about half of its potential.

Thank you,
Gordon Seeley

Gordon Seeley
Account Executive/Online Promotions Specialist
Multimedia Marketing Group, Inc.
(888) 699-6939 / (503) 699-6939
-------------< "The Online Agency" >-----------------

           ***  NEW POST - Credit Card Transactions  ***

From: Melnychuk 
Subject: Re: Credit Card Transactions

Dear Gary,

Regarding online transactions 'list'. Recently, while researching an
appropriate venue for a client, I found the following so, I offer these
URL's to the group.  and

I, too, have no connections and offer no endorsements.

Sincerely, Lee Melnychuk, Researcher, Sites To Be Seen

           ***  NEW POST - Credit Card Transactions  ***

From: Andy Rebele 
Subject: credit card merchant accounts

I just started taking credit cards and thought my experience may
help.  I looked at all the major alternatives, including IC
Verify, Cybercash, and vPOS.  I chose vPOS from Wells Fargo.
(It's made by Verifone which just got bought out by
Hewlett-Packard.)  I pay 4-4.5% with NO fixed per-transaction
fee, and there is no minimum transaction (though they would not
have done the deal with an average transaction of $1!).  I had
to pay $1500 for vPOS plus a $100/year certificate fee.  Since
I'm a new company I had to give them a deposit of a $5000 CD.

Why did I choose it?  Here are some of the things I found out:

* IC Verify requires an analog phone line, and is very poorly
written.  It works by polling your database at regular intervals
looking for new charges.  I know this because my lead engineer
used IC Verify at a previous job.  IC Verify only cost about
$350 though.

* vPOS connects directly over the Internet and therefore does
not require an analog phone line and has much faster response
(ie. your customers dont have to wait 45-60 seconds to get the
"approved" screen).

* Cybercash charges, as you said, a fixed per-transaction fee as
well as a percentage.

* I don't want a "wallet" or a "shopping basket".  They just
seem like cumbersome metaphors to me, mostly because they do not
apply to my business, since I sell a service.  vPOS does not
include a "shopping basket" unless you buy it in conjunction
with Microsoft Merchant Server.

What have I found out since I made my decision?

I found out that vPOS is only for early adopters right now.
It's version 1.0 and there are not many customers yet.  Wells
Fargo was the only bank in the country selling it when I signed
up.  It only ships for Netscape Secure Server and for Microsoft
Merchant Server/IIS.  It does not ship for IIS alone, which is
what I'm using, so they had to walk us through the entire

Still, my lead engineer thinks its a better solution than IC
Verify, and some people at Wells Fargo, which sells both,
thought the same thing.

Perhaps ALL of the solutions are only for early adopters at this

I hope this was some help to you.  Feel free to email me if you
have more questions about vPOS.

            arriving soon:
CityAuction ~
Local and National Auction Classified Ads

           ***  NEW POST - Credit Card Transactions  ***

From: The Safety Geek 
Subject: Re: Credit Card Transactions

> Also if anyone knows of any places that also offers real time credit
> card processing I would be interested in hearing about them. Thank you
> for your time.

Maybe our situation is different.  We have an online catalog and have
our VISA/MC/DISCOVER/AMEX setup thru our bank using real time facilities
and normal commercial rates.  We just asked and received everything
needed to start processing transactions.  Have you tried simply talking
to your bank??

         ***  NEW POST - Email software - What's the BEST?  ***

From: dave jones 
Subject: Re: Email software - What's the BEST?

If the volume of responses you are expecting is modest and you're
willing to maintain the collected information manually, most of
the email programs should allow you to do what you need. Both
Pegasus (free) and Eudora (free lite version) have their
advocates; you should check them both out and see which you like.

If you'd like more capabilities (e.g. true database storage of
data, targeted emailings, demographic reports, etc), you'll need
to look beyond email. You'll probably need some sort of
CGI/database combination. If you're up to rolling your own,
abundant perl scripts are available on the Web which can get you
started. Cold Fusion is a middleware product which greatly
facilitates integrating web pages with a backend database. It too
is a roll-your-own solution and requires a higher entry fee (than
perl). It also requires the use of an IPP which supports it
(unless you have your own server). On the Unix side, postgres and
mSQL are low cost SQL-subset databases; again you have to build
your own interface.

If programming CGI and building databases is not where you want
to spend your time, my company has just started rolling out a
service that will allow a web site to add
form-to-database-to-email capabilities without requiring the need
for programming CGI/database/SMTP. Our service provides:
- easy creation of subscription lists for visitors to your site
- targeted delivery of content to subscribers in the categories you've defined
- automated daily or weekly summary digest of form submissions to your site
- detail, summary and graphical demographic reporting  on subscriber activity
- downloading of data from the database for local analysis

As an example, you could set up a subscription list for each of
the categories you carry (e.g. Collectable Card Games, Models &
Hobby Materials, Role Playing Games, Fantasy & Sci-FI Books,
etc.). Visitors would sign up for only those categories in which
they are interested. Your mailings would be targeted by category
and would only go to those that subscribed to the particular category(ies).

All this is available by simply adding a call to our server from
your forms and following some field naming conventions. I invite
you to visit our site for more information:

Good luck on your search. I've been down this road and would be
happy to answer any further questions.

Dave Jones

         ***  NEW POST - Email software - What's the BEST?  ***

From: Morley Chalmers 
Subject: Re: Email software - What's the BEST?

On 7/8/97 4:08 PM Dreamer wrote:

>I am new to email software. I see a lot of references to the Eudora
>mail software on this list. Is this the product of choice for email
>lists? Has anyone tried other software with better/worse results?
>The only email reader/mailer I have familiarity with is the one that
>comes with Netscape Navagator. Any comments or recommendations on
>other products would be sincerely appreciated.

I switched from Eudora to Claris Emailer some time ago. Eudora was fine,
but I really like the Emailer ease of use and interface. Now available on
both Mac and Windows platforms. Using any browser for eMail just doesn't
cut it compared to a specialized program.


====================     7OFFICE for Small Business Management
The first
integrated billing       All-in-One Invoicing, Purchasing, Receivables,
& contact manager        Call Reports, Scheduling, To Do Lists, Letters
for small business
==================== --
                              FREE Resources for Small Business

         ***  NEW POST - Email software - What's the BEST?  ***

From: Andrey Yastrebov 
Subject: On e-mail marketing software


I'm listening to the discussion of e-mail software
and want to put my $.02 as a programmer and as an
author of an e-mail software.

First of all, e-mail software is very diverse and
there's no one good solution for everybody's problem.
That's probably why all the people use Eudora, which
can handle nearly everything, but not in the most
effective way. Specialized packages will do many things
better, but they will never give you universality as
Eudora or Pegasus does.

So, for most of the people the problem is to
maintain multiple lists of recipients that need to
be sent some messages in a periodic basis. The
straightforward solution is to create bunch of
nicknames and send the lists putting these nicknames
in BCC field. This is also one of the best solutions
until your list gets big. That's not very good idea
to wait while Eudora sends e-mail to 500 addressee
for half an hour. It's getting slow. Moreover, some
ISP will just disconnect you in the middle because
they don't see any Web activity and you'll have
to restart all the job from the beginning. It's
getting not very reliable. That's why other solution
may be more attractive.

The first thing that we can think about is to move
everything onto the server. Let your ISP's machine
work, that's what they are paid for. This is very
easy to do. You just open unix shell e-mail account
(which is $3-$5 per months) and construct ".forward"
file, which should contain the list of recipients
and any mail sent to this account will go to the
whole bunch of these addresses. You just send mail
to this account and everybody will get it. You may
tell the address of this account to everybody and they
will be able to send mail to the list. This beast may
be called unmoderated mailing list. You may edit
the list by openning Telnet session to that account
or by directly dialing with your modem. If you
rent little webspace on the same server, it won't be
difficult to find couple of CGI scripts that will
show Web form allowing anybody to "subscribe" or
"unsubscribe" to the list. Such custom solution
will be very cheap, but you won't get user friendly
interface and ease to use.

Next step in this direction is to use specialized
software that do all this stuff for you and even
more, like Majordomo. It will automatically handle
subscribe/remove request in real time. This way you'll
have your own mail list running on some server. You
even may buy or rent the list from some company along
with server space. Unfortunately I have no idea on how
much would it cost.

The only inconvenience with this solution is that
the list of your recipients will be accessible only
on server, so you'll need to connect to it to just
look or change it. This isn't  very much convenient.
Other bad thing is that if you want to have 10 sending
lists then you'll have to get couple of e-mail addresses
for each list. If you want to combine several lists,
sort them, get selected recipients, you won't be
able to do that.

So, it is not too bad idea to return the list back to
your PC, to allow easy access to the list of recipients.
This way you may store addresses of the people in
some professionally designed database like MS Access,
your favorite Address Book, or PIM, or even have it
on Excel's spreadsheet, and then sort, change, combine,
search it freely and export the list of recipients
from there to some software that will take care of it.
Say, you can export to text file, then read it with
Notepad, copy everything to clipboard and paste as
Eudora nickname - this is lots easier than inviting
ways of turning Eudora nicknames into fully functional
database. But then again you'll get slow, unreliable
sending, because Eudora as well as any other universal
software isn't optimised for multi-recipient sending.

Most people don't go beyond this point and think that
if it's slow it should be slow. However it's not true.
SMTP protocol that is used to send e-mail has great
potential. You can send 5000 e-mail a minute from
28.8 modem, so any list of reasonable size will be
sent out in few minutes. And it's more reliable, because
the less connection time the less probability of
being disconnected. There are many specialized mass
mailers that allow you to do that, and I'm author
of one of them called AY Mail - you may find out
about it at
They allow you to import text files containing recipient
lists. These files may be exported from any database,
so you may relay on you database to perform sorting,
searching etc., and then use mass mailer to send
it in less than a minute.

The big advantage of this approach is that you keep all
your data about recipients on your PC, not on the
server, and access them using friendly intrface of
database of your choice, but this is also a disadvantage.
Data on your PC are accessible to you, but they aren't
accessible to other people as they would be if your
lists were on server. So, you will have to handle
remove/subscribe requests manually or semi-manually -
it won't be done for you automatically as in case of
Majordomo software sitting on the server. So, you
have to decide what's more important for you. And
probably not always universal e-mail client will be
the best solution.


         ***  NEW POST - Email software - What's the BEST?  ***

From: Don Morris 
Subject: Re: Email software - What's the BEST?

On 7/8/1997 4:08 PM, Dave Thuillier  wrote:

>I plan to start an email "new products" newsletter in the not too
>distant future. My plans would allow a customer browsing my site to
>fill out a form which would supply an email address, name, etc. Is
>there any way I can automatically load this information into a file
>and use this file to personalize outgoing messages?

I'm working on a similar project. I have found that the Lasso plug-in/cgi
works well with FileMaker Pro. When the user fills out the form and
clicks "Subscribe," Lasso will add the form's data to the FMPro database
and generate an email confirmation with the form's data inserted.

Don Morris                   |
OfficeMedic                  |
Moreno Valley, CA USA        | Advice:
** More Info: **

                          The Corkboard

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Pro vs Lite

Hi Eudora Suggestion team:

We have been having on on-going discussion on a the E-Marketing
newslist about the shortcomings of Eudora.  I finally had to call
support and was told by them to send a suggestion to you.  There
are three suggestions, which are summarized here, and some of the
details of the problems as discussed in the newslist listed
below.  I have copied the e-mark newslist, as they would like to
see some answers also.

1.  Eudora Lite sorts the Address book files alphabetically, but
not the names in the file.  Whereas Eudora Pro sorts the
addresses in file alphabetically, but not the names. We need to
be able to see the files in the address book sorted
alphabetically.  An option to sort
the files and the addresses in each file would be nice.

2.  Why do we have to go to the .ini files to change the number
of characters on a line when using Windows 95?  The .ini files
went out with Windows 3.12.  (see detail #3 below).

3.  Why can't we change the buttons that appear on an outgoing
message?  We upgraded from Pro 3.0 to 3.0.3 and added PGP.  Now
PGP (which will rarely be used)  shows to the right of RR and
before Queue.  I would like to move Queue to the right of RR
where it was.  (see detail #3 below).

Please let us know when this can be resolved.


[Moderator snip of a serious amount of quoted EMD posts on Eudora]

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

           ***  NEW POST - NEW WEB SHOPPING SITE  ***

From: Claudia Hafling <102440.51@CompuServe.COM>


CONTACT: Claudia L'Engle Hafling
SUBMITTED BY: Media & Marketing Concepts, Inc.
Full-service P.R., Advertising and Marketing Agency
(800)544-6482; e-mail -


MCJ Ventures, Inc. recently unveiled its newest project, a live,
interactive flea market accessed over the world wide web.  Called
MCJ's Electronic Flea Market, the home shopping web site is located
at URL

The Flea Market includes a number of items in various categories,
including electronics (audio, video and computer equipment), jewelry,
clothing, children's products, sports equipment and memorabilia,
automotive items, etc.

The site is unique when compared to other web shopping sites because
its programming features live bidding.  Each of the hundreds of items
lists a suggested sale price - but all prices are negotiable, just as
they are at real flea markets.  The shopper is encouraged to make an
offer using the software provided at the site and learns live, in real
time, whether or not the offer is accepted or whether the seller is
make a counter offer.  Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover
are all accepted over this secured server.

For more information, visit MCJ's Electronic Flea Market at or e-mail MCJ Ventures, Inc. at  (NOTE: All AOL users except those running AOL'95
need to upgrade to Netscape version 2.0 or higher in order to bid and
register on this site).

Thank you.

         ***  NEW POST - The Virtual Trade Show ***

From: Paul Krupin 
Subject: New Topic -- New Post -- The Virtual Trade Show

Here's a hot new happening that I thought all of you should know about.
It's called the Inventors & Entrepreneur's Worldwide Expo '97.  It's
scheduled to open August 15, 1997 with a two week preview period of August
1 through 15.

This expo is unlike any I've ever seen in any normal live in person
conference or exhibition anywhere -- it's live -- and it's on-line.  An
interactive, state-of-the-art trade show.  It's scheduled to run 24 hours a
day for 90 days.  Visitors will be able to view products and services, chat
live with exhibitors, attend on-line conferences and seminars, and place
orders -- all made possible by a high end, ultra secure server.

I am really, really impressed with the opportunities for small businesses
looking for ways to dramatically increase their exposure.

The show is being developed as the most interactive, state-of-the-art trade
show on the  Web.  The show producers are aware that successful marketing
of a commercial web site requires knowledge, resources and a great deal of
time and effort. Their goal is to provide vigorous promotion prior to and
throughout the 90-day run, provide the guidance that businesses, new to the
Internet, need to succeed online, and encourage visitors by making the
event an "experience."
Mind-blowing booths are encouraged; exhibitors can create their own, or a
booth will be created for them, at no charge.

To me this is an unprecedented, news-breaking innovation in web marketing
and promotion,  with massive global presence.  The services to exhibitors
are significant -- they've got almost every web page enhancement technique
packed into exhibitor pages as a standard feature.  An interactive online
trade show where you can...deliver multimedia presentations of your
products and services, free of charge, ...hold a scheduled conference or
seminar to discuss your business, free of charge, ...or use a unique
worldwide paging system to send messages and files to business associates,
all in realtime through the Internet.
Visitors to your booth can even page you for an online business
discussion!  New software that turns a web page into a
virtual desktop will also be featured and available for demos.

The expo is aimed at all types of companies, particularly those with
innovative technologies, products and services -- the very companies that
cannot afford to attend a big city trade show.  The organizers are a team
of Chapel Hill, North Carolina companies MarketSmarts, The Omni Group, and
the Chapel Hill Group.  The organizers are planning to implement a massive
publicity and advertissing campaign to promote it.

 I want you all to know that I am very, very impressed with the
innovativeness and breadth of the vision they have put together. The
concept I see in the Inventors and Entrepreneurs Worldwide Expo is
brilliant. It goes far beyond the normal web mall concept.  Imagine -- not
having to go get an expensive and dubious
value exhibit at the Las Vegas Convention Center !!! Imagine the on-line,
24-hour a day, 3-month convention producing more revenue, more prospects, and
more business and more profits than any normal trade show or convention. I
really think they have a winner here.

As a web innovator as publisher of the US All Media E-Mail Directory, I'm
committed to participating, and thought that many of you might want to
check it out also.

The show site is located at

For more information and quick registration, call MarketSmarts at:
1-800-334-1489 or 919-839-2454 (24 hours a day)
or email:
or write: MarketSmarts, PO Box 58426, Raleigh, NC 27658

Paul J. Krupin
Direct Contact Publishing
Direct Contact Publishing
P. O. Box 6726
Kennewick WA 99336
1-800-457-8746 Toll-Free 509-545-9865 Fax
E-Mail Can Get You News Coverage!
The US All Media E-Mail Directory
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