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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #51
                          July 22, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

+ New Subjects

    "email/print/web software"
       - Roy Hinkelman

+ Ongoing

    "E-zine Advertising"
       - Susan Mathiesen
       - Jeremy Clay

    "E-mail Software - What's the Best?"
       - Mike Mrazek

+ The Corkboard


                       Moderator Comments

                          New Subjects

Subject: email/print/web software

I am beginning to run across these crossover applications, where the email
newsletter needs to be posted on a web site, and the client asks for a
print copy as well. I'm looking into PageMaker, that promises to be a
crossover product, and am looking for anyone who has used it in this manner.

Pros or cons? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Roy Hinkelman


From: Susan Mathiesen 
Subject: E-zine Advertising

Larry Hill wrote:

"I'm wondering if you could point me to some email based Ezines
that have a distribution list of 25,000 and up and that also accept
classified ads."

For the benefit of the list members, I would like to recommend All
About Money, a free weekly newsletter providing common sense personal
finance tips as well as information of interest to small and
home-based businesses.  The newsletter currently has over 32,000
subscribers.  To subscribe, send any e-mail to .

AAM accepts subscribers' sponsorship ads for the entire issue and/or
individual articles (only one per issue and article) at very
favorable rates.   The newsletter is content rich and is not filled
with advertising.  They also have an exclusivity rule and will not
accept more than one advertiser for the same company/product.
(Larry, I will e-mail you privately about this as space for your
course may already be blocked.)

AAM is published by Ergodynamix who will soon launch a new
publication, All About Biz, in response to a growing request for more
information geared to small, home-based and online business
opportunities.  It is anticipated that this publication will also be
in excess of 20,000 subscribers within a short time.

For information about advertising in any of the Ergodynamix
publications, list members may feel free to e-mail me privately at .

Best regards,
Susan Mathiesen
Independent Sales Associate Manager
All About Money / All About Biz

             ***  NEW POST - E-zine Advertising  ***

From: CWT Sales Department 
Subject: Looking for good rates

Readers of E-marketing,

I am in search of a good place to advertise in e-zines for under twenty-five
dollars. My company offers great web design services, and I am looking for a
way to get some publicity.

Jeremy Clay

          ***  NEW POST - Email software - What's the BEST?  ***

From: "Michael G. Mrazek 
Subject: Email software - What's the BEST?

Hi all

I'm listening to the discussion of e-mail software
and want to put my $.02 as a student , owning a one year old
agency in Salzburg/ Austria

We use the alphasoftware programm called netmailer which allows
all things you mentioned in your very interesting discussion PLUS
the great ability to personalize yor mass mailings like you are
used to do it in your MS Word ..

Net mailer accepts dbf. files comming from data bases which makes
it possible to use your clients or whatever .database ..

The net is not so common in use here in Austria and i learned a
lot from this list

hope that this helps you ......

check it out .....

best whishes from Austria


Mike Mrazek

Net Communication Management  "...because Internet is more than just
running a  Homepage"

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Fally & Mrazek OEG Koppl 44   AT- 5321 Salzburg  tel: 0043/6221/7312
mike m. ++43/664/356 0 357 mike f.: ++43/676/302 6 357

                          The Corkboard

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