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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #52
                          July 24, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

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    "E-Zine Classified Advertising"
       - Sharon Tucci
       - Adam Boettiger
       - Linda Strawn

   "Eudora Incoming Mail Editing"
       - Sharon Tucci

    "Crossover Software"
       - Robert Smith



From: Sharon Tucci 
Subject: E-Zine Classified Advertising


Advertising in e-zines or online newsletters is much the same
as advertising in more traditional publications when it comes
to evaluating the value of it.  You need to look at the end
cost per sale.

I've been online now for close to 12 years and have had much
experience with advertising through a variety of different
online vehicles. Now, as an online publisher, I'm dealing with
the other side of things.  What I've discovered is that
advertising online - for some products or services - can
produce better initial responses for the dollar than traditional
types of advertising.  However, the key is to how many sales
this translates to.

Here are some things to consider:

1. You don't want your ad to be thrown in with a bunch of other
ads unless you are getting rock bottom price for the exposure.
Of course, you'll pay more for this, but the cost per response
should be lower if u are properly targeting.

2. As with other types of advertising, repeat exposure is
important.  BUT -- not to the same degree unless the subscriber
base is rapidly increasing or changes.  If you are not getting
favorable discounts for additional advertising, its better to
space it out rather than to run advertising consecutively. For
example, in a weekly - 3 shots in a row, then on alternate weeks.

3. It's also good to experiment with the text of the ad.  Even if
one ad pulls very well, a slight modification might dramatically
increase responses.

4. Most online publishers are hungry for advertisers... so try and
work out some kind of deal if you are unsure of what you'll be
getting for the money.  For example, in our case, we have a pay-per-
inquiry option for one of our publications.  You only pay for inquiries
you actually get.  In many cases, I've worked out exchanges with
advertisers where I wanted something they had to offer....if a publisher
has extra advertising space, it costs them nothing... and it will cost
you less than paying full ad rates.

Hope this helps!

Sharon Tucci

                    All About Money
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         ***  NEW POST -  E-zine Classified Advertising  ***

From: Adam Boettiger 
Subject: E-Zine Advertising

I recently read a few posts to the list regarding advertising in
Ezines and wanted to comment.

To the gentleman seeking ezine advertising for LESS than $25:

You may find an ezine that will have a $25 cpm or Cost Per
Thousand exposures, but $25 will only get your message out
to 1,000 people.   If you find anything priced LESS than $25,
such as a company I came across recently that charges
$10 per line for sponsorship of their "newsletter" that is
"subscribed to" by 3 million distributors, then I would
avoid it like the plague.   The general rule of thumb is,
"If it smells fishy, it most likely is fish."

Charging unrealistically low prices for email advertising
implies that companies that claim they have readerships of
3 million people are lying.  What they are really doing is
just sending their newsletter out to a list of 3 million
addresses and telling them how to unsubscribe.  This is
in no way the same as a list of actual subscribers who
voluntarily receive the digest, and I would stay away from it.

As with any other form of advertising, sponsorship of ezines
can be expensive.  I've seen the average CPM for this type of
advertising at about $30, with the high being $250 cpm during
my Net travels. (I make email media buys for our clients).

If any on this list own digests that do accept advertising,
be sure to register your information with me so that I'll
have a way of contacting you if I want to make a buy.
The submit form is at: .

If any of you would like to learn more about accepting paid
sponsors for your epublication, I have written an article on
the subject, at:

Warmest regards, and thanks Gary for the great list!

Adam J. Boettiger
Vice President of Business Development
Multimedia Marketing Group, Inc.
(888) 699-6939 / (503) 699-6939
-------------< "The Online Agency" >-----------------

                  ***  [Moderator Comment]  ***

Adam Boettiger is the moderator of the I-Advertising Digest,
Exposure Digest and Revnet's E-Pub Digest.  His business IS
the internet and his experience in the field of e-zine advertising
is unparalleled.  In fact, I would say that he and the company he
works for, Multimedia Marketing Group, Inc., are the 'trend
setters' in the field of e-zine advertising.


         ***  NEW POST -  E-zine Classified Advertising  ***

From: "Linda Strawn" 
Subject: Re: E-Digest #51 Looking for Good Rates

Jeremy Clay of CWT Sales
"I am in search of a good place to advertise in e-zines for under
twenty-five dollars. My company offers great web design services,
and I am looking for a way to get some publicity."
I just received a possible answer to this from another list.  Al
Bredenberg just announced he's created a website titled a "Direct
E-Mail List Source"

He had 2 requirements for acceptance to this list:

* The list must accept advertising, and
* The list must be compiled on a voluntary subscription basis

Any  list owners meeting these requirements should consider adding
their list to Al's site.  I haven't visited it yet, so I don't know
if rates are published.

Linda Strawn
The Entrepreneur's Guide
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links than you'll ever have time to visit.

         ***  NEW POST -  Eudora Incoming Mail Editing  ***

From: Sharon Tucci 
Subject: Eudora & Incoming Mail

I use Eudora Pro, so I am not sure if the same thing
can be done in Eudora....

When you are reading incoming mail, on the upper left
hand side, there is an icon with a pencil. Click on
this icon and it will bring you into edit mode for the
message. Delete what you don't want to keep. Go to the
subject line (bonus tip!) and change the subject to
something that will help you remember why you want to
save it and then transfer the message to whatever mailbox
you want.

Hope this helped some of you!

Sharon Tucci

                    All About Money
Common sense financial advice delivered to your mailbox weekly.

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         ***  NEW POST -  Crossover Software?  ***

From: Robert Smith 
Subject: Crossover Software - NO

>  I am beginning to run across these crossover applications, where
>  the email newsletter needs to be posted on a web site, and the
>  client asks for a print copy as well. I'm looking into PageMaker,
>  that promises to be a crossover product....

Just my .002

I am putting out both a email newsletter and a HTML version, I do
think it's the way to go, my subscriptions have gone way up.

I own Pagemaker 6 and have played with the HTML features and I find
it's much easier using a HTML editor to do HTML.

I think most of the work is producing the text version once I have
that there are a few ways to convert it easily.

What I do is create a format with headlines, background colors etc.
then paste the newsletter in. If you don't mind non-proportional
type you can just use the 
 tags on the whole newsletter
and the text will be formated exactly like the newsletter and your

I go to more effort than that but it still doesn't take long.
My Online version can be seen here it's much easier to read:

I feel that for the most part software that tries to be all things
falls short of what a speciality software does with not much savings
in learning curve.  Pagemaker is a major application to learn and
although it is excellent in what it was designed originally to do
(print Projects) if falls short in other areas.

I have used the major HTML editors and like Webedit and Homepage

They are both shareware programs but designed by Web site designers
and have a short learning curve.  Microsoft has Frontpage and
although I don't like it personally I think it's a good product to
start with.

While I'm on the subject of special purposes software, I use a email
mailing program for my newsletter that I like much better than all
the email programs it's called AY Mail.

It's only 15 dollars and it sends out my newsletter maintains my
archives,lets me use custom headers and doesn't show recipients
names, it send out a thousand emails in a few seconds.  I do my
sorting in Excel but I understand they are working on a mail list

I hope this Helps

    _\|/_  A Seed Gives Birth to Fruit of it's Own Kind
    (O O)
Robert Smith  Web Site Design & Promotion
 *  2606 Summer Lane Eugene OR 97404  *
Mailto: (541) 689-1847

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