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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #60
                          Aug 12, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ New Subjects

    "E-mail merge and database automation"
       - Randall "World Wide" Weber

+ Ongoing

    "Customer list-or spam?"
       - Andrey Yastrebov
       - Ronny Voland

    "Newsletter -> Website -> Sales"
       - Connie Barrett

    "Pleasing the Masses"
       - Ed Laubscher

    "E-mail marketing"
       - D Clark


                          New Subjects

From: "Randall 'World Wide' Weber" 
Subject: e-mail merge and database automation products

Greetings everyone,

I recently ran across some interesting products for running an
e-mail marketing campaign. These may prove useful for many of

I was wondering if any of you have ever used these products? I
would love to hear your opinions. Even if you haven't used these
products, I'd love to hear what you think after reading there
product info.

The two products that particularly interested me were from
Arial Software . Information
about the products follows (the descriptions came straight from
Arial's web site):

Campaign - "More than just e-mail merge. ActiveMail technology
and database integration let you easily build automatic, highly
targeted e-mail campaigns."

This product allows you to schedule mailings and personalize
them from most any database file. The scheduling and
personalization is what interests me.

Sign-Up - "Posts valuable data e-mailed from your web guestbook
or data collecting form directly to your database."

This product allows you to automatically update lists from
e-mail forms. It keeps you from having to use server-side
scripts or manually entering data into your database.
Automatically updating a database file seems great. I'd love to
know if it is really this easy.

Best Wishes,

Randall "World Wide" Weber
Director of Internet Marketing and Development
Hoyt/Anthony and Associates



From: Andrey Yastrebov 
Subject: Customer list-or spam?

steelman  wrote

>I am carrying on a campaign to direct people to my site by taking out
>ads in various e-zines. The ads have no URL, only an e-mail address, so
>that I can not only send a bit longer sales letter (including the URL),
>but also to capture the e-mail addresses of those who respond. Since
>these responders are able to order directly from the site, I do not have
>the abiltity to get their address when they order.(The site owners
>simply send me a commission on the sales that I generate.)  Thus, I have
>the address of someone who responded to an ad, but I do not know if they
>are a true "customer".

I suggest changing this company immediately. They probably take orders
with credit cards, which means they definitely know postal addresses
(and most probably e-mail addresses) of the people who bought something.
This information is extremely valuable to you, and following them up
will bring you 10-15% of responces.

As to sending mail to the people who requested info from you, this
is probably good for you, but many people don't request your
information because they are afraid of you sending them more
and more information that they don't need any more. If you don't
have special intention of tricking people, you probably want to
make an access to your info as easy as possible. Clicking on URL
is much more easy and safe then sending e-mail, so preferring
e-mail autorsesponder over WWW pages, you lose many customers.
When I see the e-mail address that promises to bring me more
info instead of WWW pages giving all the info, it looks like
a hunt for my e-mail address or an attempt to trick me. I think
many people feel the same.

Regards. Andrey.
| Andrey B. Yastrebov    E-mail: |
|               |

       ***  NEW POST - Customer list or Spam?  ***

From: voland 
Subject: Re: Customer list-or spam?

Janet Steelman wrote:

> My question is this:  If I were to send out other sales letters to these
> people at a later date, offering a similar product, would that be "using
> my own customer list" or would that be "unsolicited spam"?

I think that you use your own customer list. They replied to your ads and
showed their interest in your offers. So if you have an new offer to make,
chances are not too bad that they are interested in this too.

just my $.02

Ronny Voland

<------------ ODS Marketing Services GmbH ------------>
< Geschaeftsfuehrer   >
< Potsdamer Str. 85            Tel: 030/230 951 - 21  >
< 10785 Berlin                 Fax: 030/230 951 - 90  >
<                             >
<--------- Professionelle Internetloesungen ---------->

       ***  NEW POST - Newsletter -> Website -> Sales  ***

From: Connie Barrett/Joyce Kaessinger 
Subject: Newsletter -> Website -> Sales

Robert Smith wrote:

> Develop your house mailing list by giving not by pushing your thing
> on people. Start sharing the useful news and information you have
> access to because of your interests. Do what you love and the money
> will follow. Take the time to develop relationships where everyone
> gains something.  I like to call it a mastermind alliance.  It;
> searching for the synergy where 2 + 2 =5 or 6 not 4.

I agree with all that he said in his message.  I'd love to hear the
specifics of how he and others on this list encourage newsletter readers
to visit their website and make purchases (or, if they subscribed on the
website, to return).

I publish a monthly newsletter which includes a feature article, and
announcements of what's new on the site (articles, products). I also
offer subscribers discounts on various items.  The discount aspect
doesn't seem to work, because no one has asked for one.

Basically, I'm looking for some new strategies.

Connie Barrett
 visitors to their websites
Beyond the Rainbow
We're Here For You
New Age Catalog    Holistic Resource

              ***  NEW POST - Pleasing the Masses  ***

From: Ed Laubscher/Co-Op 
Subject: Pleasing the Masses

Hi Gary,

Have recently set up a new operating system on another computer and
have misplaced the address to use when participating in your newsletter.

In response to Paul's long posting about what's considered spam or
abuse.  I suppose that if it's necessary to state what the majority's
position is on this subject...then so be it.  I believe he did a great job
in supporting his position.

I believe that anyone participating in UseNet should at least follow the
group enough to know what's going on before participating.  When it
comes to bulk commercial email...even though most of us know what's's still very controversal.  User's local ISP's TOC's seems to
control this from the sender's end.  What get through we just have to
learn to live with.

When it comes to newsletters...the whole idea is to get the word out
to special interests groups who subscribe.  Some newsletters not
only accept sponsor's messages, but they include a small classified
ad section and/or an announcement section.

Whether the newsletter centers on moderated group discussion or
publishing of related articles.  The use of sponsors, classifieds and
announcements in the newsletter should be within the interests of
the subscribers.  The majority should rule and the moderator should
support the majority.

There has never been a forum (or any form) created, throughout all
of time . . . that's been able to please 100% of all the people 100%
of the time.  However, if 90% of the people agree with you then
the other 10% should re-evaluate their position.

After all, running a newsletter and providing support for the
subscribers does cost you in money and time...and the newsletter
does not charge anything to subscribe.  I believe the owner or the
moderator of a list or newsletter should have the right to off set
the costs of operation.  And as indicated in the previous postings,
the majority agrees with you.
Co-Op Marketing, Ed Laubscher (Mgr)
"Magazine & Information Clearing House"

              ***  NEW POST - E-mail Marketing  ***

From: (Net Solutions)
Subject: RE: E-mail marketing

 Irwin  wrote:

>but there must be a way to reach that huge market out there and
>for someone to be able to build large list of those potential
>seekers of offers. Everything seems to be lumped into that "black
>listed" bag called "unsolicited mail", when in fact, there are
>millions wishing to hear of  great offers.

First of all what you can do now is use a free report on your dish and
what it does for people.  Second you can find the companies who
already have your customers and work an endorsement deal.
Third you must use a "sig" file that offers you free report to people.

I would like to know what it is you are doing and the location of you
Web site so I can find out more information.

D Clark

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