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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #62
                          Aug 16, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

+ New Subjects

    "E-mail Discussion Lists"
       - Gary K. Foote

+ Ongoing

    "Opt-in E-mail/Targeted Mailing"
       - Dave Jones

    "E-mail marketing"
       - Irwin
       - Paul Myers

+ The Corkboard

    "Statistical resource"
       - Gary K. Foote


                          New Subjects

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: E-mail Discussion Lists

Hi All,

One of the best things any business person can do, whether
online or offline, is build their image as expert in their
field of endeavor.  One effective method of doing this online
is to host an e-mail discussion list.  Though this undertaking
is time consuming it is also rewarding in many ways...

1) As moderator/host of a list you will be forced to read each
post completely to evaluate it's content and to consider replies.
This means that you will be exposed to each and every thought on
your chosen subject that crosses your 'desk'...  and they will
sink into your memory as valuable information.

2) Your image - simply by the fact that you host a forum - will
be raised to that of 'expert' in the topic of your list.  Whether
you are truly expert or not when you begin, it will certainly be
true soon enough (See #1 for the reason this is so).

3) Your subscribers often become your customers.  Don't
misunderstand me, a discussion list you host/moderate is NOT a place
to push your wares or services.  It IS a place where people
interested in these things will come for advice, info, etc., and
where there are interested people - there are also customers.

4) Eventual hard-copy publishing is often possible, too.  I keep
an archive of all of my posts... an archive that I plan to soon mine
for those 'gold nuggets of wisdom' I have written.  Compiling them
into book form will take some time and I will no doubt have to
look fairly long and hard for a publisher interested in my 'drivel',
but the prospect of becoming a published author is one that I relish.

There are a lot of different software packages you can use for
publishing a regular online e-mail discussion list - some run from
your own computer and others run on a host computer that is online
24 X 7.

You can use Eudora or Pegasus to maintain a list of subscribers,
but the larger your circulation, the longer it will take to send out
your publication because the software must verify each address
before moving on to the next.

I use majordomo, provided by NCIA, ( for
pricing) to manage this list.  It is simple to use and runs on a
host computer so I don't have to tie up my connection sending out
the EMD to a huge list of subscribers.  Majordomo can be configured
to run moderated or unmoderated, live, digest or both by sending
commands by e-mail to the host computer.

If you are interested in hosting/moderating a list a good
starting point would be The List Exchange ,
an online resource with tons of links to anything and everything
you ever wanted to know about list ownership.


Gary K. Foote, Moderator


From: dave jones 
Subject: Re: Opt-in E-mail/Targeted Mailing

I've greatly enjoyed the discussion on opt-in email. I'm a strong
believer in the power of targeted email in creating mutually
rewarding relationships between consumers and businesses.
However, I too am skeptical of the value of mass-delivery
mechanisms such as Power Agent. I believe that opt-in email is
really only effective when the recipient receives *information*,
not just advertisements. While these services are a form of
opt-in email, it seems in reality they are more like mass
mailings. As mass mailings, they certainly have their uses and
might be valuable in attracting customers to a web site. However
to me, they aren't really what opt-in email is about and
certainly don't take advantage of the tremendous opportunities
inherent in true opt-in mailings.

I feel true opt-in email leverages the power of the Web to
achieve true one-to-one marketing for businesses. By integrating
subscription lists and targeted email delivery into its web site,
a business can establish mutually beneficial relationships with
its customers. By being able to identify and respond to the
specific needs of its customers, the business becomes a useful
resource for the customer while benefiting from having a
meaningful channel of communication to the customer.

Perhaps something like this can work effectively on the scale of
Power Agent or NetBot. But I think a finer level of granularity
is required. Consider an online fish shop. Using opt-in email
technology, the shop might offer on its web site sign up lists
for information on: fresh water fish, salt-water fish,
amphibeans, plants, supplies, and sale specials. Visitors can
sign up for any or all of the topics. Every week the business
owner can write up articles or announcements in each of the areas
and the msgs would be sent only to those people that signed up
for the specific topics. What a tremendous opportunity for the
business to establish an ongoing relationship with its customers.
And from the customers' viewpoint, they're receiving useful
information tailored to their interests. Can Power Agent or
NetBot target at this degree of detail?.

Disclaimer: my company provides services for adding subscription
lists and targeted email to web sites, so my views are biased.
I'm very interested in hearing from business owners about their
needs and how the issue of opt-in mailing looks to them.

Dave Jones
NetEffect - OnTarget
Turnkey Targeted Email

            ***  NEW POST - E-mail marketing  ***

From: Irwin 
Subject: RE: E-mail marketing

 ***  [Moderator Comment]  ***

>I think that D's point was that your post carries no web address
>for your brochure.. a basic 'requirement' for online marketing...


Thanks Gary, for your comments and advice. I must admit that I've
learnt very much from this group.

BTW - My web site is under construction and will be ready in about
3 weeks. At that time, it will be a part of my signature.

Keep up the good work.

Digital Satellite t.v.
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Cancel if not satisfied.

            ***  NEW POST - E-mail marketing  ***

From: Paul Myers 
Subject: How to get my attention with email ads

Greg Bendickson wrote:

> The individuals were neither random, nor out of context for the
> message.

This line hit the nail right on the head. Perhaps I can shed some
light here for a few people who want to do business online and
don't know quite how to do it without spamming.

First a quick point.  I don't care if a legitimate offer from a
company with which I am familiar and for a product I have been
seeking falls into my lap through email. If it's spam, I will
report it as abuse and never do business with the dealer or
the company. Never. If someone spammed me and was selling
Maxwell House coffee, I'd switch to Folgers.

So, what works in getting my attention might be pretty safe. :)

First, anything that comes from a service I have signed up for
is okay. I get a lot of commercial email that comes from opt-in
places. I read it. These people are willing to pay money to
tell me about their products. Odds are, they're good. Or at
least legit. And some of them turn out to be potential clients!

Another way is through responding to a post. If a person reads a
post of mine in a newsgroup or list, and approaches me with
something very pertinent to my post, I'm going to read it. Mind
you, emails that start with "Saw your post in the newsgroup..."
and go on to blast an ad without any real reference to what was
written (one was an ad for spamming services, in response to an
anti-spam rant), I'm reporting it. Otherwise, the worst I'll do
is say "Not interested, but thanks." About 1 in 3 are things I'm
interested in. Not bad odds, as any salesperson will tell you.

Same with an article in a newsletter or e-zine. I don't care if
it's an outright ad! If they tell me "Saw your article on XYZ in
such and such zine...", I'm going to respond to that note. If they
make coherent comments that are related to the subject matter, and
propose a deal that relates, my first thought is "Here's someone
serious." (That's how I met Greg, by the way.)

Comments from any website I am affiliated with are also good, IF
they mention enough that I know they actually read something, and
if the offer is pertinent to the site. One site I run is pretty
generic small business stuff, but if I know they visited, it's
not a random bulk email even if it's not something I want.

Note that this last one is safest if you are very specific and make
comments about the site. Some webmasters will go nuts if they get
the idea that you just grabbed their name from a mailto with an
email address grabber.

Put simply, show me that you know enough about me to have a reason
for making the contact that is based on my interests, and you have
my attention. If it relates directly to my business, you have my
complete and undivided attention.

And while you're there, don't forget to post. If you have something
useful to say, you'll get a LOT of people's attention. I know
someone who has gotten nearly 400 leads in 2 months from nothing
more than a good sig file and (more importantly) a habit of posting
intelligently. 400 direct leads from live, interested people is not
bad for talking about things you're interested in anyway....

Save money. Make money. Save time. One tip on each, once a week.
"Just Business Tips" - For the person who's looking for results.
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                          The Corkboard

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: Statistical resource

Hi all,

Thought you might be interested in this...

Statistical Resources on the Web

links to statistical data on demography, economics, education,
the environment, health, labor, and politics. Also, locators for
1990 Census variables, guides to updating Census data, free
geographic information systems, and an explanation of cost of
living data.


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