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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #65
                          Aug 21, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

 The E-Marketing Digest       

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Table of Contents

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    "E-mail address question"
       - Paul \"the soarING\" Siegel
       - Ted Husted

   "Subscriber's Discount Pool"
       - Dave Thuillier
       - Moderator's Reply



From: "Paul \"the soarING\" Siegel" 
Subject: Re: E-mail Address Question

Klaus Arnhold asks:

>How can I check out to which countries the addresses on the
>subscriber's list are related to?

Check out the country codes at the end of email address, at:

Live your vision,

Paul "the soarING" Siegel *
Mastering the Internet through
* * * Community * * * * LEARNING * * * * Cooperation * * *

         ***  NEW POST - E-mail Address Question  ***

From: "Ted Husted" 
Subject: E-mail Address Question

Klaus Arnhold  asked:

"How can I check out to which countries the addresses on the
subscriber's list are related to?"

It occurs to me that products like WebTrends (
seem to mine the Internic to develop nation and city/state
statistics. If you've a lot of AOL visitors, Vienna VA comes
out on top of your list since that's where AOL.COM is registered
with InterNIC. Someone might put the bug in WebTrends, et al,
ear that a similar product to report on list demographics might
have an audience.

   ------------------[ Put it all together ]-----------------
   Corporate Database + Internet Website + Local Area Network
   ---- Ted Husted - Making Technology Work - Since 1982 ----

         ***  NEW POST - Subscriber's Discount Pool  ***

From: Dreamer 
Subject: Re: Subscriber's Discount Pool

> I would be interested in how much response is generated by
> discounting services to list members.  I would also be interested
> to know if members of this list would be interested in creating a
> 'discount pool' where we could all offer discounts to each other.

I would be interested in doing this. I think the discount benefit to
all list members would more than offset any minor loss in single sale
revenue. How do we set up this discount pool?

Dave Thuillier
Owner, Dreamer's Den
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++         603-464-4762
  Collectable Card Games                 Models & Hobby Materials
    Role Playing Games                       Unique Tee Shirts
             Fantasy & Sci-FI Books and Audio Books

                ***  [Moderator's Reply]  ***

Hi Dave,

If you, or anyone else, would like to offer discounted services to
an E-Marketing Discount Pool I will volunteer to put together and
administer a page at where participants can list their
title/description/website/discount to our subscribers.  I'll make
the page over the weekend and put it up on Monday.  If anyone wants
to send me their info for inclusion right away, e-mail me directly
with the subject DISCOUNT POOL.  Here are the parameters.

Business Name:
Discount description:
Contact name:
Web address:
E-mail address:

Let's keep the discount descriptions under 50 words (unless it's simply not possible).

    Your Moderator,

    Gary K. Foote       
    Internet Marketing, Since 1994

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