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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #67
                          Aug 25, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments


    "Discount Pool"

+ New Subjects

    "Creating ads for clients"
       - Claudia Hafling
       - Moderator Reply

+ Ongoing

    "Discount Pool question"
       - Tracy Randolph
       - Moderator's Reply

    "The difference between lists"
       - George Matyjewicz


                       Moderator Comments

Hello all,

Not to make this forum into my own personal chat room, but...

I just wanted to thank everyone who sent congratulatory e-mail
in the wake of my grandson's birth.  Each and every one is
appreciated and has been archived for printout and inclusion
in the little man's babybook.

I'll be posting some pics on my personal website as soon as
they come back from developing.  The URL will be posted here
when they go online.


[On The Discount Pool]

I've received a lot of submissions to the Discount Pool and
am working my way through them, adding each manually to the
database.  I will hopefully catch up by the end of today...
not that it will take all day, just that I have to fit this
new duty into my daily roster.  I have had an offer from a
subscriber (Stand up and take a bow, Vicky Simons of Probe
Consultants) that will automate the Pool submission and changes
process.  We are just beginning talks on how we will proceed,
but never fear, it will happen...  soon I hope.  

Anyway, I have a question to pose...

Should the discounts being offered at the Pool be exclusive
offers to EMD subscribers or should we allow discounts that
are available to the general public in other places on the net.
My instinct is to require discounts that arer not available
anywhere else, but that will limit the number of offerings.
On the other hand it will also improve the value of the
discounts offered, so..

What do you think?

Your Moderator

                          New Subjects

From: Claudia Hafling <102440.51@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Creating ads for clients

Dear Gary:

We've got a little problem we'd appreciate some input on, from you
and the list members.

Publisher Sunni Freyer (of CFNA, Inc.) and I are trying to sell ads
in her excellent e-mail newsletter for dog owners, Canine Times.
As I think we have said in this Digest before, CT is a free publication
and readers must ask to subscribe Twice in order to receive it, so it
is definitely a targeted mailing list.

At present we have more than 1100 subscribers and have published 13
issues (approx. 3 per month).  Problem - we are having trouble
selling ads.

We recently did a survey to about 40 prospects whom we had never been
able to close to find out why they had not yet agreed to advertise.
One of the most frequent answers was Time.  No time to get around to
putting together an ad.

So - Sunni and I were wondering, do you think it would be a good idea
for us to offer prospects the option of preparing their ads for them?
We're interested in hearing pros and cons on the issue and any suggestions
you all might have.  At present, we're seriously thinking about doing

Thanks much.

-Claudia Hafling
Media & Marketing Concepts
Ad Rep for Canine Times, the free e-mail
newsletter for dog owners

                  ***  {Moderator's Reply]  ***


I have found that creating ads for clients is often the only
way to get them to sign on the line.  Most are so caught up in
their day to day operations that they don't have the time to
create copy that works...  if they even know how.  After all,
knowing how to groom a dog doesn't qualify you for marketing
that service...  just as the ability to market grooming services
doesn't qualify you as a dog groomer.

The thing to watch out for is giving away too much of your time
to make the sale.  You have to ask yourself if the ad creation
is going to add so much time to your schedule that your
profit-per-hour drops below reasonable levels.  You could consider
offering ad creation services at a small fee to offset the
additional time, but I don't know how your clients would react to
an additional charge.  Some are quite reasonable and recognize
that you are performing a valuable service and should be paid for
it.  Others will believe that "if you want my (their) business,
you have to work extra hard for it."  I try to avoid the latter
as soon as I recognize them for what they are.

Of course, there's always the client who expects twice the work
AFTER the contract is signed...  but that's another story.  

    Your Moderator,

    Gary K. Foote       
    Internet Marketing, Since 1994
    P.O. Box 3214, N. Conway, NH 03860         (603)447-1024

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From: Tracy Randolph 
Subject: Discount Pool question - change info?


When we submit info to Discount Pool, could we make any changes later?
I mean maybe new email address, new special discount, new phone, etc?


Tracy Randolph

                ***  [Moderator's Reply]  ***


Sure, we just need to know what category your current
listing is in and exactly how it reads, along with the
new info.

We'll be automating the submission and changes process
soon, but this manual version will do ok for now.


Gary K. Foote

          ***  NEW POST - The difference between lists  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: The difference between lists

At 09:11 AM 8/25/97, you wrote:

>From: Claudia Hafling <102440.51@CompuServe.COM>
>Subject: The difference between lists
>>"1.  Moderated digest list like yours, and John Audette's I-Sales.
>>2.  Moderated lists like Adam Boettiger's I-Advertising (was
>>digest) and Ray Gabriel's International Business List."
>Dear Gary and George:
>What is the difference between a moderated digest list and a
>moderated list (items 1 and 2 above)?

The difference between the two is that little word between
"Moderated" and "list" - digest.  On a digest list (like this)
the moderator determines what he/she will publish in the digest,
which is usually a shortened version (under 20k).   To respond to
a digest means you cut and paste you answers, and the moderator
determines if they will be published (usually based on size of
the digest and content).  How does a list owner determine what to
post if the limit is 20k?

On a non-digest list, all posts are usually published and the
moderator may act as a police officer to ascertain that flames
are kept to a minimum, no spamming, threads are stopped when they
go on to long, etc.  It is also much easier to answer on a
non-digest list (you answer one question) and to keep posts that
have relevance to you for other purposes.  The moderator may or
may not offer comments to each post, or he/she may summarize a
thread or group of posts, or respond to certain posts.

Personally I like unmoderated lists better, as you can determine
what thread you want to participate in by the subject line.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
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Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

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