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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #68
                          Aug 26, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator Comments

    "Discount Pool Exclusivity"

+ Ongoing

    "Discount Pool"
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Rev. Keith Londrie II
       - Vicki Simons
       - Moderator's Reply
       - Ed Laubscher

    "Creating Client Ads"
       - Jill Stahl Tyler
      - Moderator's Reply

    "On Moderation"
       - Claudia Hafling
       - Marshall D. Simmonds
       - Moderator's Comments

    "Banner Placement"
       - Peter Kremer

+ The Corkboard

    "Event Information"
       - Jeff Lunz


                       Moderator Comments

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday's question...

>Should the discounts being offered at the Pool be exclusive
>offers to EMD subscribers or should we allow discounts that
>are available to the general public in other places on the net?

... brought a lot of responses.  I have included a few here to
give you the gist of what the consensus is.  The overwhelming
response is to keep the EMD Discount Pool a resource full of
discounts that are not available anywhere else, or to anyone
else.  There are, however, a number of submissions that would
not be available to the *individual* anywhere else, but are
instead group rates that are offered to us because of the number
of subscribers to the EMD.  I think that the exclusivity rule
can be bent to accommodate these offers...  after all, as a
group we qualify, but as individuals we don't.

    Your Moderator,

    Gary K. Foote       
    Internet Marketing, Since 1994
    P.O. Box 3214, N. Conway, NH 03860         (603)447-1024

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From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Discount Pool

At 08:27 AM 8/26/97, you wrote:
>[On The Discount Pool]
>Anyway, I have a question to pose...
>Should the discounts being offered at the Pool be exclusive
>offers to EMD subscribers or should we allow discounts that
>are available to the general public in other places on the net.
>My instinct is to require discounts that arer not available
>anywhere else, but that will limit the number of offerings.
>On the other hand it will also improve the value of the
>discounts offered, so..
>What do you think?

Members only.  Great way to build your list and to make it an
exclusive for members.  If they want discounts offered elsewhere,
go elsewhere.

G (could be George or Gramps also )
George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

              ***  NEW POST - Discount Pool  ***

From: "Information Services" 
Subject: My opinion

Hi Gary:

I would prefer that the discount pool contain discounts only
avail. to EMD members.



YOUR Information Resource -->>

               FREE Subscription to the IWEG+
Click here -->

Information Services
Rev. Keith Londrie II
2466 340th St. Suite 16
Keokuk, Ia. 52632 USA
(319) 524 - 1763

              ***  NEW POST - Discount Pool  ***

From: Vicki Simons 
Subject: The EMD Discount Pool

Hi, Gary,

Thanks for my 15 minutes of fame in the most recent EMD.  (BTW, I spell
my first name with an "i", not a "y", but I forgive you...  :)  )

Some of us are marketing services for which groups can receive a group
discount.  The group rate is as low as we can go, and we have no control
over setting prices.  (This is particularly true in cases where joint
ventures are taking place.)  The group rate is probably a significant
discount.  Limiting the Discount Pool (IMHO) to offers of discounts
available only to other EMD subscribers will put a very *large*
restriction on what can be offered through the Pool.  To me, it would be
more important to begin and maintain a good relationship with a person
or company offering the discount than just the discount (although the
discount would be a plus).  (IOW, the customer service angle is as
important -- if not more so -- as a good price break.)

Second, you might consider putting a link on this page to the EMD
Discount Pool: .   I'm not sure how many
people subscribe to EMD after having browsed into your site; I know that
I heard of EMD through another newsletter/digest.  Anyway, you probably
don't want for the surfing-in, potential subscriber population to miss
an incentive for subscribing -- in case they're looking for a reason to
join.  Just my 0.02.

Finally, congratulations on becoming a grandfather!  I'm sure this a
time of tremendous adjustments within your family.  (Did you know that
even new parents can save time and money on their expenses?  Yep, they
sure can!)

Thanks again.
Wishing you the best of everything,

Vicki Simons

------------------------- Probe Consultants --------------------------
     Free Tips and Fee-based services that save consumers money.
                    How much can we save for you?
262 Eastgate Drive, Suite 391   Aiken, SC   29803-7698    803/652-1727
-------- "Recovering Refunds for Consumers Every Single Day" ---------

                  ***  [Moderator's Reply]  ***


Your suggestion about the website is solid.  In fact, since
the inception of the EMD Discount Pool I have been redesigning
the EMD site to more clearly lead the visitor to all the good
stuff that resides there.  I'll probably be uploading it all
later today.  If you've noticed that the current page(s) are
suddenly not changing...  that's why.

And, thanks for the congrats.  We sure are busy here.  A new
baby in the family always means a LOT of adjustments.

I guess I'm glad that most of it takes place at our children's
home and not ours.  I'm pretty set in my ways and adjustments
come harder than they used to.

    Your Moderator,

    Gary K. Foote       
    Internet Marketing, Since 1994
    P.O. Box 3214, N. Conway, NH 03860         (603)447-1024

    The E-Marketing Digest - Discussing Electronic Marketing
    The List Exchange Digest - Discussing List Owners Issues
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              ***  NEW POST - Discount Pool  ***

From: Ed Laubscher/Co-Op 
Subject: Re: Discount Pool

>Should the discounts being offered at the Pool be exclusive
>offers to EMD subscribers or should we allow discounts that
>are available to the general public in other places on the net?

Hi Gary,

Congrads . . . and thanks for the great effort and devotion you extend
to the group.

I don't see everything that comes across your desk . . . so the final
decision is yours.  No matter what the result . . . I still hold your
discussion group in the highest regards !

In the case of what I extended to this group through the CSS Agent
program at .  It is a rather unique
offer.  This is truely wholesale!  It is not like I offered to send your
readers to a retail site, i.e., and
then extended say a meager 20% discount to the group.  I thought that
would be an insult.  Instead, I offered interested readers the opportunity
to be able to take advantage of an offer with magazines that is extended
to only established businesses.  The offer does not get any better than
being able to buy at agent rates (wholesale).  In my case, there is no
pencil to whittle down any further . . . at least legidimately !

My offer to the group would be equivalent to what NCIA offers to
established servers in the use of licensed use of their programs for
their clients.  Of course, NCIA does not do this for free . . . that I am
sure of !  But, I am sure my offer could be seen as an equivalent of
extending a business-to-business offer that could not be matched by
any other company.  CSS has established business relationships with
the necessary sources to be able to authorize agency rates to other
businesses.  And, through CSS a business person can rest assured
that they are doing business with a reputable company who has the
authority to make an offer to legidimately buy magazines at agent
(wholesale) rates.

I extend my offer for your consideration . . . that it does not get any
better than this.  Anything less would be a dis-service to the group.

Ed Laubscher

Co-Op Marketing, Ed Laubscher (Mgr)
"Magazine & Information Clearing House"

              ***  NEW POST - Creating Client Ads  ***

From: Jill Stahl Tyler 
Subject: ads and their creation

Regarding ads and the creation of them.  My experience in buying
print ads has been that I certainly liked having the option of
the magazine/newspaper doing the ad for me.  It is sometimes
difficult to know how much space I am really getting, what would
look good in that space, and how to send it to them.  For space
on-line, I think those questions get even trickier, as I have to
know how to make a banner (I don't!) and how to make it work on
all the browsers, where and how to send it to, what it would
look like, how long it would take to download, etc.

I would also expect to pay a bit more, perhaps around $15 to $25
for the service.

I have purchased a banner ad before (with absolutely ZERO
responses) for a conference I was doing.  My experience left me
quite a bit disappointed.  From that perspective, here is what I
would suggest that would have made me happier:

1)  Communicate back to me when you've received my check and
have started on my ad.

2)  Tell me exactly what I can expect from your creation of the
banner.   Talk to me about what I expect, too (a less than five
minute phone call would have sufficed).  Don't just create it,
and then ask me to accept or reject it.  I don't know the
parameters I can change, how much work I am asking, and what is
even reasonable.

3)  Send me an email message when it is up.  INCLUDE THE URL

4)  Give me a way to contact you beyond email, like a mailing
address, fax and phone number.  (Give me a way to believe you
are a real business.)

5)  Check back with me to see if I am pleased, want to buy
again, or have any other questions.

Hope this helps.
Jill Stahl Tyler
The Global Cow, Ltd. and Stahl & Associates International
Consulting, Inc; specializing in international dairy training,
tours and consulting; 611 Ames Hill Road; Brattleboro, VT
05301; tel: (802) 254-2879; fax: (802) 257-1693;; or;

"In the end, everything works out.  If it hasn't worked out yet,
that's because you haven't gotten to the end."  Brazilian proverb

Got milk?

                ***  [Moderator's Reply  ***


All of the things you cite are examples of a business that has
not yet learned the value of constant communication with the
client.  As a client I want to be kept appraised of my project's
progress at every turn.  That may sound like I'm an
over-your-shoulder client...  and it's true, I am, but it is my
$$$ that are being spent and anytime it is my $$$ then I am the
boss...  and the boss needs to know what is going on all the time.

As a contractor I recognize these desires in my clients and do my
best to make sure they are always informed.  Not that they always
understand what I have said to them.  The net is still quite
confusing to most who are not yet online.

    Your Moderator,

    Gary K. Foote       
    Internet Marketing, Since 1994
    P.O. Box 3214, N. Conway, NH 03860         (603)447-1024

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          ***  NEW POST - On Moderation  ***

From: Claudia Hafling <102440.51@CompuServe.COM>
To: "" 
Subject: The E-Marketing Digest, V2, #67
Message-ID: <970826191402_102440.51_DHT36-5@CompuServe.COM>

-------------------- Begin Original Message --------------------

"The difference between the two is that little word between
"Moderated" and "list" - digest. "

-------------------- End Original Message --------------------

Dear George:

Thank you for your answer.  It makes sense.  I thought digest
lists and regular moderated lists were pretty much the same
thing -- but now I know better.

Best Wishes,

Claudia Hafling
Media & Marketing Concepts, Inc.
the full-service p.r., advertising
and marketing agency

          ***  NEW POST - On Moderation  ***

From: "Marshall D. Simmonds" 
Subject: Moderated list

In response to George Matyjewicz comments on discussion lists;
I believe not only is it important to have a moderator, it is
essential. If you do not believe this, go check out, oh lets
say, ANY newsgroup. Threads going in a billion different
directions, extremely hard to follow who is saying what,
SPAM know what I mean.

In lists such as E-Marketing or I -Sales we have an almighty
watching over to make sure no one company advertises too much,
keeps us on track and focused, and even interjects some (gasp)
humor.  I hereby proclaim this Moderator Gary K. Foote day, not
only to honor him, but for also being a Grand Daddy.

See George, you can only get this "family" feeling here at

Exposure? The best kind.

Biasness? Maybe.  But that is the beauty of the net.  Don't
like the moderator's perspective you have the option to move
on to one of many other unmoderated lists.

Marshall D. Simmonds
List your For-Sale product or service for FREE
American Auction:  for full details

                    ***  [Moderator's Comments]  ***

I think that George was simply stating a preference for
non-moderated lists, not a complaint.  His post was an
elucidation, prompted by another subscriber's request, of an
earlier post where he defined four types of lists.  Personally
I have the most 'fun' on an unmoderated, live list whose topic
is autoracing.  A very chatty list, it is more like a family
than like a group of people with a similar interest.  I do,
however, gain the most hard knowledge from lists that are
moderated and tightly focused.  I guess it depends what you
expect from any list or digest that makes or breaks your
interest in staying a subscriber.

And - Gary K. Foote Day...  WOW!  This is my first National
Holiday named for me.  Do you think the President and First
Lady will call?    Truly, thanks for your kind words.  It
is always my goal to keep this forum alive and interesting,
though I have been known to disappear for short periods of
time...  usualy when I find myself sitting at my desk for more
than 12 hours a day.

    Your Moderator,

    Gary K. Foote       
    Internet Marketing, Since 1994
    P.O. Box 3214, N. Conway, NH 03860         (603)447-1024

    The E-Marketing Digest - Discussing Electronic Marketing
    The List Exchange Digest - Discussing List Owners Issues
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          ***  NEW POST - Banner Placement  ***

From: Kremer 
Subject: Banner Placement

Gordon F. Currie wrote

>2) I provided a contest offering a banner on my site. The
>contest allowed people chances to win by sending me links to
>my page. Each new link was added to my page, saving me hundreds
>of hours of searching.  In two weeks I collected over 120 new
>links I did not have. Offering a Banner ad attracted attention!

This seems to be a great idea. Congratulations. What I am
interested in is to know where you place the banners on your sites
(for example a special link-partner-site) and how many views each
banner got?

Thank you for answering

Peter Kremer
net-service. Marketing Management Consulting
Waemstlergaesschen 3  D-86152 Augsburg
Tel. 	+49 - (0)821-3490920
Fax 	+49 - (0)821-3490921

                          The Corkboard

Subject: Event Information


I wanted to let you know that Danny Sullivan, search engine
specialist, will be among the presenters at PlaceWare's "Webmaster
Week" September 3-6.  Presenters will host live question and answer
sessions on the topics listed below.  Perhaps your readers might
like to attend an event?  The details and times are listed below.

--"Virtual Communities: More Than Just Talk," presented by
Kayla Block, PlaceWare webmaster and a primary developer
of SenseMedia's Sprawl: 9/3/97 2:00 pm EDT.

--"Email Marketing 101: How to Make Friends, Not Flames,"
presented by Rosalind Resnick, President, NetCreations, Inc.:
9/4/97 2:00 pm EDT.

--"Can you make $$ in the Stock Market? The Secret Behind
Building *The Investment Club* Web Site," presented by
Leanne Goulding of Borland, 9/5/97 2:00pm EDT.

--"Promoting Your Site On Search Engines," presented by
Danny Sullivan of the Search Engine Watch Web Site:
9/6/97, 1:00pm EDT.

A full listing of events and times is available by sending an email


Jeff Lunz,

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