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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #70
                          Aug 29, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ New Subjects

    "Motor industry lists"
       - Colin Haynes

+ Ongoing

    "John Q. Hobbyman Campaign"
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Jim Wilson
       - Marty Foley

+ The Corkboard

    "Consultant Needed"
       - Vicki Simons


                          New Subjects

From: "colin haynes" 
Subject: Motor industry lists

Please, does anyone know of a good source for motor industry and motor
trade lists - North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and other

We have developed what we think is one of the most comprehensive motor
industry news services (you can see it at and other auto
industry digital products and now need to market these comprehensively.
Any suggestions or advice on reaching the world's motor industry and motor
trade would be greatly appreciated.

I am updating my book "How to Succeed in Cyberspace" in a digital edition.
When I first wrote it, e-mail as a marketing medium had not really
developed and I would now like to have a much fuller section on this.  So
anecdotes, case histories, comments, advice, etc. would be welcomed from
fellow digest members.  The publicity might be useful to you.  Please email
me at

My other print books are also being turned into digital editions
deliverable by e-mail, including The Frequent Flyer's Survival Guide, The
Collector's Guide to Fakes & Forgeries, Paperless Publishing, Guide to
Public Relations, Living & Working on the Road - the Guide to a a practical
alternative nomadic lifestyle, and The Osiris Project - A Scientist's
Explanation of Near Death Experiences.  Any list/marketing suggestions on
these topics would also be greatly appreciated.

Incidentally, the use of e-mail to market and deliver digital products is
an absolute God-send to developing countries that are isolated from the
main markets by distance and expensive mail/courier/freight services.
South Africa has one of the world's fastest-growing rates of Internet
usage, but we still need help and co-operation in using it effectively to
make books and software more affordable.  What advice - perhaps even
products  - do other members have for the developing countries in these


Colin Haynes is Editor of, Director of the Creative
Communications Trust, and the author of internationally published books on
business, personal computing, and the Internet - including McGraw-Hill's
Paperless Publishing and the Association of Information Management's How to
Succeed in Cyberspace.
Contact details: 21 Oak Street, Greyton 7233, South Africa - tel (27)
028-254-9230 (fax 9129) e-mail:


From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: John Q. Hobbyman Campaign

At 10:52 AM 8/28/97, you wrote:

>I have selected four items that I think will
>sell well...  all of them are wooden boat models
>that normally sell for around $75 US.  Overseas
>shipping for these items is normally somewhere in
>the vicinity of $100 US.  We are planning to offer
>these models online in the $125 US range, including
>shipping and handling.  We feel this pricing strategy
>will help us build sales.

John, you remind me of the men's wear merchant I went looking for
a fine, name-brand suit. I asked the price, and he said $500.
"What?" said I, "I can get the same thing down the street for
$350."   He says "So go down the street."  I answer "He is out of
the suits"  To which this astute merchant replies "So when I am
out of them, I'll sell them for $250."

Why would you want to sell something on the Net for more than
normal?  You have less advertising, no store overhead, etc., etc.
 One of our clients will be opening a virtual store.  They have 7
department stores, and to open a physical store costs a minimum
of $250,000.  On the Net it is less than $50,000.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

           ***  NEW POST - John Q. Hobbyman Campaign  ***

From: Jim Wilson 
Subject: Re: HELP!

John Q.,

Good fortune to you as you take the first steps toward joining the
e-commerce community.

There are two primary ways in which you can attack the web.

The first, and almost universal method is to hire your sister's
girlfriend's boyfriend's 11th grad friend how has extensive Internet
experience, having surfed to hundreds of web sites in his career. Of
course, the cost of having this person build your site is modest, as he/she
really needs to build a site so they have something to put in their portfolio.

The second, and least traveled road to web citizenship is the slow and
metholical method. First you start by reading every web site you can find
that offers free information on:
   Web commerce basics
   Online merchant account processing
   Steps in building a web site
   HTML techniques
   CGI programming
   Browser compatibility
   Web site design
   Web site promotion (of course, one immediately comes to mind)
   Web community building
   Designing fast loading graphics.
   Advanced site navigation techniques.
   Web hosting

While this cautious approach does take time, we of the more web battle
weary veterans have a sure-fire technique for determining which of the two
methods you chose.

If we see you back in the newsgroups offering assistance to others, you
chose the slow method.

If we see you 30 days from now begging for help and whining about how
   'The search engines dropped my site'
   'How do I make a form to take orders'
   'How do I take credit cards from Europe?'
   'My ISP cancelled my account for spamming?'
   'Why do people complain baout my cool graphics and animations?'

and, of course, the time-honored and traditional:

"Would all of you guys come over to my web site for free and offer me all
of your hard-earned knowledge and experience to tell me why nobody is
buying at my web site? Please be sure to wait for the graphics to load.
They are really hot."

John Q., best of luck to you and may I suggest that you take this weekend
to sleep 3 days straight? It will give you a vivid memory that will serve
to remind you of what sleep feels like.

We look forward to seeing you become an active member of this list. We will
all prepare out cut-and-paste answer to your posts: "Please review the
archives of this list for the discussions we had on that topic every month
for 2 years. BTW: Please refrain from typing your posts in ALL CAPS."

Jim Wilson        
First aid for the walking wounded of web site traffic promotion.
Subscribe to the Gazette - Free weekly promotion newsletter.
Personal Web Server:

           ***  NEW POST - John Q. Hobbyman Campaign  ***

From: "Marty Foley" 
Subject: Re: John Q. Hobbyman

> I have selected four items that I think will
> sell well...  all of them are wooden boat models
> that normally sell for around $75 US.  Overseas
> shipping for these items is normally somewhere in
> the vicinity of $100 US.  We are planning to offer
> these models online in the $125 US range, including
> shipping and handling.  We feel this pricing strategy
> will help us build sales.
> My question is this...  HELP!  What is the first
> step I should take?

One of the first steps I'd recommend is to find other sites and
resources related to what you're trying to do. Go to a search
engine and try using various key words, such as "hobby",
"hobbies" "boat models", "wooden boat models", etc., to come
up with a list of relevant sites. Try various search engines to
broaden your search.

Start visiting the sites and bookmarking them for future
reference. Also keep an eye out for other resources related to
helping you reach your objective: Discussion groups, mailing
lists, etc. Keep track of the ones you think you can use.

While you're at it, start building a list of keywords and
file it away for future marketing efforts. This can save you
time in the future, if and when you decide to build a web
site. (Many sites you bookmark will have metatags in the source
code, where you can find related keywords. You should be able
to hit View/Source to see the code in your browser.

What about online discussion lists or newsgroups (of hobbyists,
etc.)? You can search through thousands of lists at:

>And the second, and so on.

*If you know anyone that is *successfully* marketing similar
hobby items online, that will be your best source of
information. Try to pry as much information from them that you
can.  Even if they don't want to give you info on what
they are doing, you can find out much of what's working for
them by observing. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel.
You can creatively adapt ideas you get from others to your own

Other thoughts:
*Try offering a variety of items. You might find something else
that sells even better than the items you had in mind.
Diversifying your offers (while keeping them related to one
another) is an effective business strategy, for various
 *Make sure to use a sig file when posting to a
discussion list, such as this one.

> Also, and this is a BIG also, what should I NOT do?

You should not spend too much money trying to market
online, especially before you know how well your ideas will
sell. For example, you can pay thousands of dollars for a web
site, or you can learn how to create your own web pages.  (It's
easier than you might think!)

Sorry there isn't much more room to help here. See my sig file

To Your Online Marketing Success,
Marty Foley
To start your FREE Subscription to Marty's Global Profit$ Email
Newsletter, email:  and type: SUBSCRIBE-GP
in the subject line. To profit from what millions are really
seeking on the Internet - INFORMATION... send any email
message to: , or visit:

                          The Corkboard

From: Vicki Simons 
Subject: Consultant Needed

I want to thank the readers of this group who make
this discussion list such a learning experience, and
the moderator who makes the list happen.

I'm writing to ask for help on finding information.
I recently learned that a business colleague has
plans to do one of the following within 5 years:

1.  go public, or
2.  sell the company.

My colleague is looking for a consultant who has
experience performing either or both of these tasks,
by either joining the company or as a third party.
(The procedure must not be performed in a generic
"fill in the blank" way.)

Since I have Internet connections and my colleague
does not, I have been asked to perform screening
on all consultants recommended.  If you are, work
for, or personally know of such a consultant, please
send this specific information to me *privately*:

  * Contact's Name
  * Contact's Company Name
  * Contact's E-Mail address
  * Contact's URL
  * Contact's business phone number.
  * Contact's experience/success with this service.

Many thanks in advance.
Vicki Simons

Probe Consultants
262 Eastgate Drive, Suite 391 Aiken, SC  29803-7698
"Recovering Refunds for Consumers Every Single Day"
* 7 out of 10 Americans will need one this year.  *
Prepare now -- before it's your turn -- affordably.

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