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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #80
                          Sept 26, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments

    "EMD Discount Pool"

+ New Subjects

    "Acceptable ways of promoting"
       - Tina Ashburn
       - Moderator's Reply

+ Ongoing

    "Economics of Spam"
       - Paul Myers
       - Moderator's Comment

+ The Corkboard

    "Question of the Week"


                      Moderator's Comments

Hi Everyone,

Well, someone has to say it out loud, so it might as well be me...
the E-Marketing Discount Pool is *really* in need of updating.
About a dozen new discounts have been registered recently, but I
just have not had the time to add them to the page.  It's still
a manual process, so hang in there.  Your discount offer will be
added soon.  In the future, I'll use The Corkboard to notify you
of additions as they go online.  That way nobody misses anything.

    Your Moderator,

    Gary K. Foote       
    Internet Marketing, Since 1994
    P.O. Box 3214, N. Conway, NH 03860         (603)447-1024

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                          New Subjects

From: Tina Ashburn 
Subject: Acceptable ways of promoting

I recently joined the list and I have a question. I'm in the process of
promoting Boss's Day with gift baskets. I have an autoresponder with details
about the holiday and its significance. What are acceptable ways of
promoting this autoresponder through email?

Tina Ashburn, CEO, Basket Express, Inc.
Check out our FREE specials and contests
1920 W. Aster, Phoenix, AZ 85029
TOLL FREE 800-707-6012
Don't forget Boss's Day...October 16th!

                  ***  [Moderator's Reply]  ***

Welcome to E-Marketing, Tina.  Using autoresponders has a well
documented history as a standard marketing tool, and promoting
it through e-mail is central to it's success.  In looking at your
.sig file, my first impression is that the e-mail address for your
autoresponder is not formatted to provide a clickable link.  To
make an e-mail address a clickable link (in most e-mail clients)
use the following form;

Sometimes I will click on what looks like a proper mailto link,
I find, for some reason, the line following the link gets
appended and the address will not work properly (I've also seen
this with URLs).  The best solution is to enclose your mailto
address in brackets, so;

The same works for URL's, so;

I sent e-mail to your autoresponder and received information
about National Business Women's Week as a possible reason to
send a gift basket, along with a nice presentatin about how
your company can help the reader send a customized gift basket.

I say, well done...

The only thing that struck me as out of place at first glance
was your 'curerent' contest, quoting...

>All entries must be received by Friday, August 19, 1997

Keeping your literature up to date is a definite must-do.  Besides,
you'll likely get more contest entries 

As to the question of "...acceptable ways of promoting this
autoresponder through email"... participate...  just like you
have here.  Get involved in every online community that
interests you, of course, not leaving out those that directly
relate to your enterprise.  Let your .sig do your commercial
talking for you.  Of course, when the opportunity arises to
give your products a direct plug, go for it.  For instance,
if someone asks what the list/newsgroup/community thinks they
should give to their spouse for their anniversary, it would be
acceptable to respond with a direct mention of your product
line.  You might even mention a specific item that fits the
occasion to a "T".

Your question also implies an interest in more than
community-related promotion.  In spite of the controversy
regarding unsolicited e-mail, I firmly believe that there
is a place for individual, highly targeted, unsolicited
e-mail promotion...  as long as it is carried out within
strict guidelines.  In the early editions of this publication
I wrote a 4 part series called "Ethical, Proactive Direct
Marketing by E-mail".  The entire article resides at the following

The series has been slightly altered from it's original form,
but it's essence remains the same...  Target, Target, Target.
Without *very careful targeting* of *individuals* you risk
being branded a spammer.

For those interested in reading about this forum's early
definition of spam, there is a short compilation at;

I'm sure others here have a lot to offer on the subject of
promoting a product or service by e-mail.  So, Have at it...

    Your Moderator,

    Gary K. Foote       
    Internet Marketing Since 1994
    P.O. Box 3214, N. Conway, NH 03860         (603)447-1024

       ~ Author of "Ethical, Proactive E-mail Marketing" ~


From: "Paul Myers" 
Subject: Economics of Spam

> the stats I published back in May were...

   ... Clearly non-typical.

> So, if Ban-the-Spam messages are 18.9 times the number of Spam...

They're not. Not, at least, for the majority of users. AOL reports
that roughly one third of their incoming email is spam. And to correct
my assumptions, the total daily intake of spam at AOL is roughly 10
million pieces. That's just what goes in. Doesn't count what comes out.
This is based on numbers from AOL.

It would appear that my assumtions regarding the volume were
seriously on the conservative side. To put that in perspective, it's
roughly 39,000 hours of download time, at 1500 cps, for one week of
AOL's inbound spam. Just short of 20 years. For AOL alone.

I don't assume that my spam ratios personally are normal either, as
I post to a lot of the kinds of places that spammers use to skim for
addresses. I get about 1/3 of my email in as spam. In the past the
daily spam count to me alone has been as high as 100 spams. I would
consider a count of 1 spam per 130 emails a major improvement.

> Why contribute to it?  Hit the Delete or set up a filter to dump
> the messages to trash.

And continue to pay for the spammers "right" to a free ride? Nope.
Not happening. I got an interesting email from someone who read my last
post on this, and missed the point entirely. Claimed that honoring
remove requests made them "okay". "Respectable, reliable and honest".

I do not, and will not, consider thievery as acceptable. No matter
how  nicely it's painted, and no matter how many people see it as
"just an inconvenience", spam is theft.

Get tremendous gains for your business from a few small changes
Free report sent to all new subscribers to VirtualBusiness.News
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                ***  [Moderator's Comment]  ***

I think that the issue of the $$$ cost of spam  has been well
covered in this recent flurry of posts.  I have asked my system
administrator to let me know what his cost in time and system
resources really are on a typical day in server-land.  I'll
post his reply to the list when he gets a minute to pay attention
to me.  

Future posts on this subject will require some new insights or
new information to be included in the Digest.

    Your Moderator,

    Gary K. Foote       
    Internet Marketing, Since 1994
    P.O. Box 3214, N. Conway, NH 03860         (603)447-1024

    The E-Marketing Digest - Discussing Electronic Marketing
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                         The Corkboard

Question of the Week

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advertising each month?

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[ ] Over $1000

Send responses to the list address.  Results will be posted here.


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