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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #81
                          Sept 29, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments

    "Question of the Week"

+ New Subjects

    "Revolving banner ads"
       - Josh Cravitt

+ Ongoing

    "Sig files - thanks!  Eudora??"
       - Julie Frost

+ Question of the Week

    "Advertising Expenditures?


                      Moderator's Comments

Hi all,

As of this week (well, last Friday really) the EMD will be posting
a "Question of the Week".  Here's how it will work...

- Each Monday a new Question will be posted to the Digest.

- Each week's Question will be published all week long.

- The deadline for responding to each week's question will be 5 PM
  Eastern Time every Friday.

- I will compile responses to each week's Question and post them on
  the following Monday so we can all benefit.

- The Questions themselves will be those in whose answer any online
  marketer can find value.

- If you have a suggestion for a Question of the Week, send it to me
  at .  I will consider all submissions.

    Your Moderator,

    Gary K. Foote       
    Internet Marketing Since 1994
    P.O. Box 3214, N. Conway, NH 03860         (603)447-1024

       ~ Author of "Ethical, Proactive E-mail Marketing" ~

                          New Subjects

From: Josh Cravitt 
Subject: Revolving banner ads

Hello friends,

We are a small alternative health care "content rich" website,
with over 60,000 visitors this year, 150,000 projected for next

We have today 20-25 different banner ads for products, advertisers
and messages placed throughout the web site. They are an eye-sore!

"Over loading" the web site with the banners (I read somewhere once
that prospects need to see a banner ad 5 times on line before they
even consider to purchase) has also been counter productive. The
last two months sales responses for different herbal nutritional
products clearly show that.

By the way, I had the same downward response when I over loaded
the website with the banner ad for our free email newsletter. The
more of the same banner I added at all the different sections in
the web site, the less responses I kept getting. Since reducing the
number of occasions someone could see the banner ad, response has
been better. Even now the balance isn't right, but at least I'm
getting 10 new registrations a day.

I'd like to remove all the banners and set 5-7 "strategic" spots in
the web site for revolving banner ads. Important junctions that I'm
sure a visitor will pass through at least once or twice during a
visit to the site. At each spot I'd like to put 5-7 different
banners, and maybe overlap 2 or 3 spots (either with the same banner
ads in different revolving order/sequence, or alternating some of
the banners with newly designed ones).


1. Is the technology available for small web sites like ours? What
is the technology anyway, CGI scripts?

2. Is there freeware/shareware available or is there a cost? Any ruff
ideas on least expensive software.

3. Do we need any special support from our local ISP to make this work?
We are located in Thailand (moving before Christmas to new URL hosting
services in the USA- any suggestions/recommendation based on your
customer satisfaction would be also most welcomed!) and it's not very
easy to get ongoing support or customer service from our present day

4. How do we go about implementing this technology immediately? Where
to look, and who to call? All recommendations/suggestions welcomed!

I'm sure other readers must be thinking in the same direction, so
maybe this can develop into an interesting thread for the group. We
can even use my website to test the effectiveness of our ideas. I'd
be honored. I invite all of your to take a look. I need and want
your help.

Thanks for your support (and hopefully interest in this subject).

Josh Cravitt

Thailand Country Manager
HPS- "Helping People Survive" on line
.../Ko-Samui island, Thailand
Emergency backup email:

                 ***  [Moderator's Reply]  ***

Hi Josh,

Matt's Script Archive has a couple of random image display CGI
scripts available for free download at;

There are also a ton of other free CGI scripts that perform
other neat functions...  all for free!

As for how to implement the scripts, I am not the person to ask
(when I need it done I hire someone to do it for me), but I'm sure
there are plenty of folks here who can give you some solid advice.

Ready gang?  Go!




Subject: Sig files - thanks!  Eudora??

In a message dated 9/26/97 4:42:33 AM, you wrote:
>The best solution is to enclose your mailto
>address in brackets, so;
>The same works for URL's, so;

Thanks for sharing that with us, Gary! I have run
across the problems with the mailto: tags in the
past with incoming mail, but I didn't know why.
Now I do - Thanks! You can be sure I have adjusted
my sig file accordingly!

One more thing... I recently started using Eudora
Pro 3.11, and I was wondering if anyone knew of
a good book to help me out with it? I know that
many Eudora features have been discussed here in
the past (of course, I didn't think I'd need that info
then! :::slaps her forehead:::) Or is the list archived??
Or would that just be wishful thinking? ;-)

Anyway... Thanks again for a wonderful resource!

Julie Frost
The eZine that helps you realize your home based business dreams!
 *Our weekly enewsletter delivered to your email box, filled with*
*tips and hints for starting and succeeding in home based business*

                 ***  [Moderator's Reply]  ***

Archives???  Well...  sort of.  I haven't updated them since 
July, I think.  It's on my list of 'Things to Catch Up On'...  a
rapidly shrinking list, I assure you  - now that I have sold
off my video production enterprise and I have 100% of my work days
to devote to the internet.

Actually, I think all of the past EMD issues are online, just not
yet referenced from the archives page.  If you want to seek them
out, the naming scheme is;

, where XX represents the
issue number you wish to read.  In other words, to read today's
issue you would go to the following URL;

Eudora has a site at  that carries lots of
version specific information.  You should be able to find the manual
for v 3.11 there.

BTW - Quit slapping your forehead so hard...  it's gonna leave a



                      Question of the Week

How much $$$ does your company spend on online and offline
advertising each month?

[ ] Under $100

[ ] $100 - $500

[ ] $500 - $1000

[ ] Over $1000

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