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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #85
                        October 6, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

                  This Week's Guest Moderator

                       George Matyjewicz
                   of GAP Enterprises, LTD.

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments

	-  Guest Moderator's comments

+ New Subjects

	-  Seeking Lists
		-  Ron S. La Vine
		-  Carolin Benjamin
		-  Moderator's comment
	-  On-Line Marketing Seminars
		-  Terry Van Horne

+ Ongoing

	-  "Subject" Tip in Digest #84
		-  Terry Van Horne
		-  Rick Smith
		-  Mark E. Congel
		-  Moderator's comment
	-  Adobe Page Mill
		-  Don Morris

+ Question of the Week

	-  Last Weeks Answers
	-  This Week's Question

                      Moderator's Comments

Hi all,

As Gary indicated in Friday's digest,  he persuaded me to take on
the role of  Guest Moderator all this week.  So be gentle .

A brief background.  I am Managing Partner at GAP Enterprises,
Ltd. and known as a "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"  - a title given
by my partners and a client when I was  partner-in-charge of
business development at one of the top 20 CPA firms in the U.S.
(A Rainmaker is somebody who generates business at a professional
firm.  I was always one of the top three.).   Today I am known as
the "partner-in-charge of reading e-mail" as I am on (and acted
as guest moderator)  95 newslists  and spend the better part of
my day on the Net.   GAP provides Rainmaking services to
businesses new and old  -- services like Automated Press
Releases, Marketing Your Web, On-Line Marketing Advice, Telephone
Marketing Advice, Seminars/Tradeshows and more.

Being on 95 newslists, I think I am qualified to judge the
caliber of the list contents and how they benefit the members.
IMHO, this list is one of the better lists on the Net (I wouldn't
be guest moderator if I didn't think so).  You will learn more,
and gain more contacts from a good list than probably anyplace
else on the Net.

For those of you who want to take the helm of this fine list in
the future, send a note to Gary at

Gary has summarized last week's Question of the Week, which we
include in this digest.  We also start a new  Question of the
Week.  If you want to participate you have until 5PM EST  (US)
on Friday, October 10, 1997 to respond.  Results will be posted
the following Monday.

Your Guest Moderator,

George Matyjewicz

                          New Subjects

+++++  New Topic - Looking for lists  +++++

From: "Ron S. La Vine, MBA" 
Subject: Looking for Lists

Hi all:

I'm looking for a list of business related e-mail newsletters. Is
anyone aware of such a list?  Thanks.

Ron S. La Vine, MBA
President, 6213 Le Sage Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA 91367-1327 USA
Phone: 818-716-5030   Fax: 818-716-0575   Voice Mail: 800-975-1724
The IntellWorks  - Telemarketer - Telesales Training & Research Specialists

+++++  Similar Topic -  Post #2   +++++

From: Carolin Benjamin 
Subject: Seeking e-lists for ads

Hi list ...

I am researching for a client to locate some appropriate e-mail
lists where they might  purchase advertising  spots. We are
searching for lists related to cooking, food, culinary interests.
 This firm is not a candidate for a list exchange, as they are
just starting and have no list of  their own to exchange.

If anyone has a list that fits this category, please reply to me
by private mail to   Please indicate
your list demographics, number of members, ad rate/fee, format,
and include a  sample of a recent e-news.
Thanks ---

Carolin .......
Carolin Benjamin  -
P - 206-232-5186   - F 206-236-1539
"the banner and beyond" interactive content & marketing
.......duJour makes web business fun ..........

~~~~~   [Guest Moderator's Comment]  ~~~~~

One of the best sources of  lists is the List of Lists at
  Also, Gary is host of  another list
called the List Exchange  where you can
get information on new lists and contact them for advertising info.


+++++  New Topic - On-Line Marketing Seminars   +++++

From: "Terry Van Horne" 
Subject: On-Line Marketing  Seminars

Hi Gary

I'm participating in a free on-line seminar that the IMI
Newsletter hosted by Terry Williams is offering to Internet Marketers.

Online Promotion Seminar Details

- Sent to subscribers only  via e-mail every  Monday.
- Each issue will cover 1 particular online marketing topic

-  Email Marketing/Advertising.
---  Via Ezines - Oct 20th (Gary Christensen)
---  Via Press Releases - Oct 27th (Dr. Kevin Nunley)
---  Via Newsgroups/Usenet - Nov 3rd (Paul Meyers)

-  Marketing With A Web Site.
---  Promoting With Search Engines - Nov 10th (Terry Van Horne)
---  Reciprocal Links - Nov 17th (Terry Van Horne)
---   Offering Contests  - Nov 24th (Terry Williams)
---  Web Site Special Ordering Offers - Dec 1st (Terry Williams)

Subscribe to this seminar -

Terry Van Horne  |
Webmaster T's World of Design |
An e-zine featuring interviews, articles, references and resources of
interest to site developers and internet marketers and promoters.


From: "Terry Van Horne" 
Subject:  "Subject Field"  Tip  in Digest #84

Hi Gary

Just a note in regards to your tip regarding the subject field.
Using the method you describe breaks in many browsers other then
Netscape and MSIE and isn't even supported in some of the old
versions of these.  This is debated on the HWG lists it seems
monthly and no one has been even able to ascertain exactly which
versions it breaks on due to the open platform nature of the web.

I have my suspicions that it also breaks in many mail clients as
well for the same reasons.This is great for intranets where you
know what is being used and can test it but on the open web it is
a crapshoot at best. The worst part is the mail is just sent into
the ether and neither party even realizes that a mail has been
sent or not received.

Terry Van Horne  |
Webmaster T's World of Design |
An e-zine featuring interviews, articles, references and resources of
interest to site developers and internet marketers and promoters.

+++++  Same Topic - Post #2  +++++

From: Rick Smith 
Subject: Issue #84

Gary -

Thanks for correcting my use of the mailto: link.  Let's try this again!

If you would like to subscribe to my new newsletter, (and if your
mail reader supports it), simply click on the following link.

If your mail reader doesn't support clickable links and you would
still like to subscribe, you'll have to do it the old fashioned
way.  Just send an e-mail to  with
"SUBSCRIBE NEWS" (without the quotes) in the subject field.  If
you forget to put in the "subscribe" command, my mail handling
system gets confused and your subscription
request may get delayed while I sort out what happened.

Rick Smith, "The Guerrilla Computer Consultant"
+++ Discover 7 Secrets of Making Your Competition Disappear! +++
Rick's latest report for all small and home based businesses
reveals the secrets of "How to Use Your Computer Like a Tank to
Roll Over Your Competition." To request a copy of your free, no
obligation report send any e-mail to

+++++  Same Topic - Post #3  +++++

From: "Mark E. Congel" 
Subject: Clickable e-mail addresses

I use Eudora Pro 3.0 and I have noticed that it does not handle
additional HTML tags properly. The sample that was included in
the last Moderator's Tip:
 ended up in
the TO of the message like this:

Eudora does not properly place SUBSCRIBE NEWS in the subject and
did not  include NEWS as part of the link...must not have liked
the space.  This could result in the lose of potential
subscribers if they don't realize the problem before sending the message.

Mark E. Congel
FREE Email Newsletters

~~~~~   [Guest Moderator's Comment]  ~~~~~

I also use Eudora Pro 3.0.3 (32) and when I click on the
hypertext in Digest #84, the "Subject" field does contain
SUBSCRIBE NEWS.  Looks like another Eudora mystery.


+++++  New  Topic - Adobe Page Mill  +++++

From: Don Morris 

On 10/2/97 6:47 AM, Claudia Hafling wrote:

>What do you think of Adobe PageMill?

I've been using it for about a year (when I have the opportunity
to work  on my site). It has made it easier to design a site,
since I can see the  site as I'm designing it. However, it's not
a replacement for knowing  HTML at this point, since to make your
site "just right" you will want to  tweak the code a bit. This is
where a good text editor like BBEdit comes  in.

Compared to other editors in its price range, I would consider it
to be  the best. The Macintosh version also includes SiteMill,
Adobe's site  management software.


Don Morris                   |
OfficeMedic                  |
Moreno Valley, CA USA        | Advice:
** More Info: **


+++++  New  Topic - Old Subject - #74 - microsoft + apple  +++++

Subject: Re: #74 - microsoft + apple
From: Don Morris 

I'm really behind on my email :

>I have been thinking about the recent purchase - by Bill Gates - of
>150 million dollars of Apple stock, and what the details of the deal
>really mean.  A part of the package is that Apple will bundle
>Microsoft Internet Explorer with it's computers.  This alone gives
>Microsoft a huge leg up in the browser war with Jim Barkdale's
>product, Netscape.  I wonder how long Netscape will lead the browser
>war now?

A slight clarification: Apple has bundled MSIE with the MacOS for
a while  now, as well as Navigator and Cyberdog. The deal
provides for Apple to  make MSIE the *default* browser.

Does this help Microsoft? Only a little, I would think. How long
has  Microsft been bundling MSIE with Windows, and why is MSIE's
market share  still so low (comparatively)?

I personally have used MSIE for the last year, preferring it to
the  memory hog that Navigator has become. However, Netscape has
released a  browser-only version of Navigator, as opposed to
Communicator -- no mail  client, no newsgroup reader, etc. This
product gets the memory  requirements down to a reasonable level
and helps me create a  Microsoft-free zone here.

>I design for Internet Explorer 3, but it does not go up until it looks
>good in Netscape 2. This is the absolute bottom line. I also use some
>tricks to make the thing at least recognizable in a text-only browser,
>or one with images turned off, but I dont sweat over it

I pretty much do the same, but design secondarily for Navigator
3.x.  Should I rather design for Navigator 2.x? (BTW, one of my
pet peeves is  the references to "Netscape" 2.0, rather than
"Navigator" 2.0. "Netscape"  is the company, "Navigator" is the
product. The shortened form of  "Microsoft Word" is "Word," not "Microsoft.")

Don Morris                   |
OfficeMedic                  |
Moreno Valley, CA USA        | Advice:
** More Info: **


                      Answer to Last Week's Question of the Week

From: "Gary K. Foote" 
Subject: Question of the Week Results

Hi all,

Last week's Question of the Week, "How much $$$ does your
company spend on online and offline advertising each month?",
drew 40 responses from 600+ subscribers...  a 6.8% response
rate.  Not bad for the first Question of the Week.  Here is  the
response breakdown;

Under $100          23 respondents        57.5%
$100 - 500          11 respondents        27.5%
$500 - 1000          4 respondents        10%
$1,000+              2 respondents        5%

It's interesting to note that the majority are spending under
$100.   This says to me that there are a lot of folks out there
running  their own promotions rather than paying too much money
for outside  marketing or paid ad space.  This also says to me
that the majority  of businesses on this list are small businesses.

There are a total of 6 respondents spending over $500.  This is
15% of respondents...  a fair percentage.  I'd be interested in
hearing something about the ROI on these expenditures.  Anyone
care to share?


    Gary K. Foote               
    Internet Marketing Since 1994   
    P.O. Box 3214, N. Conway, NH 03860         (603)447-1024

        ~ Author of "Ethical, Targeted E-mail Marketing" ~

                      Question of the Week

Based on the results of last week's survey, let's ask two questions this week:

1.  How much time do you spend online each week marketing your business?

	[ ] less than 5 hours a week

	[ ] 5-10 hours

	[ ] 10-20 hours

	[ ] 20-40 hours

	[ ] over 40 hours

2.  How long has  your company  been in business?

	[ ] less than 6 months

	[ ] 6 months to one year

	[ ] 1-3 years

	[ ] 3-5 years

	[ ] Over 5 years

Please send all responses to the Digest address...
... by  5PM EST  (US)  on Friday, October 10, 1997.
Results will be posted  Monday, October 13, 1997.

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