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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #97
                        October 24, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

                 This week's Guest Moderator is
             Nancy Roebke 

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments

    "When is it YOUR Turn?"

+ New Subjects

     " Question On ICQ and IRC"

      - Rick Smith

+ Ongoing

    "URL Formatting"

         -Rick Smith

    "Interesting Angle on Chats"

        -Richard Armitage

     " A Word Of Caution"

         -Gary Schwartz

     "Newsgroups, lists, and other forums"

         -Paul Myers
         -Harry Popov

     "A Question About Pegasus"

         -Rick Smith

      "So, What Do You Do?"

       -Ron S. La Vine
       -Rick Smith

     "Credit Card Security Questions"

         -Claire Amundsen
         -Clive Horton

+ Question of the Week

    "Responses to Last Week's QotW"
     - Gary K. Foote

    "This Week's Question"


                  Moderator's Comments

Hi all,

This is my final issue as guest moderator. This has been a very
enlightening experience. I have a totally different understanding of
what goes into putting together a list of this magnitude and importance.
A huge "thank you" to Gary for taking his time and resources to provide
all of us with this service.

You know, a whole lot of stuff is free right now on the Internet. Good
business sense says that cannot continue forever. Resources cost money
and time is very precious. I like "free" as much as the next one but I
have found that there really is no free lunch.

We can keep these forums available to us all for free with something as
important as out money- our time. We can contribute to these forums. We
can offer to guest moderate. We can refer others. In these ways, we are
giving back and helping to keep these resources available to all of us.

Thank you, Gary, for asking me to give this a try. For the rest of this
list, I leave you with one question:

When is it YOUR Turn?

And please send in those surveys.. I will have the results forwarded to
Gary for next Monday's edition.


Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
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of successful networking. Today!

ProfNet,Inc  ExecDirector@Profnet.Org

                      New Subjects

    ------------- Question On IRC and IRC ---------------

From: Rick Smith 
Suject: Question On IRC  and IRC

Nancy wrote in issue #95 -

[lots o' good stuff snipped]

>>If you haven't tried chat, please check it out. Learn a little more
it and see >>how it fits in your networking strategy.<<

Interesting thread topic.  Having hosted a NON-real time interactive
seminar on Compuserve, I agree wholeheartedly with what you said.  But I
have some quetsions about IRC and ICQ.  Awhile back, (a year or so ago.
I know.  That's a millenium on the 'Net.), I tried to join a few IRC
chats.  I was using MIRC for Windows.  It seemed to work pretty well.
The problem usually seemed to be the instability of the IRC channels.
We were always having to try different ports, subchannels, etc.  Has
that gotten any better?  Apparently, ICQ is a pretty hot topic right
now?  Is it any better than and how does it differ from IRC?

Rick Smith, "The Guerrilla Computer Consultant"
+++ Discover 7 Secrets of Making Your Competition Disappear! +++
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reveals the secrets of "How to Use Your Computer Like a Tank to
Roll Over Your Competition." To request a copy of your free, no
obligation report send any e-mail to


       --------------   URL Formating  ----------------

From: Rick Smith 
Subject: URL Formating

Don Morris wrote -

>>In V2, #95, Rick Smith's URL was word-wrapped in this manner:

>>so that the subject came out as SUBSCRIBENEWS instead of

>>The '%20' is the hexadecimal equivalent of a space, and is recognized by
>>all browsers and email clients. This may not be a problem with browsers,
>>but email clients, with their word-processing engines, often ignore
>>trailing spaces at the end of a line.<<


Thanks for pointing this out.  Paul Myers also gave me this hint via
e-mail.  This list is such a great resource!  Paul also helped me solve
my Pegasus problems yesterday and I was able to pass the solution onto
another list subscriber.  To me, that's the type of interaction we
should be promoting in this little community of our list.

Rick Smith, "The Guerrilla Computer Consultant"
+++ Discover 7 Secrets of Making Your Competition Disappear! +++
Rick's latest report for all small and home based businesses
reveals the secrets of "How to Use Your Computer Like a Tank to
Roll Over Your Competition." To request a copy of your free, no
obligation report send any e-mail to

  ---------------- Interesting Angle on Chats ------------------

From: "Richard Armitage" 
Subject: Interesting Angle on Chats

Nancy, in response to your comments


Not strictly as we see marketing as covering much more than purely
traditional channels.  However to be exact, it was used to teach the
class niche strategies, though much more was covered by default.  Since
it was our first time as such, it probably also fell under using chat as
a training exercise.


This was a private arrangement, acting as a testbed for all of us.  I
know if we were to go for the 'full monty', to coin a British phrase not
necesarily fitting the meaning in the excellent film my Wife and I saw
last night, we would need to promote it much more professionally.  Gary
suggested using several free resources including Yahoo listings and
temporary purchase of keywords to promote such an event.  We may well
choose to go this route for our launch of the VRML multiuser games and I
would love feedback from Gary or any of the digest readers on prices etc
for these.  My fear would be its price to a small company versus its
effectiveness.  If otheres can provide feedback I'd love to hear it.

I also read a good clickZ article about promoting a live event earlier
in the week, but this done was for Microsoft.


Richard Armitage (SpaceCubes Marketing)
tel:44 191 281 6011 US fax 2125048016

-------------------- A Word Of Caution -------------------------

From: Gary Schwartz 
Subject: A Word Of Caution

>It is NEVER easy to determine whether the following is genuine or a
>hoax. I battled with whether to share it here or not. I figured I would
>error on the side of information and share it, including it's source.
>Should it turn out to be a hoax, I apologize in advance.

[note snipped for brevity]

>         Chuq Von Rospach ( Apple IS&T Mail List Gnome


For what it's worth, I am very familiar with Chuq as he has run
the San Jose Sharks mailing list for quite some time (actually,
I don't know whether he still runs it; I was on it last about
2 and a half years ago).  He also is a good friend and colleague
of a friend of mine with whom I shared Sharks season tickets.
Chuq's an internet veteran and not the type to perpetuate a hoax.

In any case, whether or not the specific incident described is
a hoax, the advice Chuq gives is excellent.

In general, it pays to do a virus check on *any* binary downloaded
from the internet, even if you do trust the source.  The time it
takes to do this is nothing compared to the time it would take
to repair any damage.

It's especially true if anyone wants to execute a binary received
in a SPAM email (although why anyone would want to is another
thread entirely).

Hope you find this useful,


Gary Schwartz                       tel: +44 (0)171 963 6033
Strategic Planning Manager tel:     fax: +44 (0)171 963 6001
4CAST Limited
191 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5NE

  -----------  "Newsgroups, lists, and other forums"  -------------

From: Paul Myers 
Subject:Newsgroups, lists, and other forums


> Usenet newsgroups CAN be private. They can reside on one company's
> server, as Microsoft's and Symantec's support forums do, and can require
> authentication (userid and password) as does one newsgroup to which I
> subscribe.

Indeed newsgroups can be private. If they're not fed through the Usenet
system, they're not *Usenet* groups. Unless, of course, the definitions
have changed. Individually password protected groups aren't Usenet
groups, to be sure.

There is a very large difference in behavior and usage between public
newsgroups and private ones. Again, another reason to know the forum
well to use it to your best advantage.


Get tremendous gains for your business from a few small changes
Free report sent to all new subscribers to VirtualBusiness.News
To subscribe to VBNews, email -

 -------------  "Newsgroups, lists, and other forums" ------------

From: Harry Popov 
Subject: Newsgroups, lists, and other forums

Just a short comment. When you poste to newsgroups, lists and other
forums always be sure that each line of your message shouldn't be
longer than 70 characters. It is better to use 68 characters per
line. This simple rule will help all readers reproduce your message
just in a way you wrote it.

Longer lines are broken in many different ways and very often a
carefully prepared message looks very bad on the recipient's

Harry Popov
 Mail: IBC, P.O.Box 87, Sofia-1618, Bulgaria

    ------------- "A Question About Pegasus"  ------------------

From: Rick Smith 
Subject: A Question About Pegasus

Sharon -

(My wife's first name is Sharon, BTW.)

>>I don't think that the problem is one necessarily isolated to Pegasus
>>users - or to you.<<

In my case, it was a setting in Pegasus.  Here is part of message I sent
to another list subscriber who had the same problem.  Obviously, for
listserv or majordomo, you can ignore the Pegasus specific settings.
BUT - you might want to see if your list manager has a similar setting.

The key to the whole thing is the "From:" field.  If you don't enter
anything in Advanced options, Pegasus attempts to fill it in from the
SMTP server name.  And if the SMTP server name doesn't conform to the
DNS naming convention ... well you know the rest.  So here's what I
figured out.

Go to Network Configuration.  Press the Advanced Configuration Options
button. You'll see a box labeled "Outgoing (SMTP) Mail".  Inside the box
there will be a field labeled "From field:".  Enter the appropriate
information here.For example, in my case I entered "Rick Smith
" (without the quotes).  The minimum you'll want
here is  (No ending period of course). Click on
the checkbox labeled "Use this From field to form the SMTP envelope".
Press OK as many times as necessary to get out of these setup options.
Send a test message to one of your problem addresses.  I bet you'll find
out that you get no error messages from the Mail Subsystem.  I've sent
two test messages since I tweaked it and no error messages for several
hours on those two messages.

Thanks for the invite to join the List Exchange Digest.  It's been on my
list for awhile now.  I'm ready to start moving to the next level in
various areas of my Internet marketing.

Rick Smith, "The Guerrilla Computer Consultant"
+++ Discover 7 Secrets of Making Your Competition Disappear! +++
Rick's latest report for all small and home based businesses
reveals the secrets of "How to Use Your Computer Like a Tank to
Roll Over Your Competition." To request a copy of your free, no
obligation report send any e-mail to

              ----------- "So, What Do You Do?"  --------

From: "Ron S. La Vine, President" 
Subject: So, What Do You Do?

Thank you for your feedback. Actually, Nancy almost any Fortune 1000
company fits this profile. Since telephone skills are industry specific,
we custom write a training program for each individual company and their

Currently, The IntellWorks has worked with the mostly the high-tech
industries such as software and telecommunications but we are moving
into the automotive, publishing and even mortgage industries. There is a
tremendous demand for people to learn how to work over the telephone and
produce results in every industry that uses the telephone as part of its
marketing strategy.

So while we agree, the description could be more industry specific, we
would have to list more  industries than space allows. As you are aware,
demographics are designed to be specific. The more specific you can
define your target market, the greater chance of success you will have
in dealing with companies who produce the greatest ROI for your business
rather than un-qualified leads who simply burn up time, money and


Ron S. La Vine, President, The IntellWorks -
Phone: 818-716-5030 Fax: 818-716-0575 Voice Mail: 800-975-1724
For telemarketer - telesales training info visit:
To subscribe to the free Fortune 1000 Sales Intelligence Report E-Mail

              ------------ "So, What Do You Do?"  ----------

From: Rick Smith 
Subject: So, What Do You Do?

In issue #95, Nancy wrote -

>>GREAT opening sentence!<<

Thanks!  You, (and any of my other newsletter subscribers), probably
recognized that opening sentence as one that I modified from a USP I
developed recently for Guerrilla Computing.

>>I would suggest that, instead of saying "A good lead for me would be a
small or >>home office business that is interested in capitalizing on
new, low-cost, and no >>cost methods using their computer technology in
their marketing.", that you >>mention WHAT types of businesses you see
benefit the most. Again, this will >>help us focus on faces. I realize
there are LOTS of businesses that fit your client >>profile, but that
very fact makes it harder for us to help you.<<

To be quite honest, I don't really know *who* my ideal client is yet.
While we have 800+ subscribers now and several book-on-disk purchasers,
I have not yet done a survey to find out who most benefits from my
products and services.  That's something I'm planning to do very soon.
Right now it's a pretty mixed bag because I know have clients in
everything from accounting to network marketing.

>>You mentioned small and home-office businesses. Maybe tell us which
>>ones. CPAs? Web Designers? Electricians? Retail Clothing Outlets? The
>>answer may be yes, yes, yes, and YES. But by breaking it down into the
>>actual categories, you'll get more qualified referrals-faster.<<

What could I do to break it down until I know more about who the typical
client/subscriber is?  Arbitrarily pick one?  Hmmm.  Ok.  Let's try
this again.

A good lead for me would be CPAs who are interested in capitalizing on
new, low-cost, and no cost methods using their computer technology in
their marketing.

And I agree.  By knowing who the target market is, you will get better
leads and referrals.

For anyone who's interesting in developing USPs like my opening
statement in issue #95, I have a free monthly e-zine, "How to Use Your
Computer Like a True Guerrilla to Competition Proof Your Business".  To
receive your subscription, simply click on this mail to link.

If your reader doesn't support clickable links, simply send an e-mail to
.  Put the words "SUBSCRIBE NEWS" (without the
quotes) the subject line.

Rick Smith, "The Guerrilla Computer Consultant"
+++ Discover 7 Secrets of Making Your Competition Disappear! +++
Rick's latest report for all small and home based businesses
reveals the secrets of "How to Use Your Computer Like a Tank to
Roll Over Your Competition." To request a copy of your free, no
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          -------  "Credit Card Security Questions"  --------

From: Claudia Hafling <>
Subject: "Credit Card Security Questions"

There has been so much discussion of the credit card issue, that I
thought I'd recommend a book I have yet to read. ;)  The book is "Web
Commerce Cookbook" by Gordon McComb and it's not quite out yet (it can
still be ordered from Amazon, you'll just have to wait a bit).

Mr. McComb has written numerous computer books and I have a great deal
of respect for his commentary. He describes the book as aimed primarily
at the smaller businesses on the web (not discussing commerce solutions
that start $15,000).

Experts from the book can be found at -- and
I've got my order in for the full book as soon as it's published... and
no, I get nothing from the sales of the book, I just know Mr. McComb
from another online forum and respect his work.

It was while perusing these excerpts that I stumbled across his
reference to  -- an interesting site to check out
if you want to take credit card orders online -- whether you have a
merchant account or not.

 Web Master
 Proven Edge: The One-Program Software Solution for Today's Small

          -------  "Credit Card Security Questions"  --------

From: "Clive Horton, ReSoft" 
Subject: "Credit Card Security Questions"

I am pleased a thread has been started on this.  I am
looking to get Merchant status for taking orders over
the phone as a result of a hit on our web site.

It would seem very few mainstream banks will
accept this sort of risk, they want it to be a retail
outlet where you see the customer who gives you the

The only company I have found to do this for
mail order type business is Card Service.  Is this
the only one or are there other choices?  I do not
intend processing credit cards over the web directly.

Clive Horton
ReSoft International LLC

Tools to better manage, connect and secure e-mail and internet

                  Question of the Week

How many of the following internet marketing tools are you currently

[ ] Online Classified
[ ] Web Site
[ ] Newsgroups
[ ] Email Lists
[ ] Signature Tag
[ ] Online Press Release Submission
[ ] Publishing Articles
[ ] Leading Forum Discussions in Chat
[ ] Banner Ads
[ ] Reciprical Links
[ ] Autoresponders
[ ] Malls
[ ] Online Organized Networking Groups

Of the above forms you are using, which ONE is the most effective in
bringing you qualified business leads?

[ ] Online Classified
[ ] Web Site
[ ] Newsgroups
[ ] Email Lists
[ ] Signature Tag
[ ] Online Press Release Submission
[ ] Publishing Articles
[ ] Leading Forum Discussions in Chat
[ ] Banner Ads
[ ] Reciprical Links
[ ] Autoresponders
[ ] Malls
[ ] Online Organized Networking Groups

       ***  Last Week's Question of the Week  ***

Here is last week's Q;

In what form do you receive the majority of your inquiries/orders?

[ ] E-mail
[ ] Telephone
[ ] Snail Mail
[ ] FAX

Here is the breakdown of responses;

There were 19 respondents

E-mail              10
Phone                3
FAX                  3
Snail Mail           1 (orders only)

Two wrote in (our GM included) that they made the most
contacts in person, a choice I neglected to include.  Sorry
about that folks.  Anyway, e-mail won hands down as the most
common form of receiving inquiries and/or orders.  I expected
this result, but anticipated a stronger showing for the Phone
category, but maybe this lack is because I muddied the waters
by asking about orders and inquiries in the same question.

I'll try to be more clear in the future.

Gary K. Foote

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