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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #100
                        November 3, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

                  This Week's Guest Moderator:

                    Claudia L'Engle Hafling
                 of Media & Marketing Concepts

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments

        -  Guest Moderator's comments

+ New Subjects

        -  Classified Ads
                -  George Matyjewicz
                -  Guest Moderator's comment
        -  Speaking Of Marketing Tips... 
                -  Ron LaVine
                -  Guest Moderator's comment

+ Ongoing

        -  Charting The Minefield
            -Jean Edwards

+ The Corkboard

        -  Electronic Recruiting

+ Question of the Week

        -  Last Week - 
        -  This Week's Question - "Our Marketing Scope: Where Do Our 
                                                        Come From?"

                      Moderator's Comments

Hello, Everybody:

I have the great good fortune to "guest host" for Gary on a milestone
day - the 100th issue of Volume 2 of the E-Marketing Digest!  We all 
owe Gary a big thanks for hanging in there and supplying us with
such a fine marketing resource, issue after issue, month after
month.  He's a champ!

Just to let you all know exactly who I am (in addition to being
a fellow list subscriber and Gary Foote fan):  My name is Claudia
L'Engle Hafling and I have spent the last 20 years of my life working
as a professional communicator and marketer.  Although I am a little
late in joining the world of e-marketing (compared to some of you),
I have been helping people sell all kinds of products, using the
more traditional marketing strategies of P.R., advertising and
direct mail, for many years.  My clients have included real estate
developers, financial institutions, hotels and - lately - internet
merchants.  I have owned and operated my own marketing agency since

Enough about me.  Now, let's talk about you.  It is my firm belief
that everyone who has been involved in business for more than a month
has at least one success tip he or she can pass on to others.  Even
if the idea isn't your own, you must've picked up something from
watching others do their thing.  

Sharing these ideas is, of course, what this Digest is all about.
And that is why, this week, I am asking everyone to send one brief
marketing success tip to the Digest, to share with your fellow
subscribers.  Length is not a measure of the quality of the tip;
you can describe it in as few words as you like, as long as you 
get the idea across.  We'll print as many tips as possible, although
we will weed out those that are too similar to one another.

And now, a brief plug for the list: if you'd like to do what
I'm doing and sit in for a week as guest moderator, send a
note to Gary at .

Thanks Much,

Claudia Hafling
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                          New Subjects

+++++  New Topic - Classified Ads  +++++

From:  "George Matyjewicz"  

Hi All:

Found this timely article on another list about the future of
classified ads, and thought it would be appropriate here.


>Date:   Tue, 28 Oct 1997 13:07:22 -0500
>From:   Edupage Editors 
>To:     "EDUCOM Edupage Mailing List" 
>Subject: Edupage, 28 October 1997
>Web sites that publish online classified ads are beginning to generate
>revenues, but still lag far behind newspapers in classified ad income --
>$100 million for online ads in 1996 vs. $16.6 billion in revenues for
>newspapers this year, according to New York-based Technologic Partners. 
>research firm says online ads could grow to $1.5 billion in the next five
>years.  Meanwhile, Microsoft is eyeing the field, and is actively
>transaction-based Web sites and classified ad services.  "Microsoft
>represents an immediate threat to newspapers and their classified ad
>revenue," says a VP of Arlen Communications Inc.  Microsoft's CarPoint
>is generating $10 million in car sales each week, and the software giant
>planning a real estate listings site for the second quarter of '98.
>(Investor's Business Daily 28 Oct 97)
>Edupage is written by John Gehl  & Suzanne Douglas
>.  Telephone:  770-590-1017.
>To subscribe to Edupage:
>send mail to: with the message:  
>subscribe edupage John Wallis (if your name is John Wallis;  
>otherwise, substitute your own name). 
George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

~~~~~   [Guest Moderator's Comment]  ~~~~~

Even losing over $1 billion in one day hasn't slowed Bill
Gates down! Of course, he made most of it back before the
end of last week -- and as we can see from the above, he's
busy making plans to make more.

How about you -- do you offer classified ads on your site?
Have you taken out any classifieds on someone else's site?
Are they working for you?  Inquiring minds want to know!

-Claudia Hafling

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+++++  New Topic -  Speaking of Marketing Tips... +++++

From: "Ron S. La Vine, MBA" 
Subject: What Makes A Quality Web Site? 

What makes a quality web site?

A Marketing Format That Tells You:

Who We Are 
(What is the purpose of your page or why are you 
in business?)

What We Do 
(Products or Services offered)

What Makes Us Unique
(How are you different from others? What is your 
[USP] Unique Selling Proposition?)

Why You Should Use Our Products or Services
(Why would people want to do business with you?)

How You (the visitor) Benefit 
(For example: A feature is a car door lock. 
The benefit is the door cannot be opened when it 
is locked and therefore you cannot fall out)

Who We Work With 
(Client lists establish credibility as do testimonials 
or comments from satisfied customers)

The Next Step (a.k.a. "Call To Action") 
(What action is the visitor directed to take? For example: buy a product,
request information on a service, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.)

Quick Tips -- 

1. Quick load time is essential (30 seconds or less) 
unless your site is in such demand, or is truly unique, 
such that a longer wait is necessary. 

2. A notice should be placed at the top of a long 
loading page with the estimated wait. 

3. Use minimal but purposeful graphics (complex graphics are 
okay if you offer a text-only version option for the visitor).

4. Pages should be easy to read (I prefer light backgrounds 
with dark typefaces and bright links)

5. It should contain well-thought-out and organized content. 
The visitor's needs should be taken into consideration, 
not the designer's. 

6. Should have well-designed logo or banner.

7. Should contain new and useful information.

8. Features other valuable links related to the web site subject.

9. Has an option to go back to home page on every page.

10. Has contact information on each page.     

11. Has no spelling errors. Spell-check each page and 
spell-check it again. I was told a good method is to 
print each page and read each word using a pencil to 
spot any possible typos or sections of text that do not 
make sense when read. 

12. No frames unless they serve a navigational purpose. 
A marketing site is only as good as the results it 
produces. If the result is to create a page
that visitors are willing to wait for, then there 
is no question a longer load time and frames may be worth the wait. 
If you choose to use frames then offer a no frame option. 

Many thanks to all of you who have contributed their 
suggestions as to what they feel constitutes an effective 
web site. All suggestions are welcome. mailto:

Any other thoughts or comments?

Ron S. La Vine, President, The IntellWorks -
Old Phone: 818-716-5030   New Phone: 818-991-6487
Old Fax: 818-716-0575   New Fax:  818-991-5938
Voice Mail: 800-975-1724 Telesales Training Info:

~~~~~   [Guest Moderator's Comment]  ~~~~~

Sounds like you've covered the subject pretty well, 
Ron.  Outstanding work.

Re: Tip #11 - No Spelling Errors.  When you print
it out, be sure to pass it around to friends and
family.  Extra pairs of eyes are good, especially
when it comes to context.  What may make perfect
sense to you (because you already understand the
subject matter), may still be vague to the un-
initiated.  Lay editors can point out those passages
that might need reworking or additional details
for clarity.



From:  Jean Edwards 
Subject: Charting the minefield

Another point for a new business or campaign is 
to be sure you are in a position to handle a big response.

My personal experience was starting a real 
estate company after being in business for another broker 
for thirteen years.  I sent announcements to
everyone I knew.  The response overwhelmed my services.  

If possible, try to sample your market in small 
quantities before launching the BIG one.

Jean Edwards, Houston
A Better Way to Fly
Hot Air Balloon Rides      


~~~~~   [Guest Moderator's Comment]  ~~~~~

Excellent point, Jean.  I often caution clients who are
opening a new business (on-line or off) to have what we
call a "soft" opening before going wide or "grand"
opening the business.

For example: you are a new department store, ready to
open, everything (and everybody) brand new.  You want
to be sure that when you "grand" open, everything is
perfect...but you need practice to get to that point.
Answer - you "soft" open.  Simply, you unlock the doors
and people who happen by and notice that you're open
are free to come in and sample the wares.  After a
few weeks, when everybody and everything is up to speed,
you put big ads in the newspapers and on TV, hire
dancing girls and hot air balloons, and GRAND OPEN the

Same principal works on-line:  Send out a press release
or put a mention on a BBS or a list like this -- but just
one or two.  Then see what happens and give yourself
a few weeks to work the bugs out (new web sites are NOTORIOUS
for their bugs).  Have your friends - and their friends -
log on and try out the site and ask for their comments
and criticisms. When you're sure that everthing is
in good order and visitors to the site will not be in-
convenienced or turned off by anything negative, then
you can open wide, post notices everywhere and use the
equivalent of electronic dancing girls.

Then you cross your fingers and pray :-).


                         The Corkboard

Subject:  Electronic Recruiting

There's been an electronic recruiting revolution -- leading
organizations are exploiting Internet technology to their advantage. 

The simple truth is, recruiting and staffing via the Internet is
rapidly becoming one of corporate America's most successful recruiting

A conference entitled "Winning  Implementation Strategies for
Recruiting & Staffing On The Internet," December 8-10, in Chicago, will
help you move beyond all the talk. It will not only show you how to use
the Internet for recruiting and staffing, but you'll learn exactly how
the leaders are achieving incredible results and significantly reducing
hiring costs by utilizing Internet services, such as career and job
posting sites, resume banks, online recruiters, professional
associations and news groups.  

Specifically, you'll learn how to:
Determine where to post your openings...Design an effective employment
opportunities page...Develop your Intranet as a staffing pool...Attract
qualified "right fit" candidates...Familiarize yourself with employer
obligations and the legalities of recruiting on the Internet.

By attending, you'll hear from leading companies

Organized by the International Quality & Productivity Center.

For more information, reply to  
with a mailing address and/or fax number.

                    Answer to Last Week's Question of the Week

From: "Gary K. Foote" 
Subject: Question of the Week Results

Hi All,

Last week's Question, "How large is your company?"", garnered 38 
responses.  It seems we are mostly a group of small businesses rather 
than larger corporations.  I firmly believe that this result is a 
good representation of what the rest of the commercial side of the 
'net is composed of as well.  Here are the final figures;

1 - 3:   23 respondents

4 - 10:   7 respondents

10 - 25:  4 respondents

Over 25:  4 respondents

Gary K. Foote

                      Question of the Week

Let's find out how broad the Marketing Scope of our Digest
Subscribers is. Where do our customers come from?

Select the answer that best fits your situation.

My company conducts business:

a) locally/regionally (in my own city/state, etc.)
b) nationally, including internet/e-mail customers
c) nationally, with no internet/e-mail customers
d) internationally, including internet/e-mail customers
e) internationally, with no internet/e-mail customers

Please Send All Response to the Digest address; 

Responses Will Be Tallied and Published All Next Week.
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