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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #101
                        November 5, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

                  This Week's Guest Moderator:

                    Claudia L'Engle Hafling
                 of Media & Marketing Concepts

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments

        -  Guest Moderator's comments

+ New Subjects

                -       Advertising in e-newsletters?  
                                -  Julie Frost  
                -       Marketing to Disabled  
                                -  Nancy Roebke   
+ Ongoing

                -  Answer to Last Week's Question
                                -  George Matyjewicz
                                -  Guest Moderator's comment
                -       Moderating The List
                                -  George Matyjewicz
                                -  Guest Moderator's comment
                -  Classified Ads
                                -  Nancy Roebke
                                -  Guest Moderator's comment
                                -  George Matyjewicz
                                -  Guest Moderator's comment
        -  Marketing Tips 
                                -  Jesse Wooding
                                -  Hubertus Rank
                                -  Michael McCandless
                                -  George Matyjewicz
                                -  Ron S. La Vine
        -  Charting The Minefield
                                -  Scott D. Prock

+ Question of the Week

        -  Last Week - "How Large is Your Business?"
                                -  Gary Foote
        -  This Week's Question - "Our Marketing Scope: Where Do Our 
                                   Customers Come From?"

                      Moderator's Comments

Hello Again::

[snip from Issue #100]
Sharing these ideas is, of course, what this 
Digest is all about. And that is why, this 
week, I am asking everyone to send one brief
marketing success tip to the Digest, to share 
with your fellow subscribers.  Length is not 
a measure of the quality of the tip;
you can describe it in as few words as you like, 
as long as you  get the idea across.  We'll 
print as many tips as possible, although
we will weed out those that are too similar to 
one another.
[end snip]

Whoa.  What a great response.  I'm so happy to 
hear from so many of you, especially a couple of 
heretofore lurkers, brought out of the dark! I 
won't waste a lot of space talking to you here;
rather I'll let you share with each other the
fantastic marketing tips we've received.  And
keep 'em coming...we'll run some more on Friday!

If you'd like to sit in for a week as guest moderator, 
send a note to Gary at 

Note:  This issue is a long one, but as it contains
a lot of great info, I think y'all won't mind too much.

See ya Friday!

Thanks Much,

Claudia Hafling
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                          New Subjects

+++++  New Topic - Advertising in e-newsletters?  +++++

From:   Julie Frost                     
Subject: Advertising in enewsletters?

Hello list members,

I have two email newsletters that I would like to get 
advertising in, and I would like to advertise in other 
e-mail newsletters. Do any of you know of any web sites 
that have lists with this kind of information (lists of 
email newsletters that want advertisers)? 

I have been swapping ads with some other ezine owners. 
If any of you are interested in doing something like 
that, please let me know!

Julie Frost
The eZine that helps you realize your home based business dreams!
Our Free weekly enewsletter can be delivered to your email box, filled 
with tips and hints for starting and succeeding in home based business! 

+++++  New Topic - Marketing to Disabled  +++++

From: Nancy Roebke            
Subject:  Marketing to the Disabled

I have a question on online marketing. Does anyone on this list do
anything special at their site to make it accessible to the disabled?
Has anyone ever specifically target marketed to the disabled and if so
what techniques did you use? Thank you so much for any help.

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
Increase income, cut costs, and put an end to cold calling.
Get our FREE series of articles that teach you the secrets
of successful networking. Today!
ProfNet, Inc


+++++  Ongoing Topic - What size is your company?  +++++

From:  "George Matyjewicz"  
Subject:  Answer to Last Week's Question of the Week
>From: "Gary K. Foote" 
>Subject: Question of the Week Results
>Last week's Question, "How large is your company?"", garnered 38 
>responses.  It seems we are mostly a group of small businesses rather 
>than larger corporations.  I firmly believe that this result is a 
>good representation of what the rest of the commercial side of the 
>'net is composed of as well.  Here are the final figures;

The results are probably representative and are also scary.
IMHO, a lot of people got on the Net and figured they can start a
business with "no money down, and nothing a week...." (sounds
like those late-night infomercials!).  It will be interesting to
see how many of these business (not necessarily list members) are
around in 6 months.  

Since February, 1997, we have been tracking the new sites on two
of the "What's New" services.  It is amazing how poorly done
most are.  It is also amazing to see how many no longer exist!
We will be writing a document on this topic.

We get a lot of e-mesages off-list asking for help marketing
their site.  When we ask their budget, most say zero!  My advice
- be prepared to spend some money (effectively).  You wouldn't
open a physical business with[out] budgeting money for advertising;
why do so on the Net?
George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

~~~~~   [Guest Moderator's Comment]  ~~~~~

You gotta spend money to make money.  George is right; the
internet is no different.

I cannot tell you how many businesses I have seen
that have been under-capitalized at the start and thus have
little or no chance of success.  It's hard to start any
new business; with no money for promotion, it's pretty much

The good news is that there are things you can do with rela-
tively small amounts of money, that will usually produce
positive results.  Not as fast as the results you get with a larger
budget (if it is allocated and spent correctly); but slow
and steady CAN win the race.  P.R., small targeted e-mail
programs using quality opt-in lists, and other things can
bring results for you at affordable costs.  You just need
to do some research before you start and craft a marketing
plan that is realistic and workable.

-Claudia Hafling

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+++++  Ongoing Topic - Moderating the List  +++++

From:  "George Matyjewicz"  
Subject:  Guest Moderators

At 05:01 AM 11/3/97 -0500, Claudia Hafling stated:
>Hello, Everybody:
>I have the great good fortune to "guest host" for Gary on a milestone
>day - the 100th issue of Volume 2 of the E-Marketing Digest!  We all 
>owe Gary a big thanks for hanging in there and supplying us with
>such a fine marketing resource, issue after issue, month after
>month.  He's a champ!

We are looking forward to your insightful comments to this
wonderful list.  Definitely an honor for you  to host this 
centurion edition.

BTW, hosting is fun, and a good way for other list members to
learn the "behind-the-scenes" action of managing a list.  I
strongly urge other list members to volunteer, as I 
believe we all benefit.


George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

~~~~~   [Guest Moderator's Comment]  ~~~~~

Thanks, George.  Hope I can live up to your expectations.
You were an excellent role model.


+++++  Ongoing Topic - Classified Ads  +++++

From:  Nancy Roebke           
Subject:  Classified Ads and Other Concerns

Nice to see the question classified ads. I have 
just finished a list  of things that I have found 
about online marketing that may open ideas for 
discussion on all sorts of methods, like classifieds.

Networking Opportunities Online - And Things 
To Watch Out For

I am a big proponent of doing everything 
you can to open up networking opportunities. Activity 
leads to productive results as long as those activities 
are focused and consistent. Below is a list of
online networking opportunities and the things to 
consider when taking advantage of them. 

1.  Classified Ads: There are thousands of places 
to list free ads. I have a whole list of them at 
my site at 
However, it does take a lot of time to place these 
ads so be VERY selective about where you  post
them. It won't do any good to put a "House For Sale" 
ad at a list of free classifieds geared toward cars. 
It is also important to use sites that people READ, 
and don't just post at. It helps to offer  something
FREE in your ad like a catalog, report or a newsletter 
to get your prospect's attention.  

2.  E-mail Marketing: ...your own e-mail list...purchased 
lists...swap lists...There is a right way to do this so 
it isn't spam, but if you don't know how, don't do it 
without learning. I would *hate*  for anyone to lose 
their accounts because of lack of knowledge. My absolute 
favorite thing is to share lists and do a dual
promotion with a firm that has the same client base but doesn't
compete.  It is EXTREMELY important to build a relationship through
e-mail, just like you would in person.

3. "Signature" Tag: I have found that the shorter the tag, the better
it pulls. I have also found it to be one of the most widely read
things used in Internet marketing. Be sure your sig says what YOU want
to say about yourself and your firm. It is an ad that gets tremendous
exposure if you are active online even a little. Sig tag style is an
individual preference so don't expect everyone to like the style you
choose for your sig. For some people, there will be too little info,
for others, too much. 

4.  Press Releases: These also take LOTS of time to submit. I have a
list of places you can submit to as well as information on how to
write a great press release at Be
sure to check out "The Pet Peeves of the Press" (also on my press
release site) so you don't decrease the chances of getting your
release printed. Focus on submitting your press release on places
where the readers of the publication or users of that media are likely
to want to hear about your releases. A press release IS NOT an ad.
Don't write a release that sounds like one.

5.  Publishing Articles: I currently write for 20 or so online
publications and numerous offline ones. I have a list of 110 Editors
who accept articles, if anyone is interested. Keep track of what 
the editors tell you about the needs of their publications. 
If they request an article monthly, don't send one weekly. 
If they want articles on a certain topic, don't send articles 
that are off-topic. You will probably not get an on-topic article 
printed if you do.

6. Leading Forum Discussions: Conducting an online conference in a
forum is a great way to boost your credibility and visibility with a
receptive audience. I host a chat at least weekly right now. The topic
of the chat is posted on a list I belong to and interested parties can
sign on to the chat room to participate. If you host a chat, be
prepared with material on the topic of your chat. It is the
responsibility of the chat host/ess to keep the chat on topic. 

7. Banner Advertising: I have a story to share on this particular
method. I  found a site that lets you put up a free banner through a
banner exchange program. Mine would be posted as long as I posted a
banner that would rotate with each page request. I did mine. I was
allowed to pick the type of sites I wanted my banner shown on as well
as the types of sites that I didn't want to advertise on my site.

Imagine my horror when I was notified by a visitor to my site who knew
me from an online forum that we both participate in, that a picture of
a nude woman in a compromising position was being displayed on my home
page. I am ever-so-thankful to this visitor for bringing it to my
attention. I have no idea how many times anyone else may have seen
that same banner.

This was a free service that I used. I do believe, more than ever,
that you get what you pay for. So if you are interested in a banner
exchange, ask the site owners of sites where you would like your
banner displayed to trade banners with you. It is much safer that way.

8.  Reciprocal Web "Links": I recently published an article on the
reasons to and how to link with one's competitors. If anyone is
interested in that article, please send a blank e-mail to The important thing in making
this work is that it is reciprocal.

9.  Autoresponders:  Put autoresponders in your classified ads online,
Web site, etc. ...they provide a digest of all e-mail addresses that
contacted your autoresponder. Save these for follow-up marketing. In
the month of September, I had 1878 requests from my autoresponders.
I can help anyone needing help getting some set up.

I caution anyone who uses a free autoresponder service. There is
always a price to pay. You may have to include an advertisement of
the hosting firm (which may be no problem at all), you may have to
share your leads, you may not be able to change the content without
cost, or a host of other things. Be sure you know 
what YOUR responsibilities are when accepting a service with a free

10. Networking functions - Choose these functions carefully or they
could be a waste of time. I have an article on how to select
networking functions if anyone is interested. It is available by
sending a blank e-mail to 

My partner and I also have started online networking functions
for lead generation ONLY - Just Business.  For information on this
program, send a blank e-mail to

The Internet has opened up a whole new way of doing business for all
of us. We still need to use good business logic when deciding how to
spend our money and our time.  Focus networking is far more effective
than activity for activity's sake.

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
Increase income, cut costs, and put an end to cold calling.
Get our FREE series of articles that teach you the secrets
of successful networking. Today!
ProfNet, Inc

~~~~~   [Guest Moderator's Comment]  ~~~~~

Some excellent insights, Nancy.  Thanks so much.

As a former newspaper writer, I cannot stress enough the
need to write your press releases in a professional manner.
You are sending them to editors who will only use them IF
they are newsworthy and well written.  If they sound too
much like ads or are filled with subjective language and
superlatives, they will not be used.

Also, writing for both offline and online publications
entails brevity and clarity.  Publications don't have a lot
of space to waste on junk and extra wording, etc.  To
learn some of the rules of journalistic writing, 
purchase a copy of the "Associated Press Stylebook," which
can probably be ordered by your local bookseller.  If not,
check out your local college's bookstore; they generally
stock the Stylebooks because journalism students use them.


+++++  Same Topic - Second Post  +++++

From:  "George Matyjewicz"  
Subject:  Classified Ads

At 05:01 AM 11/3/97 -0500, Claudia Hafling stated:
>~~~~~   [Guest Moderator's Comment]  ~~~~~
>How about you -- do you offer classified ads on your site?
>Have you taken out any classifieds on someone else's site?
>Are they working for you?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Nope.  IMHO, classified ads don't work.  The Net is a place where
folks can visit your site and learn all about your company and
services, without worrying about a sales person pressuring them.
Hence, your site should tell your story.  Classified ads work
well in newspapers (I have used them for years, and have had as
many as 200 classifieds going at one time).

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.  

~~~~~   [Guest Moderator's Comment]  ~~~~~

Hmm.  Interesting point of view.  I personally have 
had limited experience with classifieds on the net, 
but have seen some results (queries, if not sales).
Anyone else want to share their experiences with


+++++  Ongoing Topic - Marketing Tips... +++++

From:  Jesse Wooding
Subject: Re: The E-Marketing Digest, V2, #100

A tip passed down to me from one great marketer:  Read all the
information you can about marketing.  Just because you are not 
experienced does not mean you cannot benefit from the advice 
of those who are.  Read marketing books, subscribe to newsletters, 
and let people "pitch" you.

Listen to what they say so you can maybe pick up on a 
certain technique or few key words they use to "get the sell."

~Jesse Wooding
"Empower your MLM!"

+++++  Same Topic - Post Two +++++

From:  Hubertus Rank
Subject:  Marketing Tips

Hello Claudia,

Regarding to your comments about tips, I want to share one.
There are actually lots of problems with the INFOSEEK search
engine, which lots of webmasters have for adding pages.

I have the most success in adding some of my (1600) pages
without the Keyword Meta Tag. I write the pages specially
for Infoseek without the Keyword Meta Tag. 
I think that at this moment this is the best you can do.

I hope this will help someone. Just try it.

Best regards
Hubertus Rank - Manager
 "Travel Europe with the Best European Driving Tours"
Drive Europe                     Reise-Profi Service GmbH
Offenbachstr. 6                  D-26810 Westoverledingen
Phone +49/(0)4955/920905         Fax +49/(0)4955/920906       E-Mail

P.S. Would you like a FREE European Travel Newsletter? Mailto: with "subscribe" in the body. The actual
issue could be seen at

+++++  Same Topic - Post Three +++++

From:  Michael McCandless       
Subject: Marketing Tips

You've done it - coaxed me out of lurking.  Here's my tip.

The tip is in relation to our monthly newsletter - Biznews - 
where we cover examples of North Carolina companies that 
have had success on the Web.

We've covered the Grove Park Inn (luxury resort in NC), 
Asheville Chamber of Commerce and others.  Our goal is to 
identify what objectives the Web site was created for, how 
they were met, and how the site was promoted.  In
Biznews, we also cover traffic building tips.

In an attempt to build the subscriber base, I try to locate 
other contacts on the  Web within the same industry as the
featured Web site.  Newsgroups have been a big help and, for 
the Chamber article, I used on-line listings of members 
who had an e-mail address or Web site (and then got the 
e-mail address).

Of course, I don't indiscriminately add these folks to 
the list.  Instead I send them e-mail, tell them where I got 
their e-mail address, tell them about the upcoming article 
related to their industry, and provide subscription instructions.
We always get some subscriptions out of it and have had 
very few unsubscribes.

In fact, if any of the subscribers to this list represent a 
NC business Web site success, and would be interested in 
the possibility of coverage in Biznews, please contact me.
Michael McCandless
BizNexus - Business Solutions on the Web
Get our FREE newsletter "North Carolina Business Web Successes"
Email to with SUBSCRIBE as subject

~~~~~   [Guest Moderator's Comment]  ~~~~~

That's a good tip, Michael.  In fact, I may use it to help
build a subscriber list for my new e-mail newsletter on 
hospitality marketing.  Thanks a lot.


+++++  Same Topic -  Post Four +++++

From:  "George Matyjewicz"  
Subject:  Marketing Tip

>From: "Ron S. La Vine, MBA" 
>What makes a quality web site?
>A Marketing Format That Tells You:
>Who We Are 
>What We Do 
>What Makes Us Unique
>Why You Should Use Our Products or Services
>(Why would people want to do business with you?)
>How You (the visitor) Benefit 
>Who We Work With 
>The Next Step (a.k.a. "Call To Action") 

Simple Marketing 101 tips - yet missed by so many people.  

Joshua Blackman, Editor of The Internet Lawyer newsletter, has
asked our firm to evaluate a lawyer's web site as part of the
"Web Page Makeover" feature of the  December newsletter, and as
part of our "MYWEB" Rainmaking program. We will take an existing
Web site and evaluate it from a marketing point of view, and will
point out what the lawyer can do to improve the site.  We will
then write a 1,000-word report that describes the "before" and
"after" and why we suggest the changes, with particular emphasis
on the marketability of the site.  

The case study will also be posted to our site, and will show the
"before" and "after" image of the home page, along with the
report.  Obviously, the information can be used by the site owners
to revise their site.  This will be a positive makeover, not
meant to condemn anybody for what they may have done wrong.
Rather, it will emphasize what you hope to gain with the changes.
We will be applying our marketing expertise to the makeover, and
are not as concerned with the technical aspects of the site. The
makeover may also be published in one of the major law journals.

I will mention it here when we are done, and the site is posted
for review.    Perhaps list members can get some helpful tips.


George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs. 

+++++  Same Topic -  Post Five +++++

From: "Ron S. La Vine, MBA"     
Subject:  Marketing Tips

Effective Cold Calling

Depending on how it is executed, cold calling can produce effective 

An advantage of cold calling, assuming you have correctly identified your
target market, is you call into the very top of an organization and
identify the key decision maker(s) and how the decision making
process takes place. This is not necessarily the case with networking,
you may or may not come into contact with the individual in the
organization (depending on its size) who has the authority to buy your
products or services.

While networking is very valuable and serves a useful purpose in opening up
new avenues of business. I would be hesitant to give up my cold calling.

Ron S. La Vine
President of The IntellWorks - The only constant is change...
Sales & Marketing Research Consulting //
Telemarketer - Training
Free Fortune 1000 Sales Intelligence Newsletter: 

+++++  Ongoing Topic -  Charting The Minefield +++++

From:  Scott D. Prock 
SUBJECT:  Marketing Your Site

Hi all,

I agree 100% with what Gary said about not marketing
your site before all your information is in place, but what
if your information requires advertising part of your
site to get the rest of the information? Do you just
advertise the part of your site you want people to go to?
Or can you advertise to your target audience, give them
your main page and inform them the rest of the site is
being worked on?

For example, I am creating an advertising agency where
members can receive a discount over retail rates and place
both their online and offline advertising from one place.

Our goal is to have more sources for advertising than
any other agency.  To do that, we've created a Media
Rep Alliance where anyone can submit as many media
sources as they want.  Later, when the site is finished
and starts creating revenue, each rep will be paid a
commission on any advertising dollars that go through
the sources they submitted.

You see, we need to advertise our Media Rep program
to get Reps to start submitting sources, but the rest of the
site hasn't even been touched -- we're still trying to finish
The Rep area. Another question I have is - should I wait
to market for Reps until that section is finished or is it
ok to start now to give the Reps the chance to gather the
information we need?

I anxiously await your responses . . .Scott

Own your home town newspaper, local broadcasting and
         any other form of advertising. . .
   . . .join our Media Rep Alliance

                    Answer to Last Week's Question of the Week

From: "Gary K. Foote" 
Subject: Question of the Week Results

Hi All,

Last week's Question, "How large is your company?"", garnered 38 
responses.  It seems we are mostly a group of small businesses rather 
than larger corporations.  I firmly believe that this result is a 
good representation of what the rest of the commercial side of the 
'net is composed of as well.  Here are the final figures;

1 - 3:   23 respondents

4 - 10:   7 respondents

10 - 25:  4 respondents

Over 25:  4 respondents

Gary K. Foote

                      Question of the Week

Let's find out how broad the Marketing Scope of our Digest
Subscribers is. Where do our customers come from?

Select the answer that best fits your situation.

My company conducts business:

a) locally/regionally (in my own city/state, etc.)
b) nationally, including internet/e-mail customers
c) nationally, with no internet/e-mail customers
d) internationally, including internet/e-mail customers
e) internationally, with no internet/e-mail customers

Please Send All Response to the Digest address; 

Responses Will Be Tallied and Published All Next Week.

-Claudia L'Engle Hafling
Media & Marketing Concepts
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