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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #103
                        November 10, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

                This Week's Guest Moderator is
                       Joshua Reimer of
                       Promotion World

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments

    "Greetings from This Week's GM"
       - Joshua Reimer

+ Ongoing

    "Infoseek Keyword Repetitions"
       - Hubertus Rank
       -GM's Comments

    "Blocking Spam And Opt-In Email"
        - Ryan Scott
        -GM's Comments

    "Understanding Our Customers Values"
        - Marilyn Strong
        - GM's Comments

+ The Corkboard

       - Gary K. Foote

+ Question of the Week

    Last Week - "Results not yet available"

    This Week - "How do You Use E-mail?"


                  Moderator's Comments

Hi everyone!

I have had the honor of being selected as this weeks Guest 
Moderator, otherwise known as a "GM".

After seeing what a great job the past GMs have done, I have a 
little bit of apprehension about this week. That's not even 
mentioning all the experience they have had. I mean, I've only 
really been into marketing and promotion for less than a year
now. I'm amazed at all I have learnt in that short period of time, 
though, and hope to be able to share some of it with you.

Let me tell you a bit about myself to start off. I run a website 
called Promotion World, at . 
Domain name coming soon. I think I've been saying that for months 
now . This site has a whole bunch of tutorials and links that 
I have put together on the subject of website promotion. 

Another one of my projects is the Promotion World Informer, a 
weekly newsletter that talks about, you guessed it, website 
promotion. This contains quite a few articles, not all from me, 
link reviews, questions and answers, that sort of stuff. If you 
want to subscribe to it, you can do so by emailing 
 with SUBSCRIBE in the BODY of 
your message.

In case you ever want to contact me, my email address is 

I'd like to hear your opinions on this subject. Does anyone 
have any success stories they would like to share? Even failure 
stories are OK, as it helps us not to make the same mistakes. 

As the week goes along, I'll share some of my own experiences 
with newsletters.

Now, on with this issue...



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   If you'd like to take your turn at the helm simply send;



From: "Reise-Profi Service GmbH" 
Subject: Infoseek Search Engine

Hi Gary,

regarding my tip for adding pages to the INFOSEEK Search 
Engine without the Keyword Meta Tag I would like to answer 
on Terry's comments.

In September InfoSeek started setting up it's latest 
penalties.  They are now unofficially penalizing pages that 
contain more than THREE occurrences of the SAME keyword 
within the meta keyword tags. In October, Danny 
Sullivan reported that Infoseek's product manager, Sue 
LaChance Porter stated "There is no hard and fast rule 
about the number of keywords allowed in these tag fields, 
at some point we'd just stop counting. Ranking depends on 
several factors, including the body, the web and the query 
itself " 

I can give you only my personal opinion on this subject. 
After studying and posting numerous pages during the last 
month, my recommendation is to not use the keyword  
tag on InfoSeek more then ONCE. In addition, you will also 
get very good results if you don't use it at all! I have 
posted most of my pages totally without this Meta Tag and 
they rank most of all on the Top 10.

Everyone is free to test it.

Best regards

Best regards
Hubertus Rank - Manager
 "Travel Europe with the Best European Driving Tours"
Drive Europe                     Reise-Profi Service GmbH
Offenbachstr. 6                  D-26810 Westoverledingen
Phone +49/(0)4955/920905         Fax +49/(0)4955/920906       E-Mail

P.S. Would you like a FREE European Travel Newsletter? Mailto: with "subscribe" in the body. The actual
issue could be seen at

---GM's Comments---

I have heard from "other sources" that Infoseek imposed the
3 word repetition max for a few weeks, and then changed it
after receiving many complaints. No one really knows what
the limit is set at now...

That's probably the safest thing to do. Just repeat once,
that is. If you do it any more, you may get accused of
spamming the engine. However, if you don't do it at all, you
might not get very good listings on the other search
engines. Meta Tags are such fiddly and annoying things 

Everyone else around here uses initials to sign their
posts... I guess I'll follow suit...


           ***  NEW POST - Blocking Spam And Opt-In Email  ***

Subject: Blocking Spam And Opt-In Email

> >>What's the most challenging part of list ownership and how 
> >>do you deal
> >>with it?
> >
> >My ISP recently sent me an e-mail warning me about their 
> >abuse policy.  I responded that I agreed with their abuse policy 
> >and was not a spammer.  I wrote that everyone to whom I had sent 
> >e-mail had requested my information either as a direct reuqest to 
> >my list or by asking for my free report.  I told them that I 
> >suspected someone had forgotten they had signed up for my stuff.  
> >The ISP responded that it was misunderstanding and asked would I
> >please remove the individual from the list.  (Which I gladly did.)  
> >But I also discovered that someone working for the ISP had actually
> >requested cancellation of my account just on the strength of what 
> >this mistaken person had said.  In my case, it turned out OK.  But 
> >there has to be a better way for ISPs to handle this.  I told the 
> >ISP it bothered me that they were ready to cancel my account because 
> >they were so gun-shy and on this guy's say so.
> I've heard many other horror stories, where ISPs have gone
> all the way and shut down accounts. Your pretty lucky there.
> This is something I'm always trying to be careful about (not
> getting anyone upset), but there are always the few that go
> crazy when they think they haven't subscribed to it. I've
> never had anyone go as far as emailing my ISP, but I have
> had one or two nasty letters in my time...
> Seems the anti-spam movement gets a bit out of hand sometimes...

Being probably one of the largest opt-in mailers, we get this 
far too much for it to be funny.  It's pretty scary to think 
that there are ISPs out there who will block all mail coming from 
a domain on the basis of one unverified claim from one user that 
they are getting spam. The thing is, they end up blocking 

I could be wrong about the 2 ISPs in question, however I believe 
it was UUNET and Netcom who recently changed their incoming mail 
filtering policy - they no longer block ANY mail.  By filtering 
incoming mail, they were making themselves RESPONSIBLE for that
mail.  That is, if they blocked requested mail, or important 
business mail, they could very easily be sued for damages.  
Realizing this, they dropped all filtering.

Well, they are not the only ISPs that were filtering incoming 
mail.  In fact, your incoming mail could be filtered and 
blocked by your ISP right now and you would not even know 
about it.  They don't bother to tell their subscribers.

We've created a page about this and are going to be telling 
people about which ISPs are blocking incoming mail so that 
serious business people can make decisions on who to choose.  
Just like it is foolish to have your business email account 
on AOL because of 3 day mail delays, it is probably even more 
foolish to choose an ISP who could be blocking your incoming 

The page is not done yet, we have to verify that these ISPs 
filter their incoming mail before we tell the world they are 
doing so. But I can tell you it is far more of them than you 
might suspect.  There's a lot of this going on.

Here's another problem with the anti-spam vigilante ISPs - not 
only do they block mail from domains without attempting to 
verify that they actually do spam, but its very difficult to 
even talk to these people - every email you send is blocked as 
well.  So then you have to go onto another service provider just 
to tell them you are NOT spamming.

The fact is, filtering the incoming mail does NOT stem the flow 
of spam - it can't - spammers use made up domains all the time.  
But it DOES hurt the opt-in services, because we have to scramble 
to keep these people from trashing our reputation and blocking 
our mail.  A spammer doesn't care about that.

IMO it is not up to the ISP to determine what his users can and 
cannot receive.  If the user feels he has a problem with incoming 
spam, he can use the many available tools to censor HIMSELF.  It 
is not up to the ISP to act as censor.  The media hasn't covered 
this issue yet - just wait until they do!  

      Ryan Scott - - 718 522 1531     
          - Reinventing Direct Marketing on the Net -
       NetCreations, Inc -
                - Targeted 100% OPT IN Email -
PostMaster Direct Response -
             *be sure to quote me in your reply*

---GM's Comments---

I like the way my ISP, IslandNet, handles email blocking.
They offer a thing called "PEP" (Personal Email Processing).
You can set up a list of email address's that you want the
server to block mail from.  They also provide you with a
list of email address's of known spammers. Another cool
feature is that you can  set it up to auto respond to emails
with certain keywords in the subject, creating what is
basically a autoresponder. This all costs nothing above the
regular monthly charges. That way you have complete control
over what email gets through to you. Great for everyone, the
ISP isn't responsible, and you can receive opt-in mailings if you want. 

I wish more ISPs did this...


         ***  NEW POST - Understanding Customer's Values  ***

From: Marilyn Strong 
Subject: re: features/benefits and WIIFM

Marketing in the 90s and into the 21st century means we have to know more 
than features and benefits. We have to know, in a larger context, what our 
customer is *doing* with our product. And to do that we have to talk to our 
customer, not assume we know the answers.

Rick provided three questions we can ask our customers. These questions 
focus on our product.

We have, however, forgotten one important fact. Chopping french fries is 
only one small part of a much larger process; one called food preparation.

We have to ask the customer what other food preparation activities are 
performed in the kitchen. And we have to ask what they *value* about the 
whole food preparation process. This time the questions focus on their 
values and what they *do*, rather than on what we offer for a product.

The key word is value.

When we talk with our customer about the total food preparation process, we 
could learn, for instance, that talking as a family is a very valued part. 
The longer a step takes, the more opportunity there is to talk. This means 
that any new piece of equipment that cuts time from a task, actually 
provides less opportunity to talk.

Our customer might *like* machines that work quickly and give them more 
time. However, in the whole food preparation process they value spending 
time with family. A machine that cuts time may not be chosen even if they 
'like' it, because it conflicts with their values.

Without understanding that your product is only one step in the customer's 
food preparation process, you may have spent a lot of money marketing 
*spend extra time with family*, when in reality your product cuts the time 
they spend as a family!

What we have to do as marketers, is understand what our customer values not 
only about our product but all the other processes that are affected by 
that product.

And once we understand that, our headlines, our direct mail pieces, 
whatever we use to market our product or service, will go straight to the  
 bullseye, not just move towards the target.

Marilyn Strong
The Strong Communication Group Inc.
Coaching & training entrepreneurs to dream their life & live their dream
I'd rather know some of the questions than all of the answers, James 

---GM's Comments---

Great post. How often we forget to look at things through
the perspective of our customers...


                     The Corkboard

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: Welcome

Hi All,

Last Friday this publication was featuerd as the "TipWorld 
Mailinglist of the Day".  As a result our readership has 
grown by 35% over the weekend!  With all of these new readers 
there should be some great new ideas flowing.  

One thing I feel I should mention is that the article in 
TipWorld carried some out of date info about this list.  
The topic, as they stated it, is 'E-mail Marketing'.  This 
was, for the first 6 months of this list's existence, the 
sole topic.  The problem with this was the narrowness of the 
focus.  Discussions often turned into, if not all-out spam 
wars, at least some raised hackles and flaring tempers.  It 
was my decision at that time to widen the scope of the EMD 
to include all electronic marketing into the subject matter.  

Now, this doesn't mean that we have done away with discussions 
about e-mail marketing.  Indeed, there is regular conversation 
on the topic, along with all the other elements that go into a 
well balanced electronic marketing campaign.  So, if you have 
just joined this list expecting the sole topic to be e-mail 
marketing, then I apologise to you for the misinformation.  
However, if you will hang around you will find that this community 
is more supportive, more interesting and more knowledgable than 
many of the current crop of e-newsletters out there.

So, I bid "welcome" to our new readers.  Lurk or post as you 
will.  May you get as much out of this publication as the rest 
of us do.  We're not only full of facts, but fun too!


    Gary K. Foote               
    Internet Marketing Since 1994   
    P.O. Box 3214, N. Conway, NH 03860         (603)447-1024

    ---- Author of "Ethical, Targeted E-mail Marketing" ----

                  Question of the Week

      ***  Last Week's Question of the Week  ***

Last week's QotW has not yet been compiled into usable 
info.  I expect to have this information available by the 
next issue.  I apologise for my inconsistency.


      ***  This Week's Question of the Week  ***

This week I have posed more of an 'essay question' as my school 
professors used to call them.  The question is simple, but I 
expect the answers will be wildly different.  Since this is a 
qualitative rather than quantitative question I will not be 
compiling results, instead I will post a special issue next week,
compiling all of the posts into one publication for ease of reference.

Here's the Q;

"How do you use e-mail to promote/market/sell your products/services?"

       Please Send All Responses to the Digest address;



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