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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #106
                        November 14, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments

+ New Topics

    "Be careful what you e-mail your customers"
       - Alex Ingerman
       - Moderator's Comments

    "E-mail Client Recommendations?"
       - Dave Thuillier

       - Paul Robillard
       - Moderator's Comments

+ Ongoing

    "Poor Newsletter Sponsoring Results"
       - Barb Sybal
       - Moderator's Comments

    "My Spam response findings"
       - Rev. Keith Londrie II
       - Moderator's Comments

+ The Corkboard

    "Direct Marketing Resource"
       - Rick Smith

+ Question of the Week

    Last Week - "Results in Monday's Special Issue"

    This Week - "What is your current definition of SPAM?"


                  Moderator's Comments

Hi Everyone,

It seems a bit odd, sitting down to assemble the EMD.  After 
all, for the last two weeks in a row we have had Guest 
Moderators at the helm.  I want to thank both Claudia Hafling 
and Joshua Reimer for doing such a fine job editing together 
their respective week's issues.  Well done.  And if you are 
interested in possibly Guest Moderating this publication for 
a week (3 issues) send e an e-mail at;

I'll send you a FAQ and follow up with more personal e-mail.

One of the things I've done during my 'time off' was to add 
a great deal to the Webbers Communications Marketing Resources 
page  at the EMD website.
It's not the world's most organized page, but there are all 
kinds of resourse links - garnered from many sources, often 
from this list - for many of the facets involved in marketing 
campaign creation and implementation.  I'll be adding to it 
as time goes on and will announce future versions here.

Enough housecleaning notes...  on with the show.


                       New Topics

Subject: Be careful what you e-mail your customers

Hello everyone,

I came upon the following news nippet in Travel Weekly, a publication for
travel agents. I thought it might give some of us food for thought, as US
government is obviously starting to impose its normal regulations on the
Net. It is certainly not "Aw, nobody will notice" medium anymore!

CO Fined for Violating DOT's Rules on Net Ads

WASHINGTON - Continental Airlines was ordered to pay an $18,000 fine for 
violating the Transportation Department's advertizing regulation on the
According to DOT, the carrier promoted a New York(Newark) - Toronto fare
in an ad sent by e-mail to online customers in September. The ad failed to
list all of the taxes and fees


I think it is not only Department of Transportation that insists that an ad
should make note of all fees and taxes, but some other US agencies as well.


Alex Ingerman
A.I. Enterprises

Website Creation, Programmming, Marketing and more
E-mail for free personalized quote.

                    [Moderator's Comments]


Thanks for posting this.  It sure brings home the reality of 
(US) laws dealing with truth in advertising and these laws 
apply to the internet too.  Make sure you cover the details 


    ***  NEW POST - E-mail Client Recommendations?  ***

From: Dreamer 
Subject: email clients

Hi all,

I could use a couple of suggestions from the group...

I am currently using Netscape's email client (which up to now has 
kept me happy). At this point I am trying to develop a couple of 
email lists where a person can subscribe using a form. The form 
is mailed in to me by my isp's server. I am forced to manually 
imput the person's address into my address book as the form uses 
the address of "the server" in the reply-to field. The address my 
potential customer inputs on the form arrives in the message - not 
in the header. After the cut and past method of adding the address 
to my address book I then send out a prepared intro script manually 
to the individual. Any suggestions on how to automate this process? 

Netscape also doesn't appear (unless I missed something) to have 
the ability to sort incoming mail. This also is being done manually. 

Another ability that would be of tremendous use would be to have  
messages automatically cc'ed to a pre-defined folder based on the 
header content. Currently either everything or nothing gets cc'ed.

The address book allows folders. However I must keep the original 
email address in the main list. A 'copy' of this info goes into 
the folder thus creating a massively long list of names outside the 
folders. *Is there any software that could be recommended that would 
keep the addresses completely in the sub-folders or is this typical 
of all email clients? Is there a software package that would do 
everything I need or am I asking for too much? 

I'm thirty miles from the closest software store so it's not feasible 
for me to pop-in during my lunch break  to ask questions. Any help 
would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Thuillier   
Role Playing Games, Collectable Card Games, Models & Hobby Materials, 
Fantasy & Sci-FI Books, Audio Books, Quantity Discounts available

              ***  NEW POST - SPAM?  ***

Subject: SPAM


First of all, I am a newly subcriber to E-Marketing Digest and every word I
read is food, good food. Excuse my english, I am French.

I live in France. Email in France is expensive and everithing but wide
spread. This brings me to my questions. While reading The Special Issue of
november 17. (Great Stuff) I came trough terminology I don't know about. 

1 What is SPAM ?

2 I have received one or two unrequested email-offers (SPAM?) but
certainely not fludded. So where do SPAMmers get their the email address of
their victims.

3 Keith wrote that he setup an autoresponder that replies to SPAMmers. How
does an autoresponder recognize SPAM Email ?

Many thanks in advance.

Paul Robillard

We run a laminating structure in France.
Among our Clients are Cartier, Elite Fashion, Suzuki and many many more.
our commercial address is

                     [Moderator's Comments]

Hi Paul,

And welcome to the EMD.  Your English is just fine...  you 
should hear my bad French.    Your question #1 covers a lot 
of ground.  We had a 'let's define SPAM' session in the early 
weeks of this list's existence, but time, as is it's wont, has 
moved on and there is no doubting that opinions have changed.  
So, let's do it again.  See this week's Question of the Week 
at the end each issue to get involved in this one folks.  I 
suspect it will spawn another special issue.

Re: #2) "...where do SPAMmers get their the email address..."

Many of them use specialized software that automatically 
'sniffs' e-mail addresses from newsgroups, the web...  even 
lists like this one.  They are able to define areas of interest 
by using keywords in the more functional versions.  This type 
of direct marketing will get you more grief than sales...  if 
you get sales at all.  This type of software is used almost 
exclusively by spammers.

I leave it to Keith and others here to answer #3.


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From: "B.A. Sybal" 
Subject: Poor Newsletter Sponsoring Results

> I would be interested in your thoughts regarding the unsatisfactory 
> response you got from your newsletter advertising.  Do you know why 
> your ads drew such a low response?

Hi, Gary,

To be honest, I've had very poor results in any online advertising
that's been purchased and the only answer I can come up with
is that I don't have a direct-to-consumer product and the Internet's
economy is still fairly focused on consumerism.

I was hoping that this particular newsletter that appeared to
target the retailer/merchant would do better, and a few other
conclusions I can draw from the lack of response is that:
1) the copy wasn't professionally written (somewhat of an
impulse buy), or 2) the majority of subscribers are online
businesses only and I'm looking for retailers with a physical
location, or 3) my site isn't targetted correctly.

Before anyone screams at me for the No. 2 comment above (no
pun intended), I get many requests from home-based businesses
who are looking for suppliers and for the most part, I'm willing
to help them by adjusting the minimum orders, but I can't
give them 1-10 pieces at the same price I sell to the
card & gift shop around the corner (for obvious business


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
My Sentiments(TM) Fine Art Cards
"Your resource for sending a smile"
1-888-ART-FOR-2 (Canada & US)
(905) 828-7399 ~ (905) 828-4143 (Fax)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                   [Moderator's Comments]


Thanks for sharing this with us.  Lots of folks 'impulse buy'
their advertising as you suggested might have been possible in
your case.  Impulse ad buying will only muddy the waters for 
you.  A clear ad buy needs to be taken in small bites in the 
early stages.  Test the ads before buying big.  Rewrite them 
and test them again and again.  Make sure the ads you place 
will pull responses _before_ spending $$$ in your best venues.

As for number 2, I suspect that you may be correct.  Trying 
to wholesale volume online must be a harder sale than retail 
of individual items.

I took a quick peek at your site and saw that you are up front 
about who your preferred customer is, but people, being people, 
will often misinterpret advertising, misread instructions, etc.  
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "my site isn't targetted 
correctly".  Do you mean the site design itself or your keywords 
and search engine registrations?

           ***  NEW POST - My SPAM Response Findings  ***

From: "Information Services" 
Subject: My Spam response findings

Hi Gary and fellow listmembers:

In response to my post about the methods I use to market by E-mail, Gary 
posed the question:

 >Your technique of marketing to spammers is a nice twist.  Do you
 >get good response from this activity?


I have only had this procedure of responding to spam in place for a couple of 
months now, but this is what I am seeing:

1). I have kind of an idea on the percentage of spam that uses invalid return 
addresses. This is kind of a rough mental tally, nothing scientific. If I 
were to put a number on it it would be around 80-85% use invalid return email 
addresses. Obviously, this data is collected by the number of messages that 
bounce back to me.

On the surface, this percentage makes it appear that my efforts are wasted. 
So, what I decided to do was "Process improvement" on my procedure. - I now 
invest 3 seconds to each spam message. - I scan the top and bottom of the 
message and many times there is a different E-mail address listed than in the 
return address. PAY DIRT! - That is the one the spammer wants the people that 
have "read" his/her trash/stuff/or whatever, to respond to! - So, let's let 
Mr./Ms. Spammer believe that I read his/her "message?" and reply to THAT 
address. Using this new procedure, I am seeing the number of returned 
messages beginning to drop drastically.

2). It is kind of difficult to say for sure but I believe that I'm getting a 
FEW new subscriptions to the IWEG+ because of this procedure.

3). I also feel that the number of people that are hitting my autoresponders 
is up A LITTLE.

So, in summary, this is not a way to "generate alot of response", but as an 
additional tool to my E-mail marketing efforts the very small time investment 
required to do this has the potential to generate some response. And as with 
any marketing/advertising method, responses are NEVER guaranteed.

I would not call this method one of the best E-Mail marketing methods, but if 
you only use the best method, what percentage of prospects are you NOT 
reaching by not having a well rounded marketing campaign? I feel that this 
process is just one of the items I use to help me to reach my targets. (With 
many spammers being newbies to the business field, they need some of my 
books and manuals on starting/running a business, marketing, ad writing, 
etc.) So, in a way, one of my target markets is actually coming to me with no 
advertising dollars spent on my part!

Gary, I trust my response to your question provides you and the other 
listmembers with some kind of idea of what can be expected from this ONE 
marketing tool.

Until next time; here's to your success!


------------------  Your Information Source  ---------------------
Rev. Keith Londrie II - Owner    
1.800.440.3861 - Toll Free                          1.319.524.1763
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Automated Check Transfers "ACT"(tm) -
------------------ ---------------------

                 [Moderator's Comments]


Thanks for the details.  What you do shows that it sometimes 
takes only a small effort to generate results.  What you wrote 
also points out that it is an accummulation of many small 
efforts that make up a full-blown marketing campaign.

One question for the list owners here, how many regularly poll 
those who subscribe about how they came to your list...  and 
unsubscribers regarding why they are leaving?  It's a good 
method for gauging your marketing and followup performance.  
Hmmmm...  I guess I'll have to start doing this more often.  


                     The Corkboard

From: Rick Smith 
Subject: Direct Marketing Resource

E-Marketers -

As many of you know, I use and teach direct response marketing methods.  I
know that some of you also use these methods in your online and offline
marketing.  With that in mind, I had recently heard that Ted Nicholas,
(made a name for himself by self-publishing and direct marketing USD$200
Million+ of his own and other's books), had stopped publishing his monthly
newsletter.  Last Saturday on a whim, I just happened to go to Bill Myer's
Web site, .  While I was there, I checked the message
board.  I discovered that not only had Ted ceased publishing his
newsletter, but he was ceasing all US operations.  A company called Prime
Directive, (they occasionally do this type of close-out), had bought out
his remaining product stock.  I found out that they have a Web site to
unload all this stuff, .  I bopped over there. 
They've got some *great* deals.  I think they're selling this stuff at
about 75 - 80% off list.  I bought an 18 tape self-publishing tape set for
USD$117.  This would have normally run for USD$400 - $500.  At these
prices, this stuff won't last long.

BTW, I'm not affiliated with Ted Nicholas or Prime Directive in any way. 
In the interest of sharing, I just thought those of you that use direct
response techniques in your 'Net marketing would be interested in checking
out this resource.

Rick Smith, "The Guerrilla Computer Consultant"
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                  Question of the Week

Responses to last Week's Question of the Week were compiled into
a single Special Issue and posted Monday, Nov 17th.  There is a
copy online at the following address for those who missed it;

This Week's Question of the Week is;

"What is your current definition of e-mail"?  

Again, this is more of an essay question than anything else, 
and as such, will require more time for respondents to reply.  
I hope you all will take the time for this one.  It's pretty 
important to all of us here.  I will again post a Special Issue 
to the list on Monday with a compilation of all responses.


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