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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                      Volume #2, Issue #108
                        November 24, 1997
                    Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments

    "Happy Thanksgiving America"

+ New Topics

    "ISP Limiting Number of Copies"
       - Paul "the soarING" Siegel

+ Ongoing

    "Using Newsletters as a Marketing Tool"
       - Jose Camilo Daccach T.

    "E-mail Client Recommendations?"
       - Paul Myers
       - Dave Thuillier


                  Moderator's Comments

Hi all,

Last week I signed on for the beta testing phase
of Bellacoola's new website traffic tracking and
analysis service and I need to say that I am quite
impressed with the scope of the info this service
makes available and the variety of ways it can be

After filling in their online registration form I
received an e-mail that included instructions and
some attached files to upload to my website
directory.  After a brief oinline test session -
about 60 seconds - I was able to e-mail Bellacoola
back with the info they needed to complete my setup.
They e-mailed back code to insert into my HTML.
OK, step one complete.

At this point you can read your activity reports in
their raw form -  usable, but time consuming - or
you can do what the folks at Bellacoola recommend and
download HitList to format the info into easily readable
tables and charts using your web browser.  Great stuff.

I could go on, but take my word that the service is
worth looking into and hop on over to
 for all the details.
You won't be sorry.


Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday that falls on Thursday of
this week I will not be publishing a Wednesday issue.
Happy Thanksgiving America.


                       New Topics

From: "Paul "the soarING" Siegel" 
Subject: "ISP Limiting Number of Copies"

Hi all:

First, I want to put in a word for Pegasus. It's free and with it
you can arrange your filters so that when a person sends you email
with the Subject: Subscribe, his email is automatically entered
into your newsletter list.

This is terrific. But I have a problem. I tried using Pegasus to
send out my newsletter, Learning Fountain Reviews, and lo and
behold I found out that I could only send 100 copies out at a
time. I am with Netcom, and they told me this is their policy in
order to avoid spamming.

So I called up Earthlink. They said I could only send out 50
emails a day. Anything more is spamming.

This sounds ridiculous to me. Does anyone have any idea which
reliable ISPs have a policy more helpful to newsletter senders?

Live your vision,

Paul "the soarING" Siegel, Master the Internet,
Subscribe to Learning Fountain Reviews newsletter
Send message to: 
In Subject state: Subscribe Reviews


From: "Jose Camilo Daccach T." 
Subject: Using Newsletters as a Marketing Tool

Hello Gary and Fellow List Members:

I have been reading lots of great information on the
list, and just finished "publishing" my first Newsletter
to use it as a marketing tool. I think the steps used in
doing this will be of value to anyone thinking on doing
the same.

Some background: I am an independent Information
Technology consultant who normally used to do monthly
5-6 page documents on a particular topic as a service
to the clients.  Two dissadvantages:  Too many topics
should be cover to cater everyones tase, and the high
cost of printing, distribution, and followup.  The
e-mail Newsletter format solves both problems.

I live in Colombia, South América where there is lack,
as everywhere else, of time to keep track of IT advances,
with an aggravated consequence, very few people with
access to the Net read English well enough to get info
from English newsletters.

Now to the steps:

1. Two months were spend defining the scope, topics to
cover, format, and most important of all, making the
initial recipients list. It is amazing how time consuming
this event is, specially since it is a MUST to excercise
nettiquete, asking people first if they would want to
receive a newsletter.

2. Gather information for at least your first 3-4 issues.
This will ensure that at least the following three numbers
are somewhat covered.  Write the non-dated material ahead
of time, so that you have time for administrative purposes
at the beggining of the list mailing.   Get the first
number out as soon as you have the material and covered
these steps.  Always leave something new for the next
number.  This will keep the readers wanting to receive
your information.

3. You will need to set some standard format for the
Newsletter and create some templates also to ease on
the writing of every number.  I have concentrated on
templates on my word processor and a spreadsheet to
keep track of the subscribers.

4. An last, but not least, proof read, and proof test
(hyperlinks, etc.) BEFORE sending the newsletter.   A
great topic and article can go sour due to a bad link.
Make it a purpose to test the letter on the receiving
end.  Some e-mail programs truncate lines, others will
just show a long line if you don't have hard Carriage
Returns.  A Newsletter difficult to read, will just be

5. As a final tip: add your e-mail address at the end
of the recipients list.  This way you will know when
did the last e-mail leave your service.

Sorry for the lengh, but thought I could share this
with your readers.  If anyone is interested in
"El Reporte Delta" (the Newsletter is in Spanish),
FREE subscriptions are welcome at
with SUSCRIBIR REPORTE DELTA on the subject or Body.

    Jose Camilo Daccach T.
      Asesor Externo                (Independent Consultant)
  Calle 8 No. 2N-47 Of.401 Cali, Colombia. South America
     Tel: +57 2 667 4820         Cel: 93 551 5917

  Editor: El Reporte Delta.  Para suscribirse, enviar correo a: con las palabras SUSCRIBIR DELTA

***  NEW POST - E-mail Client Recommendations?  ***

From: Paul Myers 
Subject: E-mail Client Recommendations?


> The address my potential customer inputs on the form arrives in
> the message - not in the header.

If you have CGI access, it's pretty simple to use any of a number
of scripts to control what appears in which header. If you like,
email me and I'll go over them with you.

Using Pegasus or Eudora, it's a simple matter to have the response
you want sent delivered automatically based on fields that are in
the headers. That can all be controlled by a form, or even a
mailto action.

You can use Pegasus to send the response, and then add the
person's email address to a distribution list, then move (or copy)
the inbound email to a separate folder or append it to a file.

> Another ability that would be of tremendous use would be to have
>  messages automatically cc'ed to a pre-defined folder based on
> the header content. Currently either everything or nothing gets
> cc'ed.

Cake with Pegasus. If you still have the copy of VBNews that had
the article on running lists from Pegasus, use the same format
that describes for moving files, and change the filter action to
Copy. If you don't have that, you can get the article by sending
any email to

> *Is there any software that could be recommended that would keep
> the addresses completely in the sub-folders or is this typical
> of all email clients? Is there a software package that would do
> everything I need or am I asking for too much?

Pegasus will allow you to create distribution lists that can be
aliased (by nickname) within the address book, and which can be
edited separately or handled automatically, or both. And all
transparently. As was mentioned, it's free, but the manuals are
not. Still, they;'re quite reasonably priced, and the online help
files are more than sufficient for almost any task.

I run a couple newsletters using Pegasus, and have shown a number
of people how to handle lists and newsletters using it. It will do
all you want and more. Next lunch, pop up to and pick it up. Worth the small effort.

If you want any detailed help that's off the scope of the list,
you know where to find me. 

Save Up To 15 Cents a Minute on Long Distance
And 800/888 Service.
Or visit

***  NEW POST - E-mail Client Recommendations?  ***

From: dreamer 
Subject: E-mail Client Recommendations?


I just wanted to thank everyone that responded to
my request for recommendations for a new email
client. Now it's up to me  to find the best
to suit my needs. Thanks!

Dave Thuillier
Owner, Dreamer's Den             mailto:dreamers_den
~~~         603-464-4762
  Collectable Card Games                 Models & Hobby Materials
    Role Playing Games                       Unique Tee Shirts
             Fantasy & Sci-FI Books and Audio Books

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