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                     The E-Marketing Digest
                     Volume #2, Issue #112
                     December 5, 1997
                     Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments

    "Next Week's Guest moderator"

+ New Topics

    "57 Million E-mail Addresses"
       - Franklin Wayne Poley
       - Moderator's Comments

    "Payment Options"
       - Dave Kushin
       - Moderator's Comments

+ Ongoing

    "The Seasonality of Business"
       - Nancy Roebke
       - Moderator's Comments
       - Claudia Hafling
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Moderator's Comments

    "The Customer is Always Right"
       - Nancy Roebke
       - Moderator's Comments

+ The Corkboard

    "Fall Internet World, 1997"

+ Question of the Week

    "Have You Ever Used Bulk E-Mail?"


                  Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Next week heralds the return of our Guest Moderator series 
with Mark Rauterkus at the helm all week.  Mark is publisher 
of Sport Surf Net,  a site where 
new sports-related email discussion groups are hosted and 
presented.  Mark is also the one who created the EMD's new
Subscriber Dashboard, where you can each manage your EMD
subscriptions from a single web page.

To check out this new feature go to...

... and push the button to go to the Dashboard.  Thanks 
for setting this up, Mark.  This type of easy interface 
is what the world needs more of.

If you would like a copy of our Guest Moderator's FAQ to 
help decide whether or not you would like to edit this 
publication for a week, simply send the following e-mail 
without changing the subject for an autoresponse;

My partner and I will be in New York at the I-World Expo on 
Thursday.  We plan to wander the exposition floor (16 
acres!) most of the day.  If you'll be there too, watch 
for a man wearing a slightly beat-up Harvard baseball cap.  
Tap me on the shoulder and say 'Hi'.  

Your Moderator,


                       New Topics

From: Franklin Wayne Poley 
Subject: 57 million e-mail addresses

I just got a spam from "FutureWT" in AZ advertising 57 
million email addresses on a CD for $99. Anybody know 
if it is bona fide?


[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Franklin,

I don't know if the addresses in question are bona fide 
or not - usually these mass address sales include a 
huge percentage of no-longer-in-existence addresses.  

What I'd *really* like to suggest to you, and to anyone 
else considering this type of e-mail campaign, is 'don't 
do it'.  You will be adding to the growing stream of 
'spam' that are all experiencing.  Instead you could 
build a targeted list of your own using online research 
methods.  You could also build an opt-in list by 
putting a signup form or button on your homepage. There
are many alternatives to spamming.

I would like to point out to you your own ISP's 
'membership rule #2D' which you will find on their site;

>[members] not use the system for commercial purposes, 
>including transacting business, and advertising or 
>selling commercial services.

I believe your ISP will kick you off their system if 
you use it to send out 55 million commercial e-mail 
messages.  Think hard and long before embarking on a 
spam campaign.  There are huge negatives associated 
with such practices.



***  NEW POST - Payment Options  ***

From: Dave Kushin 
Subject: Payment options

I'm looking for ways to accept payment and pay commissions to  
disributors online. I looked at Cybank( as a              
possibility. Anything we use has to be able to be fully           
automated. Any suggestions?


[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Dave,

You will find some links to a number of online payment 
service providers at the following page at the Webbers 
Communications site;

I'm sure there are many more that are known by our 
readers.  Anyone...?




From: "Nancy Roebke" 
Subject: The Seasonality of Business

One of the most effective ways that I have found to handle the 
season in a non-season-related service business, is to use that 
time to touch base with all existing clients- through a 
newsletter of corporate happenings AND an inperson visit to each 
one of them. This is exhausting for me since my clients are all 
over the US right now, but it is well worth it.

The visits are structured so that I give them ideas that 
help their firms be productive and they remember why they made a 
good decision to be my client (so they stay that way).

I have just completed those journeys- I have FINALLY met all my 
clients- many of whom, this was the very first meeting between 
them and myself. I made money this holiday season by securing 
future revenue.

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
Increase income, cut costs, and put an end to cold calling.
Get our FREE series of articles that teach you the secrets
of successful networking. Today!
ProfNet, Inc  Execdirector@Profnet.Org

[Moderator's Comments]

Good idea, Nancy!  Thanks for posting it here.  I wonder, 
"What do the rest of our readers do to make their slow times 
more productive"?  



***  NEW POST - The Seasonality of Business  ***

From: Claudia Hafling <>
Subject: The Seasonality of Business

Since I have been working in this business, nearly 20 years now,
I have always seen the December drop off.  As a matter of fact,
five years ago I completely gave up working at all during the
week between Christmas and New Years because none of my clients
is working and I can't get anyone on the phone.  My phone doesn't
ring that week at all.

Why?  In December, people are all consumed with Christmas and 
Chanukkah and the parties and the shopping.  I run a service
business, public relations and advertising.  Once I place
everybody's Christmas ads, usually in the beginning of the month,
that's it.  I continue with other program elements, but I have
trouble getting clients to approve copy or get back to me with
answers to questions or go-aheads on projects.  

My income usually doesn't dip too much during December because
I still put out work - and bill for it - but the work product
 bottlenecks when it reaches the client and doesn't get anywhere.
Then, Jan. 2nd I have 10 people calling me wanting to go ahead
with their direct mail or new internet campaign or press releases
etc.  It's a very busy month.


-Claudia Hafling
Media & Marketing Concepts
Full-Service Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing Agency
**The Hospitality Marketer**
To subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter for hotel execs and
marketers, send e-mail to with the
words "Subscribe Hotel EMD" in the subject line.

***  NEW POST - The Seasonality of Business  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: The Seasonality of Business

>As we are in the midst of the Christmas buying 
>frenzy here in the commercially addicted USA I 
>thought it would be appropriate to open a thread 
>on the seasonality of business.

Christmas season is a great time of the year for our business.
Everybody is trying to get things done before year end, and/or
preparing for first of the year kickoffs.  In the old days when I
was selling to retailers, Business died the end of October
through the first of the year.  Now it is like most businesses -
August is the worst month.

BTW, to see if anybody is reading the list, let me ask a related
question.  "What month do most owners of small to medium-sized
businesses take their vacation?"  (The answer may explain why
business may be off for many folks).


George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.
** Not Affiliated with Grisham's book and  movie 

[Moderator's Comments]

Good question, George.  I personally take my vacations in 
mid-winter to avoid 'cabin fever'.    How about the rest 
of you good folks?



***  NEW POST - The Customer is Always Right  ***

From: "Nancy Roebke" 
Subject: Re: The Customer is Always Right

I am about to go on a rant. I don't do it often, but when I do, 
watch out. :) I have been in business for myself for 20 years 
now and I can tell you that the customer is not always right. 
Nor should they be treated like they are.  Honestly, there are 
people and firms that I do not want as customers, and have even 
told other "suppliers' about my woes with them.

I have run across an attitude by some non-business owners, that 
business owners are very wealthy, and that because the customer 
is always right, a business owner should do ANYTHING to satisfy 
the customer. Even if that means they lose substantial income 
in the process. Or business credibility. Or respect of their 
employees (who are great people). Or a host of other things.

I respectfully submit that the customer is not always right and 
there are times when we let them know that. Does anyone else 
feel this way, or have I totally lost my marbles?

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
Increase income, cut costs, and put an end to cold calling.
Get our FREE series of articles that teach you the secrets
of successful networking. Today!

[Moderator's Comments]


You are right.  Many customers - especially in today's 
technological marketplace - haven't a clue about what they 
need, though they all have ideas about what they want.  It is 
up to the supplier to point out the difference between the 
two to the customer.  Anything less means you are not doing 
your job.  Of course, the customer doesn't always listen, 
but in these cases, as long as you've said your piece, you 
can fulfill their wants without a single ethical qualm.



                     The Corkboard

Fall Internet World, 1997
December 8 to 12
Jacob Javits Convention Center
New York City

Now in its fifth year, Fall Internet World has gained a 
worldwide reputation as the source for everything new 
about the Internet. And this year, our all-new conference 
program offers you a wider selection of topics a better 
variety of formats and more famous-name keynoters than 
ever before! 

The only internet show with more than 150 conference 
sessions and workshops... over 250 A-list speakers... 
16+ acres of Internet systems, products and services...
and 60,000 business professionals from around the
world... It's our biggest and best educational event 

Whether you're a network specialist looking for the 
latest intranet/extranet solutions a senior executive 
exploring the Web as a new medium a marketer comparing 
database building options or a webmaster looking for hot
new development tools Fall Internet World has the 
solution you're looking for!

Who Should Attend 

MIS and Technical Professionals searching for solutions 
to tough networking and security challenges 

Business Executives who want to use the Internet to 
increase productivity and improve communications 
Developers and Webmasters looking for the hottest tools 
to create the most successful web sites 
 ISPs and IAPs who need to clear more infrastructure 
hurdles that stand in the way of service 
Marketing Professionals wishing to explore e-commerce 
and online advertising 
Investors and Entrepreneurs who want insider information 
on new Internet technologies and applications 

                  Question of the Week

This Week's Question.

Have You Ever Used Bulk E-Mail?

[  ] Yes      [  ] No

Have you used it more than once?

[  ] Yes      [  ] No

What was your positive response rate?

What was your post-to-sales ratio?

How many flames did you receive?

How many complaints did your ISP receive?

Were you kicked from your ISP?

[  ] Yes      [  ] No

Did you provide an 800 number?

[  ] Yes      [  ] No

Did your number get flooded with complaints?

[  ] Yes      [  ] No

Would you ever do it again?

[  ] Yes      [  ] No

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