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                      The E-Marketing Digest
                       Volume #2nd #114
                           Dec 13, 1997
                     Gary K. Foote, Moderator

                   Today's Guest Moderator is:
                         Mark Rauterkus

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments
       Tardy Digest
       Mailing List - Email Discussion Groups

+ New Topics
       Test Drive Open for MajorCool and Majordomo
       Build Your Own Subscribers Dashboard

+ Ongoing
       Problem Customers to Competitors or NOT

+ Question of the Week
       Last Week's QOTW - Behavior Bible


                  Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

This is your regular moderator with a short note regarding the
timing of this issue.  Last week's Guest Moderator recently 
became a father (again - Congratulations, Mark) and, as all
parents agree, this means the end of scheduling as we know it.
Mark's family obligations caused this issue to reach me at
such a late hour on Friday that I decided to hold it until
today.  So, without further ado, I give you last Friday's 
issue...  today.




Dear Fellow Digital Marketing Pros,

Life with an one-week old baby caught up to me this week, and 
I dropped the ball on Friday's edition. When I told Gary I'd 
like to be guest moderator, I didn't know that our #2 child
was going to pick his birthday 13 days after we expected. 
Everyone here is happy and fine -- but we all are sleep 
deprived. Sorry.

Reader feedback has been a bit slow this week. This "guest 
moderator" was hoping for replies and feedback. Perhaps 
the "behavior" talk is to blame. Could be the rush of 
holiday schedules, or some funky email gliches between 
Gary and myself.

The internet behavior bible is going to be an on-going 
project of mine for the weeks to come. But, without your 
assistance and pointers, my effort might turn out to be 
a prayer-book and less of the ethics epic. 

Today's digest continues on two fronts, mostly related 
to mailing lists tools.

Mark Rauterkus, Publisher, SportSurf.Net


                       New Topics

Open mailing lists, or as I like to call them, email 
discussion groups, can serve as valuable communities. 
As these communities grow and prosper, so does the internet. 
Marketing folks who engage themselves within these communities 
are able to reach many people in cost-effective ways. 

The cash costs associated with one's participation within 
these email discussion groups are low. However, the time 
and energy costs are high. Email discussion groups are 
participation and conversation activities, not suited 
for one-way advertising messages. One's message can get 
wide awareness, but the medium is unlike full-page magazine 
advertisements. And, most of all, the communities need to 
be established and nurtured.

A discussion group without a sizable subscriber base isn't 
much value to a marketing company that seeks to raise its 
awareness. IMHO, companies that play roles in their 
respective trades and marketplaces have an obligation 
to help the grass-roots communities grow. One day when 
you need to hire a new employee with special skills or 
need to conduct advanced opinion gathering -- you'll be 
able to turn to these email discussion groups for help. 
But, if the community doesn't exist, or if it is 
floundering -- then nobody benefits. 

Some buttons with snips of HTML code are presented below. 
These buttons talk to server-side scripts. Feel free to 
utilize these instructions and these tactics to build 
more vibrant communities. Giving subscription assistance 
welcomes new members and helps with housekeeping duties. 

***  NEW POST - Subscribers Dashboard Instructions ***

All the details on how to create an HTML form that can be 
your own Subscribers Dashboard, such as is in use with 
this mailing list, is spelled out for you at this page: 

Here is a peek at all the generic code you'll need to 
master. It isn't so hard. 

If you've never written your own HTML pages, then this isn't the best place to learn and begin. If you have authored a few HTML pages, then feel free to use this as a new trick to help subscribers and grow communities. *** NEW POST - As Promised - Test Drive Is Open *** MajorCool and Majordomo Test Drive. In the past two issues of this digest, I gave the introduction. Now let's look under the hood. For the next couple weeks, you all are invited to take a behind the scenes tour of a mailing list set-up through the MajorCool web interface. Here is the administrative password for one of our hosted mailing lists. The list is called: aprove-preflight-list. The administrative password, and the moderators password is: webbers.apw So, go to our WWW site: http://www.SportSurf.Net. There you'll see a link to the MajorCool page. Check it out. Please don't abuse this offer. The passwords are going to change after a week or so. If this is of interest to you, make your visit soon. --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Ongoing -------------------- *** ONGOING POST - referring unwanteds to competitors *** Adela van Hubers, Ph.D., SoftSide Communication Solutions writes: I agree with Nancy that having good working relationships with competitors is a great blessing. That's one of the reasons why I *refer* clients I'm unable to satisfy, rather than trying to prove I'm right by arguing or getting an adrenaline charge by kissing them off. There's nothing covert, spiteful or underhanded in it. On the contrary. It's a three way win... Since I know my competitors' skills and strengths, it's easy to spot when a 'problem' client for me may be a perfect fit with one of them. End results: The client gets what s/he's looking for; The competitor gets a client to delight, I get appreciation ... and referrals ... from both. --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Question of the Week -------------------- Last Week's QOTW Question: What Table-of-Contents items should be included within a net-wide BEHAVIOR BIBLE? All of the mentions from the readership about content items for a Behavior Bible were included within past messages. So, no new follow-up data is necessary here. I still have a need for user-guidelines for my "interactive suite of services." Please send them to; My writing efforts are now underway -- and you are encouraged to contribute and (one-day) re-use these codes of conduct. I promise to keep you posted as significant versions are finished and posted on the net. MR --------------------------------------------------------------- To Post to The E-Marketing Digest: If you would like a copy of our Guest Moderator's FAQ to help decide whether or not you would like to moderate this publication for a week, simply send the following e-mail *without changing the subject* for an autoresponse; Now read by 1,100+ subscribers in 41 countries For Information on Sponsoring This Publication To modify your subscription go to the following URL; and use our 'Subscriber's Dashboard'. Or use the following e-mail commands; To Subscribe: Message:SUBSCRIBE E-MARK To Unsubscribe: Message:UNSUBSCRIBE E-MARK Moderator's Private E-mail: A Member of The List Exchange --------------------------------------------------------------- The E-Marketing Digest Webbers Communications Copyright Webbers Communications, 1997 P.O. Box 3214 All Rights Reserved N. Conway, NH 03860 0000000000000000000 (603)447-1024 ~ Please feel free to forward this digest in it's entirety ~ -END-
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