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                      The E-Marketing Digest
                       Volume #2,Issue #116
                           Dec 17, 1997
                     Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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Table of Contents

+ Moderator's Comments

    "Good Job, Mark"

+ New Topics

    "Partnering with Charities"
       - Gary K. Foote

    "Considering a Newsletter"
       - Larry Launstein, Jr.
       - Moderator's Comments

+ Ongoing

       - Paul "the soarING" Siegel"

    "Referring Business to the Competition"
       - Claudia Hafling

+ The Corkboard

    "Moderator's Comment"

    "Credit Card E-commerce"
       - Phil Doyle

+ Question of the Week

    "Last Week's QOTW" - "Behavior Bible"

    "This Week's QOTW" - "How do you balance your 
                          advertising budget?"


                  Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

First I would like to thank Mark Rauterkus for taking the time
to edit three solid issues of the EMD.  Good job, Mark.  Keep
us posted as you progress with the Internet Behavior Bible.

On another note, It's great to be back in the 'driver's seat'
so to speak.  My week away, though it was supposed to be spent 
happily enjoying I-World, instead was dominated by the 
unexpected.  The outcome was, I did not even get out of the 
state of New Hampshire, let alone to NY for the best internet 
show of the year.  If anyone here attended, we would all like 
to hear a report of your observations and conclusions.  Make 
it short or make it long.  If it's overly long I might run a 
short series or Special Issue, so get your keyboard busy if 
you're interested.



                       New Topics

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: Partnering with Charities

Hi All,

I got the following from a subscriber and thought it 
might be a topic of interest to many here...  
partnering with charities to 'grow' your image.

From: Allison Ector
      Director of Online Marketing;

> Announces Unique Online 
>                      Holiday Assistance
>                      Program! 
>Philadelphia, PA: Online Retailer Shares their
>Profits this Holiday Season with Select
>Charities.  For complete details,
> 0r visit

I visited the site referenced and found a two level 
approach.  First, 50% of all sales through December 
25th of this year will be donated to the charities 
they mention on their site.  On top of this, by simply 
visiting the site you add to their visitor tally.  
This tally is used to determine what additional 
percentage of their sales will be combined with the 
guaranteed 50%.  For every 1,000 people who visit 
their page, will donate an additional 1% 
of its profits.

The details of this particular campaign may not be 
as important as the fact that has formed 
a 'partnership' with a number of charities and is 
using them as an effective marketing tool.  So, I ask 
all of you, how can/do you use relationships with 
charitable organizations to move your own marketing 
program forward?  What kind of programs might you 
develop that would be of interest to charities?  What 
are the ethics of promoting such a campaign?  What 
media outlets have you found most receptive to 
covering charitable promotions?



***  NEW POST - Considering a Newsletter  ***

Subject: Considering a Newsletter 

This is the first time I have posted here, and I
am new to the whole idea of mailing lists.

I recently got a mailing list through
Submit-It's List Bot free e-mailing list server.
It looks like it is very easy to use.

There are a couple of issues I need to address
here now that I have a mailing list server.

First off, I need to know how to attract people
to my mailing list without spamming. The people
who subscribe to my mailing list have to do so
on their own free will, and can unsubscribe as
they wish as well. I have considered some kind
of newsletter or announcements of what's
happening in my company. I operate a small,
home-based desktop publishing, graphic art and
website creation business, and any help I can
get to promote my services would be greatly

The second thing I need to know is, how can I go
about putting together a newsletter or
announcements in a format that is relevant to
what it is I am trying to promote. I have been
reading The E-Marketing Digest for quite some
time, and like the format. If any of you have
any ideas on how to go about creating effective
newsletters or announcements, please post to
this newsletter or e-mail me at the addresses in
the signature below.

Larry Launstein, Jr.
Computer Publishing Concepts

Mid-Michigan's home for affordable, high-quality
desktop publishing, graphic art, and website

Computer Publishing Concepts Website Group:

e-mail addresses:

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Larry,

Everyone here knows that I have a lot to say on 
this subject...  perhaps too much.   In any case, 
I'm going to let everyone else get first crack at 
advising you.  It's a great topic.




From: "Paul "the soarING" Siegel"
Subject: Re: Behaviors

In response to your request for behaviors, I am submitting an 
article I recently wrote for my newsletter, Learning Fountain 
Reviews.  The article is about mechanisms, which I think is 
similar to what you mean by behaviors. Here it is:


"Forget strategy, build mechanisms instead."

So says Jim Collins, co-author of the 2-year-business-best-
seller Build to Last, in the  October issue of Inc Magazine. This
statement surprised me at first. But I soon realized how right
Collins is. Especially for netrepreneurs.

On the Internet, how can you have a strategy if you can't
predict the future? How can you predict the future if you
don't understand the medium? How can you understand the
medium if it's so new and radically different from anything
you're familiar with and is constantly changing?

In this type of environment, you need to be always in an
experimental mode. What is the best type of website for
your business? Experiment with different approaches and
evaluate results. What is the best way to promote your site?
Experiment with different approaches and evaluate results. How do
you interact with visitors? Experiment with different approaches
and evaluate results.

Probably the one thing you can keep more or less constant,
is your purpose. Instead of strategy, you may achieve your
purpose by developing mechanisms: rules for daily action in
line with your purpose. Here are a few I wrote for myself:

  > Limit net browsing to 2 hours per day
  > Visit at least 1 new site, unrelated to business, during
     each session
  > Make at least 1 contact for promotion during each
  > Reserve 1 hour per day for thinking at desk
  > Answer business-related email within 24 hours

This is my first stab at writing mechanisms - or behaviors. I 
expect that as I experiment I'll improve these mechanisms. After 
I develop a good set of mechanisms, I'll be more likely to 
achieve my purpose.

Live your vision,

Paul "the soarING" Siegel, Master the Internet,
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In Subject state: Subscribe Reviews

***  NEW POST - Referring Business to the Competition  ***

From: Claudia Hafling <>
Subject: Referring Business to the Competition

Adela Hubers wrote;

>I *refer* clients I'm unable to
>satisfy, rather than trying to prove I'm right 
>by arguing or
>getting an adrenaline charge by kissing them off.
>There's nothing covert, spiteful or underhanded in it.
>On the contrary. It's a three way win... 

I agree.  I, too, have done the same thing.  I want clients
to be happy - even when they are difficult and I personally
don't want to work with them.  I don't want them bad-mouthing
me on the street, especially when I've done nothing wrong --
but "dump" them.

So, when I find that I need to disentangle myself from a client,
I do so in a "nice" way.  "I'm so sorry but we just don't seem
to be the right agency for you.  I want you to be happy, but
the way that we do things here just doesn't seem to be right
for you or the needs you've expressed, so I think it's best
if we don't work together anymore.  However, I think you might
like working with XYZ.  They are a very good agency, and I 
think they might be a better fit with your company."

I get thank yous from both ends, and tons of good will amongst
my competitors.

Good point, Adela.

-Claudia Hafling
Media & Marketing Concepts, Inc.
The full-service public relations, 
advertising and marketing agency
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featuring marketing tips for hoteliers and hospitality 
marketers.  Send your e-mail request to with the words
"SUBSCRIBE HOTEL EMD" in the subject line.

                     The Corkboard

[Moderator's Comment]

Hi All,

I think that this next post will be of interest to 
many of our subscribers who are attempting to set 
up credit card sales online.  I realize it is more 
commercial than I usually allow.  I have no 
affiliation with this organization or the service 
they provide, nor do I recommend them over any other 
service of this type.  This is simply FYI.

BTW - I edited out most of the 'commercial' and 
left only the 'meat' for you.  :)



***  NEW POST - Credit Card E-commerce  ***

From: Phil Doyle 


Santa Rosa, California

WebAgency Marketing  at today 
unwrapped VANTAGE, an Internet credit card and order 
processing service making it possible for merchants 
anywhere in the world to accept Internet credit card 
orders from a website. 

"VANTAGE has been under wraps during development for 
almost a year." said Phil Doyle, President/CEO of 
WebAgency Marketing. "This service is administrated 
by a ten-year-old, US credit card processing service 
working though a major US financial institution."

This e-Commerce solution does not require the usual 
qualifying, deposits, equipment charges, and delays 
associated with traditional bank merchant accounts. 
VANTAGE also eliminates the requirement for a non-US 
merchant to establish a US presence.

"VANTAGE has been specifically designed for the 
Internet and is available to companies worldwide," 
said Mr. Doyle.  Using proprietary, e-Commerce 
software which is included with the credit card account,
the merchant is able to start accepting credit card 
orders within two to three days.  The merchant's 
credit card orders are processed online. The product 
is shipped to the customer and is verified using  FedX 
or UPS tracking numbers and websites. It works equally 
well for selling hard goods or software and information. 

Contact: Phil Doyle
WebAgency Marketing
B2B International Business Journal  
Brainware Business Videos
tel: 707-538-5043   fax: 707-579-1197      
PO Box 1397 Santa Rosa, CA 95402  

                  Question of the Week

Subject: Last Week's QOTW

What Table-of-Contents items should 
be included within a net-wide BEHAVIOR BIBLE? 

With the exception of today's post from Paul "the 
soarING" Siegel", all of the mentions from the readership 
about content items for a Behavior Bible were included 
within past messages. So, no new follow-up data is 
necessary here. 

Last week's Guest Moderator, Mark Rauterkus, 
 has a pressing need
for user-guidelines for his "interactive suite of services."
His writing efforts are now underway -- and others are
encouraged to contribute and (one-day) re-use these
codes of conducts. Mark promises to keep us posted as
significant versions are finished and posted on the net.


Subject: This Week's QOTW

"How do you balance your advertising budget?"

Please respond with a percentage rather than a dollar amount.

Television        [   ]
Magazines         [   ]
Newspapers        [   ]
Radio             [   ]
Internet          [   ]
Handouts          [   ]
Direct Mail       [   ]
Other             [   ]

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