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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #119
 January 5, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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 Table of Contents

 + Moderator's Comments

    "1998 Predictions"

 + New Topics

    "Free Commerce Applications"
       - Alex Ingerman

    "Pegasus Usage"
       - Vicki Simons
       - Moderator's Comments

    "Free Website Advertsising Resources?"
       - Liviu Mihaileanu
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Ongoing

    "Dealing With Bounces"
       - Dave Thuillier
       - Moderator's Comments
       - Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer

    "Accused of Spamming"
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Jason Wolfe

    "Considering a Newsletter"
       - Fabrizio Bartolomucci

    "What Works With ACT?"
       - Mike McCandless
       - Charles Meaden

    "Several List Topics"
       - Bryan Farrish

 + The Corkboard

    "Live Auction on the Internet"
       - Matthew  Lengfelder

    "European Travel Survey Results"
       - Hubertus Rank

 + Question of the Week

    "Additional Responses to Pre-holiday QOTW"
       - Allison Ector

    "This Week's Question of the Week"
       - Benjamin Stickland


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Welcome back from your holiday vacations.  I spent mine doing 
all the things I promised myself I would do...  rest, rest and 
more rest.    During this time I've been thinking forward to 
1998 and what it will bring to the online world.  I'd like to 
outline my thoughts of the future here for all to read, but, 
since my prognostications are rarely correct I've instead 
decided to let *you* do the predicting.  So, if you have ideas 
about what this year will bring to the internet, send them by 
e-mail to the list ( and I'll put 
them all into an upcoming issue.

Come to think of it, I do have some predictions for 1998.  

1) The EMD will enjoy explosive growth all through the year and 
will become the internet's prime forum for the intelligent 
discussion of online marketing.  

2) The world's Kings, Queens, Presidents and Dictators will all 
subscribe to show their populations the importance of this 

3) Major news services will be asking our reader's opinions on 
many subjects before daring to go public with their own 
stories.  Yes, the EMD will become so well known and respected 
that Bill Gates himself will personally telephone each and 
every subscriber to ask advice about how to make his own little 
business more profitable.  

4) Of course all this will make your humble moderator filthy 
rich.  So rich, in fact, that he will have to move his 
residence to some small tax-free country where he can live in 
complete comfort without the 'helping' hand of the US 
Government emptying his pockets regularly.

 New Topics

From: Alex Ingerman 
Subject: Free commerce applications for 
         Win/Mac available for limited time

Hello all,

I happened upon

today, and saw something I believe might interest many of you 
if this message passes through our distinct moderators, that is 
:). Apparently, a company named JIT is distributing free 
licenses for its order taking and processing software. Here is 
a description I borrowed from their news website:

WebClerk, which runs under either Macintosh or Windows 
operating systems, is a 20 megabyte application for processing 
orders from a Web site. It is designed for use in business-to-
business arenas by trading partners, as well as on consumer 

The software features HTML templates for producing order-entry
pages, as well as common gateway interfaces to delve into 
inventory databases, electronic data interchange systems and 
other enterprise business applications. The product includes 
shipping and taxation calculators, as well as a credit-card 
processing component that can be set up for a $35 service fee 
and 25 cents per transaction.  Buyers, whether corporations or 
consumers, can also install the software to get automatic 
purchase order confirmation, order status updates, customer 
profiling and other services. 

The full news article is available at

Please note that I am not affiliated with the company above 
in any way, and I have not tried the product they offer.

Alex Ingerman
A.I. Enterprises
Website design, programming and implementation
E-mail for free project estimate

***  NEW POST - Pegasus Usage

From:             Vicki Simons 
Subject:          Pegasus Usage

Hi, Gary,

Since we use Netscape as our browser of choice, we've only ever 
used Netscape Mail to do our E-Mail.  I think I remember you 
stating some time ago that you use Pegasus, and will never go 
back to using another E-Mail system.  How does one go about 
getting E-Mail to "come up" in an auxiliary E-Mail application?  
Does one have to go through "every folder" of one's E-Mail in 
order to find new E-Mail that has been pre-sorted (and not just 
thrown into the Inbox)?

Vicki Simons
*Protect yourself and your family legally *and* affordably!
Survey finds 52% of Americans have a new or ongoing legal 
problem. Get our FREE autoresponder "What's Worse than Needing 
Legal Help?"Send any message to 

*** [Moderator's Comments]  ***

Hi Vicki,

It's not hard to do.  Once you've downloaded Pegasus and 
installed it on your computer you are ready to go.  First, 
connect to your ISP.  Second, instead of using Netscape to 
check your mail, minimize Netscape and open Pegasus.  Then 
choose FILE/CHECK HOST FOR NEW MAIL and, if you correctly 
answered the questions during the installation, Pegasus will 
download any new e-mail.

All your new mail will stay in your NEW folder until you have 
both read it and subsequently closed your NEW folder.  Once 
you do these two things all mail that has been read is 
automatically moved to your MAIN FOLDER.

Of course, this only applies to e-mail that does not meet the 
criteria you set in your various filters.  Sorting to folders 
means that e-mail so sorted is not visible in your NEW folder.  
It can be tracked by opening your FOLDER MANAGEMENT window, by 
either choosing the folder button or by choosing FILE/MAIL 
FOLDERS.  Unread mail shows as a different color than read 
mail in the contents count at the right hand side of the folder 

The Pegasus web address is



***  NEW POST - Free Website Advertsising Resources?  ***

From: Liviu Mihaileanu 
Subject: Free Website Advertsising Resources?


My name is Liviu Mihaileanu and I'm the
webmaster of "Romanian Travel Guide". Until now,
we didn't have enough financial resources to pay
for advertisement and we only used free
services: free listings on Search Engines,
Recommend-it, etc. We put a lot of work to
promote our site in this manner and I must say
that I'm surprised of the success we have. We
even started a few free services of our own: a
free newsletter with what's new in our site, a
free magazine with travel offers from Romanian
travel agencies, travel tips, news from the
Romanian tourism, and free brochures with
Romania or tours offered by Romanian travel

If you would like to see "Romanian
Travel Guide", you can find it at We are also organizing
a symposium on the 26th-27th of January 1998.
This symposium will be organized in Brasov -
Romania and its theme is "The Romanian Travel on
the Internet". There will be over 700 travel
agencies and hotels from Romania, companies
involved in Internet marketing and, of course,
the Romanian Ministry of Tourism, represented by
the Direction of Strategy and Reformation. It is
the first Romanian symposium on this subject.
For more information, take a look at

I would like to see how other webmasters
succeeded to promote their site using free
advertisement resources and I would like to know
what kind of resources they used.

Thank you,
Liviu Mihaileanu

*** [Moderator's Comments]  ***

Hi Liviu,

Thanks for your post.  The international flavor of this list 
grows each day.  I too would be interested in hearing about 
winning strategies others on this list have used to promote 
their website/internet ventures using free advertising 
resources.  This could be a very profitable thread for many 




From: "Dreamer's Den" 
Subject: Dealing With Bounces

> considering writing a small software utility that would 
> link to Pegasus mailing lists and folders.  I'm 
> definitely going to do this for my own use.  But since 
> you brought this up, I'm curious to know if there's any 
> interest for such a product among the list members.
> Rick Smith, "The Guerrilla Computer Consultant"
> ***  [Moderator's Comments]  ***
> Hi Dave,
> I know that I could sure use a utility such as you describe.
> It would make Pegasus a much better product.

Hi Gary,

You need to give the credit to Rick Smith on this one. I'm 
trying to bumble along and learn just like everyone else here. 

Rick, if you do write this utility I would be interested in it 
as I am sure many other list owners would be. 

Also, I have just learned on the PM-mail list (Pagasus support 
list) that Pagasus is going to release a *MAJOR* update that 
will be available within the next month or so. They haven't 
released any details on what will be in the release. However, 
one of the support team members mentioned that the update will 
involve considerable enhancements. I will keep you all posted 
as I find more info on this.

Dave Thuillier
Owner, Dreamer's Den    
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                603-464-4762
  Collectable Card Games                 Models & Hobby Materials
    Role Playing Games                Pewter Gaming Miniatures  
             Fantasy & Sci-FI Books and Audio Books

***  [Moderator's Comments]  ***

Hi Dave,

You wrote;

>You need to give the credit to Rick Smith on this one.

Oops.  Credit where credit is due.  Thanks Rick.  We're 
definitely interested in your progress with this.  I know that 
I spend too many hours each day dealing with bounces.

And, Dave, could you post the subscription requirements for 
PM-mail list?  I'm sure many here would like to subscribe.



***  NEW POST - Dealing With Bounces  ***

From: "Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer" 
Subject: Re: Dealing With Bounces

 William Greene 
> found an excellent - and FREE - piece 
> of software which automates the whole process of bounces 
> and more. Called "SmartBounce", it bills itself as "the 
> world's first general-purpose automated bounce handler 
> for mailing lists."

William, would it be possible for you to elaborate on
what specifically this software does in automating the
bounce process?  For example, does it go so far as
to send unsubscribe messsages to majordomo for
bounced fatal messages, while ignoring mailbox full
bounces?  Curious as to what aspect of the bounce
processs it is actually automating.

Thanks for the informative post on this tool.  Could
be quite a time-saver.  

Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer
CFNA, Inc.: PR/Marketing
115 State St. Ste. 213, Pullman, WA 99163
Voice: 509-332-3956		Fax: 509-334-2525

***  NEW POST - Accused of Spamming  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: No, No, No!

>Well, my attorney beleives we have a case against the FS 
>Gourmet Coffee company.

[Moderator Snip]

>...that he re-send the 100,000 with 
>an apology.

No, no, no!  Don't add more fuel to the fire.  What he did is
over.  You will only irk people more with another Spam message.


George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.
** Not Affiliated with Grisham's book and  movie 

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***  NEW POST - Accused of Spamming  ***

From: Postmaster 
Subject: Re: No, No, No!

Thanks everyone so much for your replies.  But guess what....he 
sent the second Spam, without our approval or knowledge.  He 
was instructed to 'not send the apology' without our approval.  
But he again ignored it, and sent it anyway.  This was probably 
decided in order to generate traffic before Christmas.  Now it 
seems we will have to go into legal stuff with him.  I learned 
a lesson here, and have changed my order form to protect us 
against this in the future.  

Some people...I'll tell you.

Happy Holidays,


***  NEW POST - Considering a Newsletter  ***

From:             Fabrizio Bartolomucci 
Subject:          Re: Considering a Newsletter

Well, someone might say,  it depends on the products ...ArtNet 
Italia is handling a newsletter since two years presenting its 
new artists and has its recipients base apparently growing 
monthly. Latest newsletter reported more than 700 recipients 
from over 40 countries.

If you would like to receive the latest issue you may send a 
mail with subject "sample ArtNet" to  .

Fabrizio Bartolomucci

> As someone who is on many lists (97 now, was 120 a month 
>ago), I > think you must ask what would be the attraction for 
>one to > subscribe to your list?   A newsletter has to have a 
>purpose, and > has to be of value to potential subscribers.  

***  NEW POST - What Works with ACT!3  ***

From: Mike McCandless 
Subject: RE:  What Works with Act

Damian Christianson  writes:
"Any ideas on a good mail program that can import from 

I have not used Campaign, but you may wish to look at Campaign
from Arial Software.  The page at dbs
addresses your question of Act! import, I believe.

You may also wish to look at MailKing, by the folks at Revnet 
who make Groupmaster.  I have not used MailKing, but several 
high-volume lists that I know of are run by GroupMaster and the 
literature implies an import from Act!.  The URL is

I hope that helps.

Mike McCandless
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***  NEW POST - What Works With ACT!3?  ***

From: Charles Meaden 
Subject: Suitable E-Mail Clients to use with ACT 3

The two clients that I use can both use ACT files

Campaign from Arial Software 
allows you to create personalised email messages (in the same 
way that you would use it for mail merges). While I use an 
Excel Spreadsheet it appears that you can use DBF files.

If you want to send a simple message I use AY Mail which use a 
text delimited list (which you can export from ACT).

Hope this of use


Charles Meaden

Digital Nation (UK) Ltd
 Internet Marketing, Multimedia and Market Research Solutions
          Charles Meaden			Managing Director	
Tel: +44 (0)181 864 5420		Fax: +44 (0)181 864 2467
============== +============

***  NEW POST - Several List Topics  ***

From: Bryan Farrish 
Subject: Several List Topics

> > I found this e-mail software online and thought some of
> > you might get some use out of it.  It is called "SpeedMail" 
>for Windows 95/NT and it sends e-mail by bypassing your own 
>ISP, thereby speeding the outgoing mail process considerably.

Does the "speed" with which the sending occurs really matter?  
With standard mailing programs, you hit "send" and that's it.  
My Radio-Media list goes to 3,000 people, and from the time I 
hit "send", it takes about one hour for the ISP to send out to 
all addresses.  The time the email takes to get to its 
destination is the real delay.  If your needs really required 
faster delivery, why not just fax it?

> I would like to (carefully) suggest you consider offering a 
> full-featured 30 day demo with a preset expiration timer 
> instead of your current three address limit demo.  

Yes this would be better, since if you really wanted to test a 
list, you need to run at least 1,000 addresses at a time 
through it.

> eMail Communications Managment.  What TECS provides 
> is an ability to manage distribution (or discussion) 
> lists, with the ability to sub-categorize the list by 
> interest or geography.

My list is manual, and I do this currently by placing the 
original subscription requests in the pertinent folders 
(subscribers state what their interests (titles) are, and also 
what city they are in.)  How would an automatic version 

> While not required, list 
> traffic, subscribe, unsubscribe, and a number of 
> additional commands for any or all lists can be 
> processed using only one email address.  

In my opinion, a single address absolutely IS required.  None 
of the upper management on my list would deal with two separate 
addresses, much less remember special sub and unsub codes.

>  Another capability is auto-responding.  This can 
> be as simple as sending a file or as complex as 
> processing a query to a database and sending out 
> custom information results.

Yes the auto-responding is nice, but it must not require 
complicated instructions or codes that have to be remembered.  
A simple "Please send me xxxxxxxx" should suffice.  Any more 
complicated and you reduce your usability to those who are 
familiar with list or autoresponder programs (which is a small 
percentage of the number of people who have computers at home 
or work.)

> To perhaps assist in answering "Dreamer's" question on 
> mail bounces, we've found an excellent - and FREE - piece 
> of software which automates the whole process of bounces 
> and more. Called "SmartBounce", 

Yes bounces are a major concern for a list manager.  That is 
the reason I do not use a program to handle them.  If you save 
all your bounces for a few months and go back and analyze them 
(by sorting, dating, etc.,) you will see that the toughest 
bounce to deal with is the "temporary" one... the one where the 
recipient had a full box, or its server was down, or they are 
suspended until their bill is paid, etc.  All automated 
programs I've seen so far will remove an address after just 
one bonce.  And of course some programs tell recipients that if 
they stop getting list mail, then maybe they were bumped off 
and they should resubscribe.  This will not fly with busy 
business people.  They have to subscribe once, and that's it.  
Any more trouble than this and they'll just stick with their 
standard print pulications.

> it bills itself as "the 
> world's first general-purpose automated bounce handler 
> for mailing lists," and it works with LetterRip, ListProc, 
> LISTSERV, ListSTAR, Majordomo, Macjordomo, NTlists, and 
> a number of others, including lists that don't use an 
> automated server. It also runs on Macintosh, Unix, and 
> Windows platforms.

Does it work with Procmail and Pine?

Bryan Farrish
Radio-Media Editor

 The Corkboard

From: Matthew  Lengfelder 

Subject: Live Auction on Internet to Feature 
         Bidding on Batmobile

LiveBid to Debut with Batmobile Auction

Seattle, WA - December 31, 1997 - Innerlinx Technologies
( in conjunction with the Internet 
auction List( introduces 
LiveBid(tm) to allow real-time Internet bidding that competes 
with live bidders at an auction site.

LiveBid(tm) will be used for the first time during the 
world's second largest collector car auction, on January 
8 - 12, 1998.  

This is a first-to-market offering that is focused on opening 
the door for consumers to enter a live auction without having 
to attend the event in person.  By going to participants are able to preview the 
inventory for an upcoming auction, register for a bidder 
number, and participate in sponsored promotional giveaways.  
The registered Internet bidders will return to on 
the day of the event and compete against those at the event by 
placing real-time bids using the online bidding module.

***  NEW POST - European Travel Survey Results  ***

From: "Reise-Profi Service GmbH" 
Subject: European Travel Survey Results

Would you like to know the final result of the European
Travel Survey of November 97? We ask for the most favorite
tourist destination in Europe. We received more then 400
votes for this research and the final result is very
surprising. Look for the result at

Till January 15, '98, you can vote online for your 
most favorite airline of the year 1997, serving Europe at
See the ACTUAL result from all voters in a graphically chart.

Hubertus Rank
Reise-Profi Service GmbH
Phone 00494955920905

 Question of the Week

Hi All,

Here is more from our pre-holiday QOTW, "How do you 
balance your advertising budget?"

From: Allison Ector 

We are also trying as many new ideas as we have time for!
In addition to our own efforts, our Partners are just as 
busy implementing their own ideas, which in some cases, 
vary from ours and in some cases do not. It's an 
interesting mix. Like Damian, we spend a great deal of
time running to keep up with the ever-changing "current" 

Internally, we put about 10% of our time into banner 
development, mainly for exchange and for our Partners' 
use, 20% into manual search engine registration, 30% 
into email marketing and 40% into miscellaneous PR 
campaigns. Our external budget is divided approximately 
as follows:
>Television         [5%]
>Magazines       [0%]
>Newspapers     [15%]
>Radio               [15%]
>Internet            [40%]
>Handouts         [10%]
>Direct Mail       [10%]
>Other         [5%]
> _________________________________________________
   Allison Ector
   Online Marketing Manager
   Where it Pays to Shop 
   Voice(610)361-7709, Fax(610)361-3001 

***  This Week's Question of the Week  ***

Hi All,

This week's QOTW comes from subscriber Benjamin 
Stickland.  If anyone else would like to submit a 
Question for possible inclusion as QOTW, please use 
the following e-mail link;

Please send all responses to the following QOTW to;

From: "Benjamin Stickland" 
Subject: Proposed Question


I'm actually a student nearing the completion of a 
combined degree in Computer Science and Marketing. 
As such I have watched the proceedings of this 
publication for a while now. I am currently creating 
a general purpose document regarding marketing and 
promotional techniques on the Internet. The question 
I would like to ropose is;

What are some of the big failures that people have 
had in marketing on the net, and what do they feel 
are the underlying causes for these failures? Perhaps 
responses to this question could serve as a warning 
to those among us considering incorporating web based 
marketing techniques.

Kind Regards,

Benjamin Stickland      c/o Ballarat University & 
Strong Consulting
ph: 61.3.53341281                                             

 Please send QOTW responses to

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