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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #120
 January 7, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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 Table of Contents

 + Moderator's Comments

    "EMD Discount Pool"

 + New Topics

       - Jan Crowell
       - Moderator's Comment

 + Ongoing

    "1998 Prognostications"
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Moderator's Comment
       - Claudia Hafling
       - Moderator's Comment

    "Dealing with Bounces"
       - William Greene
       - Mark Rauterkus

    "PM-mail list (was Dealing with Bounces)"
       - Dave Thuillier

 + The Corkboard

    "Five Reasons Why You Need a Powerful, 
     Commercial Signature File"
       - Nick Nichols

 + Question of the Week

    "This Week's Question of the Week"
       - Benjamin Stickland


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Just one short comment today, then on with the show...

The EMD Discount Pool now has seven recent discount offerings 
available only to EMD subscribers.  The URL is;

This page has been redesigned with links to the discount 
listings near the top of the page so you don't have to scroll 
to the bottom every time you visit.

Enjoy today's issue.



 New Topics

From: Jan Crowell 
Subject: Restaurants

When we started out brokering websites on the net we went for
the restaurant market, because some of the fast food had had
pretty good results--notably PaPa John's in Seattle, and it
appeared to be reasonably easy to promote.  It was not.  People
on the net want opinions, not ads, and not one of the restaurant
web sites ever registered so much as 100 hits a week.

However, one of them, a fast food/health food Mexican restaurant
whose name escapes me this moment had hits and questions, including
where to buy a franchise from all over the world.  The questions
were not pertinent to a fast food franchise owner, but the 
company selling the franchises would do VERY well on the net.


[Moderator's Comment]

I too believe that many restaurants have a hard time 
justifying a website, but there are exceptions.  I live 
in a 4 season resort area that experiences a fourfold 
population boom every weekend.  Most of the restaurants 
here have websites because it allows them to attract 
customers before they even arrive by presenting online 
contests that tie in with on premises events.  It is a 
strategy that works well, considering most of their 
clientele travels a long distance to get here.




From: Rainmaker 
Subject: 1998  prognostications

Hey All:

Gary Foote of E-Marketing asked list members to outline
prognostications for 1998, which I thought would be fun.  
Mine are:

For 1998:

1.  A standard will be decided on to end the browser wars.

2.  A major spammer will be brought to his knees with class
action suits filed by states and federal Attorney's General in
the US for theft of computer time at ISP's throughout the US.

3.  Somebody will develop a model that works for making money on
the Net, and it will become widespread.

4.  Business folks on the Net will finally realize that they need
to spend money to be successful, and will either get off the Net
or invest intelligently.

5.  More business will advertise on the Net to increase the
numbers (presently 95% of all ad dollars are spent by 20 companies).

6.  Cable will become more prevalent for linking to the Net.

7.  The on-going MS/DOJ battle will escalate as the DOJ keeps
hiring more lawyers.

8.  Bill Gates will be worth $60 billion by year end.

9.  Web design stands, similar to the old lemonade stands will
crop up on the Net, where you will get your site developed 
for 25 cents.

10.  Pentium 1000's will be available for under $1,000.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.
** Not Affiliated with Grisham's book and  movie 

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi George,

The following interests me greatly, as it should others 
on this list;

>3.  Somebody will develop a model that works for making 
>money on the Net, and it will become widespread.

Perhaps we can put our he3ads together and accomplish 
this.  Anyone..?



***  NEW POST - 1998 Prognostications  ***

From:             Claudia Hafling <>
Subject:          Re: 1998 Prognostications

Moderator wrote;

>Come to think of it, I do have some predictions for 1998.  
>1) The EMD will enjoy explosive growth all through the year and
>will become the internet's prime forum for the intelligent
>discussion of online marketing.  "

ISN'T it already?????

>2) The world's Kings, Queens, Presidents and Dictators will all
>subscribe to show their populations the importance of this

BUT of course.  How can Queen Elizabeth possibly exist without it? 
Not to mention President Clinton and Sadam Hussein?
Hussein, especially, needs all the help he can get.  

>3) Major news services will be asking our reader's opinions on
>many subjects before daring to go public with their own stories. 
>Yes, the EMD will become so well known and respected that Bill
>Gates himself will personally telephone each and every subscriber
>to ask advice about how to make his own little business more
>profitable.  "

Hmmm.  Well, Bill, the first thing I'd do is ... I'd drop that
Windows '95 thing.  What is that, anyway?  A joke?  I think
you should seriously consider adopting Mac's OS8, instead.  It's
truly the wave of the future.  ;)

>4) Of course all this will make your humble moderator filthy rich.
> So rich, in fact, that he will have to move his residence to some
>small tax-free country where he can live in complete comfort
>without the 'helping' hand of the US Government emptying his
>pockets regularly."

You won't forget your old EMD friends, now will ya, Gary?  Since
we were with you way back when, at the beginning, I think we're
all entitled to share the wealth, don't you agree?  Fellow
EMDers, you ARE with me on this, are you now?

Happy New Year, Gary.

-Claudia Hafling
Media & Marketing Concepts, Inc.**********************
Full-Service PR, Advertising and Marketing Agency
"The Hospitality Marketer"  (800)544-6482-U.S. toll free

[Moderator's Comments]

Awww...  shucks.  Ah'm just an ol' country boy at heart.  Ah
never forget the faces of mah friends.  :)

Happy New Yesr.



***  NEW POST - Dealing with Bounces  ***

From: William Greene 
Subject: Re: Dealing With Bounces

>"Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer"  wrote:
>William, would it be possible for you to elaborate on
>what specifically this software does in automating the
>bounce process?  For example, does it go so far as
>to send unsubscribe messsages to majordomo for
>bounced fatal messages, while ignoring mailbox full

As far as we've seen so far, it does it ALL - sending 
unsubscribe messages (you fill in necessary passwords 
in the software interface), ignoring full box, down 
server, suspended messages (or whatever you specify) - 
and it won't actually delete an email address unless 
you *tell* it to. Nice.

>Bryan Farrish  wrote:
>Yes bounces are a major concern for a list manager.  
>That is the reason I do not use a program to handle them.  
>If you save all your bounces for a few months and go back 
>and analyze them (by sorting, dating, etc.,) you will see 
>that the toughest bounce to deal with is the "temporary" 

Bryan, that's fine to do, if your list isn't a large one. 
But we manage several newsletter lists with thousands of 
email addresses, most of which were entered by the subscriber 
on a web page form (meaning they often mis-type their own 
address). If we spent all of our time working with bounces... 
we'd spend all of our time working with bounces.  :-)

>> it bills itself as "the 
>> world's first general-purpose automated bounce handler 
>> for mailing lists," and it works with LetterRip, ListProc,
>> LISTSERV, ListSTAR, Majordomo, Macjordomo, NTlists, and a 
>>number of others, including lists that don't use an 
>>automated server. It also runs on Macintosh, Unix, and 
>>Windows platforms.
>Does it work with Procmail and Pine?

Doesn't everyone?  ;->

Seriously, I recommend going to their web site at and check them out for yourself. 
And, again, I have no affiliation with them, other than 
recognizing they offer a fine piece of software.  :-)

William Greene, Director of Internet Marketing
Grizzard - A Direct Marketing Agency Since 1919
"Come X-ray Your Marketing Budget!"

***  NEW POST - Dealing with Bounces  ***

From: Mark Rauterkus 
Subject: SmartBounce


Yes, it does handle fatal unsubscribe messages and not mail 
box full -- unless you turn up the fault correction measures 
way high. But -- if the mailing problems persist, then the 
user is unsubscribed.

To find all the info you need about Smartbounce.
Go to

Mark Rauterkus, Publisher, S.S.S.   http://www.SportSurf.Net/FootNotes

FootNotes: Mac E-book authoring and distribution environment with
built-in multi-media, lan, web, internet and e-mail capabilities.

***  NEW POST - PM-mail list (was Dealing with Bounces)  ***

From: "Dreamer's Den" 
Subject: PM-mail list (previously: dealing with bounces)

> And, Dave, could you post the subscription requirements for
> PM-mail list?  I'm sure many here would like to subscribe.

The PM-mail list is basically a user group for the Pegasus e-mail
client.  Much of the 'talk' that goes on is technical and geared
towards how to set Pegasus up on networks etc. This list is also
very helpful in troubleshooting Pegasus problems. I believe it is
moderated by the Pegasus technical support team. 

I would recommend the digest version to anyone who subscribes as
this is a high volume (50 plus messages a day at times) list.

Anyone interested in any of the Pegasus mailing lists can find 
subscription details posted at 

This page gives full subscribe and unsubscribe details for a
number of Pegasus mailing lists.

Fair warning... I found the following info posted on a different
page at Pegasus's site. There have been posts on the list
complaining of this policy because of increased spam after 

-- The mailing lists hosted by the University of 
-- Alabama at Tuscaloosa are also available by way of 
-- the Usenet newsgroup bit.listserv.pmail. Posts to 
-- the lists will eventually end up in this newsgroup.

David Thuillier
Owner, Dreamer's Den
Role Playing Games           Collectable Card Games
  Pewter Gaming Miniatures      Modeling Supplies
          Fantasy and Science Fiction Books

 The Corkboard

From: Nick Nichols 
Subject: Commercialization of Signature Files

Hello All,

The results of a recent discussion list survey I conducted on sig
files found that 98.4% of those who responded agree that sig
files can and should be used as a promotional tool. 

Curiously, a few people wondered why they need a commercial sig
file.  In response, I submit:

Five Reasons Why You Need a Powerful, Commercial Signature File:

1. Your sig file can be especially useful when posting to online
discussion lists.  Normally, you're not allowed to post blatantly
commercial messages in most moderated lists.  But most lists
*will* permit you to say just about anything in your *sig file.*

A sig file is like an online business card. Yet most sig files --
like most business cards -- are pathetically ineffective.  How
many business cards have *you* tossed because they offered you no
reason to keep them?  How many sig files prompt you to make
contact with the writer?

Since one result of a meaningful discussion list post is that
people may want to know more about you, a powerful sig file can
provide a compelling reason for qualified prospects to email you,
call you or visit your Web site. 

2. It's a proven direct mail technique that including a "P.S."
will dramatically increase your response.  This is because many
people go to the end of a letter to see who sent it before they
actually read it.  A good P.S. can reinforce the main benefit of
a sales letter, it can make a special offer, or it can create a
sense of urgency about the offer. 

You can do the exact same things with your sig file.

3. Even if your email is targeted, your readers may scan it to
the end first before reading it.  Because of the formatting
limitations of email, a compelling sig file can stand out and be

4. If your email is a response to "Offer A," your sig file can
introduce "Offer B."  You can use your sig file to test headlines
and offers. 

5. You should use a compelling, benefit-related, offer-oriented
sig file even when emailing your friends, business associates,
your mom, and anyone else.  You never know when one of these
people will have a need for what your offer or will know someone
else who does.


Nick Nichols
The Site Doctor (tm)

     "Turn Your Sig File into a Lead-Generating Machine"
New "Sig File Generator" Online Mini-Seminar will give you an
attention-getting sig file in less than one hour--guaranteed!
This is the fastest and cheapest way to get qualified leads.

 Question of the Week

This week's QOTW comes from subscriber Benjamin Stickland.  
If anyone else would like to submit a Question for possible 
inclusion as QOTW, please use the following e-mail link;

Please send all responses to the following QOTW to;

From: "Benjamin Stickland" 
Subject: Proposed Question


I'm actually a student nearing the completion of a combined 
degree in Computer Science and Marketing. As such I have 
watched the proceedings of this publication for a while now. I 
am currently creating a general purpose document regarding 
marketing and promotional techniques on the Internet. The 
question I would like to propose is;

What are some of the big failures that people have had in 
marketing on the net, and what do they feel are the underlying 
causes for these failures? Perhaps responses to this question 
could serve as a warning to those among us considering 
incorporating web based marketing techniques.

Kind Regards,

Benjamin Stickland      c/o Ballarat University & Strong Consulting
ph: 61.3.53341281                                             

Please send QOTW responses to

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