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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #122
 January 16, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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 Table of Contents

 + Moderator's Comments

    "Next Week's Guest Moderator"

 + New Topics

    "Majordomo batch subscribes"
       - Jeff Zweig
       - Moderator's Reply

 + Ongoing

    "Newspaper Banner Advertising ... Where to begin?"
       - George Matyjewicz


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

The Great Ice Storm of '98 still has us catching up 
here in the northeast.  Our power is back on, but we 
still have no running water.  It is our own well and 
the underground plumbing has frozen back to the well 
itself.  So, we are still hauling gray water from the 
stream out back and filling 5 gallon cans with drinking 
and cooking water from community sources.

In any case, things will get back to a more normal state 
next week as George Matyjewicz, frequent participant in 
this list and Managing Partner at GAP Enterprises, Ltd...

...has graciously offered to once again Guest Moderate 
the EMD.  For those of you who don't yet know George, 
his knowledge of traditional marketing and his insights 
into the process of e-marketing will be of value to 
everyone here.  Thank you, George.

As for me, I will still be designing killer websites and 
e-marketing both for Webbers and for our clients this week.
I'll just be working on the water problem during those 
hours when I would normally be editing this publication. 
So, now I'm a plumber...  :)

Your Semi-pioneering Moderator,

Gary K. Foote              
Does your website perform as expected?   If it doesn't;

Webbers Communications         
PO Box 3214 N. Conway, NH 03860           (603)447-1024

 New Topics

From: Jeff Zweig 
Subject: Majordomo batch subscribes

Hello everyone. 

I have a question concerning majordomo, and I thought
that members of this group might be able to help me out.

We have a requirement to create a broadcast list that will
contain several thousand e-mail addresses. We expect the 
addresses to come to us in batches of several hundred at a time. 

We're located remotely from our server, so we perform site 
administrative functions via telnet and FTP.

Here's the question:

Is there any way for us to "subscribe" multiple e-mail addresses 
to the majordomo broadcast list in a batch mode of a few hundred 
at a time instead of one by one? (By the way, we're not engaging
in SPAM here!)

I'd appreciate any advice anyone has to offer.


Jeff Zweig

[Moderator's Reply]

Hi Jeff,

I'm sure you're not alone in your use of majordomo as 
your choice of list management software for marketing 
purposes.  Assuming your readers will not be subscribing 
themselves - perhaps by the simple means of a web based 
'Click this button to subscribe" interface - you will 
have to send e-mail subscription commands to majordomo 
yourself.  The format used for subscribing someone 
manually is as follows;

approve  subscribe  

This must appear all on one line (in case you're seeing 
the example spread across two lines).  You will have to 
repeat this process for each address subscribed.  You 
may send multiple subscribe commands in a single e-mail 
as long as they appear on separate lines.

Hope this helps,




From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Newspaper Banner Advertising ... Where to begin!

>I have just joined the staff of a small weekly newspaper 
>which is investigating expanding its online presence. 
>They have asked me to come up with a way that we can draw 
>our print advertisers into banner advertising as well.
>We are in an "economically challenged" community, thanks 
>to governmental cutbacks and base closures, and many 
>businesses have gone out of business. So, I'm not sure 
>how to approach this. Has anyone had a similar experience 
>and results they would not mind sharing with me in this 
>preliminary stage?

I write a technology column for a major retail trade magazine 
and also serve on their Net advisory board.  We have been
investigating an on-line presence and linking advertisers to the
site.  I did some research on what others have done or are doing 
and found:

1.  Advertisers, who know the Net are too savvy now, and want to
know your stats before they consider advertising.

2.  Those who don't will advertise on the Net at least once
(usually a three month gig).  They see the Net as a way to really
reach those kzillions out there.

3.  Of the 20 publications I contacted, 14 responded and all said
they were making money with ads.

4.  5 seems to be the magic number for ads on the page.

Good luck

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

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