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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #123
 January 19, 1998

 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + Guest Moderator's Comments

 + New Topics
 "Seminars & Articles: They Work Big Time"
   - George Matyjewicz	

   - Gary Foote 

 + Ongoing
 "Have You Seen The Latest Survey?"
   - Armando Trevino
   - GM comments

 "Majordomo batch subscribes"
   - Don Morris, 

 + The Corkboard
 - Sheila Henry 
 - GM comments

 + Question of the Week

 "Have ever tried seminars or trade shows to promote your


 Guest Moderator's Comments

Hi All:

I'm back hosting the E-Marketing Digest again this week as Gary
tries to get things back in order after that horrendous storm,
where he and his family lived like pilgrims for 5 days -- no
water, no heat, no electricity.  Good luck Gary.

I was the first Guest Moderator last October, and Gary has a
standing offer to invite me back whenever he heeds help.  If
anybody wants to guest moderate this fine list, instructions are
below.  It takes 1-2 hours to assemble and distribute each digest.

Hope you have a great week.

George Matyjewicz
George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd. Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821             
Fax: (201) 460-3740 Automated Press Releases: Specializing in Professional Firm
"Rainmaking" programs.

 New Topics

 "Seminars & Articles: They Work Big Time"

Let me kick off this week with some thoughts on promoting your
business.  If you haven't tried seminars and writing of articles
you should -- they work wonders!  Let me give you a recent
example.  On January 10, I was a guest speaker at the National
Retail Gifts & Decorative Accessories trade show in Dallas.   My
topic was "Your New Store on the Web" and was presented to a group
representing 70  retailers, with only one having a presence on the

As part of my talk I also referenced four sites who offered
products or services that would benefit this group, or who had
some success with their own store (one is a member of this list).
 It was interesting to note that each of them reported an
increase in requests for information (from 9 to 25 requests) all
coming from Texas or Arizona that weekend, and  did not know why,
until I told them about the talk. 

After the show I faxed a press release to 25 publications who
would be interested in that show (I will be sending a release to
1,200 media contacts on the Net this week).  The results:  I was
asked to write a feature story about the show in a gift
publication with 55,000 subscribers worldwide (not the magazine
where I write a technology column).  In addition a NJ-based
business journal asked me to write a feature for February's issue,
and the publisher of Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine who
attended the show asked for a 4,000 - 5,000 word "how-to" story on
what's needed to have,  and promote a presence on the Net.

So, let's summarize.  I was paid  to do a talk to an excellent
target audience,  which generated three articles (two paying) and
a possibility to do two more shows (one in Frankfort, Germany). It
also generated one new client with three more potentials.  In
addition four other cyber friends on the Net generated activity,
some of which will convert to business.    And, there is no doubt
that the articles will generate more business!

If you haven't tried seminars and article-writing, I highly
recommend them.  I have done over 350 seminars and trades shows
since 1983 and I will tell you **they work, BIG time.**

George Matyjewicz
George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd. Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821             
Fax: (201) 460-3740 Automated Press Releases: Specializing in Professional Firm
"Rainmaking" programs.

+++++ New Topic +++++

From: "Webbers Communications" 
Subject: E-tailers

Hi All,

First, I want to extend many thanks to George for Guest 
Moderating the EMD this week.  It is allowing me to possibly make
progress towards getting running water back before spring.  

Being the EMD-holic that I am I couldn't resist mentioning the
following article I ran across on-line;

-------  article reference  -------

by MSNBC Correspondent Barton Crockett

"Sales gains show the Web's appeal E-tailers have new tricks on
tap to make on-line shopping more attractive and personalized."


The following quote from the article interests me in 

"Next year will also mark a time of more experimentation in
on-line marketing, as e-tailers strive to find a formula that
pushes people to make as many on-a-whim buys on-line as they do
off.  One feature e-tailers hope will get them there is greater

What I want to explore is;

1) "What kinds of website personalization methods do you see as
being the most promising for future development?

2) "What kinds of website personalization methods do you see as
too intrusive to the end user or might be perceived  as such?

BTW - Don't you just love the term e-tailers?  I do too.  It
defines a very select demographic.  In fact, I am opening a
mailing list called 'The E-tailers Digest' to cover just those
aspects of on-line commerce that are experienced mostly by on-line

To subscribe to The E-Tailer's Digest;


Gary K. Foote              
The E-Marketing Digest, Discussing Electronic Marketing
For Subscription Info:        
Webbers Communications         
PO Box 3214 N. Conway, NH 03860           (603)447-1024


Subject: Have You Seen The Latest Survey?
From: Armando Trevino

Hello Everyone,

Have you all seen the latest results of the Graphic,
Visualization, &  Usability Center's (GVU) 8th WWW User Survey? 

GVU runs the Surveys as public service and as such, all results
are  available on-line. The survey was done from Oct 10, 1997 thru
Nov 16, 1997 and was endorsed by the World Wide Web Consortium

You can access it at:

Armando Trevino
 C o n s u l t i n g      A s s o c i a t e s
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+++++ [Guest Moderator's Comments] +++++

Excellent survey.  They do a new survey every April and October
and they also reference other sites that provide stats.  I use
them often for articles and speeches.

George Matyjewicz

+++++  New Topic    +++++

From: Don Morris, 
Subject: Majordomo batch subscribes

On 1/16/98 12:54 AM, Jeff Zweig  wrote:

>Is there any way for us to "subscribe" multiple e-mail addresses
>to the majordomo broadcast list in a batch mode of a few hundred
>at a time instead of one by one? (By the way, we're not engaging
>in SPAM here!)

I realize that this does not directly help you, Jeff, but I
thought that I'd put in a plug for LetterRip, which runs on the
Macintosh and allows the user to run a mailing list through a POP
connection, that is, without a full-time Internet connection, as
well as through a full-time SMTP connection. It comes with a
utility called Email Admin, which the user can use to contact a
remote server and update the mailing lists and subscriber lists in
the manner you describe.


Don Morris                    
LaserMedic Laser Printer Service     

 The Corkboard

From: Sheila Henry 
Organization: FL Reputable Business Regisry

Hi - I'm new to the group.  My name is Sheila Henry , my husband
and I moved to Florida in 1993.  All of my longtime friends and
family are in Connecticut.

I enjoy learning, reading, traveling and sports.  I work for an
organization that helps consumers.  I publish a FREE Consumer
Awareness Newsletter on scams, schemes and deceptions for people
with limited time yet want to stay informed.  It's very rewarding
to know at the end of the day that you've helped someone save lots
of money and not become victimized.

I am looking forward to our discussions and sharing of
information. I will be doing a lot of work on the Internet so I
need to become more informed about web designs and links.

+++++ [Guest Moderator's Comments] +++++

Welcome Shiela and good luck to you with your newsletter.  BTW, if
you are not aware, Gary Foote publishes List Exchange where you
can announce your newsletter.  

The List Exchange URL is;

George Matyjewicz

 Question of the Week

"Have you ever tried seminars or trade shows to promote your

Has anyone tried seminars or trade shows, either on- or off-line
to promote your business, and how successful were they?  If you
tried both, will on-line seminars be as effective as off-line?

Please send QOTW responses to


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