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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #125
 January 23, 1998

 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

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 Table of Contents

 + Guest Moderator's Comments
  - Goodbye and thanks 

 + New Topics
  - "Customising Websites, summary"  
       Pieter Both  
  - GM comments -  "Audio Showcase Program"  
       Guest Moderator  

 + Ongoing
  - "Trying to be everywhere"  
       Pat Carroll 
  - GM Answer

 + The Corkboard
  - "Mailing list"
  -  GM Comments

  - "Web site Privacy Policy Statements" 
       Gary Foote 
**** Note: Read this as it affects us all. GM *****

 + Question of the Week

 "Have you ever tried seminars or trade shows to promote your

  - "My First" 
       Steve Wroblewski 
  -  GM Comments "Some Guidelines"
  - "On-Line Seminars"
       From various sources off-list
  -  GM Comments 


 Guest Moderator's Comments

Hi All:

Well, all good things come to an end, so I say goodbye and thanks
to Gary for letting me guest host this week.  And thanks to list
members for your kind words -- both on- and off-list.  I hope my
turn at the helm was helpful to all.

My  final issue this week has some excellent posts.  The seminars
QOTW seems to be of interest to many.  Coincidentally, I received
an update from Audio Showcase, the radio program where I was
interviewed in December, and I posted it, and the results I
experienced here.

Gary also posted a **very important** FTC post that may affect us

Hope your week has been productive, and that next week is even

George Matyjewicz

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd. Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821             Fax:
(201) 460-3740 Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

 New Topics

From: "Pieter Both" 
Subject: Customising Websites, summary

Dear List member

I'm relatively new to the list so I will first introduce myself.
My name is Pieter, I am Dutch and study half in Portsmouth (UK)
and half in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Two years ago I did a
placement for an IT company in Rotterdam and last year for
OgilvyOne in New York.

At the moment I'm doing some on-line primary research for
OgilvyOne about "Customising Websites". What I would like to ask
is this:

 1) Does anyone know some good literature about this subject?
 2) What is the difference between Service marketing and
Relationship marketing on the Web?
 3) And finally, can anyone give me some advice about how to
proceed to get unbiased responses for my on-line questionnaire.
E.g. is it a problem that I offer a free summary as it may attract
a certain  type of people who are already interested in this area.
At the moment I'm thinking about stratified sampling since it is
more or less possible to determine the composition of the total
Internet population.

The questionnaire is at:
Don't hesitate to have a look at it, or even fill it out when
you've got some 10 min spare time.

I hope I wasn't too rude by asking so many questions at the same
time. Thanks so much in advance!

        Pieter Both
        Student Portsmouth University (England)

+++++ Guest Moderator's Comments +++++

Welcome Peter.  Some comments about this type of survey and your
message.  If you are posting a message like this to other lists
you should start it with "Cross Posted to Other Lists" so if
somebody sees it on another list they know they need not respond.
 Also, if you are using enhanced text, i.e., color, or bold, it
gets converted to html code or gibberish on some readers, and is
useless.  I cleaned you original message to eliminate the
extraneous stuff.

Regarding your survey, there are some excellent books available,
in particular from David Siegel - "Creating Killer Web Sites" and
his latest "Secrets of Successful Web Sites." (He is a competitor of OgilvyOne). 

There is a big difference between relationship and service.
Nancy can probably add more as this is her expertise.  IMO,
service is part of relationship.  With relationship you need to
know more about the psychographics of prospects, rather than

Good luck with your survey.

George Matyjewicz

+++++ Same Topic - 2nd Post +++++

From:  Guest Moderator
Subject:  Audio Showcase program

Some time back I posted a message about my radio interview.  I
thought I would give some more feedback and more information about
the program, which I received from the program director. It is
apropos to our discussion on seminars (Phase II of the program). 

The interview took 90 minutes, and it was posted to the "How Good
Can You Stand It" program at http://  I don't know how many people
actually visited the program, but I do know we received 198
visitors to our site who asked to be included on our updates list,
of which  15 became clients.   Now, those 15 could have also heard
about us through one of the newslists,  or the press releases we
send out, or  some other method of promotion that we use.  The
point is, it takes a total effort, and radio is part of it.

Allan just sent me an update, that I thought I would share with
E-Marketing. I am not affiliated with Allan, other than being
interviewed by him.  

The Audio Showcase program on "How Good Can You Stand It?"  The
client receives:

* A forty five minute interview exclusive to their product or
service customized into a self help format so as to not be too
commercial in nature.

* Featured on our home page at AudioNet which is viewed by
thousands of people every day with links included back to their

* A custom web page with their bio and product information with
links back to their web site or on-line store.

* A studio quality produced program edited to take out all the
ummms, ahhhs, clicks, pops and outtakes. The file is then run
through a series of filters, compressors and normalizer to produce
a broadcast quality audio file.

* Thirteen weeks of access, broadcast and storage in our audio
library. Thousands of people re-visit the site every week to
listen to programs other than the one they originally were
interested in.

* Mentions in our newsletter and inclusion in other promotions we
are doing on a ongoing basis.

* A copyright free quality cassette recording of their Showcase
suitable for duplication and distribution to their prospective

All of this for $500.  Phase II of the program will be webcasting
live seminars and keynote addresses onto the web.


From: Pat Carroll 
Subject: Trying to be everywhere.

George wrote in V2, #124 about how to market oneself and one's

"I am on over 100 newslists, and to a lot of folks they
think I am everywhere ;-}.  The trick is to participate in as many
forums as possible -- both on- and off-line.  Get known! "

Great idea, but where do you find the time or the energy.

I envy you. For me to write and formulate this letter takes at
least 10 minutes,  while you and your peers write and provide so
much information in your extensive postings.

Got to go and chase clients

Best wishes

Pat Carroll
A-NET WEB MARKETING                    
Scandinavian online promotion  Smedjegatan 5, 35246, Vaxjo, Sweden
+46 470 749650 
***** Member of the SIBCO group          A unique group of trade consultants           

+++++ Guest Moderator's Comments +++++

I get this question often.  It's easy -  read and write fast ;-}.
 I say this in half-jest, but it is true.  First, you must
understand that **all** of our business comes from the Net.  In
1997 we only engaged two clients that were not from the Net (have
to work on that this year - the goal is all from the Net).  And
the number of clients supports three offices and 22 people!

Second -  all of my messages are filtered  into different boxes. I
scan each mail box looking at the subjects, and if they are not of
interest to me I dump them.  Some lists are more active than
others, i.e., Market-L represents 23.1% of the total received.
Since I write a lot, I learned how to read/write quickly.  When
not guest moderating a newslist I can read and respond to my
e-mail in approx 5 hours a day.  17% of my messages come in before
8:00 AM. So, since I start at 7:00AM, I get a lot done early.

Third - I do a lot of writing, hence I learned early how to gleam
what I need from correspondence and how to respond.  If you can't
do this, I suggest a speed reading course.

Hope that helps.

George Matyjewicz

 The Corkboard

Subject: Mailing list

When ever I send the same mail copy to several friends and
associates, each receive the copy with all the other names on it.
Is there a way to prevent each person from knowing who receive a
similar posting? regards

Derrick Robinson

+++++ Guest Moderator's Comments +++++

I hate receiving messages where everybody's name is included. That
gives everybody the option of sending a message to everybody on
the list -- SPAM.  Use the blind carbon copy  -- BCC -- section on
your header.


+++++ New Topic - 2nd Post +++++

From: Gary Foote <
Subject: Web site Privacy Policy Statements


* (The following is the text of the webpage noted above)

Industry Alert!!

The FTC will be looking at your Web site in March.

Does Your Company ... 

Collect Information Online?
Generate Leads from Your Web Site?
Use E-mail to Communicate to Customers?

The Federal Trade Commission has told Congress it will do a formal
survey of commercial Web sites in March 1998 to determine whether
companies are posting Web site Privacy Policy Statements.
Following this survey, the FTC will determine if adequate
protections exist for consumers or whether regulation is
necessary. Regulation of the Internet could stifle the growth of
this exciting new marketing medium, restrict the use of
information gathered online, and set a precedent for regulation in
other media. 

It is important that your company conspicuously post its Privacy
Policy Statement on your Web site! 

The DMA can supply you with the information and tools you need to
help the industry prevent FTC regulation. We have developed a
Web-based tool which will allow you to create and post a Privacy
Policy Statement to your Web site in a matter of minutes. The tool
gives marketers an "add water and stir" recipe for providing
consumers with information on how data is gathered and used

In addition, The DMA's Marketing Online: Privacy Principles and
Guidance provides marketers with information about disclosure of
online information practices. Please take a moment to review these
resources and use them to develop an Online Privacy Policy for
your site. 

Will your company pass the FTC's scrutiny? 

 Question of the Week

>"Have you ever tried seminars or trade shows to promote your

>Has anyone tried seminars or trade shows, either on- or off-line
>to promote your business, and how successful were they?  If you
>tried both, will on-line seminars be as effective as off-line?

Please send QOTW responses to

+++++ Replies +++++

From: Steve Wroblewski 

>If you do shows or seminars, have a plan.  We have some tips at
>our site for those who are interested

Couldn't get this - is the URL right?  

(GM Comments - after giving Steve the correct URL he replied...)

Thanks - your site is very helpful - I'm preparing my first
seminar now :-)

Kind regards,

Steve Wroblewski

S.W.A.T. Marketing, Inc.
(Special Weapons And Tactics for Marketing on the Internet)
Suite 203, Building 1109 Palm St, Royal Subic Mall
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines 2222

Phone: +63 47 2522680  Fax: +63 2 8945575

+++++ Guest Moderator's Comments +++++

Sorry for the incorrect URL.  It should have been

Good luck Steve, and let us know how you make out.  I was
visiting a prospect yesterday (yes I do leave the Net every so
often ;-}) and talked to them about seminars, and I think the
comments would be useful here.  The firm is a $billion technology
group with offices in the US, UK and France. They were complaining
that they did not get the turnout or the closing rate they thought
they should get.   Here's what I found (in a 15 minute review):

1.  They sent product/service literature with the invitation,
which conflicts with the intent of the invitation.  A letter alone
would be better. 2.  They did not emphasize the benefits to the
prospect for attending the seminar. 3.  At the seminar they gave
away too much information, which meant attendees could do it
themselves, rather than hire this firm. 4.  They used seminar
material they received from their business partners (MS & IBM)
which promoted the partners, but not this firm. 5.  They did not
have a good targeted list to send invitations. 6.  They did not
have a planned follow up program after the show, so the leads
died.  **Seminars will result in sales 1-2 years after the

Hope these ideas help you.

George Matyjewicz

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd. Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821             
Fax: (201) 460-3740 Automated Press Releases: Specializing in Professional Firm
"Rainmaking" programs.

+++++ Same Topic +++++ 

I received this, and others like it off-list, so I did not use
names or addresses...

... online seminar, George? I read your post to and was intrigued.

+++++ Guest Moderator's Comments +++++

These are becoming hot items, especially with larger companies.
Some of the financial institutions have done them.  Some list
owners are trying them.  As I stated in New Topics, Phase II of
"How Good Can You Stand It?" will feature on-line seminars.  Has
anybody else on this list had any experience with them?


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