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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #126
 January 26, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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 Table of Contents

 + Moderator's Comments

       "I'm Baaaack..."

 + New Topics

    "Non-US search engines?"
       - Phil Doyle

    "Virtual Business Assistant"
       - Marian Banker
       - Moderator's Reply

    "E-mail formatting"
       - Derrick Robinson
       - Moderator's Reply

 + Ongoing

    "Tradeshows and Seminars"
       - Mike Merten

    "Privacy Policy Statements"
       - Dave Thuillier
       - Moderator's Reply

    "Relationship Marketing"
       - Nancy Roebke


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

First, let me thank George for taking such good care 
of the EMD last week.  His insights into marketing your 
business by speaking publicly and implementing seminars 
gave me much food for thought.  Nancy Roebke continues 
that discussion in today's issue and I'm sure there are
others ready to chime in.

Enjoy today's issue.

Your moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 New Topics

From: Phil Doyle 
Subject: Non-US search engines?

Hello E-Marketing Digest:
What are the most popular search engines in the UK, 
Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and elsewhere?

My pages consistently score high in various searches for
business videos and Internet credit card merchant accounts 
in Infoseek, Excite, Lycos, WebCrawler, HotBot, Northern 
Light, Alta Vista and Yahoo.

But are there other important search engines that I may
not know about?
Phil Doyle  WebAgency Marketing
Vantage Internet Credit Card e-Commerce System
B2B eNews International Business Journal
Brainware Business Videos
707-538-5043   fax 707-579-1197
PO Box 1397  Santa Rosa, CA  95402 USA

***  NEW TOPIC - Virtual Business Assistant  ***

From: "Virtually Yours" 
Subject: For Post to E-Marketing List

Although I've been a member of this list for some time, 
this is my first post.  I'm in the process of planning 
a Virtual Assistant business and would like input from
this group since I believe some of you might well fall 
into the category of those who could benefit from my 
services (no plug intended).  Having worked in web 
production, I'm well aware of the time consuming nature 
of web-related work.  At times I've wished I could have 
an assistant to do research, proof my material, screen 
and handle my e-mail, follow through on a special project,
do on-line shopping and a host of other things that take 
time but are not productive to building business.

The purpose for my post today is to get some early feedback 
from the group as to what support services you think would 
be most helpful to offer, what's the best way to advertise 
my services, do I need a web page and do you think there 
really is a sizable market for such services.   

Thank you!  Any and all suggestions or comments are 
appreciated. :-)

Virtually yours,

Marian Banker

       ^^^^Virtually Yours^^^^
Your Virtual Business & Personal Assistant
       ^^How Can We Help You?^^

[Moderator's Reply]

Hi Marian,

It's always great when a subscriber comes out of 'lurk' 
mode.  Thanks for posting.

Your questions;

1) What support services you think 
   would be most helpful to offer?

I see a use for all of the list you suggested, with the 
exception of e-mail handler.  I know that e-mail is the 
lifeblood of my communications style and passing that on 
to someone else to handle for me would be too insulative.
I would feel out of touch and therefore, out of control.
I'm not sure how many here share that feeling, but since 
most are small office/home office entrepreneurs I suspect 
the percentage is high.

2) What's the best way to advertise my 


  Using banner ads - Buy keywords you know your target
  market uses at search engines.  Exchange banners with
  related/non-competing sites.

  Using text ads -  Buy ads in publications your target 
  market subscribes to.  Place classifieds at carefully 
  considered sites, both free and paid for.

  Using your signature file to point to autoresponders
  touting your service.  Post to forums your target 
  market participates in.


  Print ads, text or graphic, depending on your budget,
  in trade publications.  Company literature that includes
  pointers to your online information.

  If you are looking for local business include local 
  radio and newspaper ads in your mix.  Don't forget 

3) Do I need a web page?

Absolutely.  Today's web consumer expect a website where 
they can gather comprehensive info about your service 
any time of the day or night.  Again, push the benefits
and direct visitors to the point of sale at every 

4) Do you think there really is a 
   sizable market for such services?

Personally, I think there is a market for pretty much 
any service that offers value and time is a valuable 
commodity.  Your service is about saving time, so it 
fits the profile.

Good luck, and keep us posted.



***  NEW TOPIC - E-mail formatting  ***

Subject: Scrambled Mail

On numerous occasions, I receive mail messages and 
articles that are somewhat scrambled and very difficult 
to read at times. They really look horrible and uninviting 
to read. How can I prevent the mail that I send to friends 
and prospects from looking like those.


Derrick Robinson.

[Moderator's Reply]

Hi Derrick,

Force line breaks by using your ENTER or RETURN key.  
Keep line lengths at 65 characters or less.  Depending 
on what software you use to handle e-mail you might be 
able to set parameters to automate this.



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From: "M. Merten" 
Subject: Tradeshows

Curiously, what product and/or service do you market?  
I've never worked much with them to begin with, but 
tradeshows tend to represent a fair outlay of capital 
while offering little in the way of results.  Based on
my friends' experiences, they're a waste of money AND time.


***  NEW TOPIC - Privacy Policy Statements  ***

Subject: re: Privacy Policy Statements

> The Federal Trade Commission has told Congress it will do a
> formal survey of commercial Web sites in March 1998 to
> determine whether companies are posting Web site Privacy Policy
> Statements. 


Did I miss something? What is a privacy policy statement? Is this 
the little clause on some sites that say "We will not sell your 
email addy..." 

Where did the info about the FTC come from? Why would the FTC
bother to survey commercial web sites looking for this policy?
How does a policy posted on someones website assure the FTC that
adequate protections exist for the consumer? Since when does the
FTC "tell congress"?  I thought that congress "told the FTC"?
(or am I backwards again?)

Could someone please enlighten this poor unenlightened soul with
details about this policy?


Dave Thuillier
Owner, Dreamer's Den    
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                603-464-4762
  Collectable Card Games                 Models & Hobby Materials
    Role Playing Games                Pewter Gaming Miniatures  
             Fantasy & Sci-FI Books and Audio Books

[Moderator's Reply]

Hi Dave,

You are right.  This is about not distributing site 
visitor's e-mail addresses.  The public has been so 
bombarded by media hype about online privacy matters 
that the FTC is apparently going to enter the fray 
with their own slant on things.  IMO the FTC 
(Federal Trade Commission) doesn't seem to be the 
proper arm of the US govt to consider this issue.  
Wouldn't it more likely fall under the purview of 
the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)?

As for the FTC telling the Congress what to do...  I 
haven't a clue as to the 'chain of command'.  Too 
many govt agencies work independently to keep track 
of who is in charge these days.  I just know its not 
me.  :)



***  NEW TOPIC - Relationship Marketing  ***

From: "Nancy Roebke" 
Subject:Relationship Marketing....

First Pieter asked:

What is the difference between Service
marketing and Relationship marketing on the Web?

Then George said:

There is a big difference between relationship
and service. Nancy can probably add more as this
is her expertise.  IMO, service is part of
relationship.  With relationship you need to
know more about the psychographics of prospects,
rather than demographics.  

Now Nancy says:

George is absolutely right. In relationship
marketing, marketing is done through the process
of  realtionship-building. Customers gotten
through relationship-marketing tend to be more
loyal because they were "sold" on the product or

Briefly, when a business relationship for the
purposes of marketing is developed , it is done
over time. So sales come slower. But in that
time when the relationship is being developed, a
good marketer learns how an individual person
wants to be "sold"...versus trying to sell to
the masses with vague, "geez, I hope this
interests them" promotions. Relationship
marketing is far more direct. You KNOW what the
client likes and offer it.

At that point, because of the relationship, the
client sells themselves on the product or
service. YOU have already sold them on you
through the relationship...

Nancy Roebke
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ProfNet, Inc  Execdirector@Profnet.Org


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