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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #127
 January 28, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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 Table of Contents

 + Moderator's Comments

 + New Topics

    "Business Slowdown"
       - George Matyjewicz

    "Banner Ad Agents"
       - John Herron

    "Personalizing E-mail to a List"
       - Colin Haynes

    "Advertising on the Web"
       - Jessica Roybal

 + Ongoing

    "Virtual Business Assistant"
       - Shannon Kinnard

    "Relationship Marketing"
       - Marilyn Strong

    "Trade Shows & Seminars"
       - Nancy Roebke
       - George Matyjewicz 
       - Barb Sybal
       - Moderator's Comments

    "E-mail Formatting Tips"
       - Alvin Davis
       - Bryan Farrish

    "Non-US Search Engines"
       - Max Gente

 + The Corkboard

    "Business Slowdown"
       - George Matyjewicz
    "Seminar "How-To" guide"
       - George Matyjewicz

 + Question of the Week


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Today's issue is pretty large so I will forego much in 
the way of opening comments.  The Tradeshows and Seminars 
thread carries particularly interesting information today,
both in the "Ongoing" topics as well as on "The Corkboard",
where George Matyjewicz has posted a valuable article on 
the subject.  Don't miss this one.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote              
Webbers Communications         
PO Box 3214 N. Conway, NH 03860           (603)447-1024

 New Topics

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Business slow down

Some time back I posted something about the selling cycle in
business.  Well we are coming, or are in another slow period,
that folks should be aware of -- January and February.  Anybody
who has geared up for Christmas, i.e., retailers or those on
calendar year-ends are not as interested in new business in
January.  They take inventory, get their year-end in order, etc.
Hence if you sell to them, business will be slow.

February is the month when most small- to medium-sized business
owners take a vacation.  Summer months, staff go away.  But
February is the month when decision makers are away.  Hence, if
you sell to them business will be slow.

CPA's and some attorney's are also out of pocket until at least 
April 15.  

This doesn't mean you should not stop your promotion efforts.
Rather you should channel them differently. And don't be
disappointed if business drops off.

For those of you who don't believe this, check your stats over
the last 10 years.  We have tracked this market for over 25 years
-- using various target industries (fashion, retail, wholesale,
manufacturing, professional, etc), and found it accurate. 

BTW, August is the next worst month, but for different reasons.

Good selling.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

***  NEW TOPIC - Banner Ad Agents  ***

From: "John Herron" 
Subject: Banner Ad Agents

Does anyone have any information or have used "Ad Club Network" 
for banner ads?  I'm an the enviable situation of experiencing 
a 6 fold growth in web traffic in the past 6 weeks (due to new 
pages and catagories) and I'm looking to add banner advertising 
to my site.  However I've found some banner agency systems to 
be rather slow loading and I don't want drive visitors away.  I 
would prefer to load a banner at my site and link to the 
advertiser but most agencies don't seem to allow this.

Can anyone steer me towards another agency that will take a 
750,000 - 1,000,000 page per month site?

John Herron - EAGLE STOCK IMAGES - Stock Photography
fax:	612.891.4230

***  NEW TOPIC - Personalizing E-mail to a List  ***

From: "colin haynes" 
Subject: e-mail

Congratulations on one of the newsletters that I always look 
through, despite having a very large in-box.

We have a large automotive Web site - www.cartoday - with news 
updated daily.  As a free service we email the daily headlines 
to automotive execs and other contacs, but some just don't like 
being on a bulk mail list.

Please, is there a way that we can personalise each message - 
without our limited knowledge staff having to learn a new 
program, such as Eudora.  We use Netscape 3 and Explorer 3 and 4 
as our basic secretarial tools.

Any suggestions much appreciated.


Colin Haynes is Editor of and 
The Haynes Guide to the Motor Business in Africa, 
Director of the Creative Communications Trust, and 
the author of internationally published books on 
business, personal computing, and the Internet - 
including McGraw-Hill's Paperless Publishing and the 
Association of Information Management's How to Succeed 
in Cyberspace.
Contact details: 21 Oak Street, Greyton 7233, South Africa 
tel (27)028-254-9230 (fax 9129) e-mail:

***  NEW TOPIC - Advertising on the Web  ***

From: Jessica Roybal 
Subject: Advertising on the Web

Hi. I have been a subscriber to this list now for a few 
months and have found much of the information very helpful. 
Thank You.

I am in the Marketing Department for a Non-Profit Museum in 
California. We have just begun using the Internet to advertise 
our temporary shows and weekend programming.  But believe me, 
we are still infants in this process. 

We have a fantastic website which is worthy vehicle to help 
promote the Museum.  Our Webmaster would really like to see 
us advertising more on the Internet, as would I. However, 
because this is a new and yet unsubstantiated advertising 
vehicle for us, the Director of Marketing is hesitant to move 
forward and invest some of our very small advertising budget 
in Web advertising.  We did advertise on two search engines 
during the Fall to promote our temporary show and had some 
results. However, we have nothing to base those results on, 
so we don't know if they were good, fantastic or poor.

Therefore, my question to subscribers is "Have any other 
Museums or Non-Profits purchased advertising on the Internet 
(banner ads on Search Engines, etc.) and how sucessful was it? 
Are there better ways to advertise on the Internet and at what 

Any information, help and suggestions would be greatly 

Thank you, in advance, for your attention.


Jessica Roybal			
Manager of Marketing and Promotions
The Exploratorium			
3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA 94123-1099

Advertising: The science of arresting the human intelligence 
             long enough to get money from it.


***  NEW TOPIC - Virtual Business Assistant  ***

From: Shannon Kinnard 
Subject: re:Virtual Business Assistant


I'll just address one of your questions, how to advertise 
your services, by adding one more suggestion to Gary's list.

My company researches, writes and produces print and online 
newsletters for small businesses. We've found that they're a 
useful and inexpensive marketing tool that customers are 
really interested in reading.

If I were to propose one for your product, I would suggest 
regular features and information about what the customer gets 
out of the service you're offering, such as a "How to Simplify 
Your Work Life" column or a success story column about how a 
customer used a virtual assistant to successfully gain a client, 
save an hour, find the lowest priced airfare, etc.

Giving solid examples and how-to information about using your 
product are sometimes the extra nudge that a prospective client 
needs to buy your product or what a current customer needs to 
buy more.

Good luck!


*Marketing with Information: Print & Online Newsletters*
*Shannon Kinnard* *Phone: 404-634-9863*
*Pocket of Words, An Experimental, Interactive Newsletter*
*Send subject "subscribe" to*

***  NEW TOPIC - Relationship Marketing  ***

From: Marilyn Strong 
Subject: RE: relationships marketing

Nancy wrote,
>Customers gotten
>through relationship-marketing tend to be more
>loyal because they were "sold" on the product or


>in that
>time when the relationship is being developed, a
>good marketer learns how an individual person
>wants to be "sold"...versus trying to sell to
>the masses with vague, "geez, I hope this
>interests them" promotions. Relationship
>marketing is far more direct. You KNOW what the
>client likes and offer it.

Nancy has used the word,
"sold" in describing relationship marketing. While I
agree with the concepts of knowing our customers, I 
disagree with the word "sold".

 When we are engaged in relationship marketing, the 
process has moved from us, "selling", to the customer, 

In a true relationship marketing arena, it is the 
"buying" that takes precedence over the selling.

Trying to make the distinction in my entrepreneurial 
training courses was proving a challenge. It's difficult 
for many to see or understand the difference between the 
two words.

But in relationships marketing it is vital that they 
understand that everything is based on the customer buying, 
rather than the sales person, selling.

So help explain it, I developed two little dances. Whenever 
the word "sale" or "sold" is mentioned, I launch into a soft 
shoe which represents all the techniques of "selling".

Then I quickly move several paces to another side of the room
and launch into the twist which represents the needs of the 
"buyer". (For good emphasis I bring the "seller" up and have 
her doing the soft shoe and bring the "buyer' up and have her 
do the twist.)

The buyer wants to buy and thinks by doing the twist she is 
explaining her needs. The seller wants to sell and thinks 
by doing a soft shoe, she is convincing her customer to buy.

Laughter and dance lessons aside, it isn't until the seller 
looks at the customer's dance and recognizes it is different 
than the selling dance, and then CHANGES THE SELLING DANCE to 
make it look like the buying dance, that true relationship 
marketing can occur.

Apologies to Arthur Godfrey!!! :-)

Marilyn Strong

The Strong Communication Group Inc.
Coaching & training entrepreneurs to 
dream their life & live their dream.
I'd rather know some of the questions than 
all of the answers, James Thurber

***  NEW TOPIC - Trade Shows and Seminars  ***

From: "Nancy Roebke" 
Subject: Tradeshows

> From: "M. Merten" 
> Subject: Tradeshows
> Curiously, what product and/or service do you market?  
> I've never worked much with them to begin with, but 
> tradeshows tend to represent a fair outlay of capital 
> while offering little in the way of results.  Based on
> my friends' experiences, they're a waste of money AND time.

I have not had one be a waste of time for me in 10 years and in 
that timeframe, I have done hundreds of them. I mostly marketed
the services of my Professional Networking firm- mainly Chapter 
Memberships (although I have done them for other products and 
services as well).

I feel it is essential to be very selective about which shows 
you do, and what you do at them. Even in very poorly attended 
shows, I have gotten business from the other vendors- an often 
missed group of potential clients who cannot easily circle the 
show and look.

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
Increase income, cut costs, and put an end to cold calling.
Get our FREE series of articles that teach you the secrets
of successful networking. Today!
ProfNet, Inc  Execdirector@Profnet.Org

***  SAME TOPIC  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Tradeshows

>From: "M. Merten" 
>Subject: Tradeshows
>Curiously, what product and/or service do you market?  
>I've never worked much with them to begin with, but 
>tradeshows tend to represent a fair outlay of capital 
>while offering little in the way of results.  Based on
>my friends' experiences, they're a waste of money AND time.

Au contraire Mike.   Trade shows that attract your **target
market** are a gold mine if done well.   The trick is to find
those geared to your target market.  You don't say what you are
selling, so I can't comment specifically.  If you plan them well
-- before, during and after the show -- you will succeed.  First
find out who the show targets.   If, for example, you are selling
to SOHO's and a trade show is geared toward Fortune 1000
companies, it is not for you.  

Many years ago I joined a company as National Marketing Manager.
They were doing 30+ trade shows a year.  After a serious
evaluation, I cut it back to three, and generated more business
than they ever did from the 30+.  

I don't know your friends or their business, but I would ask how
they promote, what shows they do and how they follow up.

There is some information on seminars at including a seminar 

BTW, that guest speaking engagement I did in Dallas two weeks ago
is still pulling.  The folks I mentioned are still getting
inquiries, and we are getting orders.  Maybe I can coax  one list
member I mentioned to chime in.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.

[Moderator's Comments]

Hey George,

Your prodding worked.  Read on below...


***  SAME TOPIC  ***

From: "My Sentiments(TM)" 
Subject: Re: Tradeshows

> BTW, that guest speaking engagement I did in Dallas two weeks ago
> is still pulling.  The folks I mentioned are still getting
> inquiries, and we are getting orders.  Maybe I can coax one list
> member I mentioned to chime in.

Ok, George, I'm chiming in :)

Mike has heard the same rumours as I have regarding trade shows
being nothing more than a hand-shaking event that rarely generates
any serious leads.

I can also say that in my first few years in this business (which 
isn't much older than that), I made costly mistakes regarding
advertising and promotional efforts.

Just this last fall, there was a trade show which I felt I should
have been in, but my Ontario sales rep told me not to waste my 
time; it was one of the biggest gift and greeting card shows in 
Canada and it was being held about 10 miles away ... talk about 
potential leads that were in my backyard and I listened to him 
instead of my gut instinct :)

I agree they are costly, but agree with George that they need
to be focused on "who" your potential customers are ... if you
don't know that question than I agree that lighting a match
to your money will generate the same results.

As I've also mentioned to George privately in the past, I am
always concerned about spending a large amount of money
on the "big" shows when all I have is one product (100's of
designs, but only one item), so I hope to be networking with 
like-minded manufacturers or distributors where our products 
are complementary to each other: for example, gift wrap, 
ribbons, etc. that will add more "benefits" for the customer.

Mike, on a biased note, I can highly recommend either Gary
(of EMD fame) and/or George ... Gary just recently designed
my web site (whom I didn't know personally just a few
short months ago) and George is on a few of the same
lists I am on, which is how he plugged my company at
the Dallas show ... and when it comes to trade shows, I'll
be looking to him for assistance :)


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
My Sentiments(TM) Fine Art Cards
"Your source for sending a smile"
1-888-ART-FOR-2 (Canada & US)
(905) 828-7399 ~ (905) 828-4143 (Fax)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Barb,

Thanks for responding to George's prodding you to 'chime in'.
Your feeling that exhibiting at tradeshows can be expensive 
is surely shared by many a small-business person on this list.
And your comments about knowing "just who is your potential 
market" lies at the core of every successful marketing/sales 
effort.  If you are set up to cater to the wrong people your 
real market will be 'shut out' in many ways.

My personal experience with tradeshows is that they do indeed 
work.  The last one I attended as exhibitor netted me 5 clients,
four of whom have become repeat customers.  One of these four 
represents 25% of my company's income.  Without that single 
tradeshow we would be in a different 'place' than we are today.

BTW - Thank you, Barb, for your kind words about your new site 
design.  It was a pleasure to work with such great visual 
products as your art-cards...  and with such a nice person.

***  NEW TOPIC - E-mail Formatting Tips  ***

From: Alvin Davis 
Subject: Re: Scrambled Mail
If you upgrade to a newer e-mail program like EUDORA Pro 4.0
you will be able to read any type of message,graphics,voice,
bold,underlines,HTML, and colors.

On the other hand,if you send these extras to older programs,
they can't convert them.

Because I publish an Ezine,I never send styles.The new programs 
have a way to disable this in your setup/options.

Hope this helps,later.

"Guerrilla MLM" Ezine
Alvin Davis
14582 king canyon rd.

***  SAME TOPIC  ***

From: Talent-Management 
Subject: Email Formatting

> Force line breaks by using your ENTER or RETURN key.  
> Keep line lengths at 65 characters or less.  Depending 
> on what software you use to handle e-mail you might be 
> able to set parameters to automate this.

My technique involves keeping line lengths to 57 charac- 
ters or less. (The line above is 57)  This is done not so 
much to stop display problems (which it surely does,) but
to allow it to be printed out on paper without it breach-
ing the borders.

Bryan Farrish

***  NEW TOPIC - Non-US Search Engines  ***

From: "Max Gente" 
Subject: Re: Non-US Search Engines

Dear Phil,

> What are the most popular search engines in the UK,
> Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and elsewhere?

Some time ago I visited the Ultimate Exposure 200 Index, 
which contains over 200 links to search engines and 
directories worldwide. This Index also contains the 
"Worldwide Directory Index" which contains links to 
search engines and directories in many different countries 

Ultimate Exposure 200 Index;

Or, go directly to the Worldwide Directory Index at;

Hope that this helps.

Good luck,

Max Gente
Lucid Corporation
Software solutions for your home office

 The Corkboard

***  NEW TOPIC - Seminar "How-To" guide  ***

From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Seminar "How-To" guide

Hi all:

Since I have gotten a lot of off-list requests for more
information about seminars and trade shows, I thought I would
mention our seminar "how-to" guide which can be found at;  

Since 1983 we have organized and conducted over 350 professional
seminars and trade shows, all of which generate leads and
business.   Now we have taken that expertise and published a
"how-to" guide that includes a seminar planner, countdown (with
spread sheet to calculates the plan),  sample invitation and
follow-up letters that work, news releases, "free" publicity,
seminar outline, telemarketing script (to sell the seminar, not
your services), surveys and evaluations.  

The coup de maitre of the entire program is the Business Survey.
 Now that you have them in attendance, let them spend 20 minutes
completing a survey tells you everything you want to know about
their business.  And the Seminar Evaluation, which is to be
completed by the attendees will help you to further hone your
presentation, as we have done. 

With this tool, you decide on a date, target audience and topic,
and turn this manual over to an aide to organize! We are using a
subtle sales approach that positions you (and your organization)
as an expert in the field,  rather than a sales person. 

The seminar programs are designed for various levels and time
constraints,  i.e.,  breakfast or luncheon meetings (30-45
minutes), trade show meetings (50-75 minutes), continuing
professional education sessions or 1/2 day presentations (2-4
hours), panel discussions, etc.  Each program, includes the
seminar planning guide, sample handouts, visual aids and  a
complete script with each presentation.

The cost of the seminar planner is $49.95 and some presentations
that we have done are also available.  We take credit cards. 

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Specializing in Professional Firm "Rainmaking" programs.


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