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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #136
 February 18, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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 Table of Contents

 + Moderator's Comments

 + New Topics

    "Should Canadian Netrepreneurs bill in USD?"
       - Sharon Tucci
       - Moderator's Comments

 + Ongoing

    "Checks by FAX and VersaCheck"
       - George Matyjewicz

    "Perceived Value"
       - Derrick W Robinson
       - Moderator's Comments

 + The Corkboard

    "Promotion World"
       - Joshua Reimer

 + Question of the Week

    "How do You Find and Negotiate Reciprocal Links?"
       - Dave Thuillier


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

I've just been to the EMD Discount Pool and there are some 
good deals being offered to EMD subscribers.  You should 
take a moment to check it out;

If you want to offer something simply use the link labeled 
"Ask a Question" and fill in the form.  Your offer will be 
posted immediately.

We now have 5 subscriber pictures and bios in the EMD gallery;

Say "Hi" to the newest entry, Keith Londrie II.  I've always 
been partial to B&W photography and this pic of Keith is a 
perfect example of why...  the real person simply 'leaps' 
off the photo without all that color interference.  Keith
wrote about changing it later, but I dunno, Keith.  I might 
just keep it there  ;->  (Actually, anyone who wishes to 
change or modify their gallery pic or bio may do so at any 

So, if you want to be included there is a link on the 
gallery page that you can follow to find instructions on how.
If you don't have web access simply e-mail a bio and pic to me
for inclusion.  If you don't have a digital pic, send me a 
photo and I'll scan it for you.  My snail mail addy is;

Gary K. Foote
PO Box 3214
North Conway, NH 03860

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,


 New Topics

From: Sharon Tucci 
Subject: Should Canadian Netrepreneurs bill in USD?

I don't agree with any Canadian entrepreneur charging at "par" for
services or products. But I do feel that for many Netrepreneurs in
Canada, rates should be based on the US Dollar.

1. Convenience for customers - Look at where your customers are
now - or what your potential market is. If it's limited to Canada
or the majority would be Canada-based, then stay with Canadian

Approximately 90% of my business comes from outside of Canada - an
equal split between the U.S. and the rest of the world. People in
foreign countries (i.e. non-Canada and non-U.S.) are more familiar
with US exchange rates than they are with Canadian exchange rates.
It's much easier to get a money order or certified check outside in
US Funds in foreign countries than it is in Canadian funds. 

2. Accounting Purposes - If you are using a US ISP for virtual
hosting or co-locating - or if you deal in merchandise that 
originates from the U.S., it can make your financial projections
and accounting work much easier. Sure, at some point you will have
to change everything back to Canadian funds. You might have to do
so with each entry. But it will help you ensure the profitability
of your business without having to worry about current exchange
rates. If you deal in merchandise purchased out of the U.S., this 
is even more crucial since it will likely mean having to deal with
fewer price changes.

All of my overhead for my business is billed in US Dollars.
Therefore, for accounting purposes, it makes things easier to also
base my rates in US Funds. Plus, I don't lose out from the "spreads"
in exchange rates this way. For example, normally when you buy US
dollars, you'll have to pay anywhere from 1-3% more than when you

3. Interest on bank accounts - something odd I've discovered: most
US dollar checking accounts pay a higher interest rate than 
Canadian currency ones do. So, if you generally keep *some* money
in your checking account, even if it's non-intentional, you can
benefit from interest if you shop for interest rates based on 
average daily balance. (Not average MINIMUM! Be careful of that!)
Compare this to most business accounts with Canadian chartered 
banks that offer NO interest. Last year, one of my 3 US accounts
resulted in $248 in interest. Not a whole heck of a lot of money,
but that was because I didn't realize the accumulated impact it
would have over the year so I didn't take full advantage of it.

There are some challenges with this. For example, if most of 
your sales are via credit card, if you deal with a Canadian
chartered bank, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to have
them bill in US dollars. But there's always a solution to this
as with anything else. You just need to look hard enough at the

Sharon Tucci

 There is an alternative to traditional online advertising!

[Moderator's Comments]

Thanks, Sharon, for your thoughts on this important subject 
that touches many list members.  In fact, many subscribers 
are outside of both the US and Canada and their experiences 
with dealing with international exchange rates in business 
transactions would make a great topic.  So, here it is folks...
'How do you handle currency exchanges in international 




From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Checks by FAX" & VersaCheck

>... I 
>purchased VersaCheck.  All I want it for is the "Check 
>by FAX" function (i.e., printing out drafts from customer 
>I haven't been able to make sense of the manual or get 
>tech support from the company (mips) by phone (they just 
>refer me to the manual).

My technically-challenged wife got it working very easily using
the manual.  The only thing you have to understand is the check
is printed from Word.

>* VersaCheck tech support told me by phone that very few 
>banks require that the checks be printed using MICR 
>(magnetic particle) toner, that all big banks nowadays use 
>optical scanners rather than magnetic scanners.

This is true.  We have not had a bank reject it for deposit ever.
 Also, you can obtain a magnetically-encoded cartridge for a
laser printer and safety checks if you want to go through the expense.

>* In order to use VersaCheck, you must input not only the 
>numbers that appear on the check but also the SYMBOLS in 
>the string at the bottom.

Not true.  We get check information  via e-mail and don't have
the symbols.  There are only four possible symbols, and they
start and stop transit and account numbers.  You can set these
numbers up as a symbol in Word and import them when needed.

I guess the reason I have less of a problem with this process is
that I worked in a bank MIS department for many years, and owned
a service bureau where we processed payroll checks and
magnetically encoded the account information.  Today you don't
need to magnetically encode them. 
I guess the only way to prove how this works is if you try our
Automated Press release service at  .

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
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***  NEXT TOPIC - Perceived Value  ***

Subject: Perceived value pricing

I would like to make a contribution to this thread. 
There are occasions, some of which have been already
mentioned, where sellers raised the price of very slow 
selling products and realized an increased in sales. 
This is not a magic thing and it will not work all the 

Some companies are basing their price on the product's 
perceived value, not the seller's cost as the key to 
pricing. Companies use the non price variables in the 
marketing mix to build up perceived value in the buyers 
mind and then the price is set to capture the perceived 
value. This type of pricing fits well with modern product 
positioning thinking.

The key to perceived pricing is to accurately determine 
the market's perception of the offer's value. If you have 
an over inflated view of the value of the offer, the product
can be over priced or you can underestimate the perceived 
value and charge too little.  The key here is simple market 
research, needed to establish the market's perception of 
value as guide to effective pricing.


76 Eastshore Dr.  Box 690  Mcafee NJ  07428
E-Mail,  Fax, 973-691-2272
If you think Knowledge is expensive, try ignorance

Hi Derrick,

You hit the nail on the head with your comments.  I would go 
further to say the second key is to *build in* customer desire 
(perceived value) *before* you go to market.  I've used easily 
identifiable logo elements and lots of white space with a 
simple "Guess Who's Coming to Town?" type of line very 
effectively to position business clients for new marketplace 
entries.  This has been mostly done in print, but could be 
adapted for the net without too much trouble.  It does, 
however, take an up front campaign budget.



***  NEXT TOPIC - Checks by FAX or E-mail  ***

From: "M. Johnson, Petals of Life" 
Subject: Checks By E-Mail

Hi all~  

Regarding this checks by e-mail thread, I use 
one called "Turbocheck" located on the net at;

The program and 100 start up checks cost me $109.00.  
I've been very pleased.  I've only had it about 2 months 
and have processed at least 15 checks with it.  So far, 
no problem with my bank or the bank the check is drawn on.

I also use just a regular ole laser jet III printer.  No 
special ink other than what's in the laser printer.  I am 
satisfied with the software and the ability to take these 
e-mail checks.

Michele J. Johnson, CEO 
Petals of Life 
The Connection 
Critique Partner Connection 


From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Checks by FAX or E-mail

>George, would you be willing to pass on the 
>details of how this operates? 

Yes, and you can get specific details and examples at our
Automated Press Releases site.

Follow the Payment Options pages and look at Bank Drafts.

>Do you need specific software? 

Yes.  I use a package from Success management called Rapid
Deposit Lite.  My wife uses Versa Check (available in computer
stores) for her business.  There are a couple of others 
posted on this list.

>Does the customer need specific software? 

No.  The customer send you the bank information, i.e., bank
tranit#, account#, etc.  The simplest way is to fax us a check. 

>How is the check verified? 

It is a draft, processed same as a check.  Insurance companies
have been using it for years.  

>Is this available thru all banks or only certain chains? 

All banks.

>How do you get the funds authorized by your email message 
>into the bank? 

The information is entered into a program which produces a draft
(see examples at our site above) and deposited as a check.

>Do you find a better customer response rate now that you have
this system set up?

We set this up when we first started our Automated Press 
release service.

>What information should a business owner be looking at if they
were interested in setting up a check by fax/email system?

That it works?

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
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 The Corkboard

From: Joshua Reimer 
Subject: Promotion World

Hi All,

Last Sunday, I completly revamped my site, Promotion World.
I bought it it's own domain name, gave it a completly new
site design, and also added about three times as much
content. There are now sections on:

        - Search Engines
        - Banner Exchanges
        - Signature Files
        - Webrings
        - Winning Awards
        - Newsletter Advertising
        - Press Releases
        - The Problems With Bulk Email

Each section includes at least one featured article from an
industry expert, as well as much supporting information.

Also included are message boards where visitors can post
questions and answers to problems they may be having, an
online bookstore, and more.

You can have a look at;


Joshua Reimer
Joshua Reimer    
Promotion World! 
   Learn How To Promote Your Site For Free!

 Question of the Week

    "How do You Find and Negotiate Reciprocal Links?"

***  RESPONSES  ***


One area I have had some good success in getting mutual links is 
in the area of Web Rings. For those unfamiliar with the concept 
of web rings they could be thought of as a group of websites that 
all have interests in a similar subject matter. Each site links 
to two other sites in the ring. When the ring is operating 
properly you can start at one site and follow the links all the 
way around in a circle back to the starting point. Anyone 
interested in seeing an example can go to
I have three or four rings set up on this page with minimal 
graphics. Surprizingly, the ring concept seems quite popular on 
the free servers such as Geo-Cities. Usually I find "very good"
targeted content on the sites linked to the rings I join. 

One thing I do is to walk thru the ring and look for sites that 
offer link pages. When I find them I will offer to reciprocal 
link with them. I would estimate a 70 to 80 percent success rate 
in obtaining links in this way.

An interesting thing about this method is that I have found only 
one competitor that is using the same method of linking. His
product line is broader in one area and mine is broader in
another. I asked for a link and we communicated for a while and 
now get the referrals from his site.

Manufacturer sites also are willing to link back to me. Every 
time I locate a product manufacturer I introduce myself as a 
retailer of their product lines and ask if they will supply a 
link to my site. Even the sites that retail their own product at 
their site, for the most part link back.

Dave Thuillier

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