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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #137
 February 20, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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 Table of Contents

 + Moderator's Comments

 + New Topics

    "Credit Card Merchant Accounts"
       - Richard Hauf

       - John Watkins

 + Ongoing

    "Checks by FAX and E-mail"
       - George Matyjewicz

 + The Corkboard

    "LinkUp Mailinglist"
       - Gary K. Foote
       - Dave Thuillier

    "High Tech PR Conference"
       - Christine Moore


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

It being Friday I have a lot of desktop to clear before the 
day is out.  You too, right?  ;-)  The past week has been 
one of those interesting/frustrating/exhilarating rides we 
all run up across occasionally.

Interesting:  I've been contacted by a number of companies 
in fields and industries in which I have not yet had much 
exposure.  Time to learn...  a good thing.

Frustrating:  I posted yesterday about free marketing 
strategy consultations by telephone, then promptly got forced 
out of my office by circumstances beyond my control.  I know 
calls came in, but the answering maching was on duty and 
nobody left a message.  I'll repeat this offer on a better 
day next week.  I promise to stay at my desk no matter what.

Exhilarating: Winter is still holding on hard with an 
additional 6 inches of snow and my dog is having a ball with 
the new stuff.  Twice daily walks on the snowmobile trails 
that network the area keep my head clear and my old body in 
shape.  But, enough of the personal ramble...

Shannon Kinnard is our newest addition to the EMD 
Subscriber's Gallery.  Another B&W pic!  I love these 
things.  Welcome to the Gallery, Shannon.

If you want to be included e-mail your 50-words-or-so bio 
with a .jpg of you attached to me at;

Your attached .jpg should be sized at 150 pixels wide.  If 
it isn't I will resize it for publication.

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote

 New Topics

From: "ShopSafe" 
Subject: Credit Card Merchant Accounts

Gary - 

Since we are a regular poster to this newsletter, let me just 
annunciate once again what a fantastic job you do in getting this 
newsletter together. We have learned quite a bit from all of your 
readers and I just keep coming back saying "Keep up the Great Work".

Here is my question for your readers. From my previous posts to 
this newsletter, many of you may know that  I am the founder of the 
ShopSafeMall. The site was on the drawing board for over a year 
before making its internet debut in late 1997. We feel that we are 
one of the top shopping experiences on the internet. Unlike many 
malls, we are very selective about the merchants that we accept. Our 
traffic is growing everyday and we see 1998 as an incredible year. 
Since the ShopSafeMall is a click-through mall, we provide our 
merchants a listing of their retail site, a description of the site, 
as well as a hyperlink to their actual retail website. Employing 
this business principle, we are able to keep our overhead extremely 
low. Our merchant leases are among the lowest on the internet and the 
feedback that we hear from our merchants is very positive. We do not 
rely on just free advertising as we are embarking on our first paid 
advertising campaign next month.

In order to keep our overhead low we accept checks and money orders 
from our merchants for payment of their yearly merchant lease fees.  
This method has proven very cost-effective, yet a little inconvenient 
for our merchants. Many of our overseas merchants have complained 
about the costs involved in getting checks written in US dollars.

After performing some preliminary investigations into credit card 
merchant accounts their cost seems very prohibitive to maintaining a 
low-overhead operation. It seems that they either "ding" you for 
equipment fees, bank application fees, monthly statement fees...all 
of which adds up to some major costs.

I would like to know if any of your readers have any advice or know 
of any credit card or check-by-email companies that offer their 
services for low up-front costs. Preferably, we would like to work 
with a company that offers very low up-front fees in exchange for a 
higher transaction fee percentage.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Richard Hauf


Over 40 of the internet's finest retailers and
growing everyday....only at the ShopSafeMall !

***  NEXT TOPIC - Autoresponders  ***

From: The Simple Society 
Subject: Autoresponders

We will definitely need autoresponders soon to manage major 
parts of our information sharing program.

Our ISP will not provide autoresponders--they absolutely 

Our Web Host hasn't been able to make their autoresponders 
work properly--the major problem being that they are unable 
to insert an appropriate "from" line.

Previously, our Web Host was unable to make important parts 
of their list management programs work properly and we had 
to find another supplier of mailing list management services.

There is a rumor that our Web Host is on the market.

The list management service we use has some interesting 
capabilities so we're unlikely to change. We have a human 
empowerment discussion group set up, our list with internet 
experts, an Email list of over 700 newspapers, and a 
developing newsletter called Simple Solutions, and a 
discussion/support list for Macintosh users.

So here are the questions?

Is there a good autoresponder service? Who would you 
recommend and how can we contact them?

Alternatively, is there a good, flexible Web Host that 
can provide both hosting and autoresponder management with 
reasonable rates for non-profits?

Who would you recommend and how can we contact them?

John Watkins, Executive Director     The Simple Society

. . . a vision, both bold and broad, of a simpler, more humane society
that actually solves problems, treats everyone fairly, and
empowers you to achieve your full potential.


From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Checks by FAX or E-mail

I just looked at a draft produced by our system, and on the
signature line it has the following:

Your depositor has authorized this payment to payee.
Payee to hold you harmless for payment of this document.
This document shall be deposited only to credit of payee.
Absence of endorsement is guaranteed by payee.

To the left, under the bank name there is a memo as to what the
draft is for, i.e., Seminar Planning Guide.  Under that is a note
"Customer authorization obtained 2/19/98"  

We print a draft and two stubs - one for the client and one for
our records. We are now taking checks or credit cards for our
Seminar How-To Guide, and again have no problems with the banks.
We have a form at our site, and the visitor can either print the
form and fax it to us, or complete the on-line version and send
it to us via e-mail.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Seminars & Trade shows:

 The Corkboard

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: LinkUp Mailinglist

Hi All,

A recent entry into The List Exchange caught my eye - The 
LinkUp mailinglist.  This list was formed as a forum for 
announcing your site's availability for exchanges of 
reciprocal links with other websites.  The reality has been 
that the list performs two functions - its intended purpose 
AND as a forum for discussing how to display links, how to 
negotiate for links, how to create graphic links, etc.  

[NOTE:  After writing this last paragraph I received a 
LinkUp post where the list admin restates the purpose of 
the list as ONLY for generating reciprocal link contacts...  
NOT for discussion on the subject.  Time will tell where 
the list will really shake out.]

Since joining the list and posting my requirements I have 
traded for 8 new reciprocal links at my newly redesigned 
Weather by E-mail website.

Of course, the jury is out regarding just which links will 
prove popular, but I have my server logs to track that as 
it happens so I can fine-tune their presentation to reflect 
each's contribution to my site traffic.

When you consider a reciprocal link you must look at the 
link partner's site in detail.  Be sure of the following 
things.  A link partner site...

 1) ...should NOT be a direct competitor
 2) ...should NOT be offensive to your audience
 3) ...should NOT present content that conflicts with your 
       site's content
 4) ...should NOT delay in uploading your link to their site
 5) ...SHOULD complement your site's content
 6) ...SHOULD e-mail you when your link is uploaded
 7) ...SHOULD E-mail you if your link is ever moved, modified 
       or removed

I'm sure there are more caveats.  Anyone care to contribute 
their own reciprocal linking scheme to the topic?

In essence, if your website lends itself to a reciprocal 
linking scheme you should consider joining the LinkUp list.  
You might be surprised at how much traffic you can pull from 
exchanging reciprocal links with other sites.

Here is subscription info for the LinkUp Discussion Group;


BTW - I have no connection with the LinkUp list, other 
than as a satisfied subscriber.

I also asked fellow EMDer Dave Thuillier, whom I ran 
into on the LinkUp list, to contribute his thoughts on 
the subject.  The following post is his response.  
Thanks, Dave.




Subject:          Re: LinkUp List

Hi Gary,


I think the Link up list idea is good. I've looked on for about 
a week and see it growing bit by bit. It looks to be able to 
create a *LOT* of email traffic in the near future. I am not sure 
I want to deal with the influx especially if it really takes off. 
I will shortly be looking for the digest form if available. I 
tend to find it easier to DIGEST one subject at a time.

I have sent one post to the list (the one iniating this 
communication) earlier today. I have received two link requests 
so far. I would expect that the bulk of the replies will be 
coming in the next two or three days. I am baseing this on 
another "more targeted group mailing" I personally put together 
and sent out three weeks ago. The first two days showed a gradual 
increase. On day three I received the bulk of responses. It 
tapered off over the next few days. The response rate would have 
been an ideal model for the bell curve.

Point out to the list members that responses will come from all 
types of sites. Some links will be preformatted, others will need 
to be pieced together. Some of the preformatted code may mess up 
other formatting on the page if the code was slapped together.

Test out each link. One person sent me link code to an adult 
site. His url contained only one character different than the 
offensive site. Since I had communicated to the person before I 
knew something was wrong. One email message cleared up the 
problem. Another site sent me code to a page that couldn't be 
viewed by third generation browsers unless they had a special 

I guess that's all I have to say on this subject. See you later.

Dave Thuillier
Owner, Dreamer's Den
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=          603-464-4762
  Collectable Card Games           Models & Hobby Materials
    Role Playing Games          Pewter Gaming Miniatures  
               Fantasy & Sci-FI Books 

***   NEXT TOPIC - High Tech PR Conference  ***

From: Christine Moore  
Subject: High Tech PR Conference

I wanted to share with you information
on a national high-tech public relations
conference, sponsored by the Technology
Section of the Public Relations Society
of America (PRSA), in Washington, DC on
Friday, March 20 that may also be of
interest to e-marketers. 

The PRSA 1998 Technology Section Public
Relations Conference  

This one-day event has lots to offer
those who do high tech PR and marketing,
online advertising, content development,
and web design, or are interested in
exhibiting their companies in front of
leading public relations professionals
from all over the country.

Topics include Publicity and Media
Relations on the Internet, Taking Your
Web Site to the Next Level, Making the
Most of Your Product/Service Rollout,
International Public Relations for
High-Tech Companies, Crisis
Communications in the Electronic Age,
Meet the New Media (with high-tech
journalists).  It features high-level
speakers from National Geographic
Interactive, Women's Connection Online,
TV on the Web, Brodeur Porter Novelli,
Shandwick, Siemans, Digital, Novell, and
many others.  

The conference was designed to provide
many professional development and
networking opportunities. It includes a
continental breakfast, a lunch, and a
reception afterwards. Both registration
and exhibiting are priced very

At lunch, PRSA's Tech Section will
present its 2nd Annual Awards for
Excellence in Technology Journalism. Two
winners, one from the high-tech trade
press and the other from
general/business media, will each
receive a $1,000 cash prize, and a
trophy for themselves and their

The conference will be held at the Hotel
Washington, right across from the White
House, during Cherry Blossom time. A
reception will be held Friday evening at
the hotel's Sky Room, which affords a
splendid view of the Nation's Capital.

To obtain further information on the
conference or a registration form,
please stop by the event's site:
Don't wait-- there's an early bird

Christine Moore

NextWave Communications
NextWave Communications   VOICE: 703-757-5130 
9978 Blackberry Lane	  FAX:   703-757-5131 

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