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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #138
 February 23, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

 + Ongoing

       - Shannon Kinnard
       - George Matyjewicz
       - Margaret Hicks
       - Nancy Roebke
       - Moderator's Comments

    "Checks by FAX & E-mail"
       - Tony Hicks
       - David Bredeweg

    "Credit Card Merchant Accounts"
       - Julie Klaus

 + Question of the Week

    "On Mailinglists"


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

Happy Monday.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Today's 
issue carries a lot of responses to the autoresponder and 
hosting question posed in last Friday's issue.  Lots of people 
offering their services.  I know, it seems kind of commercial of 
me to allow all of these, well...  'commercials' in response, 
but if you don't give out the info then the question goes 
unanswered.  Hope you're not too bothered by this.

On another note I am, as of next issue, going to begin 
summarily truncating .sig files that exceed 6 lines.  This may 
seem arbitrary, but there is good reason.  Consider this;  If 
you can't get your message across in one sentence then you don't 
have a focused vision of what you do/sell.  Your own unfocused 
vision directly translates to an unfocused image in your .sig 
file.  Not a good thing.

You may ask, "What if I do so many things that I can't cover it
in 6 text lines or less?"  I would suggest you focus your .sig 
on getting people to trigger an autoresponder that carries all 
of your detailed info.  Your .sig file should SELL, not give 
detailed information.  This 'main' autoresponder then can detail 
what you do/sell and point to URLs and additional autoresponders 
that carry your catalog of information/products/etc.

As a matter of fact I am restructuring my own .sig file and 
autoresponder structure to this more user-friendly method as soon 
as I clear my desk of other duties.  I'll post again with my new 
.sig file for all to see and follow to my main information 
center of URLs and autoresponders.  Stay tuned for more.

And now, on with the show...

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


From: Shannon Kinnard 
Subject: Autoresponders

>Is there a good autoresponder service? Who would you
>recommend and how can we contact them?


I set my clients up with Online Marketing ( They're 
information on the web site is kind of sparse, but they do 
come through with tech support.

I used to use and would still recommend Sparklist 
(  Unfortunately, they upped their pricing 
too much for most of my small business clients to use. However,
the person I worked with, Barry, is just wonderful. I wish 
there were a service that combined's pricing with
Barry's service.

One difference between the two is that Olm requires knowledge 
of ftp, Sparklist is web-based management. Oh, and Sparklist 
is just now setting up their bulk rate autoresponder service. 
It was on their to-do list when I stopped using them last month.

Hope this helps! If not, you can always hire me to do it for 
you ;)


Shannon Kinnard, Online Newsletter Specialist
Marketing with print and online newsletters
Subscribe to  for
"Pocket of Words," an Interactive newsletter


From: Rainmaker 
Subject: Re: Autoresponders

There is a good CGI script available for auto responders 
which I believe is available at Matt's Script Archive  

>Alternatively, is there a good, flexible Web Host that 
>can provide both hosting and autoresponder management with 
>reasonable rates for non-profits?

We provide good hosting services with auto responders and 
much more, like 

o Domain name registration (InterNIC fees may apply) 
o Ability to have multiple domain names point to same account
(Domain Pointers) 
o Unlimited updates via your own FTP account 
o Multiple T3 fiber optic connections to the Internet, on diverse
backbones. (Each T3 line carries up to 45 Mb/s of data!) 
o High performance web servers 
o Uninterruptible power, with a 60,000 watt backup generator 
o  An account Control Panel, accessed via the Web, that gives you
24 hour a day access to the most important administrative aspects
of your sites, including password protection, e-mail accounts,
FTP access, and more.  
o Configurable, unlimited e-mail forwarding to a default address 
o Detailed web usage statistics, plus access to the raw log files. 

Go to  Look at Plan Comparisons
for the best plan for you.

Good luck.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Seminars & Trade shows:


Subject: Cost-Efective Webhosting & Autoresponders

Hi Gary & Fellow E-Marketers,

John Watkins posted following queries : -

> Is there a good autoresponder service? Who would you 
> recommend and how can we contact them?

   Check out 
   for article on how to write an effective autoresponder infomercial.
   Email for very competitive 
   quotes if you can commit to annual contract or need at least 5
   autoresponders.  Quote given at end of above article is for those
   renting on a monthly basis and needing only 1 autoresponder.

> Alternatively, is there a good, flexible Web Host that can provide both
> hosting and autoresponder management with reasonable rates for
> non-profits?

   Suggest you check out 
   for details of 6 packages available, depending on your needs and budget.
   The cheapest is the 10mb Domain STARTER account at $19.95 per 
   month which includes an impressive host of features.

Margaret Hicks  
Get MORE for LESS by Co-Promoting with Non-Competitors
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From: "Nancy Roebke" 
Subject: Autoresponders


> Is there a good autoresponder service? Who would you 
> recommend and how can we contact them?

I get my autoresponders from Paul Myers. I currently have 
80+ of them running. I prefer his firm because he doesn't 
allow the autoresponders to be used for spam, so I have no 
concern about loosing my service and having to change all 
those addresses. He is also an active member of this list.

I contacted him with your challenges and he can help without 
the hassle you are getting now. You can reach him at

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
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of successful networking. Today!
ProfNet, Inc  Execdirector@Profnet.Org

***  [Moderator's Comments]  ***

Hi All,

I wanted to point out that Pegasus e-mail software, 
available for free download at;

...not only allows you to set up filters that will trigger 
automatic replies (autoresponders), but allows you to build 
distribution lists and opt-in lists of your own.  If anyone 
needs help setting Pegasus up to do this there are many here
who can help.  If there is enough response to this offer for 
help with Pegasus' capabilities I will devote a special issue 
to making it all work.


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***  NEXT TOPIC - Checks by FAX & E-mail  ***

From: Tony Hicks 
Subject: Re: Checks by fax, etc, etc...

I've seen a lot of comments on this thread, from a lot of
people who've had some experience with similar software to 
mine. I'd like to make some clarifications about the 
software that I market.

The software that I market (new and improved and in three new
versions!), and which started this whole conflab, was carefully
developed over time, to be completely effective and legal in all
respects. It is, in fact, a direct descendant of one the 
earliest such programs to be available to the small business. 
The author is highly experienced in both writing the software 
and in meeting bank and legal requirements for its use. 

As the marketing side of this partnership, I carefully researched 
all pertinent laws in the U.S. and Canada, and adaptation of the 
software is even now being studied and planned in several other 
countries (Japan, Korea, Jordan and Saudi Arabia at the moment).

The signature line on the checks printed is more effective than 
the long one George described--"NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED: This 
draft authorized by your depositor". Since the software was 
developed, there have been very few instances wherein a bank 
balked at accepting such drafts for deposit, or refused to cash
one directly.  In addition, this software prints deposit slips 
for you, endorses checks, prints receipts for your file and for 
your customer (ready for a standard window envelope), permits 
you to add your bank's logo (or your own if you're printing your 
own checks), and... well, this isn't supposed to be a sales 
pitch, but you get the point. 

Any further questions?


Tony Hicks
The Internet Advertising Research Affiliation (TIARA)
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From: "David Bredeweg" 
Subject: Continuing - Check by fax.....

Hello Gary and all Webbers,

Just a brief followup on the thread about checks by fax, email, 
phone. Several have made comments including  George Matyjewicz.  
I also use this method.

I had only one problem, which others may or might also run 
From a very small bank in a very small US city of one of my 
clients, the bank refused to accept one of these checks.  I 
called the bank and spoke to the President (very small) and 
asked why he would not accept the draft when it is legal tender
and authorized. I did quote the US Commercial code, with  
which he said he was familar, but then said it is not mandatory
but at the descretion of each bank. Now, I was not going to 
argue with him, so I asked what he needed to make it work. He 
said, have the client come in and sign a release form. This my 
client did,  This was for an auto monthly draft, so this would 
not work for single purchases. I have not had a problem with 
this bank since. Just beware you may have situations where it 
is not worth the hassle to pursue.
David Bredeweg            NetMark Communications
Website Designer          
Sales of Virtual Servers, hosting, internet services
Voice 561-641-9887         Fax 561-433-3979

***  NEXT TOPIC - Credit Card Merchant Accounts  ***

Subject: Re: Credit Card Merchant Accounts

My business recently shopped around for a Merchant 
Account, and decided to go with Del-West Merchant 
Services ( We were very pleased 
with the service, and low fees ($349 to purchase 
software - eliminating the lease).  We were accepting 
credit cards in less than 3 weeks. 

- Julie Klaus - WR2000 Group LLC -
Web Design, Checks By Fax Software, Search Engine Registration
250 MB Web Hosting $29.95 - Unlimited Autoresponders & Email
Forwarding, 1 Majordomo List, CGI, Your Domain & much more!

 Question of the Week

Hi All,

This Week's QOTW is a two-parter, the first is quantitative 
and the second qualitative;

  1) How Many Business Mailinglists Do You Subscribe To?"

  2) What do you gain from this participation?
Please reply in as much detail as you can to the second 
half of our QOTW.  Just what is it that you get from your 
list participation in all these lists?

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