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 The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #139
 February 25, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator


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 Table of Contents

 + New Topics

    "Cultural Differences and International Commerce"
       - Gary K. Foote

 + Ongoing

       - Angela Smith

 + The Corkboard

    "Banners Needed"
       - Tony Hicks
       - Moderator's Comment

 + Question of the Week

       - George Matyjewicz
       - Nancy Roebke
       - PJ Murphy
       - Allan Gardyne


 Moderator's Comments

Hi All,

This issue covers more on autoresponders and hosting, an 
announcement of a banner survey program being run by a 
subscriber, a discussion on using Pegasus as list 
management software, and lots of responses to the 
Question of the Week.  There is also my post under "New

On another note, there has been a lot of positive response
to the idea of publishing a special EMD issue devoted to 
using Pegasus as both list management software and as an 
autoresponder creator/manager.  I have a tutorial on this 
topic about half written and will try to finish it in time 
to publish this week.  If I don't make this self-imposed 
(and therefore flexible) deadline, I'll publish it Monday.  
I love being the boss  ;->

And now, on with the show...



 New Topics

From: Gary K. Foote
Subject: Cultural Differences and International Commerce

In issue #130, Jose Camilo Daccach T. wrote about "Client 
Testimonials: International Flavour", a good review on how 
culture affects perceptions as demonstrated by Latin America's 
general distrust of companies that use testimonials as part of 
their image building mix.  Thanks for posting this, Jose.

I would like to expand this topic to explore how cultural 
differences affect various facets of international 
communications and commerce...  questions, like;

  + Can you offend certain cultures with 'normal' words?

  + How good/bad is the current English-centric net for 
    international commerce?

  + Should you be offering multi-language site versions?

  + How do you manage effective site translations?

  + When is the wrong time to mention money in an 
    international transaction?

I'm sure some here have answers, while others have more 
questions so I hereby declare this topic 'open for debate'.

Your Moderator,

Gary K. Foote


From: "A. Smith" 
Subject: Re: Autoresponders

Hi John and all,

John Watkins asked the following : 

> Is there a good autoresponder service? Who would you 
> recommend and how can we contact them?

The service I use for my autoresponders is located at . Their autoresponders are 
fast and the most reliable I've been able to find. I used 
to offer them from my domain server but now go through send because they take all the hassle out of putting 
them together and have a really quick turn around time all 
for a very small price.

> Alternatively, is there a good, flexible Web Host that can
> provide both hosting and autoresponder management with
> reasonable rates for non-profits?

As for web hosting check out 
for the details on 275Mb of space, unlimited traffic, 
unlimited autoresponders, unlimitied mailing lists, T-3's, 
your cgi scripts or our's, shopping carts, secure servers, 
POP account, unlimited e-mail aliases and way to much more 
to list here for an unheard of low price. If you want more 
details write me directly.

Hope you find what you are looking for.


Create a Professional Business Presence on the Internet in a BIG way
for a small price! Visit today. 
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World Wide Information Outlet -
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 The Corkboard

From: Tony Hicks 
Subject: Banners Needed

(Also posted to IA Discussion List)

I'm starting a study of banner effectiveness. Towards 
this end, I need about a hundred different banners to 
display to participants on a number of specific pages.

Participants will be drawn to the site by means of a 
contest, the Grand Prize of which is a Genuine, 7 days, 
6 nights vacation in the Bahamas, with air fare and 
lodging included. There is no purchase required for 
entering, but they have to get to the signup page 
through the study pages, and hopefully they'll indicate 
their preferences among the banners presented on the way.

The goal of the study is to identify common 
characteristics among those banners most commonly 
selected as preferred.

Banners will be placed four to a page, and will be 
selected by "radio button". Banners may be fully active,
so you might pick up a few clickthroughs in the process.

Please let me know if your banners are available!

Tony Hicks
The Internet Advertising Research Affiliation (TIARA)
Join Now! Free Membership!

[Moderator's Comment]

Hi All,

Please send your banners and code directly to Tony, 
not to this list.  His e-mail is;



 Question of the Week

Hi All,

This Week's QOTW is a two-parter, the first is quantitative 
and the second qualitative;

  1) How Many Business Mailinglists Do You Subscribe To?"

  2) What do you gain from this participation?
Please reply in as much detail as you can to the second 
half of our QOTW.  Just what is it that you get from your 
list participation in all these lists?

***  RESPONSES  ***

From: Rainmaker 

>  1) How Many Business Mailinglists Do You Subscribe To?"

123 last count.

>  2) What do you gain from this participation?

1.  Knowledge from experts 
2.  Satisfaction in knowing I can help somebody else.
3.  70% of our business.

George Matyjewicz            "Rainmaker Extraordinaire"
Managing Partner      
GAP Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel: (201) 939-8533 Ext 821              Fax: (201) 460-3740
Automated Press Releases:
Seminars & Trade shows:


From: "Nancy Roebke" 

>1) How Many Business Mailinglists Do You Subscribe To?"

I have it narrowed down to about ten.

>2) What do you gain from this participation?

I have dropped or am dropping all lists that I do not find 
"mutually-beneficial"...meaning I can GIVE and I can TAKE from 
the list. Unfortunately, for me, I have felt that there were 
some lists were I only GAVE and was expected to give MORE. I was 
never on a list that I only TOOK from so I don't know what that 
is like.

I get the following from the lists I am staying on:

1. Education- Helpful information that I can learn from.

2. Clients. People who pay for my services and I, theirs.

3. Friends. People I can let my hair down with.

My Internet Participation time is important to me. It needs to 
be mutually-beneficial.

Nancy Roebke
Learn to Network!
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ProfNet, Inc  Execdirector@Profnet.Org


From: PJ Murphy 

Gary & E-Marketers,
In light of this week's Question of the Week, I thought I 
would share with the list a resource that just became 
available on our company web site.  Each week The Guerrilla 
Marketing/Guerrilla Selling web site posts a new Guerrilla 
Tip of the Week.  This week the tip is entitled "Resources 
Every Internet Marketing Person Should Know About."
The answer to part 2 of your question this week seems obvious 
to me. If you are going to have an online presence and you 
want your web site to be a successful business tool, you have 
to constantly stay abreast of the latest issues and newest 
technology that can effect how you market your web site.
The Resources listed in this weeks tip include the esteemed 
E-Marketing digest ;), the Internet-Sales HelpDesk, the 
LinkExchange Digest, WePromote Weekly Newsletter, and the 
Clearly Internet Marketing Tip of the Day.  Each listing has 
a brief overview of what the topics of discussion are, 
subscriber base, and directions on how to subscribe.
This Guerrilla Selling Tip of the Week article can be 
viewed at:

PJ Murphy

| Patricia Jane (PJ) Murphy                           |
| Public Director of Internet Marketing               |
| *  The Guerrilla Group, inc. *  800-682-8385 *      |
| Visit    |
| and sign up for the Guerrilla Sales Tip of the Week!| 


From: Allan Gardyne 

Hi Gary

>  1) How Many Business Mailinglists Do You Subscribe To?"

I just added them up. Gosh! it was 61.

>  2) What do you gain from this participation?

An awful lot of frustration and some wonderful snippets of 
useful information that help my business. I see the 
VirtualPROMOTE Gazette has just introduced a policy of 
accepting only articles that have not been submitted 
elsewhere. Great! 10/10. I tend to skim, so I like concise
summaries at the start and dislike ramblings going nowhere. 
I also enjoy the friendships I've made through contact with 
list members.

I often find useful sites through newsletter tips and

Regards from sub-tropical Queensland

Allan Gardyne              Associate Programs Directory
Vendors and resellers: List your associate program in a 
permanent directory. The *first* person to recommend a 
program gets his/her referring URL or ID number listed FREE!

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